The Legend Of Futian Chapter 635

Chapter 635 Battle To The Death

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The Will Illusion that Huang Jiuge had released was shattered and his battle chariots were all destroyed and burnt to nothingness. The sun chariot was simply too strong. Nothing could stand in its way and there was even the Divine Bird Golden Raven within the sun.

Li Futu stared at Di Gang. Was this the number one person in the Alchemy City region? This was the first time he had seen Di Gang in action. Undoubtedly, Di Gang was stronger than him. The chariot should have been forged by assimilating his Life Spirit into his Martial Will. It had endless power, both in the burning power of its spell and the execution ability of its martial arts.

Huang Jiuge felt a tremendous pressure and released his Life Spirit. A shadow of the Renhuang appeared on his body, causing him to appear as though the Renhuang had descended, the Renhuang Sword in his hands. He slashed out into the air with the sword and instantly, an even stronger force appeared. The horrifying Martial Will swept across everything, a destructive storm appearing in the surroundings and finally crushing the oncoming sun chariot.

However, Di Gang’s expression did not change. He stepped forward and endless light rays surrounded his body, like a god. He personally directed his chariot forward and in an instant, he had descended in front of Huang Jiuge and used close combat techniques. At that moment, Di Gang appeared omniscient, as though he was God and could destroy everything.

Huang Jiuge raised his hands and the Renhuang Sword slashed out. A tyrannical Martial Will appeared in the air, but Di Gang acted as though nothing had happened, riding his sun chariot and crashing down. The front of the sun chariot appeared to have an extremely powerful divine arms ritual implement on it, speedily rotating and crushing everything. His might continued downwards and Huang Jiuge was knocked back, not daring to face him.

Yun Shuisheng flew through the air, the Hail Scepter in her hand firing spells and freezing the area. However, Di Gang’s Life Spirit also had a ritual implement assimilated into it, the Golden Raven in the sun did not fear any frost power and a flame armor appeared on his body, completely unaffected by the strong freezing spell.

Invincible, many people looked at Di Gang and thought. He was too strong, as expected of the elite genius reputed to be the number one in the Alchemy City region.

At that moment, an illusion appeared. The crowd could only see a grey spot as an imposing killing intent burst forth. It was Xu Que. He appeared beside Di Gang, the sword in his hand slashed out, it was a spell-breaking, killing strike.

Di Gang frowned and his arm stretched forward. In an instant, his arm had transformed into a divine arms ritual implement, refracting blinding rays and grabbing Xu Que’s sword. As screeching scraping sounds sounded out, the sword slashed on his arm, sparks flying. Di Gang was unable to grab Xu Que’s sword, but the sword was unable to sever his arm. The two of them crossed blows in a flash, as though nothing had ever happened.

What a fast blade, what a strong defense. The crowd was amazed. However, both Huang Jiuge and Xu Que were only Grade Two Nobles, how could they hope to stand up to Di Gang, who was already at the pinnacle of the Noble Plane. Even if they were both elite geniuses, Di Gang’s reputation was not inferior to any of them.

Bang. With another huge thud, coupled by a scream of agony, Ye Futian’s Polearm of Divine Destruction had once again sent another person flying into the distance. Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen were standing guard next to him, clearing all obstacles for Ye Futian.

Presently, Ye Futian was flying in the direction of Gongsun Ye. Gongsun Ye’s expression was extremely grim. The ritual implement in Ye Futian’s hands had overwhelming power. As he saw Ye Futian flying across the air towards him, the armor ritual implement on Gongsun Ye’s body covered him, and he saw Ye Futian crushing down on him with the Polearm of Divine Destruction.

At that moment, Di Gang had made his way over in unstoppable fashion. Shadows of chariots appeared in the area and descended in front of Ye Futian, but were all destroyed by the Polearm of Divine Destruction.

Hummm. An exceedingly brutal aura erupted from Di Gang. He donned the Golden Raven armor, and divine sun rays shone from his body. As he rode his chariot, he was covered in divine light and the Golden Raven grew to the size of the actual Divine Bird. Its wings sliced through the air as Di Gang raised his arm, the chariot crushing through everything and colliding with Ye Futian’s rod.

A destructive force swept the area and the Divine Bird covered the skies, its wings sweeping forward, knocking the Polearm of Divine Destruction back and causing Ye Futian to fly backward and stand in the air.

Ye Futian stared at Di Gang, Huang Jiuge and the rest appearing by his side. True to his reputation, Di Gang’s strength was indeed overbearing.

“Such a coward, first on the Alchemy Ranking?” Ye Futian looked at Gongsun Ye who was hiding behind Di Gang.

Gongsun Ye’s expression became ghastly. The first in the admission examination for the Holy Zhi Palace three years ago was actually humiliating him. However, he did not have a ritual implement that could match Ye Futian’s. The power that the Polearm of Divine Destruction could release in Ye Futian’s hands was unexpectedly huge.

“The Holy Zhi Palace’s disciples are just a group of people who rely on their ritual implements to flaunt their power?” Gongsun Ye replied coldly.

Ye Futian smirked and replied, “Since you wanted to kill my brother, my brother’s matters are my matters. Two days from now, I will challenge you at the place where the Alchemy Conference was held to a no ritual implements battle to the death. If you are able to kill me, the Holy Zhi Palace will not interfere. On top of that, my brother will leave Alchemy City. Gongsun Ye, do you dare to accept?”

Gongsun Ye looked coldly at Ye Futian. Ye Futian was challenging him. The first on the Alchemy Ranking with no ritual implements?

“Since you’re so eager to die, I’ll grant you your wish,” Gongsun Ye replied cruelly.

“The battle will naturally have many influential figures observing. Alchemy City will be the judge. Two days, I’ll wait for you,” Ye Futian replied coldly. He turned around and said, “Brothers, let’s go.”

“Did I let you leave yet?” Di Zhou said ruthlessly.

“Do you even have the right to stop me?” Ye Futian turned around and looked at Di Zhou, then turned to the Emperor Family’s Di Gang and said, “If you want to come as well, I will accept.” After saying that, he turned around and left. Huang Jiuge and the rest looked at the crowd, then smiled and walked out.

Such a battle was highly anticipated. They naturally understood Ye Futian’s intentions to invite the people from Alchemy City to observe. A battle to the death where the Holy Zhi Palace and other factions did not interfere was the best way to settle Gongsun Ye’s matters.

Di Zhou looked at Di Gang and heard him reply, “Two days later, I will be there.”

The crowd was astounded. Li Futu looked at Ye Futian’s group as they left. The Holy Zhi Palace’s disciples were even more overbearing than he had expected.

Xiang Zhiqin similarly watched Ye Futian leave. This was the rising star of the Holy Zhi Palace. Two years ago, he had shot to fame in the sparring session. With his awe-inspiring courage and determination, he had brought his brothers out from the Emperor Family and started a battle to the death.

Gongsun Ye’s expression was extremely grim. He was previously struck by a sneak attack and was suppressed. He would use Ye Futian’s life to wash himself of his humiliation. His previous crisis was because the other party had used his ritual implement. In a real battle, how could he possibly lose to him?

At that moment, on the ground, many people let out groans of agony, evidently in a lot of pain. A few people had even fainted and could not be moved.

“Ye Futian.” Those who had been injured had looks that desired revenge. There were also geniuses among the Alchemy City who had cold expressions while looking at the figures who had left. These Holy Zhi Palace geniuses were really arrogant, they had just come in and did as they liked.

After Ye Futian’s group walked out of the Emperor Family, he looked towards Xue Ye and Luo Fan and asked, “Brothers, are you all right?”

“I knew that the feast was a trap all along. Fourth Brother was too rash,” Luo Fan replied.

“It’s okay as long as you’re fine,” Ye Futian replied.

“Little brother, you seemed to come a little too quickly?” Luo Fan said with a questioning tone. Not long after the incident broke out, Ye Futian arrived. Why was it such a coincidence? How did Ye Futian know that they had gotten into trouble in the residence?

“Perhaps someone did it on purpose.” Xu Que said lazily, “Did we fall into your scheme?”

“We’re all brothers here,” Ye Futian smiled and replied.

“So, our being injured was also part of your scheme?” Luo Fan looked at Ye Futian with a fake smile.

“Nothing of the sort.” Ye Futian would definitely not admit it. Luo Fan smiled and did not say anything more. This little fellow was getting more and more crafty. However, he naturally understood Ye Futian’s intentions for doing so. He had probably guessed that Gongsun Ye would intensify the situation due to his hate for Xue Ye.

Only by doing so would he have a justified reason to kill the Alchemy Conference and Alchemy Ranking’s first, Gongsun Ye. Once Gongsun Ye was dead, there would be no stopping his fourth brother.

What a bold and crazy idea. The Alchemy Conference was held once every ten years, and the first on the Alchemy Ranking would be a symbol for that generation as the future of the armorer world. However, Ye Futian wanted to kill that symbol.

Ye Futian did not want to do that either. There was originally a peaceful method to settle this: his brother and You Xi already had feelings for each other, and moreover, they already had a child. If Gongsun Ye gave in, the most that would happen to him was that his reputation would be mildly affected, but he would still remain as a shining star of the armorer world and be thanked by the two of them. However, Gongsun Ye was too arrogant and prideful. He could not tolerate such a stain on his record, so he insisted on marrying You Xi even though he did not have feelings for her. Moreover, from Gongsun Ye’s attitude, he evidently involved his fourth brother in his anger and hated him too.

Ye Futian did not stop his brother from attending the banquet to see how things would progress. He had seen Gongsun Ye’s killing intent.

When the Emperor Family released the news, all of Alchemy City was in an uproar. Following up on the piece of news a few days back, when the Holy Zhi Palace’s disciples had defeated Li Futu’s team in the Alchemy Casino, Ye Futian had barged into the Emperor Family and sparked an astonishing dispute, injuring many of the clans’ geniuses and brought Xue Ye out. He had also challenged Gongsun Ye to a battle to the death and allowed Di Gang to be there as well.

The time was two days later, which was exactly the timing that the Alchemy City Lord You Chi had given them to decide. The location would be outside the City Lord Office, where the Alchemy Conference was held.

This was so that everyone could watch the battle.

What a crazy notion. Where did Ye Futian get his confidence from? He dared to provoke the two most outstanding individuals in the Alchemy City, the number one in the younger generation, Di Gang, and the number one armorer, Gongsun Ye.

The influential figures did not leave and their curiosity was sparked after hearing the news. Were the teenagers nowadays so arrogant and wild? The matter should have been because of You Xi.

As expected, after Xue Ye had sacrificed his Life Spirit to forge a ritual implement that day, the matter had not yet ended. In an elegant courtyard in the City Lord Office, the City Lord You Chi was there, looking at his daughter in front of him. She was extremely beautiful and did not wear loose clothing, so he could see her belly bulging slightly.

“What are you here for?” You Xi’s tone was frigid.

“Today, Xue Ye went to the Emperor Family to attend a banquet and was involved in a conflict with Gongsun Ye and was injured,” You Chi said.

You Xi turned around and looked at her father coldly, replying, “Are you happy about that?”

“I have given them three days. These three days are for Gongsun Ye, but at the same time, they are also for him.” You Chi looked at his daughter and replied, “However, he seems to be powerless to settle the issue, and his little brother has stepped in instead. He barged into the Emperor Family residence and brought them out and challenged Gongsun Ye to a battle to the death.”

A ripple appeared in You Xi’s eyes. Was it possible for the situation to change for the better?

“In two days, you can go watch the battle,” You Chi said. That battle would decide many people’s fates!