The Legend Of Futian Chapter 636

Chapter 636 Absolute Strength

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Two days later, at the place where the Alchemy Conference was held, the region around the Alchemy Conference, countless people’s gazes gathered once again. Today, Ye Futian would challenge Gongsun Ye to a battle to the death right here.

Gongsun Ye, the number one in the decennial Alchemy Conference, first on the Alchemy Ranking. Not only was he an elite armorer, but he also had exceptionally high cultivation potential, a trait of an elite genius.

Ye Futian had potential that would be envied by the heavens and was the rising star of the Holy Zhi Palace. He had come in first in the admission examination three years ago with a cultivation level of a Grade Nine Noble. If it was merely a contest of potential, Ye Futian would win by a mile, but Ye Futian’s current cultivation level was lower than Gongsun Ye’s. Therefore, the outcome of the battle was difficult to predict.

At that moment, the crowd was in intense discussion. Ye Futian was a savage person, barging into the Emperor Family residence to save his brothers. Moreover, he had injured all the Alchemy City clan disciples who had participated in assaulting his brothers. There were some people who still had multiple broken bones and were recuperating in their clans. Even the elite clans’ members dared not settle the score with Ye Futian. After all, they had teamed up to bully Ye Futian’s brothers and there was nothing wrong with Ye Futian getting vengeance for them. If their elders interfered, the nature of the issue would change.

They had heard that when Ye Futian’s group descended on the Emperor Family residence, there were Sage Plane experts from the Emperor Family who had tried to interfere. Ye Futian’s group had revealed their identities and the Sage Plane experts had not dared to move.

The people around Ye Futian did indeed have terrifying backgrounds.

Gongsun Ye had arrived very early. He was sitting on an Alchemy Pillar, bathing in the flames with his arms behind his back, waiting silently. Since he was already here, Ye Futian would be here soon.

Looking at the City Lord Office in front of him, the building that he had once resolved to step into, he dreamed of becoming a legendary figure who would be the benchmark for the entire armorer world. He had been working hard towards his goal, and every step he took had been down-to-earth, even to the point of perfection. He had always felt that he was worthy of the best, and his woman would naturally be the best.

The City Lord’s daughter You Xi had always been his ideal Path Companion and extremely suitable for him. However, the incident during the Alchemy Conference had embarrassed him, and You Xi’s conversation with him had infuriated him; his pride had been trampled on. Therefore, he wanted revenge on Xue Ye and You Xi. He would make them repent for their actions.

In the Emperor Family residence, he had wanted to aggravate Xue Ye and find an excuse to destroy his powers. However, Ye Futian’s appearance had trampled on his pride once again. The Holy Zhi Palace’s disciple had barged into the Emperor Family residence in an overbearing fashion, ignoring all of them, and taken Xue Ye away, challenging him to a battle to the death in the process. He had no reason to reject, so here he was, to kill Ye Futian. After Ye Futian had died, he would naturally not let Xue Ye off.

Many of the Emperor Family’s experts had come, including Di Gang. That day, he had already witnessed the strength of the Holy Zhi Palace’s disciples. They were indeed very strong; however, he had not seen Ye Futian’s true strength as Ye Futian had relied on the strength of his ritual implement to dominate everyone. He was very curious how strong this Holy Zhi Palace’s rising star actually was.

Li Futu, Yu Ming, Chi Lian, Su Hongxiu and many of the Alchemy City’s geniuses were also there. Following that, some influential figures came, some watching in secret.

Bai Luli did not leave the Alchemy City. He stood on the steps, wanting to watch the battle. In the Palace, Ye Futian had suppressed his younger brother Bai Ze completely. The Sage Palace was considering allowing Ye Futian to enter the Sage Hall to cultivate in the future, this meant that Ye Futian had potential that was not inferior to Hua Fan. Entering the Sage Hall meant that Ye Futian would become an influential figure in the Palace. In the future, he might even become a Palace Lord. Since he was also in the Alchemy City, he naturally had to witness the battle for himself.

Zhuge Mingyue had naturally already made her way over a long time ago.

The Emperor Family’s Di Kai, Chu Ji from the Goddess Pavilion, Yan Jun from the Fire Emperor Palace, and many other influential figures who had not left Alchemy City appeared once again. Many people were stunned that a battle between two people from the younger generation could attract the attention of so many elite figures.

“Ye Futian and Gongsun Ye’s battle can be considered a battle between the Holy Zhi Palace’s most outstanding young disciple and the armorer world’s elite genius. It seems to have some symbolic meaning,” Yan Jun said coolly. He had heard from Li Futu that Ye Futian was not easy to deal with.

“I heard that Ye Futian barged into the Emperor Family residence two days ago. Di Kai, what do you think about this little fellow?” Chu Ji looked towards Di Kai and asked.

“He’s not bad,” Di Kai replied calmly.

“I heard that before he left the residence, he threatened Di Gang to be here as well. How is Di Gang compared to him?” Chu Ji smiled and asked again.

“Di Gang’s future is that legendary plane. In the entire Barren State, there is only one person in his generation that can compete with himBai Luli,” Di Kai replied nonchalantly and continued, “If Ye Futian wants to obtain that right, he still needs to prove himself.”

“How many years has the Barren State not had a Saint Plane expert? You should naturally understand what that legendary plane means.” Chu Ji smiled faintly. If a Saint appeared, he could command the entire Barren State.

“Let’s watch and see,” Di Kai replied casually, seeming to have a lot of confidence in Di Gang.

Chu Ji smiled. A Saint, huh? How many people dreamed of that. How much effort had the Holy Zhi Palace, the holy land of the Barren State put into trying to achieve that? Bai Luli was reputed to be the person with the most potential in the Holy Zhi Palace in many years. Would he be able to achieve the Palace’s goal?

Suddenly, a commotion started in the distance and a group of people walked over. It was Ye Futian’s group.

They’re here, countless people thought as their gazes landed on Ye Futian. This genius from the Holy Zhi Palace was not fighting for the Palace today, but for his brother. However, regardless of the result, he still represented the Holy Zhi Palace.

“Xue Ye is here as well.” Many people looked at Xue Ye, who was beside Ye Futian. His fate lied with Ye Futian.

Everybody understood why this battle came about.

“Little brother,” Xue Ye looked at Gongsun Ye on the Alchemy Pillar region and said to Ye Futian.

“Fourth brother, after you enter the City Lord Office, you must remember to help me forge some weapons,” Ye Futian said.

“…” Xue Ye was stunned and the serious atmosphere was no more. The battle was about to begin. What was this fellow thinking about?

“The deed isn’t even done and you’re already thinking about how to fleece your brother’s ritual implements.” Luo Fan was also speechless as he looked at Ye Futian.

“We were ordered by our master to come to the Alchemy City, but in reality, it was for ritual implements. We have gone to the Alchemy Casino and many people have gotten good ritual implements, but Yu Sheng and I have not found ours yet. Brother, I’m depending on you.” Ye Futian patted Xue Ye on the shoulder. In the future, his brother would be the City Lord’s son-in-law; he needed to sow his seeds first.

“The City Lord will personally forge a ritual implement for the top three in the Alchemy Conference. No matter whether you win or lose, the ritual implement is yours.” Xue Ye looked at Ye Futian and reminded him, “Be careful.”

“Brother, I’m going to take your word for it. Don’t regret it,” Ye Futian replied seriously. A ritual implement personally forged by the City Lord. What a steal!

His fourth brother would have the Barren State’s best armorer as his father-in-law after he had married You Xi. Would he lack ritual implements? Robbing him was a must.

“No regrets,” Xue Ye replied speechlessly. This kid…

“It’s a gentleman’s promise then.” Ye Futian smiled and walked towards the Alchemy Pillars.

When Ye Futian entered the Alchemy Pillar region, a group of figures walked out from the City Lord Office. The City Lord You Chi had come with his beloved daughter, You Xi, to watch the battle. However, many people were wondering who the City Lord and You Xi rooted for.

In name, Gongsun Ye was the Alchemy Conference’s number one. He had already obtained the right to marry You Xi and could be considered her fiance. However, You Xi was probably praying for his defeat. They did not know what the City Lord’s attitude was though.

“Ye Futian meets senior You.” Ye Futian bowed towards You Chi and continued, “A few days ago, in the Emperor Family residence, Gongsun Ye and others combined forces to assault my brother, causing my brother to be injured even into today. Today, I am representing my brother to challenge Gongsun Ye in a battle to the death. If I die in the battle, it is because of my weakness, and the Holy Zhi Palace will not take revenge for me. My brother will also never step into Alchemy City. I hope that senior can be the judge for this battle.”

You Chi looked at Ye Futian, he was this confident?

“What about you?” You Chi looked at Gongsun Ye and asked.

“If I die in the battle, it is also because I am equally weak. My family will not interfere,” Gongsun Ye replied.

“I will be the witness for this battle. Begin,” You Chi replied coolly. As his voice landed, Ye Futian looked in the air at Gongsun Ye who was on the Alchemy Pillars.

At that moment, a brilliant light erupted behind Gongsun Ye. He released his Life Spirit, it was a catalog and it devoured the Spiritual Qi in the air frantically. Within the catalog, there were images being formed, and divine beings appeared in the sky, flying down from the Alchemy Pillars towards Ye Futian. In an instant, a giant Vermillion Bird figure appeared above Ye Futian’s head, its wings slicing down like sharp blades towards Ye Futian. At the same time, it spat out destructive flames from its mouth.

“Absolute Territory,” Ye Futian said in a low tone. Around his body, divine light surrounded him and turned into Starry Brilliance. At that moment, the brilliance flickered around him. When the Vermillion Bird wings slashed down towards him, it made a shrill screeching sound. The flames that could incinerate everything flocked towards him but was blocked by a Starry light screen.

“What a strong defense this little fellow has,” Chu Ji said softly. Combined force of Martial Will, it was probably not one of Sage Douzhan’s methods.

Ye Futian’s body slowly flew into the air. Although the Vermillion Bird attacked him wildly, it could not faze him at all. Gradually, Ye Futian had reached the same height as Gongsun Ye.

Gongsun Ye’s expression paled. His Life Spirit catalog flew into the air, and a light shone on Ye Futian. In the next moment, a terrifying matrix appeared within the catalog and turned into multiple Lights of Punishment. In an instant, countless rays of Light of Punishment shot down like giant crosses attempting to tear his body apart.

Ye Futian looked in the air, lightning appearing in his eyes. In the next moment, purple, golden, and green destructive lightning flew into the air. It was the spell the Wrath of the Thunder God. The killing rays and lightning collided fiercely in the air, creating into a horrifying destructive scene. The cross-shaped rays continued to rain down, but they were unable to penetrate Ye Futian’s defenses.

“I don’t know about being an armorer, but in martial arts, you’re a far cry from me.” As his voice landed, Ye Futian stepped forward, walking towards Gongsun Ye. His arrogant figure made it seem as though the Alchemy Conference’s number one did not even have the right to battle with him!