The Legend Of Futian Chapter 637

Chapter 637 The Most Pitiful Number One

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“This…” Countless were shocked to their cores hearing Ye Futian’s voice. Isn’t Ye Futian doing too much with his words? Is Gongsun Ye really no match for him?

Gongsun Ye stood on top of the Alchemy Pillar, looking at Ye Futian with cold eyes. Ye Futian walked towards him, and each step seemed to carry immense pressure as if Gongsun Ye was being invaded by some kind of mental powers. He was a Grade One Noble while Ye Futian’s aura suggested that he was at most a Grade Three. It was totally unexpected that Ye Futian would make the first move to attack him using Spiritual Will powers. It was deemed an insult like no other.

However, when Gongsun Ye felt the invading will coming at him, he was shocked to find himself almost paralyzed. An illusion was welling up in his mind, as if his body was being locked in place by some intense power, rendering him totally immobile. Gongsun Ye had no way of moving his body, and even his blood seemed to stop flowing, rendering everything in him still.

Boom. Violent flames burst forth all of a sudden. Gongsun Ye’s will seemed to have taken the form of some kind of fire god, attempting to burn everything in its path and dispel the power controlling him. Ye Futian extended his hand. Tremendously fearsome will and spells descended at the same time. He recalled from one of Sage Daozang’s lectures that Noble Will could have been seen as some kind of area of effect power. The top-class genius cultivators were capable of creating their own areas of Will, by dissolving different types of area of effect abilities, which enabled them to conjure super powerful spells.

Ye Futian had been capable of creating several types of abilities within the three years of training in the Holy Zhi Palace. When he advanced to Grade Three Noble Plane, his areas of Will became even more powerful, so much so that no conventional Grade One Noble wouldn’t have been able to resist his powers.

Gongsun Ye was incredibly well known, but that was due only to his prowess as an armorer. Alchemy City placed incredible emphasis in the armorer’s art, and talented armorers enjoyed prestige like no other. While there was no doubt that he was a magnificent armorer of the highest order, his martial arts competency was nowhere near that of his capacity as an armorer. At the very least, when compared to Di Gang, Gongsun Ye was way behind, so much so that he was hardly on the same level as Di Gang in martial arts.

Gongsun Ye’s exceptional talents at the armorer’s arts made him incredibly arrogant and insolent, yet he failed to understand that the city lord of Alchemy City, You Chi, did not get where he was, being ranked eighth on Barren Sky Ranking, due to his proficiency as an armorer. You Chi was also an exceptional martial artist. If he had simply devoted all his time to hone his armorer’s skills and let his mastery at martial arts rust, he would have never been able to get where he was. You Chi would have been simply been made a servant, crafting ritual implements for others. Due to having too much renown as an armorer, and everyone around him hailing him as some sort of superior being, Gongsun Ye failed to realize his lacking competency in the martial arts.

“Freeze,” Ye Futian uttered. Gongsun Ye felt everything around him go still in an instant. Even the flow of Spiritual Qi and his own thoughts threatened to cease moving altogether. The melding of powers was simply too strong, as the will and spell became one and resonated with each other.

Gongsun Ye burst his most powerful aura out, attempting to touch that terrifying power holding him in place. The wings behind him flapped and he took to the air. However, he soon saw a massive number of vines, enough to block out the sky, coming at him. Ye Futian conjured explosively dazzling golden vines from his hand, holding Gongsun Ye still instantly. The vines coiled around Gongsun Ye, suspending him in the air. When Gongsun Ye’s flames burned, golden flames jumped onto the golden vines, yet the flames failed to burn the vines. The Fatal Entanglement spell was evolved as well, and its power was several orders of magnitude higher than what it used to be.

Countless eyes locked in one place as the hearts of many raced, bearing witness to what was taking place in the air at the moment. The one who ranked first on Alchemy Rank of Alchemy City and the champion of Law Battle three years ago clashed, and many have thought the fight to be one between two equally powerful titans, thus making it incredibly spectacular. No one would have thought the fight to turn out like this.

It was slaughter. The unbelievably bright star of the Alchemy Conference, Gongsun Ye, was being slaughtered by Ye Futian, who was of a lower plane. At the moment, the prestigious rank of number one in Alchemy Rank felt incredibly cheap in front of the proud son of the Holy Zhi Palace.

Xue Ye smirked at the scene and said in a lowered voice, “I sure as hell didn’t expect our little brother to get this strong, just in the past few years.”

“Umm, brother, you seemed to have been played,” Luo Fan mumbled. Their worries had been for nothing. Furthermore, the act of Ye Futian asking for a ritual implement was now seen like one robbing the blind.

“I have no problem with that whatsoever,” Xue Ye said with a smile. He turned his eyes at the stairs, and his eyes met You Xi’s. Both felt relieved as they knew that the fight left little to the imagination.

Ye Futian stared at Gongsun Ye’s pale face above the Alchemy Pillar and looked utterly remorseless for beating Gongsun Ye so mercilessly. He and both his seniors had asked Gongsun Ye to give up, yet Gongsun Ye simply told him to get lost. Gongsun Ye went so far as to attempt to cripple his senior in the Emperor family’s residence. From the words of his senior, Gongsun Ye had not truly wanted to marry You Xi; he had only wanted to exact his revenge. His immense pride drove him off the rails, making him go to insane lengths to get what he wanted.

“How did it turn out like this?” Gongsun Ye asked himself. He was reluctant to believe what was happening to him at the moment, but reality was cruel. He had no means of resisting Ye Futian whatsoever.

“How, you ask?” Ye Futian looked at Gongsun Ye and added, “That is because you’re weak.” Ye Futian clenched his fist as he finished. Gongsun Ye’s body shuddered violently, becoming stiff in the air without any way of freeing himself.

He did not even have the right to fight back.

“I’m the champion of the Alchemy Conference. I will train in the armorer’s arts in the City Lord Office. Let me go, and I will give up,” Gongsun Ye begged Ye Futian for mercy. Many looked at him startled. So even someone as prideful as Gongsun Ye fears death.

“Since he is willing to give up, please just drop the matter,” someone from the Gongsun clan said.

“Ye Futian. Gongsun Ye is the champion of this year’s Alchemy Conference. You got what you came for. Just stop already,” Even Di Gang said from faraway.

Ye Futian’s eyes sparkled. He heard a voice in his ear at the very moment, “Kill him.” Ye Futian was stunned. The voice obviously came from You Chi, the city lord of Alchemy City. He came to realize that You Chi spoke with Gongsun Ye that day, and it seemed that You Chi was very irritated by Gongsun Ye.

As You Chi gave the word, Ye Futian came to immediately realize what to do next. The golden vines were aimed at Gongsun Ye’s throat, and Gongsun Ye yelled in response, “Nooo…”

Stab! Incredibly sharp vines were stabbed into his throat like swords. Countless people were shocked to their cores as they stared at the scene with dumbfounded eyes. Gongsun Ye was probably the most pitiful champion of the Alchemy Conference in history.

You Chi watched the scene without showing any emotion. Everyone was given opportunities to choose their fates one way or another. You Chi gave Gongsun Ye a chance to choose, and he would have treated Gongsun Ye like a student, just like what Ye Futian had in mind. However, Gongsun Ye was simply too arrogant. As he chose his pride over the other options given to him, it was only natural that he suffer the consequences of his choices.

Gongsun Ye’s body dropped to the ground, and the members of the Gongsun clan stared at Ye Futian with vengeful looks.

Ye Futian dispelled his aura and looked at the City Lord Office. He was thinking about the three days that You Chi gave them to think about things. It was a move to give Xue Ye an opportunity, and it was also one given to Gongsun Ye.

If Xue Ye indeed had all his cultivation destroyed by Gongsun Ye in the Emperor family’s residence that day, what would You Chi have done? Ye Futian had no way of guessing what was going on inside the mind of the mighty one ranked eighth on Barren Sky Ranking. As the city lord of Alchemy City and the symbol of the world of armorers, he needed to stick to the traditions set by his predecessors and recruit geniuses for the City Lord Office as well. The one who ranked first on the Alchemy Rank would have been the most suitable candidate for his daughter. As such, he probably would not have doubted any of his actions. However, You Xi opposed and rebelled against him. He was not able to do anything against his daughter. As such, he deemed Gongsun Ye disposable in order to protect the reputation of the City Lord Office and his daughter. It would have been the same for Xue Ye.

As he said before, Gongsun Ye was too arrogant and too insolent. They had spoken, and Gongsun Ye refused to give up. That decision probably sealed his fate; one that was doomed to end in tragedy.

Di Kai glanced at You Chi. He was curious as to what was going on in Chi You’s mind at the moment. Does he feel any pity at the loss of the champion of Alchemy Conference?

Di Gang was seen staring at Ye Futian. The Emperor family had decided to recruit Gongsun Ye two days ago. With Gongsun Ye defeated, there was a huge chance that he would have joined the Emperor family. However, Ye Futian showed no mercy. He went killing the one who ranked first on Alchemy Rank right there and then.

“Several days ago, you brought the students of the Holy Zhi Palace and Huang Jiuge to invade the Emperor family’s residence. You injured quite a number of our people. Since you proposed a fight to the death with Gongsun Ye, the Emperor family left you to it,” Di Gang said slowly as he looked at Ye Futian. “Now that you have won the fight, I think it is due time to settle the matter of you invading the Emperor family residence.”

Many lifted their head to look at Di Gang. It seemed like Di Gang was incredibly dissatisfied at Ye Futian killing Gongsun Ye. Furthermore, given that he had invaded the Emperor family residence, it looked as if Di Gang was ready to move against him.

“I said it that day: come and I will indulge you.” Ye Futian turned his eyes at Di Gang. The air felt stiff once again. Rumors had it that something like that actually happened. However, seeing was believing, and the scene of Ye Futian provoking Di Gang still sent shivers down many’s spines.

Is that unparalleled genius from the Holy Zhi Place really trying to pick fights with the top figure of the younger generation in the southwestern region of Barren State, right after he killed Gongsun Ye, the champion on Alchemy Rank?

Di Gang was not Gongsun Ye. He was no armorer, and he was a fighter through and through. His proficiency in the martial arts were leagues above Gongsun Ye’s. It was said that his prowess was proven in the Emperor family residence that day. When Di Gang made his move, there was simply no one who was able to stand in his way.

Di Gang looked at Ye Futian as he took steps forward, making for the Alchemy Pillar area. He said, “Well then, let me have a look personally at what the mighty ones of the Holy Zhi Palace are capable of. Everyone who invaded the Emperor family residence that day fought using ritual implements. That is hardly considered a true fight. Let us go about it as how it should be done then, right now.”

Is Di Gang trying to fight every single person from the Holy Zhi Palace? Many were breathing hard. Di Gang was indeed the number one in Alchemy City. He remained just as overbearing even after witnessing what Ye Futian was capable of.

Huang Jiuge and all the others looked rather distressed. They were able to tell back in that day that Di Gang was indeed powerful. But fighting all of them all at once, all on his own? Is he trying to make a joke here?