The Legend Of Futian Chapter 638

Chapter 638 Invincibility

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Ye Futian turned his eyes at Di Gang, who was taking his steps in the air and smiled. “You are welcome to test yourself against the students of the Holy Zhi Palace, but you alone are not qualified to fight all of us at once. If you want a war, you need to bring your people with you.”

Di Gang did not mind at all. He actually went on to look at everyone below and said, “If any proud sons and daughters of Alchemy City wish to test themselves against the students of the Holy Zhi Palace, feel free to join the fray.”

“I wish to do so,” a voice was heard and a figure leaped onto the platform. It was Li Futu. Many were dumbfounded. Li Futu of the Fire Emperor Palace, whose reputation was slightly inferior to Di Gang’s yet was nonetheless someone of exceptional caliber. He was said to have lost in the gang fight in the Alchemy Casino. Was he trying to fight once again here?

“I’m not here to fight to the death. I want only to test my skills,” Li Futu said. He apparently felt something was lacking in the fight back then and had been feeling rather displeased. As such, he walked into the Alchemy Pillar area and stood in the air, wanting to test himself yet again.

“I too wish to do so.” Another figure walked out. It was Chi Lian. He crafted a heavy sword in the Alchemy Conference and ranked fourth on Alchemy Rank. He was very powerful. Many mighty ones from some of the renowned clans of Alchemy City walked into the Alchemy Pillar area, gathering around Di Gang, eager to try their hand.

“Well, in that case, we too shall see what the mighty ones of the Alchemy City regions of the Barren State are made of.” Ye Futian turned his head back toward his people and saw one figure after another step up. The air above the vast ground surrounded by eight Alchemy Pillars saw the gathering of multiple geniuses and mighty ones of incredible prowess. It was truly a magnificent sight to behold.

This fight will definitely be more spectacular than the last. No one had expected to be able to witness a showdown like this after the Alchemy Conference.

Di Gang, Li Futu, Chi Lian, and the others joined the fray as representatives of the Alchemy City regions while Ye Futian and his people represented the mighty ones of the Holy Zhi Palace. It was the clash of titans between the best of geniuses, and the fight was seen to carry great significance.

“Interesting.” Xu Que smirked. Not only had he been able to get several ritual implements on this trip to Alchemy City, but he felt great that he was also able to see for himself what the top figures of Alchemy City had to offer. He planned to focus on making his way up the Law Rank after returning to the Holy Zhi Palace. When he became a Grade One Noble, he would then focus on breaking into Sage Planes. The sky would be the limit once he became a sage.

Huang Jiuge looked just as excited. He chose not to study in the Holy Zhi Palace despite having participated in the palace’s examinations, as his sole objective back then was to fight top-notch figures. He was equally as excited to be able to do the same again this day.

Everyone from both sides took their own corners and unleashed their auras, enabling everyone to make clear of the planes of one another. One figure after another was seen flashing about, making their way at each other.

Li Futu stepped out. A proud figure was seen coming at him. It was none other than Huang Jiuge.

Chi Lian stepped out and the one who chose to fight him was Xu Que.

All the others selected their own opponents. Dazzling figures filled the air above the Alchemy Pillars as they went fighting each other.

“Di Gang didn’t move.” Many turned their eyes at Di Gang. He remained standing proud in the air, scanning the battlefield but not fighting himself. Ye Futian stood in the air in silence without moving as well.

“Ye Futian was able to connect the minds of everyone in that battle back in Alchemy Casino using music, resonating them with one another. He isn’t doing something like that today but simply let everyone fight their own battles.”

“It is the same with Di Gang’s side. No matrixes are used to boost anyone. It seems like all they want is to fight each other as they are, without using amplification tools of any kind.” Furthermore, both Di Gang and Ye Futian seemed to have isolated themselves from the fray. The battles there looked as if they had nothing to do with them. Many sported funny looks. Both of them seemed to have immense pride.

The battles raged about in the area of the platform. Li Futu seemed to have been possessed by the Vermillion Bird and Huang Jiuge looked like a descendant of Renhuang. Both figures clashed and the space trembled violently in response.

Chi Lian was a swordsman, and a golden dazzling greatsword seemed to have appeared between his hands. It went swinging about in the air in an attempt to cut everything in its way. However, Xu Que moved about like a mirage, clad in murderous intent, boasting incredible power.

Yu Sheng, Zui Qianchou, Ye Wuchen, Phoenix, and some others found their own opponents, and each of their fights looked earth-shattering. It was especially so in the fight between Yu Sheng and Di Zhou. While Di Zhou was formidable, he was being slaughtered by Yu Sheng and sent flying all over the place. Di Zhou spat up blood from his mouth and he looked pale. Despite the predicament with his little brother, Di Gang did not intervene. He simply observed everything taking place in silence.

“The Holy Zhi Palace is the sacred ground of the Barren State, and everyone who emerged from there is indeed the best the Barren State has to offer,” many mumbled to themselves as they watched the battles taking place. While the students of the Holy Zhi Palace suffered a disadvantage in plane, they seemed to have gained the upper hand in the battle. There was no doubt that Huang Jiuge was incredibly powerful. He fought Li Futu as a Grade Two Noble. He was the first runner-up in the Law Battle three years ago. His tremendous capacity for combat seemed to once again, speak volume of Ye Futian’s powers.

As the battles raged on, the ones at the side of Alchemy City began to see more and more losses, and it seemed like they were barely holding on. Di Gang, who had been standing in the air watching, swooped down on the battlefield. Blinding light was seen bursting from his body as he was clad in Golden Raven armor and a sun hung above him. The divine bird cried around the sun as it looked incredibly breathtaking.

At that moment, Di Gang’s body became covered in overpowering might. Beams of scorching hot sunlight shot out, covering the heavens and bringing incredible pressure to bear down on everyone.

“The Golden Raven Armor.” Many turned to look at Di Gang. His Golden Raven Armor looked incredibly regal and proud. That was a terrifying battle tactic Di Gang had invented using his own Life Spirits. It was a form of limitless might and looked invincible. Rumor had it that in order to train and gain such battle form, he went searching for the Golden Raven at the edge of the demon world.

The number one figure in Alchemy City was indeed a peerless one.

“Everyone retreat,” Di Gang said with an overbearing voice. Golden fiery beams shot out from his body as soon as he finished giving the order, heading for Huang Jiuge and the rest of the Holy Zhi Palace students. Everyone was seen putting up a defense against the move. Many who heard Di Gang scattered. Li Futu frowned and thought of continuing his fight with Huang Jiuge, but Di Gang had no plans of letting him continue his fight.

Di Gang descended on his opponents like a divine bird. He raised his hand and went for Huang Jiuge right away. At that very moment, Huang Jiuge felt as if he was facing a true divine bird of the sun. The tremendous divine bird loomed over him, and it looked far more powerful that Li Futu’s Vermillion Bird.

The golden fiery claws capable of tearing everything in their path came for Huang Jiuge. He retreated in a hurry but quickly saw the shadow of a divine bird pursuing him with lethal intention. Huang Jiuge saw no choice but to fight head on. He brought his Renhuang Sword to bear, attempting to cut the bird into two. However, the shadow of the divine bird in front of him seemed to be unbelievably solid. The Renhuang Sword hit hard on the bird, and Huang Jiuge was quickly sent flying from the resulting shock.

Voom. With a flap of its wings, Di Gang’s body vanished. He went into another direction, which was where Phoenix was. An incredibly huge golden bird of the sun swooped down with its wings. Holy lights flashed down like blades, and every defense that Phoenix put up was completely shattered. With a loud rumble, Phoenix, who was a Grade Three Noble, was pierced by some kind of attack and spit up blood.

Di Gang vanished once again after landing the hit. Yu Sheng, Ye Wuchen, Zhong Li and others were attacked one after another, and they were either cornered or injured. The unbelievably fast movements of Di Gang made it seem almost impossible to catch him.

“What incredible power.” Many were stunned at the sight. Di Gang was indeed the number one in all of the southwestern region of the Barren State. Di Gang was so powerful that anything he pulled seemed to be a testament to his invincibility.

Many were boiling with excitement. While many mighty ones from the Alchemy City regions were being crushed by the Holy Zhi Palace students, Di Gang proved adequate to even the score.

Everyone came to understand why Di Gang chose to have all of the students of the Holy Zhi Palace fight. While he did allow the mighty ones from Alchemy City to fight alongside him, he had never once thought of relying on any one of them. He had been planning to overwhelm everyone from the Holy Zhi Palace right from the start, proving himself to be the one befitting the title of number one in Alchemy City. It was also, at the same time, the price he intended to make Ye Futian and the others pay for invading the Emperor family residence.

Everyone from Alchemy City felt excitement like no other. Their number one mighty one was so overbearing that no one was able to stand in his way.

“Di Kai, your son is indeed something,” Yan Jun said. While his son, Li Futu, was also a top-notch genius, he had to admit after seeing Di Gang in action, that Di Gang was way more powerful than Li Futu.

“I’ve said it before. Di Gang will become a saint someday. In the ranks of the Holy Zhi Palace, only Bai Luli would be able to stand against him. Even if the one ranked first on the Law Rank were here, Di Gang would run over him all the same. All those students here are no match for him,” Di Kai said proudly. It was only natural for him to do so, having one such excellent heir to succeed him.

He glanced at Bai Luli, who was watching the battles, thinking that when Di Gang became a sage, there would be a day when Di Gang would clash with him, who ranked tenth on Barren Sky Ranking. This would decide who was the superior one among them.

You Chi was observing the battlefield as well. Di Gang’s talents were indeed matchless in Alchemy City, and he would be able to achieve great things in the future. Di Kai was also feeling ambitious right then, having intentions of taking his place.

Ye Futian had demonstrated his genius-level talents when he ran over Gongsun Ye. But how will he fare against Di Gang?

At the moment, Ye Futian burst forth with incredibly dazzling light as well. The wings of the Roc spread wide and bright. He then addressed the battlefield, “All of you, retreat and leave it to me.” He flashed and disappeared from where he stood as soon as he was done talking, appearing right before a mighty one from Alchemy City the very next moment. That mighty one felt Ye Futian’s sharply exploding aura of intense might, but in the very next second, he was rendered completely stiff and unable to move.

Boom. The wings swept and the body of that mighty one was sent flying, swatted away by the huge Roc down to the ground below. Ye Futian’s body disappeared yet again and appeared where Di Zhou was. Di Zhou intended to back away seeing Ye Futian coming, but Ye Futian’s speed was so fast that he zipped by in a dazzling arc, and with a flap of the golden wings, a deafening shriek was heard. Blood appeared on Di Zhou’s body as he hit an Alchemy Pillar hard.

Many others were only able to see the Roc zipping through the air afterward before one figure after another dropped like flies. The hearts of many were shocked at the scene, as all of the mighty ones from Alchemy City looked helpless before Ye Futian. He seemed to be making a statement, that what Di Gang had just pulled, he was able to do the same.

“Seems like the head of the Emperor family jumped to conclusions a little too soon. That boy is a Grade Three Noble, yet he is able to do what Di Gang just did,” Chu Ji smirked sheepishly as she elaborated.

Di Kai stared at the battlefield in all seriousness and said, “Di Gang will end his rampage right here!”