The Legend Of Futian Chapter 640

Chapter 640 Riding The Momentum To Transcend To The Next Plane

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Di Gang stood proudly in the sky, clad head to toe in golden armor. A terrifying Golden Raven was by his side. This was the Golden Raven Armor, which was incomparable when it came to offensive and defensive capabilities. Furthermore, when attacking, the Armor could penetrate and tear through anything. As such, Di Gang could even rip through Ye Futian’s Constitution of Stars.

Di Gang continued moving forward. Right then, a surge of power exploded from Ye Futian, before streaks of light passed through him and turned into four dazzling rays that shot up through his body. The energy surrounding his body then began to increase rapidly, becoming scarier than before.

“This is one of Sage Douzhan’s body refining formulas. He’s awakening his body’s potential,” Yan Jun explained, his eyes on Ye Futian. Sage Douzhan was seventh in the Barren Sky Ranking and the top body refinement practitioner in the Barren State. Ye Futian and Yu Sheng were his disciples.

With a shout, four streaks of bright light shot out from Ye Futian’s body. The Flirting Star, Ruinous Star, Finance Star, and Gloomy Star acupoints were all activated at the same time. Instantly, the will energy in the surroundings grew stronger still. In Ye Futian’s three years at the Holy Zhi Palace, he had managed to integrate the power of many new areas of will. Those areas of will were created through a combination of martial arts and sorcery wills. When he released the limits of his body by activating four of the Seven Star acupoints, the strength of his will had increased as well. Not only that, but Ye Futian carried immensely powerful energy within his core. His arms and legs contained explosive power too. He seemed ready to release all that energy in his body and battle it out.

Di Gang glanced over at Ye Futian coolly. Expressionless, he stepped out in a bright flash of gold.

“Sky Freezing Technique, Absolute Territory,” Ye Futian uttered, and instantly, the atmosphere in the vast area became illusory and Spiritual Qi swirled about violently. The entire battlefield seemed to be filled with the power of Ye Futian’s will. It weighed down on everyone, and it seemed as though the sky itself would congeal.

“Split,” Di Gang spat coldly. As a peak noble, his willpower was immense. A word from him sent a gigantic Golden Raven tearing through the sky, covering the entire battlefield. It’s boundless flaming wings tore apart everything in the battlefield, ripping the energy to shreds. The Golden Raven dove towards Ye Futian in an attack. Ye Futian may have possessed terrifying noble intent, but Di Gang was not affected too greatly by it.

Ye Futian possessed the bulk of a dragon, the strength and agility of a Divine Ape, and the flexibility and grace of a roc. In the face of Di Gang’s attack, lightning moved along Ye Futian’s body, and with a crackle, an improved version of the Fatal Entanglement Spell shot out towards his opponent. However, Di Gang tore through the spell and ripped it to shreds. With the pieces of vine dancing fluttering through the sky in the aftermath. It was evident that Di Gang was powerful.

With a flutter of the Roc’s spirit’s wings on his back, Ye Futian stepped out towards Di Gang, his body containing power that was incomparable by its sheer amount. Then, he sent a fist flying in Di Gang’s direction. With a roar, the power of the Thunder God entered his punch, making it unbeatably powerful.

He’s actually going to clash head-on with Di Gang? the crowd wondered to themselves. Their hearts were beating fast at the sight. It seemed like Ye Futian was being overconfident. Yet, the energy rolling off him was terrifying indeed. It did not seem like the kind of energy that belonged to grade three noble; even a noble at their peak would not be this impressive.

Chu Ji from the Goddess Pavilion observed with a smile, “He’s created his own areas of will, crafted his own spells, combined martial arts and sorcery, and integrated the body refinement techniques he learned from Sage Douzhan into his attacks. Looks like one more monstrously powerful individual with the likes of Bai Luli has emerged from the Holy Zhi Palace. No wonder it’s the best place to train in all of the Barren State.” With her plane, it was natural that she would be able to intuitively see many things that were happening on the battlefield.

The two men’s attacks collided directly. The Golden Raven and the Roc battled each other. A fiery golden light tore through and burned everything in its path, seemingly headed straight for Ye Futian. Similarly, the explosive rage of the Thunder God had Di Gang surrounded by streaks of lightning seeking to destroy him. Di Gang had the Golden Raven Armor to protect himself. If it had been Gongsun Ye who was Ye Futian’s opponent this time, he would not have been able to withstand a single blow.

With a thud, Ye Futian was sent stumbling back. Di Gang’s arm vibrated from the blow as well. The light rolling off Di Gang’s body neutralized Ye Futian’s lightning and Di Gang disappeared once again into an attack on Ye Futian.

The Roc spirit’s wings fluttered, and Ye Futian charged towards Di Gang with no intention of retreating at all. As he lifted his arm to attack, a dazzling light emerged. With a crash, the sky rumbled, and Ye Futian was pushed back by Di Gang’s attack. This time, Di Gang did not stop, but continued in his attack. He was going to see for himself just how long Ye Futian could sustain this battle with that body of his.

The crowd looked towards the battlefield to see two bright streaks of light continuously clash with each other. Each clash made the sky rumble and the light grow brighter.

Being forced back again and again by Di Gang’s attacks, Ye Futian’s blood was rushing wildly through his body, with cracking sounds appearing from within. But his impressive physical state allowed him to endure attacks of this frightening level and continue battling.

“Ye Futian’s actually able to fight against Di Gang to this extent,” exclaimed many people in the crowd in admiration.

Just then, Di Gang paused his attack. His wings fluttered, keeping him in the sky. Staring at Ye Futian, who was a distance away, Di Gang spoke, “It’s indeed impressive that you’ve been able to endure the attacks from my Golden Raven Armor. You have good reason to be so irreverent. However, you’re still far from my level.”

At his words, many Golden Ravens appeared on Di Gang. With a long cry, a humongous Golden Raven swooped down from the sky, its sharp claws headed straight for Ye Futian. The Roc behind Ye Futian cried out into the sky as well and spread its wings. However, the Golden Raven’s gigantic claws latched onto the Roc’s wings, keeping Ye Futian trapped where he was. At the same time, the Golden Raven’s wings came swooping down, cutting off the space to isolate Ye Futian. Di Gang came before Ye Futian in a flash and launched a series of powerful attacks on him. Each blow contained destructive energy which rushed into Ye Futian’s body, making him wheeze and feel as though his body was about to be torn apart by the attacks.

“Nine Part Attack!” Di Gang shouted, and with the last blow, Ye Futian’s body shook violently as though he had been pierced by the attacks, and he was sent stumbling back a good distance.

Hua Jieyu and everyone else from the Holy Zhi Palace watched the scene before them intently. The gazes of the powerful individuals spectating were equally sharp as well. They wondered if Di Gang had finally decided to get serious in the fight. This attack was probably enough to seriously injure Ye Futian. Ye Futian was almost pushed all the way back to the edge of the battlefield. A blindingly dazzling glow emanated through his body from the back, as if countless rays of light were shining through him.

Yu Sheng’s eyes glittered at the sight. He guessed that this was

Members of the Gongsun Clan watched coldly. They wanted Ye Futian to be killed. Many gazes gathered on Ye Futian. His head bowed slightly, and light swirled around him. After this attack, would he still be able to continue fighting?

“Thanks for the help,” a low voice rang out, and Ye Futian lifted his head after he spoke. Taking a step forward, Ye Futian’s body quivered violently. Instantly, countless rays of light shot through his body, bathing him in a dazzling glow. Then, five streaks of light shot out from Ye Futian’s body. The fifth of the Seven Star acupointsthe Abundance Star acupointhad been activated. Ye Futian had activated five acupoints in his body. Furthermore, the martial arts energy in his body was welling up as well, and an even stronger surge of energy flowed out, creating a frightening storm around him.

“He’s broken through another plane in his martial arts.” Many people looked towards Ye Futian in surprise. It was evident that Ye Futian was equally accomplished in martial arts and sorcery. The Grade Three Noble aura he displayed just now had come from his sorcery skills. He was still a Grade Four Noble in terms of martial arts, but he was only a step away from becoming a Grade Three Noble in that aspect.

Now, making use of Di Gang’s power, Ye Futian had activated the fifth of the Seven Stars acupoints and the potential within his body to break through another plane in terms of martial arts. He had finally become a complete Grade Three Noble.

Ye Futian trained using the Incomplete Heavenly Manual. At the Holy Zhi Palace, he had borrowed the power of the relics to train his body, and after much grueling training, his body had become incredibly strong. Now that he had reached the limits of his body and was one step to breaking through to the next plane, how could he not make good use of facing an opponent like Di Gang? As such, he had the intention to borrow the other man’s power to try and break through to the next martial arts plane. And he had succeeded.

Di Gang stared at Ye Futian, and a cold glint flashed through his sharp eyes. He was a little angered now. Ye Futian had made use of their battle to break through to the next martial arts plane. This was no coincidence; Ye Futian had planned it from the start.

“You’re welcome. Things will still end the same way though,” Di Gang responded coldly. The gigantic Golden Raven seemed to take on a real form then. That was the ultimate form of the Golden Raven Armor. Di Gang was not going to play around with Ye Futian anymore. A boundless fiery golden light emanated through the sky, with intense burning power.

“Of course, things will still end the same way,” Ye Futian replied calmly. The two had very different ideas as to how this battle would turn out.

Right then, a humongous Roc let out a dazzling glow above Ye Futian and seemed to become real as well. It was like an actual divine bird descending upon the world. At the same time, a giant shadow figure appeared within the divine bird. That shadow figure was created by Ye Futian, and it seemed to integrate into the divine bird. However, the real Ye Futian remained where he was, shining with a dazzling glow.

“It’s a Dharma body,” someone announced.

“It’s a Douzhan Body, a technique taught by Sage Douzhan.” The more prominent characters in the crowd knew more about what Ye Futian was doing.

Indeed, this was a Douzhan Body. The most basic form of the Douzhan Body was crafted based on the Life Spirit. The stronger the resonance Ye Futian had with the world, the stronger his areas of will would become as well.

Di Gang stared coldly at Ye Futian’s Douzhan Body. Once again, the giant Golden Raven slashed towards him. Ye Futian’s Douzhan Body, the Roc, struck out with its sharp claws as well, clashing with the Golden Raven in the air. The next moment, Di Gang appeared before Ye Futian in a flash again, aiming for another attack. However, blinding bursts of starlight appeared around Ye Futian’s Douzhan Body. The Ye Futian within the Douzhen Bodu raised his arms and concentrated an endless amount of energy within. As Di Gang charged towards him, he punched both fists forward and attacked. Instantly, countless fist shadows appeared in the space and descended like shooting stars, tearing through everything before them.

Many people stared at the sky in shock. In a starry dimension, fist shadows were turning into shooting stars that flew down towards Di Gang. This was an offensive technique that Ye Futian had previously learned. Now, he had injected immensely powerful willpower into it and activated the technique with his incomparably strong body. He would name this attack ‘Comet.’