The Legend Of Futian Chapter 644

Chapter 644 The New Law Rank First

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In the Holy Zhi Palace, Sage Palace.

There was a group of people who were seated. The group of people had hidden their powers and looked as though they were simply normal people. However, their disposition was like that of lords.

Today, the six palaces from the Holy Zhi Palace had gathered. Although the Sage Palace Lord had not appeared, the second Palace Lord Liu Chan was around. The Wanxiang Palace’s Palace Lord was still in seclusion, but the Wanxiang Palace’s elder had arrived. Apart from them, the other four Palace Lords were all here with some of the elders of the Holy Zhi Palace. This group of people was enough to represent the will of the Holy Zhi Palace.

“I have invited all of you here today for two matters. First, there has been news from Alchemy City that the Battle Sage Palace’s disciple Ye Futian has created a ruckus within the city. He had led a group of Holy Zhi Palace disciples to the Alchemy Casino, defeating geniuses from other places and winning many ritual implements. Next, he barged into the Emperor Family residence and challenged the Alchemy Conference’s first Gongsun Ye to a fight to the death outside the City Lord Office and killed him,” Liu Chan said.

The Alchemy Conference was a huge event in Alchemy City and even the Holy Zhi Palace was paying attention to it. Therefore, he quickly knew of the events that had taken place in Alchemy City. However, the other Palace Lords and elders did not pay the same amount of attention to it and were shocked when they heard Liu Chan’s words. This fellow was indeed a nonconformist, he actually caused such a storm in Alchemy City and killed the Alchemy Conference’s first?

“This little fellow has such gall, I will definitely punish him when he gets back,” Sage Douzhan said. Ye Futian was his direct disciple, so he naturally had to demonstrate his stance.

“No need, the origin of his matter was his brother. His brother from another master was in love with the City Lord’s daughter and came in second in the Alchemy Conference. He had some conflict with Gongsun Ye, that is why there was that battle. Apart from that, that day, Ye Futian also defeated another a person with the title of Alchemy City’s top genius, Di Gang,” someone in the crowd explained.

“Di Kai’s son?” someone asked softly. Di Kai was 12th on the Barren Sky Ranking; they naturally knew that.

“Yes.” Liu Chan nodded and said, “Now, his brother has already entered the City Lord Office and You Chi organized the wedding for Ye Futian’s brother and his daughter so quickly that news has not even spread.”

Everyone had curious expressions. What did You Chi mean by doing this? However, what he meant was not important. Ye Futian, who had only entered the Palace for three years, was rather interesting.

“I ordered him to go to Alchemy City to observe the Alchemy Conference. He ended up creating a ruckus,” Sage Douzhan said with pride in his heart. The kid had only cultivated in the Holy Zhi Palace for three years, but he actually went to Alchemy City to create trouble. However, not only did he not end up in trouble, but he helped his brother marry You Chi’s daughter.

“Sage Douzhan must be delighted to have such a disciple,” Sage Daozang smiled and said. In Ye Futian’s batch, he had dominated everyone with absolute power. In the past two years, many people were discussing when Ye Futian’s position on the Law Rank would change again.

“Di Kai’s son was claimed as number one Noble in the Barren State’s southwest region. Ye Futian was able to defeat him as a Grade Three Noble and has exceptional potential. I have invited all of you here to discuss him entering the Sage Hall to cultivate. I think that when he reaches the pinnacle of the Noble Plane, he can enter the Sage Hall. What do you all think?” Liu Chan asked.

The crowd had surprised expressions. Did he have the qualifications to enter the Sage Hall after only three years in the Holy Zhi Palace? Three years ago, Hua Fan had obtained the right to enter the Sage Hall and had entered two years ago. Now, he was already in the Sage Plane. Now, Ximen Hanjiang was waiting for his qualification, but the Sage Palace had never discussed allowing Ximen Hanjiang to enter the Sage Hall. Evidently, they felt that Ximen Hanjiang was not that outstanding yet. However, at this moment, the Sage Palace’s Liu Chan had gathered all of them for Ye Futian and skipped the first on the Law Rank, Ximen Hanjiang to discuss giving the right for Ye Futian to enter the Sage Hall.

It was not unexpected though. The Sage Palace was the main palace of all six palaces. Now that Liu Chan was managing the Holy Zhi Palace on behalf of the Palace Lord, although Ye Futian was not a disciple of the Sage Palace, Liu Chan would not do such a selfish thing like only caring for his own Palace’s disciples.

“Although this fellow can get out of hand, his cultivation potential is exceptional indeed. I agree.” Sage Douzhan was the first to agree, causing the crowd to laugh and look at him.

“Three years ago, in the entrance examination, we already saw how exceptional he was. He indeed has the qualifications to enter the Sage Hall and cultivate. I agree too.” Sage Daozang also nodded and gave his approval.

“I agree.” The Sword Demon, the Sword Palace Lord nodded and agreed as well. This way, there were already four Palaces in agreement. In reality, the outcome was set.

“Since that is so, we have a conclusion. I will announce it later, granting Ye Futian permission to enter the Sage Hall to cultivate.” Liu Chan nodded and continued, “The other matter is about Luli. Back then, when Luli entered the Sage Hall, he obtained the Sage Hall’s teachings and the Divine Path’s recognition. Wanxiang also estimated his Saint potential for him, all of you should also know me and brother’s thoughts about this. The Holy Zhi Palace will support him wholeheartedly, creating the best conditions for Luli to become a saint.”

Everyone nodded. They all knew about this, Bai Luli was the next owner of the Holy Zhi Palace that they had selected internally. The Barren State had not had a saint for many years. Now, they needed a saint to appear, the Holy Zhi Palace was the same, they could not afford to wait any longer. However, Sage Douzhan had other plans. Although Bai Luli had proven that he had the potential to become a saint and had received the recognition of the Sage Hall’s elders, in the future, Ye Futian and Yu Sheng could be his rival.

In the Holy Zhi Palace’s Law Battle Area, before the Law Battle Tablet, many people had gathered and were looking astoundingly at a piece of news on the Tablet.Ye Futian had obtained the right to enter the Sage Hall and cultivate.

“What is going on here?” Many people were bewildered. They were all cultivating in the Palace and naturally did not know what had happened far off in Alchemy City. However, they could guess that it was related to Ye Futian’s trip to Alchemy City.

What did Ye Futian do this time in Alchemy City? Why did he obtain the right to enter the Sage Hall all of a sudden? Even the current Law Rank first, Ximen Hanjiang was still waiting for his right to enter the Sage Hall. However, what awaited him was Ye Futian skipping him and obtaining the right to enter the Sage Hall.

“Big Brother Futian is really capable.” There was a beautiful girl grinning happily; it was Long Ling’er. Now that she had gotten to know more about the Holy Zhi Palace, she naturally knew what the Sage Hall meant.

“He’s Ye Futian indeed. Shocking people with his every move.” Many of those who had entered in the same batch as him discussed. Most of the people in his batch admired Ye Futian, the memories of the sparring session two years ago were still fresh in their head. Ye Futian was the only one who dared to face the seniors.

Mu Zhiqiu was also there. She was speechless. That fellow was getting stronger and stronger.

“The Law Rank has also changed,” someone shouted at that moment. They saw an elder from the Palace coming forward to renew the Law Rank. Their gazes were all fixed on one name, Ye Futian. When they saw Ye Futian’s name at its new position, all their gazes froze and expressions of disbelief appeared on their faces.

ThisThey had all imagined that after two years of not fighting anyone, Ye Futian had only recently taught Ximen Gu a lesson. If he were to fight someone, he would not remain tenth on the Law Rank, and there was a chance he could enter the top three. However, nobody had imagined that Ye Futian’s name would appear on the top of the Law Rank.

Law Rank, first! He had replaced Ximen Hanjiang. This scene was too shocking. Ximen Hanjiang had spent six years to reach where he was. However, he did not even warm the seat before Ye Futian rushed up the rank and replaced him.

“Why is it like this?” there was a teenager who walked forward and questioned loudly. It was Ximen Gu, the current batch’s first in the entrance examination. The moment he entered the Palace, he had been violently beaten up by Ye Futian and Yu Sheng, causing his reputation to decline rapidly. Now, his brother Ximen Hanjiang’s name had been taken and lowered to rank two on the Law Rank while Ye Futian was first. He had never exchanged blows with his brother or had any outstanding performance in the Holy Zhi Palace. What right did he have?

“The Law Rank has never required any explanation,” the elder looked at Ximen Gu and replied emotionlessly. Even if he was the first in the entrance examination, he had no right to question the Law Rank. If he was unhappy about the rankings, he could simply challenge the first and get it back through his own strength. The Law Rank would then change again.

When Ximen Gu entered the Palace, he was taught a lesson by Ye Futian, but Ximen Hanjiang did not step in. This time, Ye Futian replaced him as the first on the Law Rank and obtained the right to enter the Sage Hall. No matter how much self-restraint Ximen Hanjiang has, he probably cannot bear it, many people thought. This was no longer a matter of restraint, but the Palace thinking that Ye Futian was more outstanding than Ximen Hanjiang.Moreover, the Palace felt that Ye Futian was far more outstanding.

As the previous first on the Law Rank, how prideful would he be, could he take it lying down?

The news quickly spread to the Sage Palace, into the ears of Ximen Hanjiang and the other Sage Palace disciples. Presently, there were many people gathered around Ximen Hanjiang. Bai Ze, Zhuge Xing and many others had come.When they heard the news, they were equally infuriated, especially Bai Ze. From the moment he had entered the Palace, he had had enmity with Ye Futian. The entire Palace knew that as long as Ye Futian, there would be no place for Bai Ze, he would always be suppressed.Now, Ye Futian was first on the Law Rank and permitted to enter the Sage Hall.

How could this be?

Ximen Hanjiang maintained his silence from start to the end. Back then, when his younger brother Ximen Gu had been beaten up, he did not exact vengeance for him. His younger brother was to blame for being insufferably arrogant and provoking Ye Futian, so he ordered him to focus on his cultivation.He had been cultivating diligently, hoping to obtain the approval of the Palace one day to enter the Sage Hall. However, he had not received such news but had heard that Ye Futian had obtained the right to enter the Sage Hall. Not only that, he had been replaced on the Law Rank.

Ye Futian had entered the Palace for three years, but the only time he had ever shown his ability was on the sparring session two years ago. He had been silent for the next two years. Why was he granted such an honor? Look at him, for the past six years, he had defeated many opponents and quelled all suspicions about him. Those geniuses who entered the Palace at the same time at him had all been overtaken by him. However, there was now a junior above him.

He raised his head and looked into the air, taking a deep breath. Since the Holy Zhi Palace was doubting him, he would prove himself.

In the Holy Zhi Palace, there was a huge commotion about the Law Rank renewal and Ye Futian being allowed into the Sage Hall. However, at that moment, outside the Holy Zhi Palace, there was a group of people returning. It was Ye Futian’s group who had just returned from Alchemy City and did not know about what was happening in the Palace!