The Legend Of Futian Chapter 645

Chapter 645 Attitude Of The Palace's Geniuses

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When Ye Futian returned to the Holy Zhi Palace, news of his return spread throughout the Palace. Next, in the Battle Sage Palace, Qi Jie found Ye Futian and notified him of his qualification to enter the Sage Hall and the change on the Law Rank.

When Ye Futian heard Qi Jie’s words, a strange expression appeared on his face. He did not expect that his battle in the Alchemy City had not only solved his brother’s problem and gotten him a ritual implement, but it had also earned him the qualification to enter the Sage Hall to cultivate. This was an unexpected surprise. As for being first on the Law Rank, he did not care. After all, it would have happened sooner or later.

“Three years ago, when you entered the Palace, you were the target of many. Two years ago, you proved yourself in the sparring session. I didn’t expect that you would rise to the first on the Law Rank so quickly. Do you know how many people in the Palace are looking for you now?” Qi Jie said with a fake smile.

Among the thousands of disciples in the Palace, the first on the Law Rank meant that he was the number one in the Noble Plane and could represent his generation. From Bai Luli to Hua Fan to Ye Futian. Every one of them could represent a generation of disciples.

Previously, everyone thought that Ximen Hanjiang would become the generation’s symbol, but they had not expected that it would be taken away by Ye Futian so quickly. This way, Ximen Hanjiang would be simply a transitional character. He must have been very angry.

Ye Futian paid no notice and smiled. So what if they could find him?

“Brother, when can I enter the Sage Hall?” Ye Futian was more concerned about that. The Sage Hall probably contained the Palace’s Saint teachings. The Holy Zhi Palace’s divine teachings were known as the Sage Hall. It would definitely be more complete than the divine teachings in the Top Three Schools and might be an opportunity for him.

He had returned this time, preparing to cultivate and raise his strength, raising his cultivation level to the pinnacle of the Noble Plane and attempting to break through to the Sage Plane. He could only be considered an expert in the Barren State after he had broken through to the Sage Plane.

“You can enter as a Grade One Noble. Even among the Palace’s disciples, only a select few can enter the Sage Hall. Even the first on the Law Rank might not be able to enter the Sage Hall. Take Ximen Hanjiang for example. However, those who enter the Sage Hall are definitely the first on the Law Rank,” Qi Jie smiled and replied. Ye Futian wondered if the change on the Law Rank was because he had obtained the qualification to enter the Sage Hall, so he needed to be first.

“Entering the Sage Hall at that level can assist you in breaking through to the Sage Plane,” Qi Jie explained.

Ye Futian nodded and replied, “If that is so, I will need to focus on my cultivation for a period of time. Thank you for coming to inform me, brother.”

“Make sure you focus.” Qi Jie smiled and left.

After Qi Jie left, Loulan Xue and Yi Qingxuan looked curiously at Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. The two of them had not gone to Alchemy City, so what had happened that the elders in the Palace had made such a decision before they had even returned? They had also heard much discussion in the past few days. Rumor had it that to enter the Sage Hall, all six Palaces had to gather for a discussion, and more than half had to agree to the decision. This meant that at least four of the six Palaces in the Holy Zhi Palace had agreed for Ye Futian to enter the Sage Hall. Evidently, Ye Futian had moved the Palace’s elders.

“What did you do?” Yi Qingxuan moved up close to Ye Futian and asked cutely.

“Ask your man,” Ye Futian smiled and replied. Yi Qingxuan glared at him, then saw Ye Futian smile at her and say, “Oh right, Yu Sheng brought you a gift from the Alchemy City.”

Yi Qingxuan blinked and looked at Yu Sheng. Yu Sheng scratched his head shyly. Back then, when they had placed their bets in the Alchemy Casino, he had placed a bet using Ning Huang’s halberd and picked some good items for Qingxuan using his spoils of victory.

“Yes.” Yu Sheng nodded. Yi Qingxuan came up to him and hugged his arm.

“Hey, my wife isn’t around, don’t show off how happy your relationship is in front of me.” Ye Futian smiled and poked fun at them, then continued, “Yu Sheng, have a good rest today. We need to focus on cultivating starting tomorrow. You need to enter the Upper Noble Plane soon.” Now that Futian was in the Upper Noble Plane, Yu Sheng’s cultivation level could not fall behind him, so he needed to ensure Yu Sheng’s cultivation speed.

“Okay.” Yu Sheng nodded and was then dragged away by Yi Qingxuan. Before she left, Yi Qingxuan made a face at Ye Futian.

“Showoff,” Ye Futian smiled and said. He then turned to Loulan Xue and said, “I brought you a gift too.” As he said that, he took out two items. One of them was a treasure book. He passed it to Loulan Xue and said, “The Sage Treasure Book you had previously is too weak now. This book is at the pinnacle of the Sage Plane and has a secret methods index within. It can also be assimilated into your Life Spirit.”

After that, Ye Futian took out another transparent water crystal and passed it to Loulan Xue. The crystal appeared to have a giant snake within it. “This is a crystal made from a water element demonic beastthe Vine Serpent’s Spiritual Will. It can combine with your Spiritual Energy and assist you in your cultivation. It can support you by increasing your Spiritual Energy and your Water Intent and can even be used in battle,” Ye Futian said. The Vine Serpent was an extremely strong water element demonic beast and could freeze people on sight as it had innate water element Spiritual capabilities.

“Thank you,” Loulan Xue said as she took the items. She liked the two treasures very much. Ye Futian evidently put in a lot of effort into picking them, and they were very suitable for her cultivation.

“This time, we had a lot of spoils in Alchemy City. All of us got elite Sage Plane ritual implements, so I got you two as well.” Ye Futian looked at Loulan Xue’s indifferent expression. The hardest debt to repay was relationships. Although he had seen through the celestial empress’ intentions, he still felt a tinge of guilt towards Loulan Xue. If Loulan Xue had wanted anything, he would feel that it was okay, but Loulan Xue’s selflessness made him feel that he owed her all the more.

“Big brother, me, me…” Beside him, the Black Wind Condor flapped its wings and said softly to Ye Futian.

“What about you?” Ye Futian looked back at the Black Wind Condor and asked.

The Black Wind Condor blinked its eyes, thinking, big brother, aren’t you very smart? I’ve already given you such an obvious hint.

“It can’t be that you want a treasure too?” Ye Futian looked at him with a knowing smile and replied. This fellow had become crafty too.

“No, of course not.” Seeing Ye Futian’s expression, the Black Wind Condor shuddered and replied, “It’s just that I’ve missed you.” Sigh, he’s bullying me for not being a human.

“Be good, there are no more treasures. I’ll get some for you next time.” Ye Futian smiled and stroked the Black Wind Condor’s head. The Black Wind Condor obediently lowered its head, thinking, As long as I follow big brother, I will still do well in the future.

“Big brother Futian,” at that moment, a crisp voice sounded out. A slim, tall girl rushed up and hugged Ye Futian’s arm. She glared at him and said, “Big brother Futian, how could go out and have fun without me?”

“You just entered the Palace to cultivate and you’re already thinking of going out?” Ye Futian looked speechlessly at the little devil in front of him.

“I’m unhappy,” Long Ling’er pouted and said unhappily.

“Brother brought you a gift,” Ye Futian smiled while saying. He then took out a treasure for Long Ling’er. At the side, the Black Wind Condor eyes were as wide as plates. This is what he meant by no more treasures?

Sigh, life is tough for a condor. If only I was a human, no, a beauty.

“I knew that big brother Futian treated me best.” Long Ling’er immediately became happy. The Black Wind Condor stood at the side, silently saying to himself, an 18-year-old girl, how could you, Master? You’re worse than a beast.

Ye Futian had finally placated the little devil and got some peace. He gave Loulan Xue some orders, then walked straight to his residence, preparing for a good rest. He thought whether or not he wanted to ask Jieyu to come over and rest together

In some aspects, he admired his fourth brother.

In the next few days, there were people looking for Ye Futian every day, but they were all stopped by Loulan Xue, claiming that Ye Futian was cultivating in seclusion and would not meet anyone nor take any challenges. Since the people who had gone to Alchemy City had already returned, the incident in Alchemy City naturally could not be kept under wraps. Soon, everyone knew that Ye Futian had led the Holy Zhi Palace’s disciples to Alchemy City and swept the geniuses of Alchemy City, killing the Alchemy Conference’s number one and defeating Alchemy City’s number one prodigy.

Many disciples lamented that this fellow was too much of a prodigy. It was no wonder that he had reached the first on the Law Rank. However, some of the elite Noble Plane figures on the Law Rank still wanted to spar with Ye Futian to ascertain their cultivation results.

Although Ye Futian had defeated many geniuses in Alchemy City, they had not been to Alchemy City, so they did not know how strong those people were. The Holy Zhi Palace’s disciples were originally a congregation of the Barren State’s most elite geniuses. However, those who had wanted to look for Ye Futian to spar were all denied access under the claim that he was in seclusion. In reality, he was simply not free.

Inside the Daozang Palace, many people had gathered outside. Today was the day that Sage Daozang would give his lecture again. Lian Yuqing, Yun Shuisheng, Xiang Zhiqin, Yun Feng, and a few other of Sage Daozang’s disciples were in the crowd.

“Little sister, you went to Alchemy City. This time, Ye Futian became first on the Law Rank, what do you think about it?” at that moment, one of the experts on the Law Rank looked towards Xiang Zhiqin and asked. He naturally did not ask Hua Jieyu, nor did he ask Phoenix or Yun Shuisheng. These two had accompanied Ye Futian there and were quite close with him.

Xiang Zhiqin recalled the battle and Ye Futian’s figure appeared in her head. She looked at him and replied softly, “It’s well-deserved.” The surrounding people looked at her with surprised expressions. Everyone knew about the conflict between Xiang Zhiqin and Ye Futian. Now that Xiang Zhiqin said such things about him, it was indeed intriguing.

“Zhiqin, although Ye Futian managed to sweep all of Alchemy City, he is still a Grade Three Noble. Although his potential may be deserving of rank one, the Law Rank first has never been awarded to experts with potential. He only managed to defeat Di Gang in a tough battle, but everyone at the top of the Law Rank are elite Nobles. Are they weaker than Alchemy City’s Di Gang?” Beside her, Yun Feng continued, “Moreover, brother Lian has long been at the pinnacle of the Noble Plane. Now, he is approaching the brink of the Sage Plane. The Palace must be exaggerating by placing Ye Futian as the Law Rank first. Even Ye Futian has been avoiding challenges these few days.”

In the past two years, Yun Feng had gradually gotten over his trauma. However, Ye Futian had returned and became first on the Law Rank, causing him to be extremely frustrated.

Lian Yuqing did not say anything. Three years ago, he was fifth on the Law Rank. Now, three years had passed. He was a genius that had entered in the same batch as Hua Fan. He was still the fifth on the Law Rank, but the names in front of him had changed greatly.

Xiang Zhiqin looked at Lian Yuqing, then said softly, “In terms of pure battle ability, there is probably nobody who can compete with him in the Palace.”

Many people were astounded and turned to look at Bing Yi, Phoenix, and Hua Jieyu. The three of them sat quietly, not interested in the least, as though they had not heard the conversation going on. This scene made many of the Daozang Palace’s disciples speechless.

Out of the Daozang Palace’s four elite beauties, three of them had extremely good relations with Ye Futian and had accompanied him to Alchemy City. Now, even Xiang Zhiqin, who had a grudge against Ye Futian, was speaking up for him.

Lian Yuqing, who had been sitting quietly, raised his head slightly, looking at the Daozang Palace in front of him. The memories from the sparring session two years ago were still fresh in his mind. He had personally witnessed Ye Futian receiving the legacy of the Nine-fingered Guqin Demon. That was something that he had always wanted but was unable to obtain. For the past two years, he had cultivated in silence. Just like Ye Futian, he had not fought anyone.

“When has the Law Rank first been so casually decided?” Lian Yuqing asked softly, and the surrounding disciples’ expressions all froze.

Was this Lian Yuqing’s attitude? Ye Futian had never had a battle with the elites of the Palace. Although all the disciples acknowledged that his potential was unrivaled, that was the first spot on the Law Rank. If he was placed second, he would not garner such a huge reaction. Now, many people probably had the same attitude as Lian Yuqing!