The Legend Of Futian Chapter 648

Chapter 648 Battle For Top Ten

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Since there were people who doubted his place as number one on the Law Rank, Ye Futian saw fit to have Yu Sheng make it as one of the top ten before he did anything.

After that battle, Yu Sheng would have a high ranking on the Law Rank. Zhou Hao, who was currently ranked tenth, would be kicked out of the top ten as a result.

Zhou Hao stared at Ye Futian with cold eyes. What Ye Futian was more than just arrogant; the man deemed himself to reign supreme above all, and cared nothing about the one who ranked tenth on the Law Rank.

Ye Futian’s arrogance was so astounding that he did not even see a need for himself to fight, having Yu Sheng do it instead.

This is truly arrogance like none other.

Voom. Blinding golden lights glittered and an old clock of incredible size appeared right behind Zhou Hao. The workings of the clock were crisp, exuding frighteningly appalling might like none other. A pair of incredibly bright golden wings appeared behind him, which looked like the wings of a divine eagle.

Zhou Hao possessed two Life Spirits: the Skyscraping Clock and the Golden Flame Eagle. He specialized in Spiritual Elemental powers and had developed abilities in many elements, such as metal, fire, wind, and so on. He trained in martial arts as well, making him a tough opponent The one who ranked tenth on the Law Rank was no ordinary folk.

Anyone who was capable of making into the Holy Zhi Palace was an elite existing at a ratio of one in a thousand. Those ranked high on the Law Rank were especially so. All of them who were able to make it that high were nothing short of being geniuses. Many more arrived after hearing Ye Futian’s metaphor.

Yu Sheng stepped forward. His stout body stood tall in the air, bringing incredible pressure to bear on everyone around him. Yu Sheng looked like a god of war simply standing where he was, alone. Many seemed to have seen the shadow of Sage Douzhan just by looking at Yu Sheng. Yu Sheng resembled Sage Douzhan more than Ye Futian as he was a natural born warrior. It remained a question, however, if he proved adequate to fight Zhou Hao.

Coldness was seen in Zhou Hao’s eyes. He waved his hands, conjuring shadows of golden old clocks. His Life Spirit, the Skyscraping Clock, continued to grow in size, reaching the heavens and filling the air with terrifying Spiritual Will. Everything within the vicinity seemed to be covered in a very terrifying pressure.

Zhou Hao, as one who ranked tenth on the Law Rank, knew well of the weakness of ones who devoted their time to train their bodies. Spiritual Will attacks were the most effective against people like that. And he specialized in such attacks.

His Spiritual Will melded with the space. The Skyscraping Clock shone in dazzling golden colors as it descended upon them in a crazed manner. Shadows of countless golden old clocks appeared, heading for Yu Sheng. At that very moment, even those far away and on the clock covered their ears and shut their senses off. Anyone who was of meager training backed away to any far corner. The formless Spiritual Will invaded minds and trembled within. The shockwave from such an attack was able to make them feel like they were being shaken to their core, and it was anyone’s guess what it felt like the one being targeted by the attack.

Countless shadows of golden old clocks continued descending, all of which were imbued with two types of incredibly violent offensive powers. Yu Sheng took one step forward. Streaks of light permeated through his body and the Seven Star acupoints opened. His body seemed to be filled with powers of unparalleled violent nature. Furthermore, the Seven Star acupoints activated his Spiritual Will powers, filling him with violent power all over his body.

The giant old clock took the form of incredibly fearsome offensive power in Yu Sheng’s mind, attempting to snuff out his willpower. However, the shadow of a devil was seen standing within, protecting his will, and remained unfazed in the face of the onslaught of Spiritual Will powers. However, Yu Sheng still felt uneasy about it all and knew he needed to get rid of his opponent quickly.

“Some body he has developed.” Many looked at Yu Sheng’s body taking on the attacks from the shadows of the old clocks and found it unbelievable that none of those attacks managed to make him budge. Yu Sheng was clad in dark golden armor. Five acupoints were opened, making his physical body unbelievably strong.

“Spell, Wing-cutting,” Zhou Hao uttered coldly. Pairs of golden wings manifested near Yu Sheng’s body in an instant, whipping up terrifying tornados and turning into all-destroying blades that cut Yu Sheng’s body up. Golden gashes were cut in the air as the blades went about. Many were shocked at the thought of what would happen to Yu Sheng if he was subject to such attacks.

Yu Sheng glanced at the wings cutting the space around him about and shouted. An incredibly huge body of the devil appeared in an instant. The stout being was the Douzhan Body he coalesced from his powers. He took one furious step on the air and the incredibly huge Douzhan Body trembled. Dark golden light screens manifested around his body in an instant. When the extremely sharp golden wings zipped through the air, sharp, high-pitched noises were heard. While cuts were obviously dealt in the air, none of them were able to make it to Yu Sheng’s body.

Zhou Hao remained undeterred. He lashed out with his lands and whipped up even more terrifying golden storms. Other than the dazzling Skyscraping Clock, a shadow of the divine eagle appeared as well. The endless golden storms turned into a pair of wings, cutting up the air and bringing frightening might to bear between them.

Yu Sheng looked up at the terrifying wings. The hands of the huge devil was seen clapping in the middle. When the wings cut down on Yu Sheng, his extraordinarily powerful arms closed, stopping the wings and pinning them right there. Fearsome light burst and devastating powers were unleashed. Zhou Hao’s body turned into a bolt of lightning as he moved forward. More and more golden old clocks and golden wings went for Yu Sheng’s gigantic body.

Yu Sheng took a step forward. The huge devil’s hands clenched into two fists, whipping up terrifying power as he launched a punch in the air. Hundreds of thousands of flashes of the fist were conjured in that one punch. It was as if the devil itself had launched the attack. It tore many of the old clocks apart in the air.

The Douzhan Body was an offensive tactic of extreme potency, imbued with incredible damage potential. Ye Futian’s own Meteor Punch was something derived from this. Yu Sheng’s abilities were different from Ye Futian’s, as his punch was even simpler and more direct, yet it packed untold amount of force nonetheless.

Voom. The wings of the Douzhan Body took to resemble the wings of the devil as they slashed forward. Yu Sheng took one step in the air, heading for Zhou Hao as he turned into a true god of war.

Boom. The earth and heavens shook as a powerful surge of martial arts will burst. Yu Sheng made it before Zhou Hao. An illusion welled up in Zhou Hao’s mind. The incoming shadow of the devil seemed to demand every living thing to submit to it and live only to revere it.

Zhou Hao’s body backed away, yet dark golden Devil Halberd was seen raining down from the heavens, cutting through the air and preventing his escape. The huge devil threw yet another punch. Hundreds of thousands of fist will were infused with that one attack, and terrifying flowing lights were conjured in the air, toppling everything before it. Zhou Hao was eventually able to feel the fearsome pressure behind the attack. The Skyscraping Clock lashed out but was quickly thrown off with a loud clang by the punch, as if it was to be split apart. Zhou Hao spat up blood as he whipped out with his wings to slash at Yu Sheng.

The arms of the devil moved forward without care, killing anything that stood in their way. When the incredibly sharp wings cut down on it, gashes appeared on the arms. However, the arms moved forward without a care. Zhou Hao wanted to retreat, but Yu Sheng continued to move another step forward, bringing the might of his devil to bear as the fist went down on Zhou Hao. The punch covered Zhou Hao as he was sent flying.

Boom! A grunt was heard as Zhou Hao’s body was sent flying far away. Many followed the scene with their eyes and saw Zhou Hao’s body looking smaller and smaller before he hit the ground. Zhou Hao was unable to even steady himself afterward. It was anyone’s guess how many bones that one punch ended up breaking.

Many turned to look at Yu Sheng, who was still standing in the air. They were shaken to their cores. They never knew Yu Sheng to be that terrifying before.

As Ye Futian said before, Zhou Hao was no longer among the top ten after the battle. Yu Sheng made it as one of the top-ranked figures on the Law Rank.

“Anyone else feeling displeased?” Yu Sheng scanned everyone below coldly as he said with an imposing voice.

Many of the proud sons and daughters of the Holy Zhi Palace doubted Ye Futian’s place as number one on the Law Rank. Yu Sheng thought that the only way to deal with such disputes was to simply beat them into submission.

Zhou Hao, who previously ranked tenth on the Law Rank did not get Ye Futian to move; he suffered a crushing defeat at Yu Sheng’s hands instead. It was anyone’s guess how many dared make a move after what happened. It now seemed that only the top five on the Law Rank were deemed capable of fighting Ye Futian.

Ye Futian remained sitting where he was, watching his friend fight. Xu Que was seen lying, drinking with Zui Qianchou and Ye Wuchen. He said to the other two, “I’m getting bored, shall we head back to Sword Palace?”

“I’m thinking of leaving too.” Zui Qianchou nodded in agreement. He found what happened too ugly to behold. Are those two trying to bag the first and second place of the Law Rank for themselves? They were able to tolerate one insane genius, but two proved a little too much for them to stomach.

Bai Ze, Zhuge Xing, and the others looked unwell after seeing what happened. Bai Ze had been crushed by Yu Sheng in that sparring session more than two years ago. Now, Yu Sheng proved powerful enough to defeat the one who ranked tenth on the Law Rank, and he did so as a Grade Three Noble. That one battle would probably make him one of the top three on the Law Rank.

Two students of the Battle Sage Palace, in the same batch, would be taking two of the three places in the top three. The Holy Sage Pavilion, the main institution out of all six, never felt so weak in their batch.

Another figure walked out in the resulting silence. Many looked rather elated seeing that figure make a move. So one of the top five is finally making a move?

It was Lian Yuqing. He already ranked fifth on the Law Rank when Ye Futian first entered the Holy Zhi Palace. Furthermore, many in the Holy Zhi Palace knew well of the feud between Lian Yuqing and Ye Futian.

“You wish to fight?” Yu Sheng looked down at Lian Yuqing.

Lian Yuqing spared a glance at Yu Sheng before moving his gaze past him, looking at Ye Futian at the edge of the Battle Sage Palace and saying, “During the sparring session two years ago, you bested me with the Ukiyo song. But your plane was too low back then. Now, you are number one on the Law Rank, and I’d like to see what the Ukiyo song is truly capable of once again. This time, however, it won’t just be the battle of skills, but a true battle using musical spells.”

Many were able to tell what Lian Yuqing’s words meant. He was never able to let go of the fact that he lost to Ye Futian back in that sparring session all those years ago. That defeat remained a thorn at his side. What he truly wanted right there and then, was a true battle using the guqin with Ye Futian!