The Legend Of Futian Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Dont Mess with Women

Recently, Ye Futian had been in a consistently bad mood. He cultivated his martial arts skills like crazy, and was now able to withstand the matrix in the training room for longer periods of time. Thus, breaking past the four-starred Glory Plane in martial arts. However, he had yet to break through for sorcery. To cultivate Spiritual Energy, a sorcerer needs a tranquil mind. However, his mind was anything but tranquil at that time.

Rumors were still flooding Donghai Academy as usual. On this day, a group of people mounted on different creatures stepped into the academy. This caused a large ruckus on campus. The leader of the group was actually a young woman, dressed in a long red dress, the color of fire. She stood on a majestic creature, the same color as her dress. She was a blooming beauty, unparalleled by anybody else. Just standing there, she looked elegant, her eyes bright and piercing.

"I heard Donghai Academy is the best place for cultivation in all of the East Sea Prefecture. There should be a lot of students here on the same level as me, so I came to check it out," said the young woman. Her tone was menacing as she looked around at the students of Donghai Academy.

After that, her group continued to travel deeper into the academy. More and more people gathered and wondered who these people might be. How come the authorities of the academy hadn't come out to stop them?

In a flash, the young woman hopped off the creature she was riding on. As she stood in the crowd, she asked in a cold demeanor, "Is there no one at Donghai Academy?"

"What level are you at?" asked a student.

"Five-starred Glory Plane," replied the young woman.

"I'll oblige," said a young man about 17. He looked at the young woman and introduced himself, "Li Yan, five-starred Glory Plane Sorcerer. Please enlighten me." As he finished speaking, a large force of Metal Spiritual Qi was released. A bright, big, golden bird took shape and came for the girl like a flash of lightning.

Around the girl, Fire Spiritual Qi gathered crazily. It also formed a big bird, but this was a mystical phoenix. It carried an outrageous burst of flame, and collided with the big golden bird, causing the golden bird to disappear into the flames. The phoenix did not stop there.

The look on Li Yan's face changed as he stepped back. He saw the phoenix head straight for him. He shut his eyes tight, and felt the heat of the flames radiate onto his body. But then, the phoenix stopped. It stood right in front of Li Yan, and the Fire Spiritual Qi which had formed the phoenix disappeared.

"Too weak," said the young woman. "Is this what the best of the East Sea Prefecture has got?"

The students of Donghai Academy felt humiliated. Another person stepped up, but the results were about the sameone attack from her and her opponent was defeated.

Students continued to step forward, but it always ended in the same way.

"Mu Yunqing, five-starred Glory Plane, Mandate Sorcerer." Mu Yunqing of the School of the Flirting Star stepped out. He released his Natal spirit, a golden eagle. He leveled up planes a short while ago and was now more powerful. Observing the young woman's beautiful face and her outstanding gifts, Mu Yunqing could not help but fantasize.

The wind enveloped him, and Mu Yunqing turned into a creature. With extreme speed, he charged at the young woman. When his sorcery kicked in, a bright golden light was emitted from his body, and dissolved the wild flames. He chuckled to himself with new-found confidence. However, the young woman moved her body and also became enveloped in a gust of wind. Her movements were elegant, but also extremely fast, faster than Mu Yunqing. In a split second, the distance between the two drew closer. Bystanders could only see a fire red blur flash by. A loud noise sounded, and Mu Yunqing flew through the air, and landed on the floor.

The young woman's feet met the ground once again. The already astounding young woman seemed so carefree. She had a pair of fire red wings on her back. Even her fists were the color of fire. After touching ground, the tinge of red disappeared.

"What a weak Mandate Sorcerer," said the young woman. Mu Yunqing looked pale as he crawled up off the ground. He realized the young woman did not even bother to spare him a glance. His heart cooled. After Ye Futian entered Donghai Academy, this was already his third consecutive loss.

When word spread that there was a battle going on, more and more people arrived to watch. While wondering about her identity, people were also shocked at her power.

Students of the seven schools were also participating in the battle now, but they were all cultivators of the five-starred Glory Plane. They did not want to bully the beautiful girl as they were cultivators of higher levels, but slowly they realized that people on the same level as the young woman were all losing. It seemed like no one was able to even bring out her full potential.

That was until a very well-known young man from the School of the Ruinous Star made his move. This time, the young woman took it seriously. A shield of flames surrounded her, and a Flame Phoenix appeared. It was her Life Spirit. At this moment, the young woman seemed even more impressive. Mandate Sorcerer with a Flame Phoenix Spirit. A Wind and Fire bi-elemental cultivator in both martial arts and sorcery.

"She's so beautiful." Someone couldn't help but stare in awe. The only girl that would be able to compete with her was Hua Jieyu of the School of the Emperor Star. Hua Jieyu was also extremely gifted. But she was introverted and kept a low profile. She might not be willing to fight. Plus, there were a lot of rumors revolving around her. She seemed to be in love.

The young cultivator of the Ruinous Star school was also defeated. After that, more people took up the young woman's challenge, but none of them were victorious. Regardless of natural talent, sorcery or battle tactics, she was very strong.

"A Flame Phoenix Spirit. I wonder who is stronger, the Flame Phoenix Spirit or Ye Futian's Roc Spirit," someone whispered in the crowd. The phoenix and the roc were both mystical birds. The former was Wind and Fire bi-elemental, the latter was Wing and Metal bi-elemental.

Something sparked in the young woman's eyes. She found the person whispering in the crowd and asked, "There's someone at Donghai Academy who possesses a Roc Spirit?"

That person was shocked. The young woman's ears were so sharp that she had overheard them whisper?

"Yeah, a genius from the School of the Finance Star, Ye Futian."

"How are his abilities?" the young woman continued questioning.

"A while ago, he was in the three-starred Glory Plane. I don't know about now, but his combat abilities are very strong. He can even defeat a five-starred Glory Plane cultivator," the person explained. Since Ye Futian was able to battle with Zhou Mu, he had to be very capable.

"He level is too low, but I want to see the Roc Spirit. Go get him from the School of the Finance Star!" she ordered her people. The people behind her nodded and immediately set off to do her bidding.

This scene surprised a lot of people. She was so bossy and arrogant. She was just going to send her people to the Finance Star school and grab Ye Futian? What they did not know was that they really managed to find Ye Futian at the school, and what's more, the person who found him was Headmaster Yi Xiang.

"Someone wants to challenge me?" Ye Futian was in a foul mood to begin with. After a sigh, he said, "Not interested."

Yi Xiang glared at him, "Even if you're not interested you must go. Do you really think that I would come to you personally if any ordinary person challenged you?"

Ye Futian froze, then asked, "Who challenged me?"

"Go see for yourself," said Yi Xiang. With no way out, Ye Futian answered, "Fine."

Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Yi Qingxuan followed Yi Xiang as he walked to the place where the young woman was waiting. When they arrived, the area was already packed with people. Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Yi Qingxuan pushed through the crowd and were finally able to see the young woman in red. She was currently fighting someone. The Flame Phoenix behind her was very eye-catching. Very quickly, she defeated her opponent.

"Ye Futian." When the people noticed Ye Futian, they began whispering amongst themselves. The young woman turned her attention to him.

"Your Life Spirit is a roc?" she asked him. Ye Futian looked at her strangely and simply said, "A woman."

The young woman frowned and asked, "What do you mean by that?"

"I don't want to hit a woman," Ye Futian said and turned to leave. What happened last time with the sword-wielding young lady had traumatized him.

"Hold it!" she yelled. "Did I say you could leave?"

Ye Futian stood frozen in place. This young woman seemed very arrogant, and it was Yi Xiang who told him to come. What was this young woman's identity?

He turned to speak with her again. "Anything is fair game in combat. You have such a pretty face, I wouldn't want to accidentally hurt you. Let's not fight."

The crowd was dripping in cold sweat by now. Ye Futian would always be Ye Futianarrogant.

"Nonsense!" The young woman laughed. "Hurt me? Can you even manage?"

"Uh..." Ye Futian was speechless. Did all females talk like this? He could not take it anymore.

"Yu Sheng!" shouted Ye Futian. After a short while, he realized that no one was answering to him. When he turned around, he saw Yu Sheng chatting with Yi Qingxuan.

Ye Futian had no words. "Best friends," he muttered under his breath. He could only count on himself now. He walked forward and saw the young woman smiling at him in a cold demeanor.

"Release your Life Spirit, or else you won't get a chance to later on," she said arrogantly.

Ye Futian let out a sigh and released the bright Roc Spirit. She also released her Flame Phoenix Spirit. The bright light emitted from both of the Life Spirits was blinding. Would Ye Futian be able to win against this insanely gifted young woman?

BOOM! A force of fire sorcery gathered and formed a fire phoenix, charging at Ye Futian.

A golden light surrounded Ye Futian, an endless amount of Metal Spiritual Qi gathered on his wings. His wings joined together and created a shield in front of Ye Futian's body, allowing the fire phoenix to attack as it pleased.

WHOOSH! His wings opened abruptly, and the wild flames dissipated. In the blink of an eye, Ye Futian was gone, leaving a flash of lightning behind. The young woman could see a blurred figure rushing towards her. The Flame Phoenix and the Golden Roc kept getting closer to one another.

Both Ye Futian and the young woman were lifted into the sky and brought closer together. The young woman threw a fiery punch accompanied by what sounded like the cry of a phoenix. Ye Futian also reached out his palm, accompanied by a dragon's roar.

In the next moment, the people watched as the two of them battled in the sky. Cries and roars filled the skies, the Fire and Metal Spiritual Qi flowed wildly.

BOOM! BOOM! Two loud noises sounded. Then the people saw the young woman fall from the sky and land harshly on the ground. Her guards ran to her side.

A lean and handsome middle-aged man also descended from the sky. After this person's appearance, many of the authoritative figures of Donghai Academy stepped forward. Even Yi Xiang was there. All of them bowed to this man.

"Greetings, Minister Zuo," all of them greeted the man. The students of Donghai Academy looked confused. Minister Zuo?

At this moment, the young woman got up from the ground with a hand on her chest. This immediately attracted everyone's attention. All they saw was the young woman looking up at the sky where Ye Futian was floating and screamed, "You shameless jerk!"

"I..." Ye Futian was completely speechless. How did things turn out like this again?