The Legend Of Futian Chapter 650

Chapter 650 Battle Between Two First Places On The Law Rank

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As the music disappeared gradually, the people came back to themselves. They took a deep breath. What had happened had been like a dream.

Looking up, they gazed at Ye Futian. That figure in white looked very graceful with his clothes fluttering in the wind. His bright eyes looked down at Lian Yuqing. He said that he wouldnt allow Lian Yuqing to play music before him again.

Lian Yuqings life spirit was a little bit wounded at this time, but he was more hurt mentally. In order to resist Ye Futians Ukiyo, Lian Yuqing created the dark music. But Ye Futian had never played the Ukiyo during the whole battle. Did he no longer qualify to hear the Ukiyo now?

What worse was that hed lost himself and his mental will had been controlled by Ye Futian. He couldnt forget what had happened just now. Every time he thought about it, he was in pain. It was impossible for him to forget this battle. At that time, would he have knelt if Ye Futian had ordered him to? With his mental will being controlled by Ye Futian, he had to do everything Ye Futian ordered.

Lian Yuqing knew Ye Futians musics power. Then why did he still risk it? His level was higher than Ye Futians. Then why was he defeated?

Why? Lian Yuqing whispered. Anger flashed in his eyes. He was asking both Ye Futian and himself. He was fifth place on the Law Rank. In the battle two years, hed been defeated by Ukiyo. He thought that it was just because of Ukiyo, which was one of the top ten famous songs, so he devoted himself to cultivation again in order to challenge it. This time, however, Ye Futian, who was just a Grade Three Noble, defeated him again without playing the Ukiyo. Again, he was defeated in such a pathetic way. Others couldnt understand this kind of pain.

Youre proficient in musical sorcery, but you gave up on the essence of music. In order to defeat me, you ignored the artistic conception and adopted some dishonest methods. You rush too much. Ye Futian looked at Lian Yuqing and said slowly, Your level is higher. It shouldnt be so easy for me to defeat you. With your cultivation, you shouldnt be controlled by me so easily either. You should at least be able to escape from it, but you didnt. You should know the reason why you failed.

Lian Yuqing knew the reason. Ye Futian had played the artistic conception to the extreme so that his music could resonate with the world. Even the mental power of people around him could be turned into a part of the song. Even Lian Yuqings musical intent and mental power were controlled, which made him lose himself. If he hadnt been so anxious to defeat Ye Futian, Ye Futian wouldnt have seized such an opportunity to make him lose himself. Therefore, he didnt only lose to his musical sorcery. This was why Ye Futian said that Lian Yuqing no longer qualified to play before him.

Lian Yuqing looked despondent. His pride was totally gone. This battle had become an everlasting stain in his life.

Watchers seemly knew that Lian Yuqing shouldnt be defeated so easily. Ye Futian was strong, but he didnt even play the Ukiyo. This meant that Lian Yuqing, fifth on Law Rank, hadnt even fought against Ye Futian in his strongest state but was still defeated so horribly.

You have been in the Holy Zhi Palace for only three years. You dont fight much, but whenever you do, you always destroy your enemys faith. What you said not a long ago was also so arrogant. You are too cruel. A voice from afar reminded people of Ye Futians battles since entering the Holy Zhi Palace.

The voice seemed to be right. Everyone that doubted Ye Futian, from Bai Ze, Yun Feng to Lian Yuqing and Ximen Gu, the number one of latest pavilion battle, was always beaten miserably, their faiths destroyed in the end. After fighting with Ye Futian, top talents like Bai Ze and Yun Feng were all badly hurt. As a result, their cultivation wasnt outstanding anymore. And now, it seemed that Lian Yuqing was going to repeat the same play.

Countless eyes fell on the coming figure. Their hearts all pounded. Was he finally here?

It was Ximen Hanjiang. Hed been the first place on Law Rank before Ye Futian and was now second place.

Looking up at the approaching figure, Ye Futian said calmly, Then why am I like that?

Bai Ze had invited Hua Jieyu to cultivate with him in the Holy Zhi Palace, right before Ye Futians eyes. Yun Feng had drawn Hua Jieyu. Seeing Ye Futian defeat Yun Feng, Lian Yuqing still dared to challenge Ye Futian and hurt him. Ximen Gu had flirted with Long Linger.

No matter the reason, you shouldnt destroy their whole life. But you seemly enjoy it very much, Ximen Hanjiang continued.

Ye Futian laughed. He knew this kind of quarrel was meaningless. So he just responded calmly, I havent entered the Sage Plane, so I dont know the Sages thinking pattern. Since I am not a Sage, I dont know why I should say thanks to those who hurt me. I just treat people the same way they treat me. You are not me. You dont know what happened between me and the others. What right do you have to tell me what to do? Ye Futian smiled sarcastically and continued, If you are so noble, why did you come?

Obviously, Ximen Hanjiang still couldnt let it go or he wouldnt have come.

Then, how do you explain your arrogance over the Palaces disciples? Ximen Hanjiang asked again.

As a Grade Three Noble, Ye Futian managed to gain the first place on the Law Rank. In the Alchemy City, he defeated the citys first talent, Di Gang. Can anyone else in the Palace do that? Doesnt he deserve first place? At this moment, lazy laughter was heard. Lying over there, Xu Que said slowly, Is it so hard to admit anothers excellence?

Xu Que, you are the successor of Tingxue House. You are also a Grade Two Noble. You can be a top talent among your generation in the Barren State. Wheres your pride? Looking at Xu Que, Ximen Hanjiang sneered. He was taunting Xu Que for being Ye Futians follower.

Of course, talents should have pride. But when meeting a truly excellent person, they should also learn to appreciate and follow them. As for those who just cant admit others strengths, wont they feel more ashamed after being defeated?

Many people looked up at Xu Que and the ones behind Ye Futian. People like Yu Sheng and Phoenix were all top talents of the Palace, but they still chose to follow Ye Futian. It was said that even many other disciples at their level would also come to learn from Ye Futian. This might be out of admiration toward an excellent person.

People are so strange. They envy those who are not much stronger than them but are more extraordinary. Maybe only when their enemy becomes extremely strong would they show their respect. But then itll be too late. Zui Qianchou also lay beside Xu Que, drinking. They looked very relaxed.

In the crowd below, Xiang Zhiqin and Yun Feng had the same feeling too. That figure in white had become so strong that they had to show their respect. The Palaces disciples also began to exclaim. With his talent, Ye Futian was going to be the strongest existence on the Barren Sky List. No one would doubt that now.

Ximen Hanjiang! Ye Futian looked down at Ximen Hanjiang and said, If you came here just to attack my character, you can go now. I am myself. I dont need you to teach me. You dont have the qualification either. After Ye Futian spoke, the two stared at each other. Their forces seemed to collide.

Ye Futian was right. Now he was first place. Ximen Hanjiang was only second place. Ximen Hanjiang didnt have the right to condemn Ye Futian.

Go ahead! Ximen Hanjiang didnt argue further but directly announced a battle.

A cold storm suddenly rolled over. Everyone felt the chill. The previous number one declared war to the present number one. Who would be the winner? This war between the two top Nobles of the Holy Zhi Palace was going to pan out.

Ye Futian stepped out. The wind blew through his dark hair. He looked at Ximen Hanjiang and said, In the Alchemy City, Id experienced a top Nobles strength. It wont be too hard this time. You just try your best. When fighting with Di Gang in Alchemy City, Ye Futian took the opportunity to break into the next plane. He had made great progress at that time. He knew what a top Nobles level was like. Though he couldnt tell whether Ximen Hanjiang was stronger than Di Gang, there wouldnt be a too big of a gap between the two. At least, there was no doubt that Ximen Hanjiang would be weaker. Ye Futian didnt have to slowly test him. Both had won first place on the Law Rank. They knew that normal means couldnt help them defeat the other.

Good, said Ximen Hanjiang. Suddenly an extreme coldness appeared and the vast sky seemed to start snowing. Many people got chilled. They could feel that coldness penetrating their bones and souls. Their bodies seemed paralyzed and their brains almost stopped thinking. But this artistic conception was only aimed at Ye Futian, not them. It was hard to imagine how strong the mental pressure was that Ye Futian was facing.

Ye Futian felt like he was in an icy world. Coldness kept invading his body while his body was burning. An enormous Golden Roc appeared. It grew larger and larger and finally turned into a real Divine Roc with golden wings. Ye Futian reached out his palms and endless golden spirit gathered into a long staff. Beams of horrible light projected from his body as well as from the Golden Roc. At this moment, Ye Futian seemly owned endless power. However, a dreadful icy storm rolled over at this time. This storm seemed to be going to freeze everything. The wind brought by this storm blew like sharp swords.

Strong power from the Absolute Territory appeared around Ye Futian, protecting his body with starry light. But then with a sharp colliding sound, that protection zone was shattered. The extreme coldness continued penetrating his body.

Sages intent, Ye Futian whispered. The space around him was totally frozen. His body was freezing bit by bit too. In the end, his body might be torn to pieces. Even if he had endless power, Ye Futian couldnt release it.

Rustles sounded in his life palace. Ye Futians brilliant body seemed to turn into a furnace. A horrible flaming power extended to every part of his body. Then the Golden Roc flapped its wings, flying up. Ye Futian twirled his long staff. A fantastic rhythm was contained in his moves. He seemed able to control the whole world. His staff technique was like a martial arts form. Martial intent appeared in that long staff and helped him gather a horrible martial intent storm. That storm became stronger and stronger, seemingly able to break everything!

Disciples from the Palace all looked up. The Golden Roc dancing in the icy world was such a beautiful scene!