The Legend Of Futian Chapter 665

Chapter 665 On Crouching Dragon Mountain

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When the voice sounded on the Crouching Dragon Mountain, countless people looked in the same direction.

Gu Dongliu had come to the Zhuge Family to ask for her hand in marriage.

Today was the engagement between the White Cloud City’s Young City Lord Bai Luli and Zhuge Mingyue. The Zhuge Family had prepared the Crouching Dragon Feast, the entire Barren State had come forth to congratulate them, and the White Cloud City Lord had already given the betrothal gifts; however, there was someone who had come to ask for her hand in marriage now.Coming at this kind of time, they didn’t even need to think to know whose hand he was asking in marriage.

Many people in the Barren State had heard that there was once a distinguished character that had challenged Bai Luli and left after being defeated. That battle was rumored to be for Zhuge Mingyue. And before this, Ye Futian and Xue Ye had stood up to oppose the marriage. It must have been for this person.

Pairs of curious eyes looked across the air and saw a handsome white-robed scholar walking up step by step. His footsteps were not fast but each step of his had a mysterious tempo and was exceptionally steadfast. Soon, he had appeared at the feast and raised his head, looking forward.

Everyone looked at the figure that had appeared. He had a face like a piece of jade and eyes that looked like stars. With his demeanor, he was already a remarkable figure. Facing countless geniuses from the Barren State, he had walked up to the Zhuge Family to propose marriage. His courage and boldness caused many people to secretly compliment him.

“Third brother,” Ye Futian and Xue Ye called out softly with smiles on their face. However, they did not know whether to be happy or sad. Under the current circumstance, although their third brother had come, could he really change anything?

Zhuge Mingyue looked at the familiar face. Although five to six years had passed, he was still as dull as before but cute in its own way. He had finally come to the Zhuge Family and kept his promise. As long as he came, it was enough. At that moment, the glint in Zhuge Mingyue’s eyes appeared exceptionally brilliant.

Zhuge Qingfeng looked at the figure, it was no wonder his daughter Zhuge Mingyue liked him. Such a dignified person. After being with him for years, it was only natural to fall in love with him. However, the White Cloud City Lord’s expression was grim, a frosty intent appearing within his deep black eyes.

Asking for trouble. Bai Ze looked on indifferently. He had spread the news to lure Ye Futian to the Zhuge Family. He wanted to see how he would be embroiled in this storm and how he would get out unscathed. He was jealous of Ye Futian and also hated him. That was why he was excited to see Gu Dongliu come; it was the only way for Ye Futian to really sink. In today’s situation, whoever wanted to ruin the wedding ceremony was looking for trouble. Even if Ye Futian was the first on the Law Rank, he could not get away with it. Today’s marriage represented the Holy Zhi Palace’s will. Whoever took part in its ruin would pay the price.

“Step down and I will not bother with you,” Liu Chan said in an overbearing tone as his gaze landed on Gu Dongliu.

Gu Dongliu raised his head and looked at Liu Chan. Those days in the Barren State, while he was on the run, he had also heard about the Zhuge Family, so he naturally knew the purpose of the joint marriage. The Holy Zhi Palace wanted to create a Saint and the person who had been chosen was Bai Luli. The entire Barren State supported the marriage except for his little brothers. However, it was to no avail. Zhuge Mingyue was naturally going to end up as a sacrifice.

“Master once told me a story. He told me that there was once a Buddhist cultivator. He had reached a certain cultivation level and needed to experience more human emotions and experiences. He felt that if he cultivated step by step, he would need to travel too far and experience too many things. If he had that time, he would be able to give more people redemption and do more beneficial things,” Gu Dongliu looked at Liu Chan and said. The crowd looked confused and did not know what Gu Dongliu meant by his words.

“So, he took a shortcut and robbed others of their memories, using them to experience the lives of others. He successfully broke through his cultivation level, but the other person became a lifeless shell.”

Many people’s gazes lit up, seemingly knowing what Gu Dongliu wanted to say.

“After he broke through his cultivation level, his state of mind faced obstacles again. He needed insight over more mortal affairs. Only by traveling a longer path could he strengthen his enlightenment. He felt that it was still a waste of time. At his current cultivation level, he could help more people with his abilities, so he plundered the memories of a hundred people to put his righteousness to practice.

“As his cultivation level got higher, he started to dedicate himself to the plundering of others. He was respected by people and used Buddhist teachings to give others enlightenment. He felt that this was his righteousness. In the end, those who followed him in the cultivation of Buddhism all had their memories plundered and became puppets.

“I would like to ask the elders present, is he a Buddha or a demon?” Gu Dongliu looked at Liu Chan and the rest. Even the influential figures were slightly moved by the story. They naturally understood the moral of the story; it was referring to today’s marriage.

“He’s naturally a demon.” Liu Chan stared at Gu Dongliu and replied, “The Barren State has no Saints. Bai Luli has the potential to become a Saint and succeed the Divine Path and protect the legacy of the Barren State. He has exceptional potential and is a match made in heaven with Zhuge Mingyue, congratulated by the entire Barren State. Who has been plundered here?”

“Cultivation is about cultivating one’s mind. If you lie to even yourself, it is no wonder that the Barren State has no Saints.” Gu Dongliu said emotionlessly, “If Mingyue and I die here today, then will you all be Buddhas or demons?”

“Such insolence,” an elder from the Zhuge Family berated him. Many people stood up and an oppressive aura was released towards Gu Dongliu, surrounding him.

“If it is for righteousness, you should be able to sacrifice yourself and not others. If the Zhuge Family wants the Barren State to create a Saint, they can offer up the treasure. If the Holy Zhi Palace and White Cloud City want to create a Saint, they can snatch it.” Gu Dongliu continued, “Perhaps to you, that is evil and this is righteousness.” As he said that, he laughed mockingly at himself. He was a reasonable person, but he also understood that today, these people would not reason with him. After all, reason was not as strong as the fist.

As his gaze turned, he looked towards Zhuge Mingyue and a smile appeared in his star-like eyes as he said, “Sorry for making you wait six years.”

“It’s fine,” Zhuge Mingyue smiled brilliantly and replied.

“Are you willing to leave with me?” Gu Dongliu asked.

“You still owe me something,” Zhuge Mingyue said.

Gu Dongliu looked at her, then smiled and said, “I like you.”

Zhuge Mingyue’s smile became even more brilliant. Her wedding robes appeared to have been worn just for this moment.

“Me too, blockhead.” Zhuge Mingyue stood up and the sunlight reflected off her face. At that moment, she was unbelievably beautiful.

At the feast, there was only silence apart from their conversation. Everyone stared blankly at this scene, even the influential figures. They were also feeling uneasy. They felt as though they were looking at a sad yet beautiful love story.

This time, the Holy Zhi Palace and White Cloud City seemed to be the evil ones.

Ye Futian watched all this unfold and felt his eyes become watery. Beside him, Hua Jieyu had tears in her eyes while Beitang Xing’er had already started to cry. Second Sister had waited for this moment for very long, and Third Brother was finally willing to say the words. However, what were they to do in today’s situation?

“Good, very good indeed,” in one of the seats in the feast, a monk’s palms closed together as he said. His appearance was solemn and had traces of Divine will, and he had a look of admiration and praise when he looked towards Gu Dongliu and Zhuge Mingyue.

Zhuge Mingyue’s skirt reached the floor as she elegantly walked step by step towards Gu Dongliu. The White Cloud City Lord’s expression was extremely grim.

“Mingyue,” an elder from the Zhuge Family shouted. Zhuge Mingyue’s footsteps stopped and she heard him call out, “Do you know what you are doing?”

“Of course I do, I’ve known clearly what I want to do,” Zhuge Mingyue smiled and replied.

“You have agreed to the marriage and the entire Barren State has come forth to congratulate you. Now, you are doing this, what do you think the Zhuge Family and the White Cloud City’s reputations will become?” The elder had a cold tone and there was a pressure emanating from him.

“Have I ever objected?” Zhuge Mingyue looked at him and replied, “If I objected, would you all disagree to the marriage?”

The other party’s expression froze. Zhuge Mingyue had objected before indeed. In fact, she had done so many years ago and even left home to prove it.

“Have you all given me any choice?” Zhuge Mingyue continued asking, “Since none of you have cared about how I feel, then why should I care what happens to all of you?”

The members of the Zhuge Family stared at Zhuge Family, then turned their cold gazes to Gu Dongliu and said, “Take him down.”

A few elders from the Zhuge Family released horrifying auras and stepped forward. At that moment, Ye Futian moved in a flash beside Gu Dongliu. Yu Sheng, Hua Jieyu, Xue Ye, and the others also stood up and moved beside Gu Dongliu. Even You Xi also walked out.

“Go back.” You Chi’s expression was sour. What were these fellows doing?

“Father-in-law, there is no compromise for this issue,” Xue Ye replied. He turned to You Xi and said, “You go back.”

You Xi was still pregnant.

“Isn’t your third brother my third brother as well?” You Xi smiled at Xue Ye and replied. Xue Ye felt warm inside and grabbed his wife’s hand. Although she was the daughter of the Alchemy City Lord and nobody dared to touch her, she was willing to step out with him under these circumstances. How could he not be touched?

“Today, I’m the one proposing marriage, why are you all adding on to the trouble?” Gu Dongliu looked at the people standing beside him and asked.

Ye Futian smiled brilliantly and asked him, “Third Brother, do you think we’re considered the groom’s family or the bride’s family?”

Gu Dongliu was taken aback and replied, smiling, “Such a glib tongue.”

“Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, Hua Jieyu, do you all understand what you are doing?” the Tianxing Palace Lord looked at Ye Futian’s group and asked. This matter was the Palace’s Will. Now, these Palace disciples were standing on the opposing side of the Holy Zhi Palace.

“Before I came, I asked my Master. My Master also agreed to my being here. Although I am a disciple of the Palace, before that, I am a cultivator, so I naturally need to follow my heart. The Palace’s Will can be wrong sometimes as well,” Ye Futian looked at Sage Tianxing and replied.

“I have said that later, you and Yu Sheng can enter the Sage Hall to cultivate. What the two of you should be doing now is cultivating,” Liu Chan looked at Ye Futian and Yu Sheng and said.

“Then I will not enter the Sage Hall.” Ye Futian looked at Liu Chan and replied, “On the Divine Path, I do not require any external help!”