The Legend Of Futian Chapter 666

Chapter 666 Expulsion

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Liu Chan stared at Ye Futian. If it was any other Palace disciple who dared to rebel against his will, he would not care. However, he was Ye Futian, the first on the Law Rank. He had personally organized a discussion by the six Palaces to permit him into the Sage Hall to cultivate. Evidently, he had high hopes for Ye Futian. He had hoped that Ye Futian would be able to become like Bai Luli in the future or even stand side-by-side with Bai Luli. Now, he was a little disappointed in Ye Futian. Although it was not wrong for Ye Futian to have his own stance, compared to the Barren State having a Saint, all personal opinions were insignificant.

“The Holy Zhi Palace is the Barren State’s holy land of cultivation. Cultivating in the Palace, there are no rules to abide by; you can do whatever you want and the Palace will not interfere.” Sage Tianxing’s gaze landed on Ye Futian as he continued, “However, that is just one rule that all Holy Zhi Palace disciples must follow. The Will of the Palace is absolute, all personal Wills must make way in front of the Palace’s Will. Not just the disciples, but even the elders and the Palace Lords must abide by it. In today’s matter, you have already violated the Palace’s Will.”

“What if the Palace’s Will is wrong?” Ye Futian looked at Sage Tianxing and asked

“Every personal Will in the Palace may be wrong, but the Palace’s Will will never be wrong,” Sage Tianxing said decisively.

Ye Futian looked at Sage Tianxing, then looked at his third brother and second sister, then said with resolution, “However, this time, I firmly believe that the Palace’s Will is wrong.”

Sage Tianxing looked towards Liu Chan. Liu Chan asked, “I’ll ask you one last time, will you step down?”

“No.” Ye Futian’s tone was still certain with no hesitation.

“Alright.” Liu Chan replied, “Tianxing Palace Lord is in charge of the punishments in the Palace. What is the punishment for violating the Palace’s Will and confronting one’s elders?”

“Expulsion,” The Tianxing Palace Lord replied.

“Since you are so arrogant, from now on, you are no longer a disciple of the Palace.” Liu Chan looked at Ye Futian and said calmly, but there was a tinge of anguish in his heart. Even so, his Will was exceptionally resolute. The Barren State needed a Saint and Bai Luli had already obtained the Sage Hall’s teachings in the Sage Hall. Now, the Holy Zhi Palace had placed supporting Bai Luli to the Saint level as its top priority. This was also his brother’s final wish for the Barren State to have a Saint. For this, all sacrifices were necessary.

At the feast, the influential figures stared at Liu Chan with uneasy hearts. The Law Rank first, Ye Futian, had been expelled from the Holy Zhi Palace. Liu Chan was probably agonizing over doing this. However, in the current situation, Ye Futian had resolved to be on Gu Dongliu’s side. This also meant that he would be opposing the Palace’s Will. Similarly, he was opposing Bai Luli. This was a fact that could not be changed, so Liu Chan had to make a choice.

Liu Chan must have been extremely unwilling to make such a choice. After all, prodigies like Ye Futian, including Bai Luli’s generation, had only appeared twice to thrice. The Holy Zhi Palace had never expelled any of its Law Rank firsts. Ye Futian had created an unprecedented feat.

Sitting at the side, Bai Ze had a smirk on his face. Ye Futian had been expelled by the Palace and was now a forsaken disciple.

“Uncle-Master, the wedding can be discussed. Be prudent about this,” Zhuge Qingfeng said. He had personally witnessed Ye Futian revealing his potential, but the progression of matters was outside his control. Everything was already in place and it could not be stopped simply by him. He also knew how firm the Palace’s Will was this time. He had thought that after this matter was over, he would look for Liu Chan to have a good chat. At least, he wanted them to wait for Ye Futian for another year. However, Ye Futian was now on opposing sides with Liu Chan. The two of them were equally obstinate and firmly held their own stance. They were both unable to convince the other, so today’s scenario had been created.

Ye Futian had been expelled. Zhuge Qingfeng naturally understood what it meant.

“I have already asked him three times,” Liu Chan replied. He had expelled Ye Futian not just because Ye Futian had violated the Palace’s Will, but also because today’s incident meant that he would be on opposing ends with Bai Luli. The Holy Zhi Palace needed to be accountable to Bai Luli.

Who was hurt the hardest when all this happened?

Without a doubt, Bai Luli. He was a genius, tenth of the Barren Sky Ranking, but today, Gu Dongliu had stepped onto the Crouching Dragon Mountain to ruin his marriage. Zhuge Mingyue had agreed to leave with him in front of everyone without a shred of hesitation.

“What about you all?” Liu Chan looked at Yu Sheng, Hua Jieyu, and Yi Xiaoshi.

“We will stand where he stands,” Yu Sheng replied.

Hua Jieyu looked at Liu Chan and held Ye Futian’s hand, walking side by side. She did not need to say anything more.

“Very well.” Liu Chan took a deep breath and said, “From today onwards, all of you are no longer disciples of the Holy Zhi Palace.”

At that moment, the Crouching Dragon Feast appeared to be exceptionally quiet and repressed. The Law Rank first and second, as well as a Divine Spiritual Sorcerer, had all been expelled. From this, they could see how deep Liu Chan’s obsession with the Barren State having a Saint was.

Ye Futian looked at Liu Chan, then bowed towards him. He then raised his head and said, “I have learned much in my three years of cultivating in the Palace. If this matter can be resolved, I will definitely not treat the Palace as my enemy.”

In the three years of cultivation, the Palace had left lasting memories on him. Even if he was expelled, he had no grudge against the Palace apart from this incident. He only felt that the Palace was wrong this time and he maintained his stand.

The crowd heard Ye Futian’s words and was moved. However, this matter could not be resolved that easily.

Xu Que and Huang Jiuge looked at the figure and could not help it. Xu Que had already reminded Ye Futian in fear that he might be rash. However, there was no way for him to persuade him for he was already embroiled within.

The Zhuge Family’s experts stepped forward. Since Ye Futian’s group had already been expelled from the Palace, they no longer had any reservations.

“Step down,” a commanding voice sounded, causing many people to be astonished.

As their gazes turned, they stared dumbfounded at the person who had spoken. It was the Zhuge Family Lord, Zhuge Qingfeng. The Zhuge Family’s experts had confused expressions. Their Family Lord had ordered them to step down.

At the feast, many people had confused expressions. Could it be that Zhuge Qingfeng was still in distress over his daughter?

“Qingfeng,” an elder in the Zhuge Family called out to him. He had more seniority than Zhuge Qingfeng.

“Little Brother, what do you mean by doing this?” The White Cloud City Lord stood there, the robes on his body shaking in the wind and his body emanating a terrifying aura. He did not look at Zhuge Qingfeng, but before that, when Zhuge Qingfeng had tried persuading Liu Chan to be prudent, he could already feel Zhuge Qingfeng’s attitude. It had seemed different from what he had expected.

Liu Chan’s gaze also looked towards Zhuge Qingfeng. He naturally felt it as well; Zhuge Qingfeng was wavering.

“Since it’s a matter between the youngsters, let them settle it themselves.” Zhuge Qingfeng’s expression was calm and did not show much emotion, as though he had already thought about it clearly. Since the matter had already come to this, he naturally had to have his own stance. Under such a scenario, any decision of his would change the lives of many people: his daughter Zhuge Mingyue, Ye Futian, Gu Dongliu.

Every one of these peoples’ lives were now in his hands. He was the only one who could cause a change in the situation. This was Crouching Dragon Mountain, and he was the owner of Crouching Dragon Mountain. Perhaps, this was the reason why Ye Futian had looked for him yesterday. He had understood and so had Ye Futian. After Ye Futian had said what he wanted to say yesterday, he had left. The final decision was still left up to him.

“Luli, what do you think about this matter?” Zhuge Qingfeng looked at Bai Luli, who had been sitting there all the while.

At that moment, countless gazes landed on Bai Luli. He was the star of today. Zhuge Mingyue should have been engaged to him, but Gu Dongliu coming to Crouching Dragon Mountain and the conversation between the two of them had caused Bai Luli to lose all his reputation.

At that moment, Bai Luli stood up and slowly walked forward. Under everyone’s gazes, Bai Luli looked at Zhuge Mingyue.

“If you were not willing, you could have disagreed previously. Why did you have to do this?” Bai Luli asked. His Master, father, the Holy Zhi Palace, and the White Cloud City all hoped that he would end up with Zhuge Mingyue. He understood the responsibility that he had and he also liked Zhuge Mingyue. That was why he naturally agreed to the marriage.

“Did you ever ask me if I agreed?” Zhuge Mingyue looked at Bai Luli and asked.

Bai Luli shook his head. He had never asked the question.

“You are the Barren State’s genius of the generation, everyone has high hopes for you. You are tenth on the Barren Sky Ranking and are unrivaled in the State, so everyone feels that this marriage is only natural. You are too perfect, but everything in existence has its flaws, so I don’t like you. Even if the entire Barren State feels that I should marry you, I dislike you. Even if he did not come, I would not marry you,” she continued saying.

Bai Luli quietly listened to Zhuge Mingyue words, then silently replied, “I understand now.” As he said that, he had a self-mocking smile. The marriage that the entire Barren State supported was nothing but a farce from the beginning.

“You’re right, everything in existence has its flaws. I am also not a perfect person.” Bai Luli looked at Zhuge Mingyue and continued, “So, even though I can understand you, I cannot forgive you.” As he said that, he started walking forward. As he took a step forward, he said, “That is why, I, Bai Luli, insist on taking you as my wife.” As his voice landed, he looked towards Gu Dongliu and said, “As for the person who ruined my marriage, I naturally cannot forgive him.”

A tyrannical aura emitted from Bai Luli as he stepped in Gu Dongliu’s direction. The Zhuge Family’s elders all gave way as they saw this scene and created a path for him.

Feeling the pressure from Bai Luli, Ye Futian’s group all had stern expressions. At that moment, Gu Dongliu stepped forward and shielded them. He faced Bai Luli’s gaze head-on and replied, “Let’s go up.” As his voice landed, his body flew through the clouds and landed in the area above Crouching Dragon Mountain.

Bai Luli raised his head and looked, then moved in a flash and flew into the air!