The Legend Of Futian Chapter 676

Chapter 676 Killing A Sage

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At that moment, Ye Futian’s expression was exceptionally grim. It was a life-and-death moment; he could no longer keep his strength a secret. What was the point of keeping a secret if he lost his life?

“Jieyu, Seventh Brother, you two go down and take care of Ling’er,” Ye Futian said. Hua Jieyu’s body had a seven-color glow, and a strong Spiritual Will erupted, attempting to block the halberd striking down from the air. However, even with the treasure pearl’s boost, she was still unable to stop the halberd’s offense.

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng’s body stepped into the air at the same time, both of them releasing their Douzhan Body and opening five Star acupoints, pushing their strength to the limit.

“Go.” Ye Futian took out his tower ritual implement and his will of the emperor entering the ritual implement, using the most strength he could from the ritual implement. The area around them appeared to have frozen. Above them, the tower glowed, surrounding the area. The halberd crushed down onto their defenses but was unable to break through it.

In the air, the four Sage Plane cultivators saw Ye Futian and Yu Sheng’s changes and a sharp glint appeared in their eyes. At that moment, the two of them appeared to have metamorphosed, one of them looking like an Emperor and the other looking like a demon. Moreover, they both had elite ritual implements in their hands.

“In such a hurry to kill me right after I leave the Palace, have you thought of the consequences?” Ye Futian’s voice was exceptionally cold and sounded throughout the area.

“You are already abandoned by the Palace, so what if we kill you?” a cold voice sounded from above them with shocking killing intent. A golden line appeared in the air and dangled down, turning into countless crosses, like a punishment spell that killed using crosses.

“If you leave now, I can treat today’s matter like it never happened. Otherwise, no matter whether I live or die, your clan will definitely have a calamity befall them.” Ye Futian’s voice was icy. He had guessed where the four Sage Plane experts were from. Among the people who he had offended, there was one who specialized in such an ability.

“Big words for someone who’s about to die,” the voice replied with frosty killing intent. The cross punishment spell turned into slaughter rule power and crushed down, tearing through their defenses and heading straight for Ye Futian and Yu Sheng.

At that moment, under Ye Futian’s will of the emperor, the Starry defense around them became even more brilliant. The Douzhan Body on the Divine Ape had the Emperor’s Light around it and the stars surrounded them. Moreover, Roc wings appeared and rushed into the air. The cross punishment spell struck towards them, causing cracks to appear in the Starry defense. The spell tore it apart gradually but was unable to break through it completely. Yu Sheng was the same, his body was like a demon’s and he flew into the air with a defensive ritual implement around his body.

The two of them flew higher until they could see the four Sage Plane cultivators who were standing in the four major directions. As they saw this scene, the four people’s expressions changed. After the two of them had released their secret techniques, their auras had nearly rivaled a Sage Plane cultivator. Adding on their ritual implements, they had the ability to match a Sage Plane, that was why they could ignore the punishment light.

“Who among the Palace planned this?” Ye Futian asked coldly. Loulan Xue and the rest were in the Palace, so only those in the Palace would know that he would come back and wait here to ambush him. Evidently, this was a premeditated assassination and not a haphazard decision. Since it was planned, there would naturally be a mastermind and it was likely to be someone from the Palace.

Seeing the Emperor’s Light on Ye Futian’s body, making him look like the Emperor’s descendant, the four of them marveled internally, this person was indeed a genius. His potential might even be higher than Bai Luli’s and he had kept a huge secret. However, they had already come too far to give up, their only choice was to kill him.

“Light of Punishment,” a cold voice sounded and a prison made of punishment lights appeared in the air. The prison was created by countless punishment lights interweaving and the brilliant light closed around Ye Futian and Yu Sheng at a surprising speed. It was attempting to slice them into countless pieces.

“Big Brother Futian.” On the ground, Long Ling’er had a pale expression. Hua Jieyu and Loulan Xue also had worrying looks, but this was not a battle they could interfere with. Even Ye Futian had to sacrifice some of his potential to battle the other party.

Ye Futian’s expression was cold as he used the Fatal Entanglement spell. The vines flew towards the punishment light but were sliced to shreds immediately. No matter how tough the vines were, this was a slaughter rule power light.

Bang. At that moment, Yu Sheng stepped forward. His body was surrounded by the Douzhan Body and it made him look like a demon. He wore the defensive ritual implement on his body and the air vibrated as he rushed outwards. When the terrifying punishment light sliced towards him, he ignored it and continued dashing forward. Ye Futian also rushed out and he had an alarming defense around him. At the same time, he held the Polearm of Divine Destruction in front of him and broke out of the prison.

At that moment, a halberd crushed down towards them with boundless pressure. Ye Futian raised his Polearm of Divine Destruction and a rule power appeared in the heavens. It was unbelievably heavy, as though the power of the heavens had all culminated in one strike of his rod, crushing forward and shattering the halberd’s light. On the other end, a gargantuan Qilin rushed towards Yu Sheng. Yu Sheng let out a roar and his huge Douzhan Body grabbed the Qilin’s claws and the Qilin bit towards the Body’s head. With a roaring bellow, the Douzhan Body’s arms tore towards both sides. In an instant, the gargantuan Qilin was torn into two halves from the middle. It was a shocking sight.

However, at the same time, a Vermillion Bird rushed towards Yu Sheng’s back, crashing into him, causing the huge Douzhan Body to tremble violently and vomit out blood. His huge body turned around and his expression was extremely cold. With another roar, the power of his ritual implement gathered on his fists and he stepped forward, causing crackling sounds to be heard in the heavens. His fists appeared to break through space itself, landing on the Vermillion Bird and shattering it.

At that moment, in the battleground, the scenario that had formed was two Sage Plane experts targeting Ye Futian and the other two surrounding Yu Sheng.

“Are you a disciple of the Palace or you have cultivated there previously?” Ye Futian stared at a young Sage Plane cultivator who looked like he was in his 30s. Of course, his actual age was not so young, but the person had well-defined features and was extremely strong. He had definitely been in the Sage Plane for some time. The Palace’s spells would not be leaked, but the abilities that this teen was using looked like the Tianxing Palace’s abilities. The other person was weaker, so he should be a low-level Sage. Ye Futian was confident in killing him by using his will of the emperor and his Polearm of Divine Destruction.

The two of them had cold expressions. They did not expect that Ye Futian and Yu Sheng still had such hidden trumps. With four Sage Plane experts dealing with them, they had expected a one-sided massacre.

“Since you know now, you can die peacefully,” the young Sage Plane cultivator said icily. As his voice landed, the rule power in the air circulated rampantly. At that moment, countless punishment lights tore through and air towards Ye Futian. Ye Futian felt the terrifying killing power and delivered an Emperor’s punch. It had a mysterious rhythm and the heavens resonated with him, strengthening the defense around his body. At the same time, the Divine Ape swung the Polearm of Divine Destruction and a huge force appeared in the air. An unending stream of punishment lights tore through the air, killing towards them. However, they were kept out by the defensive barrier around Ye Futian. The teenage Sage Plane cultivator had a frigid expression as he stretched out his hand. In an instant, a wave of golden lightning appeared in the air above Ye Futian, a halberd appearing from within the wave. It spun around and hummed in the heavens, releasing a destructive might. The halberd’s light appeared to have locked onto Ye Futian’s body. In the next moment, countless halberds slashed downwards.

At that moment, Ye Futian struck out with his rod towards the sky. With a deafening sound, his body sank downwards in a beautiful arc with the help of the force, towards the other Sage Plane expert.

The Sage Plane expert looked at him and Ye Futian could feel a Vermillion Bird shadow appear in his head, burning through the skies, attempting to destroy his Spiritual Will. However, the will of the emperor prevented his Will from being extinguished and he continued forward. A huge Vermillion Bird flew towards him, blocking out the skies and surrounding him in endless flames.

Ye Futian rushed straight towards it, surrounded by his Starry defense. The Divine Ape roared and struck out towards the heavens onto the giant Vermillion Bird. A deafening crash sounded and the Vermillion Bird cried in agony, its body exploding and flames burning throughout the skies. The Sage Plane expert attempted to retreat, but Ye Futian threw out the tower ritual implement in his hand and a terrifying force emitted from it. Ye Futian’s Spiritual Will had assimilated into it and at that moment, time and space appeared to have frozen.

The Sage Plane expert could feel his body becoming slower, while Ye Futian moved in an arc, assaulting him with another strike of the rod. His eyes widened as a terrifying Vermillion Bird flame rushed out from his pupils. However, Ye Futian’s eyes were like the Emperor’s eyes and as his gaze swept across, the Divine Ape swung down with the Polearm and it landed on the Sage Plane expert’s body. In an instant, the Sage Plane cultivator’s brain was cracked open and his body fell to the ground.

A Sage Plane expert, dead.

At the same time, a dangerous feeling came over Ye Futian and he turned around immediately, slashing out with his rod. However, he saw countless halberds rushing towards him and his rod technique was unable to completely shield him. The halberd tore through his defenses, landing on his Douzhan Body, causing it to quiver. He immediately retreated and coughed out a few mouthfuls of blood.

Using the force to retreat, his body appeared in the area where Yu Sheng was. He saw a Sage Plane cultivator who had been forced to retreat by Yu Sheng’s fists and swung down at him with his rod. The Sage Plane expert suddenly felt as though his body was unable to move and raised his head, but what awaited him was the Divine Ape swinging a ritual implement down on him. With another thunderous crash, the second Sage Plane cultivator fell to the ground, dead.

The other Sage Plane expert who had been fighting with Yu Sheng retreated and created distance between them, his expression ghastly. They had actually allowed Ye Futian to kill two Sage Plane experts. He had already grasped a speck of a Sage’s rule power. Now that he was possessed by an Emperor-like Will, his cultivation level had also entered that of a half-Sage and he had horrifying attack ability.

The Sage Plane cultivator who had previously cultivated in the Palace had an extremely grim expression. Two of the Sage Plane experts had been killed, and they might not even be able to take down Ye Futian and Yu Sheng.

“As expected of the genius that rose up after Bai Luli.” At that moment, an even more terrifying pressure wafted in the skies and a figure bathing in flames gradually descended.

Feeling the aura on him, Ye Futian, who was bathed in the Emperor’s Light, was in despair. This was definitely not the aura of a Sage; he was likely a Magi. The difference in cultivation level was insurmountable. To kill them, they had sent out four Sages and a Magi. He could imagine how determined they were. They did not want to give him any opportunity to escape.

The expert who walked down from the air looked at Ye Futian with admiration. If this person did not die, his achievements would naturally be stunning. It was a pity that he had to die today.

“Alchemy City’s battle was a life-and-death battle agreed upon by both parties with the City Lord personally being the witness,” Ye Futian looked at the expert in the air and said.

“Don’t try to use Alchemy City to threaten me. Back then, You Chi was intentionally biased towards you, causing my Gongsun Clan’s number one armorer to die. The person who obtained first in Alchemy Conference died such an unjust death. Now, the Gongsun Clan has already moved to White Cloud City,” the expert in the air replied coldly, as though he did not care to hide where he was from.

“You’ve sought refuge in the White Cloud City.” Ye Futian’s tone was frigid. Although the Gongsun Clan was a major clan in Alchemy City, it would not be considered elite in the Barren State. In the past, it depended on the City Lord Office and Emperor Family, but Gongsun Ye’s death caused a rift between the Gongsun Clan and the City Lord Office. Moreover, the Emperor Family had tried to solicit them. However, the Emperor Family was still inferior to the City Lord Office. So, they chose to leave and enter White Cloud City. In White Cloud City, the White Cloud City Lord was the absolute ruler. As the fourth on the Barren Sky Ranking, only he could pay no attention to You Chi.

“So, you must die,” the person declared coldly. Behind him, a giant Vermillion Bird appeared and the skies started burning crimson.

A colossal Vermillion Bird claw gripped downwards, covering the skies. It was much larger than the Divine Ape and Ye Futian used his will of the emperor to push his Polearm of Divine Destruction to the limit, swinging out towards the sky. However, Divine Bird’s claw was indomitable and the rod shadows were torn to shreds. The terrifying claw continued downwards and smashed onto Ye Futian’s Douzhan Body, crushing it immediately. Ye Futian’s body fell to the ground. He spit blood at the corner of his mouth.

“Die.” Boundless flames surrounded the area and spread towards Ye Futian. However, Yu Sheng stepped forward to Ye Futian’s side, his demon wings surrounding Ye Futian within.

“Courting death!” the expert in the air howled and the Vermillion Bird struck again, crashing on Yu Sheng’s body, causing his body to convulse violently. He also spurted out blood and the two of them crashed heavily into the ground. This expert was a mid-level Magi. To Ye Futian’s group, it was not someone they could stand up to.

Hua Jieyu and the rest landed in front of Ye Futian and Yu Sheng, their expressions pale like paper.

“Kill,” the expert in the air said coldly. The Sage Plane expert who had cultivated in the Palace previously nodded and the punishment light descended upon Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. Hua Jieyu flew into the air, stimulating the Telekinesis pearl to its limit in her mind. Her hair flew and she closed her eyes, making her look like a Goddess. Her Spiritual Energy affected the path of the descending punishment light. The punishment light pulsated and the Sage Plane expert in the air humphed. In an instant, Hua Jieyu spat out blood and her Spiritual Energy received a huge blow, causing her to fall to the ground.

Roar. Yuan Zhan flew into the air with a bellow.

“Don’t kill Yuan Zhan,” a voice sounded in the air and the killing light avoided Yuan Zhan. He was the only successor to the Taihang Mountain, so they would definitely not kill him. Otherwise, if that old ape flared up, it would not end well for them.

As the killing light was about to land, Long Ling’er ran in front of Ye Futian and shielded him with tears in her eyes. She ripped the dragon-shaped jade on her neck and said, “Uncle, you said that you would protect Ling’er, I need you now.” As she said that, she flew into the air, standing above Ye Futian and raising the dragon-shaped jade in her hands. She closed her eyes as tears flowed down her cheeks. Were they really going to die here?