The Legend Of Futian Chapter 685

Chapter 685 White Cloud City Part Two

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The Barren State appeared to show signs of turmoil. Since the previous incident, the White Cloud City City Lord would definitely have a hatred for the Zhuge Family. However, everyone did not expect that the White Cloud City would join forces with the Zhisheng Cliffs to target the Zhuge Family.

This was probably their official falling out. The White Cloud City Lord and Zhuge Qingfeng were once the Holy Zhi Palace’s prodigies, but now they were on opposing sides because of a younger generation’s marriage. This caused many people to sigh.

Crouching Dragon Mountain currently appeared to be in a dire situation. No faction dared to interfere with Xuanwu City. Even factions that used to be affiliated with the Zhuge Family only dared to watch from afar. Neither Zhisheng Cliffs nor White Cloud City was a force that they could touch.

After Bai Gu descended upon Xuanwu City, he did not immediately attack the Zhuge Family with Zhisheng Cliff. Zhuge Qingfeng had a saint-level defensive implement in his hands, so it was not easy to deal with him. As long as they were in Xuanwu City, they were already applying enough pressure on the Zhuge Family. Now, the Zhuge Family was already internally in a mess. After all, the majority of the Zhuge Family had supported Bai Luli and Zhuge Mingyue’s marriage not long ago.

In the Eastern region of the Barren State, Alchemy City, City Lord Office.

You Chi naturally knew about the unrest in Xuanwu City. He had even sent men to Xuanwu City, but today, a group of experts appeared suddenly within his office. A herd of giant Golden Apes had landed, and Ye Futian’s group had jumped off them. You Chi had a suspicious expression as he looked at the many figures that had appeared before him. Xuanwu City was in unrest and Crouching Dragon Mountain had been surrounded, but Ye Futian was still freely coming here.

“Little Brother.” Xue Ye and You Xi appeared. Now, You Xi’s belly was already quite big as it was not long before the child would be born. As such, Xue Ye had been in a terrible condition these few days.

“Yuan Hong,” You Chi looked at the group of people before his eyes and asked, “why are you here?”

“I heard from Grandfather Ape that senior has asked him to come to Alchemy City. I am here for that,” Ye Futian replied.

“What weapon do you want? I can forge anything for Yuan Hong,” You Chi smiled and said.

“I would like to borrow senior’s Saint instrument,” Ye Futian replied. The Alchemy City was the Barren State’s holy land for armory. Sage Douzhan had once said that the Alchemy City had Saint-level ritual implements.

A strange expression appeared on You Chi’s face. The number of Saint instruments in the Barren State was few and far between. It was an extremely precious item. Ye Futian said that he wanted to borrow a saint instrument; it sounded extremely ludicrous. Even if Xue Ye asked him for it, he might not lend it to him.

“You should understand what a Saint instrument means,” You Chi said to Ye Futian.

What did the experts from the Zhisheng Cliffs come all the way for? For Saint items. The Alchemy City’s Saint instrument was the same as the Zhuge Family’s. They were both Saint-level ritual implements and not just ritual implements that had been used by Saints.

“Senior also knows about my relationship with brother Xue Ye. After this matter, I will definitely return it to senior. Other than that, I am willing to use a battle technique in exchange for itthe ape clan’s 81 Strikes of Heaven-traversing Staff Techniques,” Ye Futian said. “What does senior think about that?”

“Although the 81 Strikes of Heaven-traversing Staff Techniques is indeed a high-level attacking technique, it does not have much use to me and is far inferior to the Saint instrument,” You Chi replied. What he was saying was the truth. To them, they were all trapped in the same cultivation level, so no matter how strong their attack techniques were, they were superfluous. On the other hand, the Saint instruments were more pragmatic.

“Moreover, you want to borrow my Saint instrument to deal with Zhisheng Cliffs. In that case, won’t my Alchemy City be dragged into it too?” You Chi continued, “I do not wish to be involved.” The Alchemy City had a transcendent position in the Barren State and did not need to be involved in worldly affairs. Nobody would touch the Alchemy City.

“On this matter, I owe senior a favor. In the future, if senior has any wishes, I will accommodate them,” Ye Futian said, looking at You Chi.

“Oh?” You Chi smiled and asked, “What would I want a favor from you for?”

“The Divine Path,” Ye Futian looked at You Chi and replied. “In the future, I will definitely enter the Divine Path. If there is a chance, I will do my best to assist senior to enter that plane.”

You Chi stared at Ye Futian. To him, the Saint Plane was indeed attractive. However, it was extremely hard to attain. How many geniuses from the Barren State had tried to attain the Divine Path but had ended up dead? However, with Ye Futian’s potential, it was indeed possible.

“Father,” You Xi called out to him from beside him.

“Father-in-law!” Xue Ye also called out to him and said, “Father-in-law should know who my Master was brought away by back then. Master has definitely seen the most elite figures, but when Little Brother joined us, Master once said, Little Brother was the person he was waiting for.

“Father-in-law saw my Third Brother’s potential when he fought with Bai Luli that day. Even so, Master’s hopes for Little Brother were still higher than for Third Brother. Is that not enough to prove something?” Xue Ye continued, “The Palace has placed its hopes on Bai Luli. Father-in-law can make a gamble on Little Brother’s future. Back then, the Divine Sky City’s Top Three Schools’ Starry School Chief Chen Yuan did that as well.”

You Chi looked at his daughter and son-in-law. These two fellows, this was a Saint instrument. Did they know what it meant?

“What if you fail, something happens to Yuan Hong and the Saint instrument gets taken away?” You Chi asked.

“If Senior lends us your Saint instrument, what will happen? Do you not trust Grandfather Ape’s strength?” Ye Futian looked at Yuan Hong and asked.

“You Chi, even without the Saint instrument, my combat ability is not beneath yours,” Yuan Hong said as he looked at You Chi.

“Moreover, Grandfather Ape specializes in attacking. I have a Saint item as well. Although it has only been used by a Saint and is not an actual Saint ritual implement, it still has a strand of Saint Will within it and has exceptional offensive ability. It is able to complement Grandfather Ape’s attacking techniques. If he has another Saint instrument, I believe that Grandfather Ape will be able to take on the Zhisheng Cliff’s expert by himself,” Ye Futian said. The Polearm of Divine Destruction was just right for Yuan Hong to use.

Looking at Ye Futian, You Chi smiled and nodded, saying, “Alright, I’ll lend him a defensive ritual implement that is enough for him to stay undefeated. Adding on to the attack ability that you’re so confident in, even if anything unexpected happens, he should be able to escape unscathed.”

“Thank you, City Lord.” A smile appeared in Ye Futian’s gaze. He had only come here to try his luck. He had not expected to be able to convince You Chi.

“Come with me.” You Chi turned around and brought Ye Futian’s group into the most secret location of Alchemy City. Not long after, they all came out.

“Will you be heading directly to Xuanwu City?” You Chi asked Ye Futian.

“No.” Ye Futian shook his head. “This is the western region, the White Cloud City is obviously closer.”

A glint appeared in You Chi eyes as he looked at Ye Futian and said, “Treat this like you’ve never come here, this matter has nothing to do with me. Now, I’m just waiting to carry my grandson.” His voice was lethargic. Who knew how long this battle would last for

“I understand. Goodbye.” Ye Futian and Yuan Hong flew into the air without managing to say anything to his brother.

“It looks like father-in-law originally wanted to lend it to Little Brother,” Xue Ye was quite grateful as he said.

“Did I?” You Chi looked at him but was actually thinking Now the situation in the Barren State is quite interesting. The Holy Zhi Palace and White Cloud City wanted a Saint to appear and they chose Bai Luli. However, why was Taihang Mountain following Ye Futian?Also, Zhuge Qingfeng changing his stance definitely had Ye Futian’s involvement.

All this was rather intriguing. Perhaps, many people also wanted a Saint to appear, but the person they had chosen was Ye Futian.

In White Cloud City, when a group of Golden Ape descended, countless people in the city tensed up. It had been a short while, but Taihang Mountain had set out once again, this time to the White Cloud City. This

“Hurry and inform the City Lord,” someone in White Cloud City said.

“The City Lord isn’t around,” someone else replied. At that moment, their expressions all hardened. The City Lord should have been in Xuanwu City. Who would be able to stop the Barren Sky Ranking’s 18th, Yuan Hong?

The Gongsun Clan is finished. This was the thought on many people’s minds.

At that moment, the Gongsun Clan was completely oblivious to the danger that was befalling them. Previously, the White Cloud City Lord had stepped out and intimidated the Taihang Mountain’s experts, forcing Yuan Hong to retreat. Gongsun Jing had thought that he would be safe in White Cloud City.

Crash. A loud sound was heard. Many people from the Gongsun Clan were shocked. This sound seemed rather familiar. Next, the loud sounds continued. Gongsun Jing and a few other Sage Plane cultivators released their Spiritual Energy, and soon, their faces became pale.

“Clan members, listen up, go now,” Gongsun Jing immediately gave the order, and as his voice landed, he saw a golden light glaring in the air. An immeasurably huge golden figure came down from the skies, just like a demon God.

“Yuan Hong, why can’t you just give us a way out?” Gongsun Jing’s body flew into the air and he was in despair. Now, the White Cloud City Lord was not around. Who would have expected Yuan Hong to come again?

“When you sent people to kill me, did you think about that?” A voice sounded and only then did Gongsun Jing see a handsome teen on Yuan Hong’s back. It was Ye Futian. Gongsun Jing was in despair. He had not expected that Yuan Hong’s relationship with Ye Futian was this close. Why was this so? He could not understand.

A giant rod swung down from Yuan Hong’s hands and crushed down from the skies. At that moment, the sky was filled with shadows of the rod and smashed down onto the Gongsun Clan, covering the skies and surrounding the entire clan residence.

“I regret it!” Gongsun Jing howled and wanted to block it at the expense of his life. However, the rod shadows landed and he was completely powerless before it. He was crushed to death and the remaining shadows landed on the Gongsun Clan. In a split second, the newly built residence had become debris.

“Yuan Hong!” a voice sounded from far away. The Yun Clan Leader, Yun Hao, had rushed over and shouted in anger, “Are you crazy?”

“To the City Lord Office,” Ye Futian said.

Yuan Hong nodded and started walking towards the White Cloud City Lord Office. As he heard that, Yun Hao’s expression became flustered. He had just noticed that this time, Yuan Hong had come to the White Cloud City, not just for the Gongsun Clan!