The Legend Of Futian Chapter 698

Chapter 698 Were They Wrong?

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Countless cold gazes stared at Huang Xi.

Yan Wuji said coldly, “Huang Xi, are you suspecting the Zhisheng Cliffs of intentionally maligning Gu Dongliu?” He intentionally mentioned the Zhisheng Cliffs, hoping that Huang Xi would step down and not interfere with this matter. Otherwise, they would have trouble.

“Naturally not. I’ve heard Gu Dongliu’s words, Mister Kong did not personally experience the incident but heard it from a younger generation. Since both Gu Dongliu and Zhan Xiao have different accounts, as a holy land, Zhisheng Cliffs should not completely believe their disciple and came to capture Gu Dongliu without investigating. In that case, it looks as though you are bullying him and is not good for the holy land’s reputation.”

Huang Xi continued, “Gu Dongliu is right, it is extremely simple to investigate this matter. We only need Gu Dongliu to use his Spiritual Will and show any of us what happened. Everything will then be clear. If it was really Gu Dongliu’s doing, I will naturally support Zhisheng Cliffs’ actions and help to take down Gu Dongliu.”

Many people had weird expressions. Although Huang Xi’s words seemed to be impartial and there was nothing off about it, he did not explicitly oppose the Zhisheng Cliffs; that would be foolish. The origin of the matter was the conflict between Zhan Xiao and Gu Dongliu. However, because of their standpoint, nobody wanted to know the truth as it was not important. But for Huang Xi to step out and say these words when the battle had reached a deadlock meant that the situation was different.

“Although I am long-time rivals with Zhuge Qingfeng, I believe that he is a chivalrous person. If Gu Dongliu’s character is really that despicable, Zhuge Qingfeng, are you able to bring yourself to exterminate him?” Huang Xi looked at Zhuge Qingfeng and asked.

“If the results of the investigation are like what Zhan Xiao has said, I will definitely not shield Gu Dongliu and I will hand him over. Moreover, I will give my Zhuge Family’s sacred item to the Zhisheng Cliffs as an apology,” Zhuge Qingfeng replied. As his voice landed, the surroundings fell silent, but there was a faint oppressive atmosphere.

“You doubt me?” Zhan Xiao’s expression was grim. He naturally knew what the truth was. Many people looked at him. He was merely the Zhisheng Cliffs’ Son and many of the influential figures on the Barren Sky Ranking did not have to care about him. The Zhisheng Cliffs had nine Sons every generation, but how many of them would become Saints?

Zhan Xiao’s achievements could catch up to Kong Yao at best. From his battle with Gu Dongliu and the character that he had revealed from this matter, it was unlikely for him to become a Saint.

“Huang Xi’s words hold reason.” At that moment, another voice sounded. The crowd all looked in the distance. The Tingxue House’s Xu Shang had a mysterious smile on his face and his eyes were squinted. The impression he gave people was one that was gentle on the exterior, yet sharp underneath. After all, this fellow was a ruthless killer.

The ninth on the Barren Sky Ranking, Xu Shang, had also made his stance. Although they did not directly oppose the Zhisheng Cliffs, their stance had already shifted.

“Are the two of you going to interfere with this matter?” Kong Yao looked at Huang Xi and Xu Shang, asking coldly.

“No, no…” Xu Shang smiled and shook his head. “I am merely saying, casually, if Brother Kong feels that I am wrong, you can treat it like you didn’t hear it.” He was not going to take part in the battle. After all, he had a huge household to take care of. The Zhisheng Cliffs would not have any reservations about what they did in the Barren State. He naturally could not fall out with the Zhisheng Cliffs, but with his position, he could stand out and say a few words.

“Does Brother Kong feel that what I have spoken wrongly?” Huang Xi smiled and replied, “I am thinking for both parties, if there is an option to solve it peacefully, why is there a need to battle? Zhuge Qingfeng has already said that if Gu Dongliu really did what Zhan Xiao said, he will immediately hand him over. Is that not enough for the Zhisheng Cliffs?”

After saying so much, it was already clear that if the Zhisheng Cliffs still insisted on continuing. It would be protecting Zhan Xiao despite knowing that he did it. Although many people could feel that Gu Dongliu was telling the truth, hearing it from Huang Xi’s mouth was undoubtedly offending the Zhisheng Cliffs.

As for Zhan Xiao, he was ignored.

Huang Xi and Xu Shang would not go to war with Zhisheng Cliffs, but at least they could influence the situation here. The other influential figures from the Barren State would not step in after seeing the two of their stands. If nobody else joined in, Kong Yao would naturally not be able to break this deadlock.

“I have seen the images that Zhan Xiao has shown me. There is no cause for doubt. If anyone continues to doubt him, it is the same as doubting Zhisheng Cliffs,” Kong Yao replied assertively. Huang Xi and Xu Shang’s statements had caused a shift in the situation. Their side’s momentum was weakening. If he was not dominant, he might as well leave the Barren State and return to Yu State.

“Today, in Xuanwu Tower, I have seen the attitudes of many of you in the Barren State. The Zhuge Family is also an important faction in the Barren State. Since that is so, I will give the Zhuge Family another few days to consider. If they are still unwilling to hand him over, prepare to bear the consequences,” Kong Yao said coldly. “Goodbye.”

After saying that, Kong Yao turned around and left. Yan Wuji and the rest had grim expressions. They actually failed today?

“Withdraw,” they commanded, turning around and following Kong Yao. Immediately, many figures left together. The people from the Sword Saint Villa, the Emperor Family, and many other experts left.

“Brother Kong, if we do not take down the Zhuge Family, we will be in danger,” Yan Wuji said with a sullen expression.

“I know, but all of you have seen what happened today. Are you confident to take them down?” Kong Yao continued, “Since the Zhuge Family wants to continue struggling, let us all prepare for a battle of an even larger scale. Bring all your families’ experts and assault the Crouching Dragon Mountain.”

This time, the younger generation from Zhisheng Cliffs had been present. As such, he had held himself back and not started slaughtering people.

“Okay.” Yan Wuji nodded and replied, “However, we cannot leave Xuanwu City now. We need to watch Crouching Dragon Mountain’s every move, especially Zhuge Qingfeng and Yuan Hong.”

“I know,” Kong Yao replied. Yan Wuji was probably afraid that Crouching Dragon Mountain would take drastic measures and deal with him as Yuan Hong did to White Cloud City. In the current situation, Yan Wuji probably wanted to exterminate them at all costs.

“Qin Zhong, Zhan Xiao, the two of you go to the Holy Zhi Palace. There is no need for the two of you to participate in the remaining matters. If the Palace can send its experts, it’s naturally better for us,” Kong Yao said. Qin Zhong and Zhan Xiao understood what he meant by that. This time, Kong Yao was truly infuriated and was preparing to go to Crouching Dragon Mountain to slaughter them.

“We will make arrangements too,” Yan Wuji and Di Kai said as well. Everything from now on would be settled in one battle.

On the other hand, although Zhuge Qingfeng had fought off Kong Yao, he did not feel relief. This time, they had taken the initiative to attack because Gu Dongliu had decisively stepped out of the Zhuge Family. In today’s battle, everyone had fought with reservations. They could naturally feel that Kong Yao’s attitude was getting more dominant. They would have to face even more dangerous battles ahead.

I am still unable to leave the family out of this. Zhuge Qingfeng sighed internally as he thought. There were some things that he wanted to avoid but was unable to.

Gu Dongliu stood there silently. He wanted to face all this alone, but Ye Futian and Zhuge Qingfeng had come, unwilling to throw him aside. He naturally felt touched, but at the same time, he was sullen because he had implicated all of them.

Ye Futian walked over to Huang Xi and Xu Shang, saluting and thanking them, “Thank you, elders.”

“Don’t thank me, I didn’t do anything,” Xu Shang shrugged his shoulders and replied. He had casually said a few words, so it was indeed nothing to him.

“Actually, I do not wish that you be embroiled in this turmoil,” Huang Xi looked at Ye Futian and said. Zhisheng Cliffs were determined to achieve their objective in the Barren State and would not step down. Ye Futian’s side was on the weaker end, after all, they were up against the Zhisheng Cliffs. It was not easy for the Barren State to have a Ye Futian. This was a person who defeated the Zhisheng Cliffs’ Qin Zhong, someone who could become a Saint in the future.

“Neither do I,” Ye Futian smiled and replied, but that was his Third Brother. However unwilling he was, he had to be involved. He was only a Noble and unable to do much, but he could not just watch it happen.

Zhuge Qingfeng looked at Ye Futian and Huang Xi, overhearing their conversation. He had mixed feelings as Ye Futian had already won the admiration of many of the Barren Sky Ranking’s influential figures. Huang Xi, You Chi, Yuan Hong… Although he was only a Noble, he was unknowingly affecting the entire situation in the Barren State. If not for the Palace’s mistake, in a few year’s time, when Ye Futian reached the pinnacle of the Sage Plane, he had the qualifications to represent the Barren State and become the next owner of the Palace. However, the Barren State already had Bai Luli before him, and the Palace had chosen Bai Luli.


News of the battle in Xuanwu City spread throughout every corner of the Barren State. The Sword Saint Villa, Emperor Family, Nantian House, and other factions had started to collect their experts while Kong Yao was still in Xuanwu City. The strife in the Barren State had become even more severe. While Qin Zhong and Zhan Xiao had reached the Holy Zhi Palace, there was nothing else left for them to do.

The experts in the Palace evidently knew about the battle in Xuanwu City. Many of them were astonished. Even the Holy Zhi Palace’s Palace Lords felt bewildered, especially by one piece of news. Ye Futian had defeated Zhisheng Cliffs’ Qin Zhong as a Grade Two Noble. This piece of news stirred doubt in the hearts of the Palace’s influential figures.

Back then, Qin Zhong had basked in glory in the Holy Zhi Palace. Ximen Hanjiang could not even withstand a single strike from him, but now, Qin Zhong had been defeated by the expelled disciple of the Palace, Ye Futian. Who could understand how they were feeling?

In the Sage Palace, Liu Chan stood in front of the palace, looking in the air. Qin Zhong was rumored to have the potential to become a Saint. This was said personally by the Zhisheng Cliffs’ Saint, so it was naturally reliable. However, he had now been defeated by Ye Futian, who was still a Grade Two Noble.

What about Ye Futian then? He also had the potential to become a Saint.

The Palace originally had two people with the potential to become Saints, but now Ye Futian had not only been expelled, but he could also be at opposing ends with the Palace and even become mortal enemies with Bai Luli. The two people with the potential to become Saints had emerged from the Palace but were like fire and water.

Did they regret it?

Liu Chan had doubts about his decision, was he wrong? However, all this was for the Palace. Why would he be wrong!