The Legend Of Futian Chapter 719

Chapter 719 Unknown

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Ye Futian turned his head up and his eyes burned with raging flames. A shadow of a godly ape appeared behind him and he was covered in rules of wind. He rose like a bolt of lightning at that very moment, heading straight for that giant ancient god.

Bai Luli stood in the air and waved his arms. That terrifying ancient god brought the hammer in its hand down. Lightning flashed in the air as the power of rules crushed everything beneath it.

Ye Futian felt appalling powers right before him. He melded his will into his surroundings and uttered a word, “Freeze.” The space around slowed and the movements of that ancient god seemed to have been affected. Ye Futian clenched his fists and terrifying light circled around him. His divine ape battle form took form and howled in the air. Five out of the Seven Star Acupoints opened and tremendously violent power was unleashed.

The giant divine ape lashed out at the ancient god with its arm as if to shake it down. The arm of the divine ape clashed with the sluggish hammer. As the punch was imbued with rules of stars, it felt as if a star had collided with the Heaven-shaking Divine Hammer. Devastating power engulfed their surroundings and the hammer was shattered. The body of the ancient god was thrown back, and Ye Futian was thrown back as well.

Liu Chan felt himself trembling inside. He closed his eyes, and his mind had been shaken. He opened his eyes and turned to his senior and Sage Wanxiang and said, “Wanxiang, what did the signs say?”

Wanxiang said he needed to observe the signs and his senior should not have come out. Sage Chunyang’s end was near. Every time he spent any of his spiritual powers, his life force diminished, bringing his end even closer. It was impossible for them to show unless Sage Wanxiang saw some changes in the signs and informed Sage Chunyang.

“Assistant Palace Lord…” Sage Wanxiang looked at Liu Chan and was rather reluctant to utter the words. The signs were too brutal for Liu Chan.

“Liu Chan, just watch seriously,” Sage Chunyang said. Liu Chan turned his deep eyes back on the two young men fighting.

Ye Futian headed for Bai Luli at breakneck speed. Bai Luli’s eyes turned grey as he unleashed the Eye of Devastation Life Spirit. Everything around him seemed to be put under the control of his spiritual will. Eight godlike silhouettes appeared in the air taking eight different corners. Countless threads were laid out through the air with Ye Futian at the center as if a boundless matrix was set in place.

At that very moment, Ye Futian felt his surroundings and even his spiritual will were being shackled. Lines of forbidden runes appeared, hovering in every corner around his body. The Sealing of All Creations held his spiritual will in a very restricted area with no way to spread out. His radiating spiritual will seemed to have been isolated, rendering him incapable of melding his spiritual will with his surroundings, which in turn heavily restricted on the means he was able to use. Even the power of the rules of space freezing would have been restricted to the space immediately around him.

Ye Futian looked up at Bai Luli. The light of emperors rose and the light of all celestial bodies shone in the air in blinding brilliance. Whooshing sounds were heard as an ancient tree seemed to have been imbued with divine essence, extending for the heavens. The ancient tree grew increasingly large, a dragon of lightning circled above it and the Roc perched on one of its branches. All power of elements were melded into one and infused with the tree. The light grew increasingly dazzling and the branches expanded. Light emanating from the ancient tree extended outside the forbidden powers, with Ye Futian’s spiritual power expanding with it.

Both the inside and outside of the forbidden power was enveloped by Ye Futian’s will. He clenched his fist and punched. The huge divine ape followed suit, lashing out with a punch at its surroundings. It was as if a star trembled in the space. Cracking sounds were heard in an instant, as the power of the Sealing of All Creations were broken through bit by bit.

Liu Chan practically went pale looking at the scene. Those are all Ye Futian’s Life Spirits?

The swaying light of the ancient tree enveloped Bai Luli with the mighty power of rules brought down on him in the form of Space-freezing. Bai Luli felt the space he was in almost ground to a halt, before sensing Ye Futian charge at him at top speed.

The power of the Eye of Devastation was cranked to the limit as Bai Luli went tearing himself away from the power of rules of Space-freezing. His Eye of Devastation glared at Ye Futian. With the Eye Sorcery Zone, it was his rules that reigned; outside of said zone, Ye Futian’s rules reigned.

An incredibly huge grey shadow appeared behind Bai Luli, holding a Sword of Devastation. At that very moment, Bai Luli’s body melded with that of the ancient god. He borrowed the body of the ancient god and wielded the Sword of Devastation with both his hands, stabbing it into the space. A devastating storm, lightning storm and a storm of power rampaged about.

The World Tree enveloped Ye Futian’s surroundings and he moved forward. A true star appeared around him and enveloped him within. The swaying World Tree blinked. The power of rules became insanely powerful. Clad in defense by the rules of the stars, Ye Futian danced about with a staff in his hand. His twirling body lashed out with one strike after another as the divine ape roared, heading closer and closer to Bai Luli. The space felt like it was being torn apart before both of them clashed, letting out high-pitched, deafening noises.

“Soul Sacrifice,” Bai Luli uttered. His body had completely melded with his Life Spirit and the body of the ancient god, turning him into some sort of god. He then brought down the sword with both his hands. The sky felt as if it was being cleaved apart at that very moment, tearing the middle as devastating storms whipped about with the power to tear everything apart.

The Sword of Devastation was brought down on the stars, cleaving it in the middle. The devastating storms tore everything in its path and the power of Space-freezing was brought to bear. The sword that was being brought down seemed to have ground to a halt, becoming incredibly sluggish. The roaring huge divine ape battle form descended, and Ye Futian had too become one with the ape, melding with his Life Spirit.

Shadows of staffs all over the place coalesced as one as the divine ape crashed through the air. The World Tree Life Spirit’s light flowed in a crazed manner into the body of the ape. The staff felt as if the sky itself was being brought down, colliding with that sword of the ancient god.

A devastating stream of storms whipped out with both of them at the center. The earth rumbled violently in response. The Sword of Devastation shattered bit by bit as the staff was brought down with boundless brilliance.

Boom… A loud rumble was heard as the staff was reduced to dust. The staff was brought right on top of the ancient god’s body. Cracks were seen all over the ancient god before it shattered bit by bit.

Bai Luli was thrown behind with another rumble, landing where Liu Chan and Sage Chunyang were. He spat up blood and his face looked pale.

Ye Futian turned his eyes at Bai Luli, then at Liu Chan and Sage Wanxiang. Cracks were seen on the Star Wheel in the air. Sage Wanxiang looked especially pale.

Ye Futian stepped forward as the light of emperors shone. The World Tree swayed as he was being enveloped by his other Life Spirits. He stared at Sage Wanxiang and said, “You know how to tell fortunes, don’t you? Have you found out anything?”

Sage Wanxiang looked at Ye Futian’s eyes. His eyes turned demonic as if he wanted to see everything there was to see about the young man. At that very moment, he saw an incredibly regal figure walking in his direction. Wanxiang turned all of his mental and spiritual focus in order to make the figure clear, of all the signs of fate within.

That regal figure glanced at him casually. Wanxiang grunted in the very next moment. His face was ashen and blood spilled from his mouth. His mind and spirit were severely injured.

“How could this be possible?” Sage Wanxiang said as he kept coughing blood. His hands were shaking and pain was seen in his eyes.

“How could this be possible indeed?” Liu Chan asked himself as well. He stared at Ye Futian, the one who beat Bai Luli as a noble.

The will of the Holy Zhi Palace was to have Bai Luli attain sainthood. They were willing to pay whatever price just to have a saint emerge. Despite Ye Futian’s insane talent and being ranked first on the Law Rank, Liu Chan deemed him disposable, for they did not have time to wait for him. However, there Ye Futian stood, having beaten Bai Luli.

Is that sainthood potential? A noble with sainthood potential defeating an upper-level sage. What does this all mean? We gave everything to create a saint, and yet it all backfired?

He wanted to know why it all turned out this way.

“Cough.” He coughed, spitting up blood again. No one was able to relate to what Liu Chan was going through. That very battle broke all of the illusions he believed in so adamantly before.

“Why did things turn out like this?” Ye Futian smiled, but he looked rather sad. He himself wanted to know why as well. His Life Spirit dissipated and that overpoweringly brilliant light vanished as well. Ye Futian felt nothing but overwhelming exhaustion at that very moment.

Sage Chunyang looked at Ye Futian and closed his eyes. Had Liu Chan been wrong? No, I was the one who was wrong.

He was the Palace Lord of the Holy Zhi Palace. In a sense, the will of the Holy Zhi Palace was his will. He had been anxious and hurried with things due to his end being near. He saw Bai Luli demonstrating the potential for sainthood and gained the acknowledgment of the Sage Hall. He wanted too badly for a saint to emerge in Barren State and had ignored everything going on in the outside world, which led to that great wrong before everyone that day. He, as one who was about to die, had to shoulder the responsibility for all that.

“What did the signs say?” Sage Chunyang opened his eyes and asked Sage Wanxiang.

“Unknown,” Sage Wanxiang said with trembling voice and added, “Unidentifiable.”

“What do you mean unidentifiable?” Sage Chunyang asked.

“The fact that it was unknown means that it is unidentifiable,” Sage Wanxiang looked at Sage Chunyang and uttered something else telepathically. Sage Chunyang trembled slightly after hearing that and his aura became even weaker. He looked at the one before him and did not know what to make of it.

The Lord of Ice Temple, Yun Shuisheng, Phoenix, and the others looked at the topmost authority of the Holy Zhi Palace: Sage Chunyang, Liu Chan, and Sage Wanxiang. All three of them wavered and were incredibly restless. If they had given a chance for Ye Futian to fight Bai Luli earlier, things would not have turned out like this.