The Legend Of Futian Chapter 742

Chapter 742 Inviting Humiliation

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Everyone’s eyes were on Ye Futian. He walked up to that chessboard hovering in the air, puzzling all who were watching him.

What is he up to?

Ye Futian appeared above the chessboard and Zhou Ziyi looked at him as well, frowning slightly.

Ye Futian extended both his hands and chess pieces instantly appeared one after another in midair. All of the pieces contained the power of rules. He waved his hands and crisp sounds were heard. The chess pieces fell onto the chessboard one after another, in patterns which many found familiar. Ye Futian extended his both of his arms again and many black pieces appeared, dropping onto the chessboard as well.

“The Celestial Dragon Chess Game.” Many were able to tell where the sense of familiarity came from at that very second.

The game that Ye Futian had laid out was apparently the Celestial Dragon Chess Game that that was played the day before. The black pieces were placed in a way resembling the very moment Ye Futian placed his piece. It was there where a difference of opinions had taken place; the moment Ye Futian defied Liu Zong’s will.

Ye Futian recreated the game played the day before at that moment, without missing any details. He then turned his eyes at Zhou Ziyi and said, “Would you mind placing the piece?” Ye Futian went to stand where Yang Xiao and the others stood the day before.

Zhou Ziyi glared at him coldly and glanced at Liu Zong. She flashed and landed on the chessboard as well. She then placed her piece without hesitation, at the very spot Liu Zong had wanted Ye Futian to place his piece.

In that very instant, a powerful matrix spread out, intending to crush the white pieces.

Ye Futian calmly glanced at Zhou Ziyi and waved his hand. Another piece was dropped on the board with a rumble, not paying any heed for the threatened game, which looked like a move that was unable to serve any use. No one was able to see what was actually going on.

A flash was seen in Yang Xiao’s eyes as he witnessed the scene. He had not expected Ye Futian to be able to see through it.

Liu Zong’s eyes sparkled as well. The placement of that piece made it entirely useless as it was done without paying any heed to the looming crisis. He had been simulating all the possible locations Yang Xiao would have placed a piece, which naturally included that spot that Ye Futian just placed a piece on. However, Liu Zong did not continue simulating what would have happened after that piece was placed there.

A myriad of changes would have been born with the placement of every single piece. As such, any location that Yang Xiao would have chosen to place his piece on would have brought forth many possibilities. It was impossible for Liu Zong to simulate what would have happened with all the possibilities, which meant that he would have been able to simulate the placements that were most likely to happen. That one move was one he had overlooked.

From the looks of the game at the moment, no one was capable of telling what that piece would have done. Based on the battle that took place between Ye Futian and Mo Jun prior, it was obvious that Ye Futian had developed high proficiency in the art of chess, which naturally meant that he would not have placed a piece that would have served no use. Liu Zong simulated the changes in his mind, and his expression quickly changed.

The game was set with that piece placed.

“You’re doing nothing but insulting the Celestial Dragon Chess Game,” Zhou Ziyi cursed in a low voice. Liu Zong was able to tell what was going to happen but she was unable to. She still thought that the piece Ye Futian had placed served no use. She waved her hand and placed another piece. A more powerful might spread out, devouring some chess pieces.

“Fine play.” Many praised her silently. There was nothing wrong with the placement of Zhou Ziyi’s piece, as anyone would have done the same to break the opponent’s play.

Ye Futian glanced at her silently and then waved his hand nonchalantly. Yet another piece was placed, and at that very moment, the entire Celestial Dragon Chess Game changed. The interlocking matrixes seemed to have shaved off all parts which were redundant and served no purpose, becoming a grand matrix which swallowed everything with overwhelming might. If the game was seen from a distance, the white pieces seemed to have turned into a dragon circling above the board, devouring everything below it.

Everyone’s mind shuddered violently and Zhou Ziyi’s face turned just as pale as well.

The game was set with just two pieces being placed. Furthermore, judging from the greater picture of the entire game, some of the weakest pieces would have been devoured first, exposing the weaknesses for all to see.

Zhou Ziyi looked at those pieces and felt her hands shaking slightly. All of those were the pieces that she placed the day before, exposing the openings for her opponent.

She lifted her hand, intending to place a piece, yet was unable to proceed further.

“No need to go any further. He is right. That piece back there set the game. If he had actually placed that piece as I intended, we would have only suffered a faster and more crushing defeat,” Liu Zong said as he looked at Ye Futian. He did not expect Ye Futian to continue simulating further developments with a piece that he had overlooked.

“The Celestial Dragon Chess Game lives up to its name as something left behind by senior Chess Saint. The changes are intricate, matrixes lie underneath matrixes, and everything is indeed interconnected.” Liu Zong was silently impressed, but he also wanted more of what the Chess Saint left behind, as it would serve him well to further his training.

Zhou Ziyi was shaking all over. Even Liu Zong admitted that he had been wrong, and that place where he intended Ye Futian to place the piece was a poor decision.

There was simply nothing more for her to say for herself.

Furthermore, not only did Ye Futian prove that he did not make any mistakes with his placement of pieces, but what he showed also verified what he said earlier: she, Zhou Ziyi, was indeed the worst player out of all nine who played the day before.

She recalled her previous boisterous words. Even if Ye Futian did not say anything further to embarrass her, she still felt her cheeks red hot, as if everyone was staring at her.

“I have to say that your rate of progress at chess is really astonishing, Palace Lord Ye, as you are able to see through the changes in the Celestial Dragon Chess Game. Your status as the Palace Lord of the sacred ground of the Barren State indeed holds true. It stands to reason now why Zhou Ziyi was defeated,” Mo Jun said, diffusing the awkward situation Zhou Ziyi found herself in.

Having sung praises at Ye Futian in such a manner, Mo Jun made it appear as if Zhou Ziyi’s defeat was something entirely natural. Furthermore, Ye Futian borrowed the might of the Celestial Dragon Chess Game to do so.

“Her defeat was naturally within reason. However, one of the noblest qualities of people lies within their ability to know themselves. Being oblivious to one’s shortcomings yet going out to insult others with words only invites humiliation. It would seem that the princess of the sacred ground is nothing much after all.” A voice was heard and Mo Jun turned in the direction of the voice and ended up looking at where Sage Wanxiang and the others stood. The one who said those words was none other than Hua Jieyu.

Hua Jieyu wore a calm expression. Their party had journeyed outside the Barren State after Ye Futian took the position of Palace Lord of Holy Zhi Palace, which naturally meant that he was shouldering incredible pressure and responsibilities, yet he was treated coldly wherever he went. While Ye Futian did not take it to heart as he put all his energy into becoming stronger, she, however, took all those insults to heart.

She had been seeing how Ye Futian pushed himself all those days. Zhou Ziyi had not been reserved with her use of sharp words directed at Ye Futian, and she had done so repeatedly. It was simply too easy to just let Zhou Ziyi off with just several sentences from Mo Jun that would diffuse the awkward situation. As such, Hua Jieyu went to diss Zhou Ziyi without reservation, saying she had invited humiliation.

Zhou Ziyi turned her eyes at Hua Jieyu who had a thin veil over her face, her clothes billowing. Despite the veil, it was obvious by the air emanating from her and the pair of exposed eyes that she was a beauty.

“Who are you?” Zhou Ziyi asked.

“Madam Palace Lord of Holy Zhi Palace of Barren State,” Sage Wanxiang, who was beside her, answered. He saw the time to be one where he had to make the esteemed status of Hua Jieyu clear.

Zhou Ziyi glanced at Hua Jieyu coldly and swept away all the pieces on the board with a wave of her hand. She then said coldly, “I have indeed invited humiliation.” She then walked away with a cold face. As a princess of a sacred dynasty, she had never been humiliated publicly like that. It was the first time something like that had happened.

“I believe everyone present is here to study the way of chess and there is no need to cause any displeasure over it. Palace Lord Ye was able to see through the changes of the Celestial Dragon Chess Game, suggesting immense talent for playing chess, while Liu Zong had indeed exuded the bearing of a master. All the others also displayed an exceptional aptitude for chess. The Chess Saint Villa had acted on orders from our teacher, and I hope there is someone who will be able to break the Celestial Dragon Chess Game soon,” Yang Xiao said to diffuse the awkward situation at hand.

Jiu Gongzi, who was standing by his side, cast a peculiar gaze at Ye Futian. He had been lending books regarding chess to Ye Futian and he had been bearing witness to Ye Futian’s progress as the man learned from scratch. And now his way of chess has already reached such heights? It is rumored that the Palace Lord of the Barren State’s sacred ground is an impeccable genius of cultivation. It seems he is indeed very exceptional.

“Your words held true, senior. The Celestial Dragon Chess Game is incredibly mystical indeed. We will look into it more closely,” Ye Futian said and walked out of the chessboard, freeing up the area.

Yang Xiao and the others returned to their places on the chessboard and said, “Please continue.”

There were others who attempted to break the game but the results were all the same. No one was able to break the game.

Liu Zong did nothing and Ye Futian kept his hands to himself as well. They both simply went on to observe the changes of the Celestial Dragon Chess Game.

In the days that followed, Ye Futian spent all his time observing the changes to be had in the Celestial Dragon Chess Game, as well as doing simulations within his Life Palace, attempting to develop a way to break through the game.

More than 40 days passed before they realized it.

Liu Zong did nothing all those days, and the number of people who remained on Chess Peak diminished considerably. Many vaguely felt that it was probably impossible for anyone to break through the game within three months.

But on that very day, there came news that Liu Zong, who had been keeping to himself for more than 40 days, would make a move to break the game yet again.

The news caused quite a sensation. Will Liu Zong be confident enough to break through the Celestial Dragon Chess Game this time?

Ye Futian was seen closing his eyes and doing simulations in his mind in Yujing House at that moment. He had been simulating the limitless changes over the past 40 days and more, and he had come to feel as if he had mastered all the possible changes to be had.

He opened his eyes and said, “Third Brother, Yu Sheng, Jiuge, come with me to break the game tomorrow.”

Everyone turned their eyes to Ye Futian and they sported peculiar looks. So he has a chance at that now?

“Alright.” Everyone nodded.

The nine students of the Chess Saint were gathered at Yujing House at that moment.

Yang Xiao said, “Liu Zong will come to break the game tomorrow. Do you all think he has a chance at succeeding?”

“Difficult.” Yang Xiao’s wife, who was sitting beside her husband said, “He would be able to do so only if he works with several others who are incredibly adept at chess.”

“If Liu Zong can’t break the game, will the Celestial Dragon Chess Game just remain unbreakable?” Li Kaishan added, “Eldest Brother, our teacher can’t wait for too long. I figure that Liu Zong has what it takes given his mastery at chess and martial arts.”

“We’ll just wait for a bit still.” Yang Xiao said, “Ye Futian was able to see through the intricate changes of the game. His chances are not entirely nil.”

“Ye Futian might have demonstrated an incredible aptitude for chess, but he was still coping with the changes of the game at the basics. He lacks the ability to take control of the greater picture demonstrated by Liu Zong. I think he can’t make it,” Li Kaishan said.

Yang Xiao did not say anything further about that. “Go get some rest, you all. We’ll see if Liu Zong is able to break the game tomorrow.” He then got up and took his leave with his wife. The others left as well!