The Legend Of Futian Chapter 747

Chapter 747 Liu Zong

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Ye Futian walked down the stairs and came to Sage Wanxiang and the others.

The others knew what it meant, seeing Ye Futian walking out first. Hua Jieyu went up and held Ye Futian’s hand. She felt rather dejected. She had been paying close attention to all that Ye Futian had done: his efforts, persistence, and finally, his achievements. However, in the eyes of the saints of the Eastern State, he still paled in comparison to an heir of sainthood who was being taught by three saints.

“They will know how excellent you are,” Hua Jieyu said softly. She had no idea what she should say to console him, but she believed that Ye Futian would, in time, become the brightest light to shine in all of the nine states. She had no desire for fame, but she did not want to see him being looked down on by others like that.

“So what if they do?” Ye Futian ruffled Hua Jieyu’s hair and smiled. “Idiot.”

“Brother Ye.” Jiu Gongzi walked up and asked Ye Futian, “So our teacher chose Liu Zong then?”

“Your teacher’s choice was expected.” Ye Futian smiled and added, “Thank you for taking care of us all this while.”

Jiu Gongzi was speechless. Everyone on Chess Peak saw how wonderfully startling Ye Futian’s performance had been that day. Ye Futian’s skills at chess were definitely on par with Liu Zong’s. From the way he held himself, he might have even been the better of the two, but Jiu Gongzi also understood that it was entirely normal for his teacher to have picked Liu Zong instead.

“I’m sorry.” Jiu Gongzi said rather apologetically, “You indeed performed excellently.”

“What’s there to be sorry about?” Ye Futian smiled and said, “You’re good yourself. All students of the Chess Saint played excellently.”

“Brother Ye, if you’re not in a hurry, please stay for a little while longer. There will be a banquet thrown in Yujing House today. I have to go drink with you. Consider this as a way to bring closure to it all,” Jiu Gongzi said.

Ye Futian looked at Jiu Gongzi. With the event over, he had initially thought of packing up and leaving soon. He had learned to play chess here, and as such, he deemed the trip worthwhile. The fact that he was unable to get his hands on the item of the Chess Saint simply meant that he and the Chess Saint were simply not meant to be acquainted further. In that case, he saw no reason to cling to it and was preparing to leave. However, Jiu Gongzi had indeed been a good person and this host had been good to him. As such, he saw no reason to refuse, nodding and saying, “Alright then.”

“Yeah.” Jiu Gongzi nodded. “So will you be waiting at Yujing House or will you be waiting here with me for them to come out?”

“I’ll head to Yujing House myself. Just stay here and wait for your brothers,” Ye Futian said.

“Don’t bother. I’d have nothing to do with them around anyway. I’ll just walk you down the mountain then.” Jiu Gongzi said nonchalantly, “Third Sister, we’ll be on our way.”

“Just go.” The third student of the Chess Saint said, exasperated. But both she and her husband, Yang Xiao, were very accommodating to their Ninth Brother. He was the youngest, after all.

Li Kaishan and the others remained where they were, waiting. Zhou Ziyi and the others were there as well, glancing at Ye Futian’s party plainly as they left. Ye Futian was simply out of luck having to compete with Liu Zong in breaking the Celestial Dragon Chess Game. If Liu Zong had not been around, that lineage of the Chess Saint would have been Ye Futian’s.

Inside Chess Saint Palace, the Chess Saint turned his eyes to Liu Zong and said, “Liu Zong, you’re a cultivator from Xihua Sacred Mountain and a student of three saints. Now that you’re here in Chess Saint Villa, I assume you know that I’m not actually here then?”

“Yes indeed.” Liu Zong nodded and said, “From what I heard from my teacher, you seemed to have ventured into that place and have never come out since, senior.”

“Indeed.” The Chess Saint nodded. “My physical body remains trapped there even as of this very moment.”

Liu Zong turned his eyes at the statue-like figure before him. He had not expected someone as formidable as the Chess Saint was trapped too. That place might have actually been as terrifying as it was rumored to be. But still, he would conquer that place sooner or later.

“I will pass down part of my lineage to you. All nine of my students will be following you starting from this very day to work with you. You’re also be welcomed to use all resources in Chess Saint Villa as you see fit,” the Chess Saint added, and Liu Zong knew what he meant. He nodded naturally, seemingly to have understood that this was part of everyday life, not in the least bit, surprised.

The Chess Saint went to address some other matters, talking not just to Liu Zong but to Yang Xiao as well.

Both of them walked out of Chess Saint Palace after quite a while, heading for the bottom of the stairs.

Li Kaishan, Zhou Ziyi and all the others were waiting there. Most of them smiled seeing Liu Zong emerge. That was probably the wish of everyone present, and things turned out to be as perfect as expected.

The banquet at Yujing House was a grand one. The proud sons and daughters present came from all over Eastern State for the Celestial Dragon Chess Game. With the event over, many found it to be a rare thing to have so many of them gathering in one place.

“Liu Zong, the chief, and the others have descended the mountain and came to the villa. I heard from the chief that he was walking half a step behind Liu Zong. Do you all know what that means?” Someone said.

Everyone was seen with a smile on their faces. They all knew what such a phenomenon naturally meant.

That meant that the Chess Saint had picked Liu Zong to be his true heir instead of any one of his students. Even Yang Xiao, the eldest student, would need to follow Liu Zong’s orders from there on out.

“Liu Zong of Xihua Sacred Mountain, a legendary figure under the tutelage of three saints. What happened today is considered to be what everyone wanted to happen, and all that took place at Chess Saint Villa will probably spread far and wide, becoming the talk of the Eastern State soon enough.”

“Indeed. I’m rather curious about how far Liu Zong will be able to go in the future.”

At the moment, many turned their eyes in another direction. Ye Futian, Jiu Gongzi, and the others were sitting. Many of those who were looking at them silently sighed. Being able to break the Celestial Chess Game meant that Ye Futian was indeed an extremely rare genius. At the very least, he had superb talent in the art of chess.

It was indeed a pity that Liu Zong was around as well.

A group of people was seen emerging, and it was none other than Yang Xiao, Liu Zong, and the others. Ye Futian turned his eyes at them, and Liu Zong’s eyes coincidentally met his. Liu Zong then nodded at him with a smile.

Ye Futian returned the courtesy. Regardless of what happened, Liu Zong had never offended him. Ye Futian was still feeling that he was unable to figure Liu Zong out even at that very moment.

It was said that Liu Zong was knowledgeable in a lot of things and had many abilities. He had even researched old Buddhist sutras and knew his books well. He was an extremely comprehensive, well-rounded genius.

Ye Futian was able to tell from how Liu Zong had broken the Celestial Dragon Chess Game that the man was exceptional. Liu Zong was able to go that far without having a Chess Spirit doing all the simulations in his mind. That feat was extremely formidable.

Liu Zong turned his eyes away, and someone from his side walked towards Ye Futian. The handsome figure came to Ye Futian’s side. It was none other than Mo Jun, Liu Zong’s junior. He twisted his brow a bit and said to Ye Futian with a smile, “Palace Lord Ye, my senior asked me to deliver a message.”

“What would that be?” Ye Futian asked.

“He said that he wanted a word with you after the banquet. I will come to get you in due time,” Mo Jun said. Ye Futian’s expression turned funny, puzzled at why Liu Zong wanted to see him.

“Alright.” Ye Futian did not refuse. He felt curious about Liu Zong as well. Just what kind of a person is he?

He was wondering if he would get a glimpse of Liu Zong’s personality from that meeting.

“Thank you, Palace Lord Ye,” Mo Jun said. He nodded and smiled before turning around to leave. The way Mo Jun went about his business did not offend Ye Futian in any way. Ye Futian would not have agreed to it otherwise.

Liu Zong did not stay at the banquet for long and no one was surprised. It was said that Liu Zong enjoyed his own company. It would have been a surprise if he were to stay for long.

Liu Zong was standing at a pavilion in one of the compounds of Yujing House. A figure was seen walking quietly there: Li Kaishan, second student of the Chess Saint.

Li Kaishan walked up to Liu Zong and stood there quietly.

“Congratulations,” Li Kaishan said quietly to initiate the conversation.

“It was just a process. Nothing to congratulate me for,” Liu Zong replied softly, no hint of elation in his tone.

“At the very least, the process was accomplished perfectly,” Li Kaishan said.

“Same goes for you. I’ll help you out in the next Orthodoxy Battle.” Liu Zong looked ahead. “I hope you won’t disappoint in finding a way to achieve sainthood.”

“I’m not just doing this for myself. I’m doing this for my teacher as well, and you’re the most suitable candidate to accomplish this,” Li Kaishan said.

“I know,” Liu Zong said. He never doubted that for a single second.

“Liu Zong.” A voice was heard, and a beautiful woman was seen walking up to them, smiling and saying, “Surprise to find Mr. Er over here.”

Li Kaishan turned to look at Zhou Ziyi, smiling and saying, “I’ll excuse myself.” He then left right away. Zhou Ziyi walked up to Liu Zong and asked, “I hear that you like your own company instead of that of others. Is that true?”

Liu Zong looked at Zhou Ziyi, smiling as he shook his head. There were few in the world who understood what was going on in his mind.

“That depends,” Liu Zong smiled and said.

“What about my company then?” Zhou Ziyi looked up at Liu Zong, feeling a little embarrassed. She lowered her head and added softly, “Will I get to walk with you in the future?”

Liu Zong turned his eyes to Zhou Ziyi and knew what she meant. It was obvious that she was confessing her feelings to him.

Liu Zong extended his hand and touched Zhou Ziyi’s face, which turned incredibly red in an instant. Liu Zong, upon seeing her reaction, smiled and continued, “If you’d be willing to, Ziyi.”

“Yeah.” Zhou Ziyi nodded slightly before turning around, leaving with flighty steps. She said, “Of course I’m willing.”

She went outside afterward and ran into Mo Jun and Ye Futian coincidentally at the exit. She looked up at both men and continued to leave with a smile. Ye Futian’s expression turned funny looking at her. It was rare to not have Zhou Ziyi look at him with cold eyes. It seemed as if she had just experienced something happy.

“Brother, Palace Lord Ye is here,” Mo Jun said as he walked to Liu Zong’s side.

Liu Zong turned and said, “You may go.”

“Alright.” Mo Jun left.

Liu Zong pointed at the pavilion and said, “Have a seat.” Regardless of who had been here before, be it Li Kaishan or Zhou Ziyi, Liu Zong hardly moved, yet he invited Ye Futian to take a seat as he saw Ye Futian coming.

That was probably some detail Li Kaishan and Zhou Ziyi did not pay any heed to, but the subtle gesture spoke of Liu Zong’s attitude towards Ye Futian.

“No need for that. We’ll talk, standing. What is the matter?” Ye Futian said in a straightforward, matter-of-fact manner.

“I’d like to invite you to participate in the Nine Palace Forum, not to witness the event, but as a representative of a sacred ground of the Barren State,” Liu Zong said.

The Nine State Forum was to be held in the Xihua Sacred Mountains. Liu Zong was a student of three saints, which meant that he had great influence in Xihua Sacred Mountain. As such, that invitation was not said for fun. If he wanted to invite the Barren State, it was very possible that he would have actually been able to pull it off.

“Why?” Ye Futian’s expression looked peculiar. He was hardly acquainted with Liu Zong. As such, he was puzzled as to why Liu Zong did this.

“A saint has not emerged in the Barren State for years. It would be difficult for your efforts alone to have Barren State stand tall again. Why not seek outside help? I can help Barren State stand tall and look after the people of Barren State in the next Battle of Saints. When the Battle of Saints is held, I’m afraid there will be few beneath the Saint Plane who can beat me,” Liu Zong said with extreme confidence.

“You haven’t answered my question.” Ye Futian continued. Why is Liu Zong helping me and helping the Holy Zhi Palace?

“The world thinks that I like being a lone wolf. But do you know why I behave as such?” Liu Zong said looking at Ye Futian.

“I don’t know,” Ye Futian answered plainly. There was no way he would have known what was going on inside Liu Zong’s mind.

“Because there are hardly people in all of the Eastern State worthy of walking with me.” Arrogance was practically bursting out of that short sentence of his. He then looked at Ye Futian and said, “You are one of those few people, and I’d like you to join me in creating a new era.”