The Legend Of Futian Chapter 752

Chapter 752 The Sky Saints Disciple

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Many people looked at the sight in front of the Law Bell. Three swordsmen at the pinnacle of the Noble Plane had caused the bell to ring simultaneously. This meant that the three swordsmen from the Barren State had all comprehended complete rule powers.

In the Nine States, any Noble Plane figure who could comprehend a complete rule power was considered a genius. If they could comprehend a rare rule power that could cause three or more of the pictures on the Law Bell to light up, they could be considered a prodigy. To the Nine States, the former could enter a holy land to cultivate and even alert the influential figures of that holy land. The latter could even become a direct disciple to a Saint. This also meant that the Nine States would not have too many Noble Plane figures who could cause the Law Bell to ring. Otherwise, they would not use this method to allow others to obtain a Nine State Forum Token.

These three people had all used swordsmanship rule power to cause the Law Bell to ring, but they had not used their full power. They had merely caused the bell to ring to obtain a Nine State Forum Token and obtain the right to qualify. Therefore, only one of the pictures had lit up on the Law Bell. Even so, this caused many people to be surprised. After all, they were from the Barren State; the Barren State that was renowned for having no Saints could groom so many genius-level figures shocked many.

Many people looked at Ye Futian. This young leader from the Barren State had led the people from the Barren State to attend the Nine State Forum. He must have used the strength of the entire Barren State, for multiple geniuses to emerge from a State was not surprising. As the people thought of this, their surprise gradually waned. However, the end had not come. At that moment, Yuan Zhan stepped forward and with his burly body and struck out with his fist. The air felt like it was about to implode as a resounding ring was heard. Following that, Phoenix stepped forward with phoenixes circling the air. She was bathed in divine flames and struck out with her fist as well. The Law Bell shook as a wave of flames spread alongside the sound of the bell.

Yi Xiaoshi also stepped forward and struck out, causing the Law Bell to ring once again. As the sound of the bell reverberated around the area, the crowd was unnerved. Could it be that most of the Nobles around Ye Futian had comprehended some form of complete rule power? The Barren State was this prepared for this time’s Nine State Forum?

The ringing sound of the bell continued as though it would never end. A long time later, Yu Sheng’s fist landed on the Law Bell. Everyone around Ye Futian had taken their try on the Law Bell. After a long while, the echo finally dissipated and the area fell silent. Looking at the group of people beside Ye Futian, if only three of them were able to sound the Law Bell, it would not be that shocking. However, all of them had sounded the Law Bell.

Yu Sheng and the rest returned to Ye Futian’s side silently. They had not used their full strength to sound the Law Bell; they were only there to obtain the qualification to enter the forum. To Yu Sheng, he had no interest in showing off.

“Interesting.” Liu Zong looked at Ye Futian’s group and complimented, “The Barren State has not participated in the Nine State Forum for many years. It looks like you’re well-prepared this time around. I look forward to the Barren State’s performance in the Nine State Forum.”

Many people in the surrounding crowd nodded. With the strength that the Nobles around Ye Futian had shown, they could already rival a holy land for cultivation. Of course, it could not match up to factions like Xihua Sacred Mountain. However, they were talking about the Barren State, after all. It was already an outstanding achievement.

The elder at the side passed Ye Futian the Nine State Forum Tokens, who accepted them. He smiled and looked at Liu Zong, saying, “I look forward to it too.”

At that moment, a figure in black stepped forward, giving them a cold feeling. He stepped in front of the Law Bell, strands of black Qi flowing towards the bell at the same time. When the black Qi current struck the Law Bell, a dull sound made many people uncomfortable. However, they also saw four pictures light up on the Law Bell with a brilliant light.

“Where is this person from?” someone asked in astonishment. The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s princess Zhou Ziyi had only lit up two pictures, but this person could casually light up four pictures on the Law Bell. Before this, only the Zhisheng Cliffs’ Qin Zhong had been able to do it with his Sage Plane cultivation level.

“Are you from the Feng State?” Liu Zong looked at the person and asked.

The figure in black nodded silently, accepted the token, and returned into the crowd. There, a group of people waited for him like shadows, giving people an extremely dangerous feeling. Following that, other people from the Feng State stepped out and sounded the Law Bell to obtain the Nine State Forum Token.

“That’s the Law Bell?” A voice sounded from the air. Many people looked towards the voice and saw a group of people with transcendent auras flying towards them. The person at the front had golden eyes and was looking at the Law Bell on the ground.

“They’re from the Qi State’s holy land of cultivation,” someone said.

“Yes, I’ve heard that the Law Bell is indeed mystical. A person who has comprehended the most elite of rule powers can cause it to howl like a tiger and cry like a dragon, lighting up more than five pictures,” an elder by their side said.

“That’s interesting.” The teen smiled faintly, then turned to a person beside him and said, “You go and try it.”

“Okay.” The person beside him looked somewhat similar to him and was even younger than him. He had the aura of a Noble, and he walked towards the ground from the air to the Law Bell. A brilliant light surrounded his body and in the next moment, his body had vanished.

Clang! A deafening sound echoed into the crowd’s ears and many people were shocked as they stared in the direction of the Law Bell. A brilliant light burst forth from the Law Bell as five pictures lit up.

How strong. Many people had appalled expressions. Who was this person? He was only a Noble, but he was already this strong?

What was that light surrounding his body? At that moment, he appeared to turn into a flash of light and disappeared. The next thing they heard was the sound of the bell. If this was a battlefield, how would they deal with this kind of enemy? They would be killed in one hit.

“The Qi State’s holy land, Hall of Holy Light,” Liu Zong looked at the oncoming person and said. He looked at the teen in the air with a glint in his smile. Among the Nine States, the Summer State was the strongest and occupied the central position, surrounded by six other states and countless regions. Next in strength was the Qi State.

The Qi State’s holy land, the Hall of Holy Light, was an extremely strong holy land. It could be ranked in the top five among all the Nine States’ holy lands.

Liu Zong had guessed the identity of the teen at the front. The teen also looked at Liu Zong with a brilliant glow in his eyes. He did not avert his gaze, as though there was no need to no matter who it was. Liu Zong naturally understood the meaning behind his gaze; it was absolute pride.

“The Nine States is indeed full of hidden talents. Well, it looks like there’ll be a lot of pressure on all of you during the Nine State Forum,” Ye Futian looked at the people beside him and said. They all nodded. Indeed, the people who had appeared today were only a small portion of the Nine State Forum’s participants. There were still many experts who had yet to show their strength, but it was already shocking enough. There were even people who could light up five pictures on the Law Bell.

Xu Que could distinctly feel that his speed was inferior to the other party’s. If he faced the person who had struck the Law Bell just now, his chances of winning would be slim.

“What a pity that I can’t participate,” Huang Jiuge’s eyes lit up as he said. Although he had already entered the Sage Plane, he still wanted to duel with others. To any cultivator, being granted a platform to spar with elite figures from all over the Nine States was definitely a blessing.

As for Li Futu, Xiang Zhiqin, and the rest, they had mixed feelings. Initially, Li Futu was definitely able to deal with the likes of Xu Que and Ye Wuchen. However, these people had all overtaken him now. Before the Law Bell, he was unable to even make it ring, but there were people who could light up five pictures. This disparity made Li Futu feel that his pride was meaningless. If placed into the context of the Nine States, it would be worthless. He needed to work harder.

Following that, there were experts who came forward successively to sound the Law Bell. The ringing did not stop as more experts stepped forward.

“Liu Zong, aren’t you going to try?” At that moment, a voice sounded from the sky. Everyone looked in the air and saw a figure with his arms around his chest as he spoke coolly to Liu Zong.

Han Yu. When the crowd saw who it was, they shuddered as they thought to themselves. He was here too.

Liu Zong also broke into a smile. Han Yu’s reputation in the Eastern State was not inferior to his. This was a person who enjoyed the same fame as him and they were often compared. He had outstanding potential and was taught by three Saints and reputed to be a Saint in the future. On the other hand, Han Yu was the sole successor to one of the Eastern State’s eight Saints, the Sky Saint.

If a person in the Eastern State were to select a sect of his choice, the first choice would definitely be the Xihua Sacred Mountain. However, if they were to choose a single person to be their master, more people would probably choose the Sky Saint.

Not only was the Sky Saint extremely strong, but he only had one disciple. It was obvious what it meant to be able to have the Sky Saint as one’s master.

Han Yu, the only disciple of the Sky Saint had a huge reputation in the Eastern State.

“You want to try?” Liu Zong looked at Han Yu and asked.

Han Yu continued to cross his arms and replied, smiling, “I don’t see why not.”

When the crowd heard his words, their eyes lit up. Han Yu was going to sound the Law Bell.

“Please.” Liu Zong guided with his arm as he moved back slightly. The elder by his side also stepped back, leaving the area around the Law Bell empty.

At that moment, countless gazes landed on Han Yu. Around his body, threads of golden light appeared around him, yet appeared elusive.

Spatial rule power. Many people were astounded as they thought. Moreover, the spatial rule power was almost corporeal. The Sky Saint specialized in spatial rule power and was one of the most terrifying figures in the Eastern State. His only disciple Han Yu had inherited his mantle and comprehended an extremely high-leveled spatial rule power.

The Zhisheng Cliffs’ Qin Zhong looked at Ye Futian. He knew that Ye Futian had comprehended spatial rule power as well. Back when he was still a Noble, he had already comprehended it. Naturally, it would not be as strong as Han Yu’s spatial rule power.

A faint golden spatial power rampaged around his body. With his body as the core, a spatial storm brewed and slashed towards the Law Bell like blades.

A spatial blade flew through the air and slashed on the Law Bell.

Clang! An explosion sounded as the sound of the bell reverberated throughout the area. Pictures started to light up successively, accompanied by the cry of Vermillion Birds and the roars of tigers.

Seven pictures had lit up on the Law Bell!