The Legend Of Futian Chapter 753

Chapter 753 The Elder And The Young Girl

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“How strong.” Countless people looked at Han Yu as they commented. This was the only disciple of the Eastern State’s Sky Saint. Seven pictures had lit up on the Law Bell. What a dominant display of rule power. This meant that if he battled with someone of the same cultivation level and both of them used their rule power to attack, his rule power could dominate the other’s rule power and kill his opponent.

There were many extremely strong Sage Plane figures who could not even make three or more pictures light up on the Law Bell, not to mention five pictures. Beyond that, only prodigies could achieve it. Evidently, Han Yu was such a prodigy.

“Excellent.” Liu Zong raised his head and looked at Han Yu, complimenting him. “As expected of Han Yu, your spatial rule power has become stronger. With that as an attack technique, nobody would want to meet an opponent like you.”

Many people heard his words and looked at Liu Zong. Although this disciple of three Saints was courteous and kept complimenting others, what about himself? As a disciple of the Xihua Sacred Mountain, Liu Zong likely knew how many pictures he could light up on the Law Bell, but the crowd was curious.

Liu Zong was probably not weaker than Han Yu.

“Aren’t you going to try?” Han Yu looked at Liu Zong and asked.

“The Nine State Forum is organized by Xihua Sacred Mountain. As the host, there is no need for me to do so. I’ll leave the time to the rest of you.” Liu Zong smiled and continued, “Anyone who wants to try their hand on the Law Bell, please go ahead. Even the Sage Plane cultivators who are not eligible to enter the Nine State Forum can test their rule power’s strength here, this is a rare opportunity.”

Many people nodded silently. Liu Zong’s words were true, it was indeed a rare opportunity for them to be aware of the gap between their rule power and the Nine States’ prodigies. As such, Sage Plane cultivators started to step forward and ring the Law Bell. However, the majority of the cultivators were only joining in the fun and were unable to light up many pictures. Only those from the Nine States’ holy lands could raise a commotion.

Ye Futian continued watching for a while and saw many visitors from the Nine States. However, he also knew that the people here were only a portion of the entire turnout, even so, they already left a deep impression on him.

“Let’s go,” he said. They had already achieved their objective and obtained the Nine State Forum Tokens. All they had to do was wait for news.

“Coming through, please give way.” At that moment, a voice sounded from behind. Ye Futian turned around and saw two figures passing through the crowd and walking towards him.

“What is this old fellow squeezing through for?” someone berated in a soft voice.

“He’s so dirty, what’s he doing?” Many people were unhappy as they muttered. The two figures squeezed through the crowd and walked up to Ye Futian’s side. As they walked by, Ye Futian looked at the two of them. They were one elder and one young girl. The elder’s clothes were ragged and he looked exceptionally unkempt. The young girl looked like she was only 15 or 16, dressed in plain apparel and black-faced, like she had not washed her face for a long time and was travel-worn. It was indeed glaring for such a duo to appear at the foot of the Xihua Sacred Mountain.

The two of them walked by Ye Futian, only to see Ye Futian stop and turn around to look at the young girl with a suspicious gaze. His instinct told him that something was off.

Using his Freedom Meditation, Ye Futian locked onto the young girl in plain robes. However, at that moment, the young girl turned around and looked at Ye Futian. With that one gaze, Ye Futian felt a stinging sensation in his eyes and rescinded his Freedom Meditation.

This… A glint appeared in Ye Futian’s eyes. This was the first time he had been spotted using his Freedom Meditation. The young lady’s reaction made him feel as though the young girl had felt him using his Freedom Meditation to peer at her. However, how could that be possible? He had used his Freedom Meditation on elite Sage Plane figures in the past. She was merely a young girl, how could she have known? Moreover, the feeling that she gave Ye Futian was extremely peculiar.

“What happened?” Hua Jieyu asked softly.

“Take a look.” Ye Futian stopped and did not leave, but turned around and looked at the two figures who had squeezed their way in. The two of them were actually heading towards the Law Bell.

“What do the two of you want?” someone looked at them and asked.

“Yaya here wants to participate in the Nine State Forum,” the elder replied.

Many people heard his words and had skeptical expressions. Could this old man be mad? Yaya? What an unrefined name, yet how fitting the name was. Moreover, this naive girl wanted to take part in the Nine State Forum?

Even Xihua Sacred Mountain’s expert standing by the Law Bell said with displeasure, “This is no place for tomfoolery, please leave.”

“Isn’t this the rule that Xihua Sacred Mountain set? Anyone who wants to participate in the Nine State Forum can come here. As long as they are able to sound the Law Bell, they will be allowed to participate, isn’t that right?” the elder glared at the other party and asked.

“Elder, it is indeed a rule set by Xihua Sacred Mountain. However, the Nine State Forum is not a joke, I hope that you can respect us and yourself,” Liu Zong replied, still with a courteous tone, but his words showed his displeasure. A teenage girl of only 15 years participating in the Nine State Forum? This was evidently a joke, they were treating the Nine State Forum and the Law Bell like child’s play.

“Since they want to sound the Law Bell, why not let them try?” At that moment, a voice sounded. Liu Zong looked towards Ye Futian, and the rest of the crowd also looked towards him. What was the Barren State’s Palace Lord thinking?

Letting a young girl sound the Law Bell?

“You’re not willing to sound the bell, but you interfere with other people’s affairs?” Zhou Ziyi looked coldly at Ye Futian and said. Liu Zong had already rejected them, what was Ye Futian interrupting for?

“Princess Ziyi, Palace Lord Ye’s words hold reason. It will not take long. Elder, go ahead,” Liu Zong smiled and said.

The elder glared at him and replied, “That’s more like it. Go ahead, Yaya.”

“Okay.” The young girl nodded and walked to the Law Bell. All of a sudden, her eyes looked like meteors had glided past and were extremely brilliant. She raised her palm and her little fist punched the Law Bell. Many people saw the scene and thought This little girl isn’t going to injure her fist by punching on the Law Bell, is she?

Clang. At that moment, a crisp sound echoed in everyone’s ears, causing their gazes to freeze as they faltered.

In the world of cultivation, was there anyone who could comprehend rule power at the age of 15 or 16? Perhaps there was, but they had thought that they would never meet someone like that. Could it be that she had cultivated in some secret arts? Recovering her vitality?

Along the path of cultivation, the first 20 years of one’s life was a growing stage. Even if one had exceptional potential, they would keep growing older until a certain age. As long as a cultivator continued their cultivation, they would be able to maintain eternal youth. In fact, many Saints looked like teenagers. However, no matter how fast one’s cultivation was or how high their potential was, they would still grow up. So, it was impossible for anyone to stop growing at the age of 15. So, they could not understand.

Even Liu Zong and the Nine States’ experts could not understand.

The people from the Nine States were all knowledgeable and had seen many geniuses. However, they had never heard of someone who could comprehend rule power at 15 or 16 years of age. Could it be that she had started cultivating in her mother’s womb?

“What are you looking at, where is the token?” The elder’s voice brought all of them back. The expert beside the Law Bell then passed the token to the young girl.

“Yaya, let’s go,” the elder said. The young girl turned around and walked to his side and both of them started leaving.

“Please wait a minute, elder.” Liu Zong asked, “Could I know your name?” Could such a figure be an expert in seclusion who had decided to re-enter the secular world?

“Nameless,” the elder replied without turning his head.

“Nameless.” Liu Zong muttered and continued, “Elder’s name stands out from the rest.”

“Nameless means I don’t have a name, idiot. How pretentious.” The elder squeezed through the crowd while his words made Liu Zong freeze.

Everyone in the vast area had awkward expressions. The Xihua Sacred Mountain’s Liu Zong had been called an idiot.

Nameless meant that he did not have a name.

Pch. Zhuge Mingyue laughed. Liu Zong’s gaze turned towards her with displeasure.

“Second Sister, let’s go,” Ye Futian said. His followers nodded and they turned around to leave. Along the way, Zhuge Mingyue could not stop herself from laughing and commented, “That elder sure is interesting.”

“Indeed.” Ye Futian thought about the young girl’s gaze and had a pensive look on his face.

“Little girl, who are you talking about?” At that moment, a voice sounded. Sage Wanxiang and Zhuge Qingfeng looked forward and saw the two of them appear and walk towards them.

“Elder, please forgive me,” Zhuge Mingyue smiled and replied.

The elder looked at her coolly, then turned to look at Ye Futian. The young girl beside him also looked at Ye Futian. Evidently, she had told the elder what had happened.

“Who are you?” the elder asked.

“I am the Barren State’s Holy Zhi Palace Lord, Ye Futian,” Ye Futian saluted and replied.

“Ridiculous. The Holy Zhi Palace is the Barren State’s holy land, after all. Even though it is declining, how could they have such a weak Palace Lord?” The elder evidently knew about the Holy Zhi Palace, but his information was outdated.

“Everything I’m saying is the truth,” Ye Futian replied.

“He is the Palace’s new Lord indeed. Elder must not care much about news from the outside world?” Sage Wanxiang asked.

“Is that so?” The elder showed an interested expression and scrutinized Ye Futian from head to toe, causing Ye Futian’s hair to stand on end.

“Interesting,” the elder said softly before leaving with the young girl. Ye Futian looked at his back with a curious expression. This elder was evidently very strong, but nobody in the Nine States knew his identity. Was he really someone in seclusion?

After the elder and the little girl had left, they held hands and walked on the street. The little girl asked, “Village Chief, what are we here for?”

“Trying to look for someone who can defeat you,” the elder replied.

“Oh.” The little girl looked forward and said softly, “Then won’t this trip be pointless?”

“…” The elder glared at the young girl speechlessly. Would their trip be pointless?!