The Legend Of Futian Chapter 754

Chapter 754 Entering The Sacred Mountain

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In the following days, there would be people heading to the foot of Xihua Sacred Mountain every day to attempt to sound the Law Bell. Among them were geniuses from the Nine States who wanted to participate in the Nine State Forum. There were also Sage Plane cultivators from all around who wanted to use the Law Bell to test the level of their rule power.

Every day, a batch of outstanding figures would emerge and win the amazement of the onlookers. The people from Huatian City even created a list for the most outstanding prodigies in the Nine States. Of course, this list disregarded those who did not give their best effort when sounding the Law Bell and only did it for the Nine State Forum Token, so as to not be embroiled in the chaos.

Ye Futian did not go and watch the proceedings in the past few days. He did not even go and participate in the bustling qualification rounds for the Nine State Forum. However, Zhuge Qingfeng, Yan Jun, and many of the Barren State’s experts went to watch it. After they came back, they were rather overwhelmed. These people were all unable to ring the Law Bell unless they had special abilities, it was difficult for them to defeat the elite Nobles who had comprehended complete rule powers and could sound the Law Bell.

Li Futu had obtained the right to enter the Nine State Forum, the Zhuge Family also had a person from the younger generation who had entered. There were also many elite Nobles from the Palace and the Barren State who had passed the qualification rounds.

As the Nine State Forum approached, the mood in Huatian City had reached a climax. Surrounding Xihua Sacred Mountain, the vast region was full of people and almost all of them were extraordinary figures. Every day, the foot of the Xihua Sacred Mountain was full of people, all admiring the holy land that had integrated with the mountain.

Finally, the day that countless Eastern State people had been waiting for finally arrived.

At dawn, at the foot of Xihua Sacred Mountain, the area was full of countless figures. They raised their heads and looked at the sacred land above the 3,000 steps. The light from the sunrise fell on the holy land, making it look even more divine, as though the entire Sacred Mountain was enveloped by holy light.

At that moment, at the top of the Xihua Sacred Mountain’s 3.000 steps, two rows of figures lined up neatly, heading downwards. They looked like a group of people moving down the steps, creating a grandiose sight. Soon, the two sides of the 3,000 steps had people standing to welcome them. This was a huge visual impact on the crowd.

At the top of the 3,000 steps, an elderly figure stood there, his gaze looking downwards. He said in a bright voice, “This time’s Nine State Forum is organized on the Eastern State’s Xihua Sacred Mountain. The people from the Eastern State are all the hosts of this time’s Nine State Forum and are inviting all of you into the Sacred Mountain.”

The Eastern State had eight Saints and five holy lands. They were Xihua Sacred Mountain, where the three Saints were, the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty that had two Saints, and the other three places were the Floating Mountain, where the Sky Saint was, and the Lapiz Lazuli Holy Temple where the Glass Saint was. A place where a Saint was would be considered a holy land. Even though the Floating Mountain only had two people, the Sky Saint and his disciple Han Yu, it was still considered a holy land because of the presence of a Saint.

Holy lands became famous because of Saints. Only a faction that had a Saint could be referred to as a holy land. As such, the people from the Nine States all felt that at current, the Barren State’s holy lands were not worthy of the name.

At that moment, phoenix cries could be heard in the skies as phoenixes flew in from the distance with golden carriages, sprinkling light onto the area. On the carriage in the middle, there was a figure dressed in magnificent golden robes. His eyes looked as though they could pierce the air as he sat there quietly, causing others to feel the urge to pay homage to him. On both sides of the brilliant phoenix carriage, there were two rows of armored warriors standing in line. Although there were not many of them, each one of them gave off an extremely sharp feeling.

“The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s Majesty has come personally.” Many people were alarmed. The person in the carriage was the Great Zhou Sacred King.

A Saint had come.

Is this the reputed Golden Phoenix Army that dominated the entire Eastern State? the crowd was shocked as they thought. The Golden Phoenix Army was the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s royal troops. Only those who were part of the royal bloodline were qualified to enter. Not only did they have to be part of the royal bloodline, but they also had to awaken the Golden Phoenix Life Spirit and have the blood of the Golden Phoenix. The Golden Phoenix was the symbol of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty.

The phoenix carriages flew in the air towards Xihua Sacred Mountain. A Saint had personally come, so he naturally did not need to get off and walk. He had the right to ride into the Sacred Mountain.

At that moment, a ray of golden light flashed in the sky. The Great Zhou Sacred King looked to the side, and in the next moment, two figures appeared in the air. One of them was Han Yu, the person who had sounded the Law Bell a few days ago, and the other did not have a speck of dust on him. His eyes were deep and boundless.

The Sky Saint. The crowd was astounded. This was the charm of the Nine State Forum; it could make Saints attend it personally. Who would be able to see the Great Zhou Sacred King or Sky Saint up close usually? However, they had both appeared today.

At that moment, a brilliant glow lit up in the air again. It was blindingly beautiful, like colored glass. Then, a group of ravishing beauties descended from the sky onto the air above the steps.

“The Lapiz Lazuli Holy Temple has arrived.” Countless gazes turned towards those figures, as though searching for something. Soon, their gazes all landed on the lady at the front. The lady had an ethereal feeling, as though she did not belong to the mortal world. She looked like she was barely past 20. Her skin was youthful and her looks were breathtaking. Her aura was exceptionally divine, causing nobody to dare to even think of defiling her.

“Glass Saint. I’ve actually met the Glass Saint while I am alive.” Many cultivators had crazed expressions as they proclaimed. That was the Glass Saint, a lady with a legendary story, and also the most beautiful woman in the Eastern State. Even when the Great Zhou Sacred King’s gaze met the Glass Saint’s, he did not disguise the desire in his eyes. The Glass Saint was the woman he had wanted the most in his life, ever since he was young.

The Eastern State’s number one beauty. Her beauty transcended a generation and was unrivaled, even now. As her cultivation level got stronger, not only did she not show signs of aging, but she became even more outstanding.

“What a beautiful woman,” Ye Futian said softly from the crowd. Hearing the exclamations from the crowd, he already knew her identity. She was actually the Glass Saint from the 72 Saints.

Goddess Qingni already had ravishing looks, but now that she was standing beside her master, the Glass Saint, her looks paled in comparison.

“That’s a Saint, don’t think too much,” Hua Jieyu snickered at Ye Futian in a soft voice.

“I only have admiration for her, what are you talking about, Jieyu?” Ye Futian’s gaze landed on Hua Jieyu. She blinked and asked, “What are you looking at?”

“If cultivators with outstanding potential are able to cultivate fast enough, they will be able to maintain their everlasting youthful looks, and their aura will become even more phenomenal. Jieyu, after you become a Saint, you’ll definitely become a ravishing female Saint,” Ye Futian said with a smirk. He was excited just thinking about it.

Hua Jieyu stepped on his foot forcefully. This fellow was already the owner of the Palace, what thoughts were his head filled with?

Ye Futian had a profound smile. What a beautiful life he had.

He raised his head and looked into the air. Apart from the Chess Saint, the other Saint representatives from the Eastern State were all here. The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty only needed to have one representative. Moreover, the Chess Saint’s nine disciples were all on the Xihua Sacred Mountain at the moment.

The appearance of the Eastern State’s Saints should be to show the importance of the Nine State Forum. After all, the Eastern State was the host of this time’s Nine State Forum, so it was natural for them to be present while the other states’ Saints would probably not attend the forum.

The Great Zhou Sacred King, Sky Saint, and Great Zhou Sacred King all entered Xihua Sacred Mountain. Then, the figures on the 3,000 steps all said together, “Can the Summer State’s holy lands step forward and enter the Sacred Mountain.” As they finished, multiple figures flew into the air from the crowd. Each of them had extraordinary auras, and after looking at each other, they all headed forward.

Like the crowd had expected, the Summer State did not have any Saints attending the forum. They only had elite Sages acting as a guide, but they were all figures on the Nine States’ Sage and Saint Ranking.

The crowd faintly realized that there was a group of people who were at the front and the rest gave way to them. However, the Eastern State’s Saints had all descended at the same time and entered the Sacred Mountain together, unlike the situation now.

“They’re from the Xia Clan,” the crowd’s gazes turned towards the group of people at the front as they muttered. They had exceptional auras.

There had been rumors in the Nine States that the Xia Clan were the descendants of Emperor Xia, carrying on his bloodline. However, they were only one out of many, but they were respected in the Summer State. Of course, the rumor had never been proven, because neither Emperor Xia nor the Xia Clan had confirmed it. However, from the Xia Clan’s position in the Summer State and the holy lands’ attitudes towards the Summer State, it was likely to be true.

“Can the Qi State’s holy lands step forward and enter the Sacred Mountain.”

“Can the Cloud State’s holy lands step forward and enter the Sacred Mountain.”

“Can the War State’s holy lands step forward and enter the Sacred Mountain.”

“Can the Feng State’s holy lands step forward and enter the Sacred Mountain.”

“Can the Ocean State’s holy lands step forward and enter the Sacred Mountain.”

“Can the Yu State’s holy lands step forward and enter the Sacred Mountain.”

Voices sounded one after the other, sounding throughout the foot of Xihua Sacred Mountain. How grand it was for the Nine States to have gathered, as experts from the Nine States’ holy lands walked through the air and entered the Sacred Mountain. Those who were not from holy lands did not have the right to enter the Sacred Mountain. Only those from the Nine States’ holy lands had the right to have a seat and watch the Nine State Forum.

Seeing the experts from all the holy lands entering the Sacred Mountain, the crowd bustled as the event began.

“Can the Barren State’s holy lands step forward and enter the Sacred Mountain.” Another voice sounded and many people whispered secretly among themselves that the rumor had been real. The Xihua Sacred Mountain had invited the Barren State, who had been absent from the Nine State Forum for a very long time, to participate. However, the Barren State was the last to be invited, so they were probably just invited to emphasize the other states’ brilliance.

At that moment, within the crowd, beside Ye Futian, Sage Wanxiang, Yuan Hong, Zhuge Qingfeng, and many others were unhappy, but they did not say anything. A cold glint flashed in Yu Sheng’s eyes.

“Jieyu, we’re going ahead first,” Ye Futian said to Hua Jieyu. She had also decided to participate in the Nine State Forum. Although there was a Saint within her body guiding her now, she still wanted to gather more experiences for herself.

“Yu Sheng, Wuchen, Seventh Brother, Yuan Zhan, Xu Que. Do your best,” Ye Futian looked at the people preparing for the Nine State Forum and said to them. They all nodded, then flew into the air towards Xihua Sacred Mountain.

Many people’s gazes landed on Ye Futian’s group. Were these people from the Barren State?