The Legend Of Futian Chapter 759

Chapter 759 One Holding Off A Thousand

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Xu Shi frowned slightly, seeing Yu Sheng taking one step after another towards him. It was apparent that he had vastly underestimated what Yu Sheng was capable of.

Zhan Yao of Zhisheng Cliffs would not have had appeared weak before Yu Sheng. His blade work had incorporated the vast power of rules and boasted incredible killing power. However, Yu Sheng simply blocked it with his arms alone. It was something done by merging rules with one’s flesh and blood body. It was apparent then that Yu Sheng trained his body to the extreme. If one was unable to take him down while fighting in close combat, they were as good as dead.

Despite being able to feel Yu Sheng’s incredible might, Xu Shi was a proud son of Xihua Sacred Mountain. He was not going to lose just like that, but his expression turned incredibly serious and solemn nonetheless. He apparently knew that his opponent was powerful.

Xu Shi put his arms forward and a tremendously glittering golden beast appeared behind Xu Shi. A terrifying golden storm erupted in the air with his body at the center.

“Spell, Demonic Prison, Shackle.” Xu Shi’s voice was incredibly cold. The terrifying golden storm tore at Yu Sheng’s body, drowning the space where Yu Sheng was, manifesting as a terribly huge metal demonic beast, and its terrifyingly huge body went to imprison Yu Sheng right beneath it.

When one developed matured rules, the spell unleashed would become a rule spell, boasting greater power. However, at that moment, Yu Sheng’s body went on to forcefully move outside the prison of that demonic beast. He barged through the construct, and with a loud boom, the prison blew apart. Yu Sheng took a huge leap ahead and continued going after Xu Shi.

“His body is that powerful?” The hearts of many shuddered. In the world of cultivators, rules were powers employed by sages. Technically-speaking, there was no doubt that top-notch nobles who had developed matured rules were more powerful than nobles who had not, but there were still some peculiar exceptions. Those people had different talents, enabling them to break such conventions.

Yu Sheng’s power was at a level where not even conventional top-notch nobles who had developed the use of rules would have been able to do anything against him, even if he were to not rely on rules.

Xu Shi’s expression turned ugly. The Life Spirit behind him took a tangible form and his body merged directly with that huge beast. It was apparent that Xu Shi had learned martial arts before. The incredibly huge beast lifted its claws and slapped at Yu Sheng. One finger on that set of claws alone would have been enough to pierce Yu Sheng’s body, killing him right there and then.

Boom. Yu Sheng stomped onto the ground and his battle form came into being with a huge rumble. An enormous golden shadow appeared and it was of the same size as the huge beast before him. There was no doubt that it was the Douzhan body. His battle form went on to launch a punch straight for the beast, landing on the incredibly sharp claws. The claws were shattered immediately with a rumble. That huge fist continued its path, bringing terrible might to bear, penetrating all before it and landing hard on the beast’s body. Xu Shi grunted within the huge beast’s body and spat up blood. His body was sent retreating violently, and the shadow of the beast dissipated.

Doom. Xu Shi’s body crashed onto the ground. Yu Sheng’s battle form continued walking towards him, then he leapt into the air as if to step on Xu Shi.

Seeing that godly shadow above, Xu Shi went pale and shouted, “I surrender.”

Boom. A loud rumble reverberated in Xu Shi’s eardrums and his eyes were closed. His face went pale as he shuddered on the ground. Xu Shi’s eyes flew wide open, noting that he remained unharmed, seeing the godlike shadow landing right beside him, looking down on him. Yu Sheng took a look at him with nasty eyes before turning around and walking away without saying anything else.

Xu Shi felt his heart bleeding at that very moment. While no words had been spoken, he felt indescribably shameful. He felt all from the nine states were looking at him so pitifully.

That was the very first battle of the Nine State Forum.

Xihua Sacred Mountain had hoped that he would be able to emerge as number one and make it into the subsequent rounds. He had enough confidence in himself to be able to do so and had gone on to boast about eliminating Yu Sheng first. However, reality was cold and cruel. He was not even able to fight against Yu Sheng and ended up being defeated by such an overwhelming difference in power, suffering a thoroughly humiliating defeat. He shouted the words that he never thought he would say.

The students of Xihua Sacred Mountain all looked at the battlefield; their eyes were on Xu Shi and Yu Sheng. The stout body, which had walked out before the event even began, went about proving the worth of the Barren State to avenge the humiliation and frustration he and the Barren State suffered in his very own way.

Many turned around to look at Ye Futian of the Barren State. He was sitting there quietly without any hint of tension or worry. It was as if everything that had happened was how things should have happened.

A feeling of ridiculousness welled up in many peoples’ minds. Does Ye Futian truly think that Yu Sheng has what it takes to make it to top ten? Was he deliberately acting humble and lowering himself so as to prepare for the upcoming battles?

“Impossible.” People of Xihua Sacred Mountain denied their own thoughts. There were tens of sacred grounds from all over the nine states participating in the Nine State Forum.

What does this mean?

It meant that most sacred grounds would not have been able to get a shot at the top ten and only a very small amount of sacred grounds would be able to do so.

While Yu Sheng indeed demonstrated that he has terrifyingly powerful combat power, is it possible for him to bag one a spot in the top ten?

Those who ranked on the top ten would have needed to overwhelm the strongest of geniuses many sacred grounds had to offer before getting the right to such a high ranking. While Xu Shi had been powerful, the most remarkable ones of Xihua Sacred Mountain were able to overwhelm Xu Shi all the same.

At the moment, the eyes of the others from the remaining six states were all on Yu Sheng. All of them were looking at him with a very strong sense of dread.

He overwhelmed the proud sons of Zhisheng Cliffs of Yu State and Xihua Sacred Mountain of Eastern State. What if I end up having to face him?

“Will you all select the strongest among yourselves? Or do you intend to come at me all at once?” Yu Sheng scanned all six of them. The grandstands went totally silent as soon as he finished.

That fellow actually provoked all mighty ones of the remaining six states.

He is trying to take on the geniuses of all eight other states by himself.

He intends to take on all of them alone.

“What overwhelming power.” Many in the grandstand areas felt rather elated. All of them had thought that the first battle of the Nine State Forum would have been a clash of titans where mighty ones would butt heads with each other. Their speculations were half correct, as all nine states sent out incredibly remarkable people who had all developed matured rules for the battle.

Yet they had not expected there to be one capable of overwhelming all of the other mighty ones on his own, emerging in the very first battle between the nine states. Furthermore, it was one from the Barren State, and he went on to sweep all the others from other states with absolute, indisputable might.

All six mighty ones took different corners and unleashed vague aura of rules, eyeing at that stout figure before them. Yu Sheng remained standing where he was as if he felt nothing. He looked like a tall, regal mountain that could not be moved by anything. He had been suppressing his annoyance for quite a while. If all of the other states went bullying and ridiculing the Barren State, claiming that they had no one and did not bother affording them with basic respect, then all he had to do was simply announce, with force, the Barren State’s existence to all.

Boom, boom… One aura of rules after another burst forth. All six mighty ones moved at the same time. They were fighting on the stage of the Nine State Forum, and they saw no reason to hold back against Yu Sheng. They were all from sacred grounds, and they saw it unforgivable to get eliminated on the very first round.

Everyone had very strong attachments. At the moment, all of them found Yu Sheng to be the greatest threat, and as such, they had to eliminate Yu Sheng before anyone else.

Xia Li, Qi Ao, Su He, Mo Gong, Yan Zhan, and Lan Yu; all six geniuses from sacred grounds came straight for Yu Sheng.

A dragon emerged, a Roc went about tearing everything apart and swooping down in an instant, as well as divine weapons coalesced from violent rules swooshing about with killing intent. All illusions of attack rules drown the space they were in, and all of them went with lethal intent at Yu Sheng. It was apparent that all six mighty ones chose the later—moving against Yu Sheng all at once in hopes of clearing out the most powerful threat before them.

Yu Sheng remained standing, like a mountain, where he was. He took one step forward all of a sudden as the others attacked. The ground shook with a loud rumble and the Douzhan Body seemed to stand between the heavens and the earth like a devil of some sort. Its unnervingly powerful dark golden flowing lights coursed throughout his battle form, materializing as the most powerful defense possible. Streaks of terrifying attacks landed on his battle form one after another. The battle form shook violently. Lan Yu threw a punch with the force of a tsunami behind it, hidden might capable of penetrating everything in its path intending to shatter that battle form.

“He’s still standing?” Everyone saw the attacks of all six mighty ones land hard on the battle form, yet the construct did not crumble. The Douzhan Body went on to even unleash blindingly strong light, making everyone’s eyes hurt.

Yu Sheng lifted his head and scanned all six of them before him. He moved his other leg and planted it solidly onto the ground.

“Get lost.” A loud roar was heard and Yu Sheng threw two punches at the air. Thousands of golden fists erupted from within the battle form in that very instant, striking everything before it, drowning all six of them within. Every fist carried sheer power like no other.

Boom, boom, boom, boom… The fist will crushed the attacks and defenses of all six mighty ones in a frenzy. The sheer might penetrated the air and struck them with the most direct and overbearing force. All six ended up being thrown off without exception. There were some grunting while some had blood at the corner of their mouths, looking pale.

“Some power indeed!” Many trembled violently deep down. Just what kind of power is this?

The might of the flesh and blood body synchronized with the battle form then went on to bring the purest rules of sheer power to bear. Such an approach went on to yield power enabling one to take on thousands, overwhelming everything before him.

There were several monks who sat in honored seats at the area assigned to War State at the moment. Their bodies looked as if they were made of gold. They watched Yu Sheng. A mighty one who looked like a golden buddha said, “If he had trained in the ways of Buddhism, he would have reached incredible heights.”

They all hailed from a sacred ground of War State, the Vajra Region.

Yu Sheng’s punch made them feel as if it was something resembling the Palm of Mahavairocana, which was incredibly hard, powerful, and loaded with sheer force.

Yu Sheng’s eyes scanned at all six of them standing at the six corners on the stage. He then said, “Do you all want to fight still?”

Xia Li of Summer State went on to stare at Yu Sheng and cursed under his breath, “What the hell.” He then turned around and leave in frustration. All six of them were thrown back, and there was just no point to keep on fighting. He had only his own luck to blame for encountering a monster of such power in his very first battle.

Qi Ao’s mouth quivered and he too turned around and left, feeling incredibly vexed.

The stage of the first battle of the Nine State Forum was all his. All the others did not even have the chance to show what they were capable of. All of the others eyed Yu Sheng before walking off one after another.

Everyone looked at that one figure who remained on the forum stage, feeling awed. This is the true charm of the Nine State Forum. A battle that shakes the hearts of many, right from the very first one.

Elders looked at Yu Sheng from the edge of the forum stage and announced, “The winner of the round, Yu Sheng.”

Yu Sheng lifted his head and eyed the elder, before saying, “Yu Sheng, student of the Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State.” He turned around and walked away as soon as he finished!