The Legend Of Futian Chapter 76

Chapter 76: Block the Door

Everyone watched as Ye Futian tossed Zhou Mu before the School of the Emperor Star pavilion. Seeing such a talent fall to the ground, they felt unsettled. Zhou Mu, disciple of the Art Saint, was currently cultivating with the headmaster of the School of the Emperor Star. But today, he was first defeated by Ye Futian's guqin and then wiped out by a stick. After this, there would no longer be any fights between the successors of the Qin Devil and Art Saint. Zhou Mu no longer qualified.

The results could not be described using 'winner' and 'loser.' They were not even at the same level with Zhou Mu at a higher plane. Any battles in the future would be meaningless. Of course, this did not mean that Zhou Mu was not powerful. Ye Futian was just abnormal.

At the top of the pavilion, a beautiful figure stood quietly. There was a smile in her eyes and it was breathtaking. If her father saw this, he must be very proud. However, the others' expressions were uncomfortable and even somber. Ye Futian had said that the School of the Emperor Star's prodigy was nothing much. The prodigy that cultivated with the headmaster of the school had been squashed.

Ye Futian looked up to Han Mo and said, "Senior, you witnessed the battle at the Luo Palace. Do you still think Zhou Mu has the ability to defeat me?"

Han Mo looked at Ye Futian. There was a cold glint in his sharp eyes.

This guy doesn't leave any dignity for others, the spectators thought. He had used his powerful talent to prove that someone had attacked him secretly at the Luo Palace.

Han Mo, who had accused Ye Futian of slander, now looked awkward. Some people were even wondering if this event had something to do with Han Mo.

"Perhaps you had purposely hidden your true ability that day," someone said in the group of Emperor Star students. It was Zhuo Qingthe one Ye Futian had met yesterday. He had stopped Ye Futian from going to find Hua Jieyu at the school, thus resulting in this battle.

"Yes, perhaps I was too lowly and purposely hid my true ability and then spread rumors that I am not as good as Zhou Mu so I could slander him," Ye Futian said with a smile. Everyone became speechless. This guy was good at sarcasm.

"Junior Ye, you are acting so arrogantly before the School of the Emperor Star and even insulted my school. What do you want?" Zhuo Qing glared at Ye Futian with burning eyes.

Looking at him, Ye Futian smiled brightly. He said, "According to the news, disciples of the Emperor Star and Treasury Star are constantly challenging the disciples of the School of the Finance Star recently. As a member of Finance Star, I, Ye Futian, wished to see how impressive the talents of the other two schools are."

With that, the area fell silent. Ye Futian did not come today only to defeat Zhou Mu. After clearing the Qin Devil's reputation, he declared that he wanted to challenge the two strongest schools of Donghai Academy. He would block the door and challenge them!

First, Yu Sheng had blocked the gate of the School of the Treasury Star. Now, Ye Futian would make camp outside the Emperor Star. He was mad!

Han Mo's expression darkened and he sneered. He could not believe someone would do this to the Emperor Star. He asked coldly, "How would you like to challenge us?"

"Yu Sheng!" Ye Futian called.

Yu Sheng was prepared. He strode out and was beside Ye Futian quickly. When the two stood side by side, the others of Donghai Academy finally realized just how outstanding these two youths were. They had just entered this year and made a name for themselves through battles.

"I heard that a few days ago, two Eight-star Glory Planes from the School of the Treasury Star had teamed up to defeat my brother. So powerful, huh? Is there no one good enough to come out from the Treasury Star?" Ye Futian said nonchalantly. He dragged the Treasury Star in. He needed to take revenge for Yu Sheng.

"Since he wanted to challenge us, he should have been prepared. Is he a sore loser?" a powerful student from Treasury Star replied coldly after hearing the question.

Ye Futian glanced at the other and smirked. "If that's the case, I'd like to witness the power of the Eight-star Glory Plane prodigies. We are Five-star Glory Planes. I'm sure the Treasury Star won't reject our request, right?"

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng were both at the Five-star Glory Plane. Those who had defeated Yu Sheng were at the Eight-star Glory Plane. They had no excuse to reject Ye Futian.

Two figures walked out of the Treasury Star crowd. They had just come to watch and did not expect to be involved by Yu Futian. Since this was the case, they could only humor Ye Futian.

"Leng Qiufeng from the Treasury Star."

"Jiang Kun from the Treasure Star."

The two stood quietly and calmly. They were both at the Eight-star Glory Plane. Leng Qiufeng was also a mandate sorcery and extremely powerful. Yu Sheng and Ye Futian were powerful but they were at a much lower plane. The two from the Treasury Star were confident that if they worked together, they would definitely win.

"I hope you will be satisfied with the loss this time." Leng Qiufeng smiled as if mocking Ye Futian. As soon as he finished, Leng Qiufeng stood behind Jiang Kun. A terrible wind appeared on him. Not only did it descend onto his body, it also fell onto Jiang Kun. Then Leng Qiufeng shot into the sky. Jiang Kun was still on the ground, shrouded in wind.

Seeing this, Ye Futian realized that Yu Sheng's defeat was understandable. Yu Sheng had not entered the dharma rank yet and could not fly.

"Yu Sheng, I'll support while you take revenge yourself," Ye Futian said.

"Okay." Yu Sheng nodded and stood before Ye Futian. Strong wind spirit gathered around Yu Sheng, wrapping around him. A dark gold armor appeared, covering his entire body. This was the strength of his element. The wind element was Ye Futian's.

Aggressive power burst from Yu Sheng. He stepped forward to Jiang Kun over the shaking ground. Ye Futian followed closely. Beautiful golden wings appeared. Whishwhish The scary windstorm transformed into circular blades. They sliced down from Leng Qiufeng, whistling through the air.

BOOM! Yu Sheng's footsteps thudded on the ground. He was filled with endless power. He punched and a gold fist broke through the air, shattering the flying circular blades.

At the same time, a terrifying thunderstorm burst from Jiang Kun at the front. The shadow of a thunderbolt appeared on his body. It transformed into a humanoid shape. The brewing thunderbolt was full of pressure.

Feeling the pressure of the spell, Ye Futian contacted with the metal element spirit, adding another layer of armor on Yu Sheng. The next moment, the thunderbolt's shadow descended. It fell onto Yu Sheng with destructive power. The thunder spell was able to slice someone apart with the thunderbolt's power.

When the spell descended, Yu Sheng's armor was torn apart. Then it attacked Yu Sheng's dark gold body. Electricity ran through his body. His powerful muscles trembled but his steps did not falter.

In the air, Leng Qiufeng scoffed. The next moment, Jiang Kun was wrapped in the wind spell and flew up too.

"Yu Sheng!" Ye Futian called. The two worked together with tacit agreement. Yu Sheng jumped and sprang into the air. The powerful momentum was paired with Ye Futian's wind spell, helping him rush toward Jiang Kun like the wind.

"What a joke." Leng Qiufeng looked disdainful. With his supportive control, Yu Sheng would be unable to touch Jiang Kun. Even if he was extremely strong, he would not be able to use his skills.

Ye Futian was spiraling up as his wings flapped. At this moment, the wings began glowing green and flapped crazily in the air. With a sound like a waterfall, Jiang Kun suddenly stopped in the air. He was stunned. Looking down, he saw vines on his body. Starting at his legs, they wrapped around him.

"It's the wood element!" The spectators below were shaken. Since when was Ye Futian good at this?

Leng Qiufeng's expression changed as well. This sudden change had interrupted his rhythm. He wanted to react but saw that Yu Sheng had already arrived and sent a fist at Jiang Kun.

Jiang Kun was not a wind elemental sorcerer and was not good at flying. He needed Leng Qiufeng's control. How could he dodge this blow?

There was a thud and one could faintly hear the sound of bones cracking. Yu Sheng was so strong that Jiang Kun spat out blood. Ye Futian used the vines to drag Jiang Kun back. He dropped to the ground and flung the vines. Jiang Kun smashed onto the ground, blood spurting out of his mouth. He shook uncontrollably.

The people of Treasury Star looked at this with dark faces. They were so embarrassed.

So violent, many people thought. Ye Futian was helping Yu Sheng vent his anger. The two Eight-star Glory Planes had worked together to beat Yu Sheng. Ye Futian was obviously pissed.

Leng Qiufeng was stunned by this scene. He glanced at Ye Futian and Yu Sheng on the ground, his eyes turning frigid. He had never expected that Ye Futian would be a wood elemental sorcerer who specialized in control.

"An Eight-star Glory Plane talent of the School of the Treasury Star?" Ye Futian mocked. Then he tossed Jiang Kun into the direction of his school's crowd without looking. Instead, he looked up into the air and said coldly, "There's another one."

BOOM! Chaotic power burst from Leng Qiufeng's body. A shadow appeared behind him. It was an extremely burly demon lion. It was entirely white and seemed to be made from stone. This was Leng Qiufeng's life spirit, the Stone Lion. It contained Leng Qiufeng's strong earth-elemental talent. It also provided him with terrible strength. Therefore, he also cultivated with martial arts. Other than that, he also had the wind-elemental talent. Thus, Leng Qiufeng was a wind and earth bi-elemental mandate sorcerer and martial artist.

"You will pay for this." Leng Qiufeng looked down at the two. The earth element spirit gathered around him, covering his body with stone armor. A stone spear appeared in his hands.

"He's a lot stronger than Jiang Kun," Yu Sheng said quietly.

"The ending will be the same," Ye Futian uttered. The Roc life spirit appeared behind him. The golden feathers had become so brilliant.