The Legend Of Futian Chapter 760

Chapter 760 Overbearing

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In just one battle, Yu Sheng had been remembered by the people from all Nine States. After all, this was the first battle on the Nine State Forum and Yu Sheng had appeared in a dominant fashion.

The Barren State and Holy Zhi Palace’s Yu Sheng definitely had its place on the stage of the Nine State Forum. If he was not unlucky enough to meet the most elite figures in the Nine States, it would not be a problem for him to enter the top 100.

“The second battle will continue in the order that the Nine States entered in. Battle,” the elder announced at the edge of the stage. Next, the Eastern State and the Summer State’s experts stepped out. On the Barren State’s side, they all looked at each other. They had fewer participants, so it was convenient for them to discuss who would battle.

“I’ll go,” the Holy Zhi Palace’s disciple Zhong Li said. He was a genius who had entered the Palace in the same batch as Ye Futian and was also considered an outstanding figure in their batch. Back then, he was eliminated by Yuan Zhan, but he had since stepped into the pinnacle of the Noble Plane and comprehended a semblance of suppression rule power.

When it was the Barren State’s turn, Zhong Li stepped onto the battle platform. Ye Futian looked at Zhong Li and said, “Zhong Li’s cultivation is pure and free from distractions. His focus is on his martial arts cultivation and it is commendable for him to be able to reach such a level so quickly. He can be allowed into the Sage Hall to cultivate.”

“Yes,” Sage Wanxiang nodded and added, “however, the Nine State Forum requires one to defeat the participants from the other eight states to advance. Moreover, there is a high chance that they will meet a strong adversary when in a battle of nine. It is even more prevalent in these early battles, so Zhong Li’s chances might be slim.”

“It’s the same whether he’s eliminated earlier or later. What’s most important is the experience. We can also see how strong the participants from the other states are at the same time.” Ye Futian took it in his stride. He knew that the Barren State’s strength was fundamentally weaker than the other states. Apart from those who entered the Sage Hall with him, it would be nearly impossible for anyone else to enter the top 100.

There were dozens of holy lands here. Only a handful of people from each holy land could enter the top 100. His Barren State’s Holy Zhi Palace was merely one of the holy lands. Moreover, all the other holy lands had more participants than them; this was something he was aware of.

Just like Sage Wanxiang had predicted, someone who was evidently stronger than the other nine in the battle arena had appeared. She was from the Summer State’s Yue Clan. The Yue Clan’s strongest ability was sealing techniques.

At that moment, on the battle arena, a girl in a white dress floated like an immortal in the middle of the crowd. After she had defeated her first opponent, many people could feel her strength and started to surround her to deal with her first. However, as her body floated in the air, a moon appeared behind her. The moonlight scattered onto the other opponents and they could feel their Spiritual Wills being sealed. Zhong Li released his Life Spirit and the tripod released a blinding glow and rushed forward rapidly, resisting the opponent’s sealing technique.

The girl’s body became brighter as the moon became even more brilliant. Rule power fused with the moonlight as it scattered down, and at that moment, all those who were attacking her fell into an illusion. It was as though they were in the moon’s world and their Spiritual Will was unable to sense the outside world, making them unable to use their rule power. At that moment, their bodies started to become surrounded by frost. Bit by bit, they were completely encased in ice and unable to move. All the other experts were all frozen in the air, but their Spiritual Wills were still in the moon’s world.

How strong. Many people shuddered as they thought to themselves. They could feel sweat running down their spine.

“Among the Nine States, the Summer State is the strongest. Apart from the Xia Clan, the Yue Clan’s sealing techniques can seal one’s Spiritual Will as well as their bodies. It is indeed terrifying.” On the viewing area, the crowd was already discussing. There was no doubt about the outcome of this battle. The Yue Clan’s expert had crushed all her opponents.

“Not just the Yue Clan, but the Summer State also has the number one academy in the Nine States: the Nine State College and the Yi Clan. It is rumored that one of the Yi Clan’s ancestors was at the level of the Renhuang.” There were also others who were discussing the other major factions in the Summer State.

Ye Futian’s gaze looked towards the battle arena with surprise.

This girl’s ability was special and extremely strong.

The Nine States were indeed filled with experts.

The battle ended like everyone had expected. Zhong Li had his head held low as he left the forum’s battle arena. He had not expected to be defeated so pitifully. His Spiritual Will had been sealed and he could not even resist. In the first battle, Yu Sheng had defeated his opponents in dominant fashion. In the second battle, the Yue Clan’s experts had crushed.

“The Barren State has too few people,” Ye Futian looked down and commented. There were numerous holy lands in the Nine States and plenty of experts. The Barren State had few people and they needed to participate in battles continually. Every time they went out to battle, there was a chance they would be battling prodigies. It was no wonder nobody had high hopes for the Barren State.

In the third battle, they all appeared to be more cautious. The participants from the Nine States were all hesitant to step out. The combatant from the Barren State was Li Futu. In this battle, an extremely strong figure from Xihua Sacred Mountain stepped out and defeated everyone in a similar fashion to the past two battles. As the host, Xihua Sacred Mountain evidently needed a victory to establish their position. Otherwise, they would not send their disciples consecutively into these battles.

Li Futu was rather unlucky. He was by no means weak and could hold his own even against an expert who had comprehended complete rule power, but Lady Luck was not on his side. After three battles, all the holy lands probably were not so obsessed with victory anymore.

The fourth battle was started by the Eastern State again. The participant from the Eastern State was a beautiful lady—the princess of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, Zhou Ziyi.

The other states also sent their experts out one after the other. The Great Zhou Sacred King looked towards the forum’s battle arena and said, smiling. “Ziyi will probably go through some hard knocks in this Nine State Forum.”

“Younger sister’s potential is not weak and she has comprehended complete rule power. As long as she does not meet any particularly strong opponents, she should be able to advance and have a chance to enter the top 100,” Zhou Zichao replied.

“That’s a tall order,” the Great Zhou Sacred King said calmly. One needed to be extremely strong to enter the top 100 of the Nine State Forum.

“Princess Ziyi will have a chance,” an archmage beside the Great Zhou Sacred King smiled and said.

“Let’s just see how it goes.” The Great Zhou Sacred King smiled and did not say anything more.

In the Barren State’s direction, they all looked towards each other and Xu Que said lazily, “I’ll go.”

“Let me.” A voice interrupted Xu Que. He looked at the person who had spoken and saw that it was Hua Jieyu. He then nodded and replied, “Sure.” The rest of the participants did not have any objections. Although Hua Jieyu was participating in the Nine State Forum, her real identity was the Palace Lord’s wife.

“Jieyu.” Ye Futian saw Hua Jieyu walking out and had a strange expression on his face. He then let out a bitter smile and shook his head. This Fox, it seemed that she still held a grudge over what happened in the Chess Saint Villa. Zhou Ziyi had belittled him through her words multiple times in the Chess Saint Villa. Although he had already proven himself, evidently, Jieyu could not take Zhou Ziyi’s actions lying down.

Zhou Ziyi was also looking in the direction of the Barren State. When she saw Hua Jieyu walking out, a sharp glint appeared in her eyes. In the Chess Saint Villa, Hua Jieyu had also embarrassed her.

The nine people all stood in their own corners. Seeing Hua Jieyu still wearing a veil over her face, Zhou Ziyi quipped, “This is the Nine State Forum, why aren’t you facing us with your true face?”

The influential figures on the viewing stand all watched silently. There were no rules against wearing veils. However, this Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s princess appeared to be provoking her. It seemed that she was prejudiced against this Barren State girl. The crowd was naturally delighted to see such a scene on the Nine State Forum.

Hua Jieyu stared at the other party and Zhou Ziyi humphed. “Perhaps you think that you have stunning looks and that you’re superior to us?”

Ye Futian frowned. It was one thing for this woman to invite trouble in the Chess Saint Villa, but she was still this overbearing on the Nine State Forum. If so, there was no need to be courteous to her.

“Jieyu, since the princess wants to have a look, let her,” Ye Futian said. Hua Jieyu turned back and looked at Ye Futian, then nodded softly and removed the veil covering her face.

Seeing Hua Jieyu’s looks, Zhou Ziyi’s expression became particularly colorful. She was the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s princess and was a beauty; however, the face before her made her looks pale in comparison.

What a beautiful lady, many people thought to themselves. On the viewing gallery, many people involuntarily turned to look at the Eastern State’s number one beauty, the Glass Saint. They all secretly compared these two’s looks. The Glass Saint naturally felt numerous gazes on her, but she did not take notice. As the Eastern State’s number one beauty, she was naturally used to it.

This Great Zhou Sacred King’s descendant Zhou Ziyi had brought misfortune on herself.

“The Barren State’s Holy Zhi Palace Lord’s wife is personally attending the Nine State Forum?” Feeling embarrassed, Zhou Ziyi continued to barrage Hua Jieyu.

“Before my husband took over as the Palace Lord, I was already a disciple of the Palace. Now, my cultivation level is also at the pinnacle of the Noble Plane, so why not?” Hua Jieyu looked at Zhou Ziyi and continued, “On the other hand, the princess is so domineering on the Nine State Forum. The Barren State’s Hua Jieyu invites princess to spar.”

“Okay,” Zhou Ziyi replied unceremoniously. As her voice landed, a brilliant light surrounded her body and a ravishing golden phoenix appeared behind her. In an instant, Zhou Ziyi looked like she was shielded by divine light and appeared noble and holy.

Hua Jieyu also released her Life Spirit, the crown materializing from its shadow. Immediately, Hua Jieyu was surrounded in holy light and looked like a queen. A dominant Spiritual Energy surrounded the area, as though it could control all the forces in the surrounding.

The phoenix let out a screech and in an instant, the skies filled with the shadows of countless Golden Phoenixes, all diving towards Hua Jieyu at the same time. The area felt as though it would ignite at any time.

Zhou Ziyi’s expression was cold. She wanted to see what gave this lowly woman the gall to humiliate her.

Hua Jieyu stood in the air quietly, the light from her crown scattering down in the area, which was under the control of her Spiritual Will. When the phoenixes rushed towards her, an extremely brilliant glow lit up in her eyes and with crushing sounds, the crowd saw the Golden Phoenixes being crushed to pieces!