The Legend Of Futian Chapter 761

Chapter 761 Telekinetic Attacks

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Zhou Ziyi’s expression paled, not because the phoenix shadows had been crushed, but because she could feel that Hua Jieyu’s attack was not targeting the phoenix shadows, but the Spiritual Will that she had fused with the area.

Noble Plane experts could fuse their Spiritual Will into the area’s Spiritual Qi and launch devastating attacks. The Sage Plane’s rule power was an evolution of the Noble Plane’s Spiritual Will, fusing more perfectly with the power in the area and creating rule power. As such, all their attacks used their Spiritual Will as a foundation.

Just now, her phoenix shadows had been destroyed because the Spiritual Will that she had fused with the area had suffered a destructive blow and had been eradicated. Naturally, the phoenix shadows would disintegrate into nothingness.

A Spirit Elementalist. Zhou Ziyi glared at the beautiful queen-like figure in the air. There was a divine light surrounding her body, making Hua Jieyu more brilliant than her. This caused her to feel a tinge of envy. Her Spiritual Will rapidly spread out and became one with the heavens. Numerous Golden Phoenixes appeared in every corner of the area, as though there was a huge divine phoenix enveloping the area. In the world of golden flames, the continually falling golden flames that seemed like they could incinerate everything flew towards Hua Jieyu. However, when the flames landed, they would extinguish and fade to nothingness. Zhou Ziyi frowned. Her feeling had not been wrong.

The giant golden phoenix started to become corporeal, the burning golden flames turning into a dazzling phoenix blade, slashing towards Hua Jieyu’s body. Hua Jieyu did not dodge or shield herself. She stretched out her arms and her crown Life Spirit let out a blinding glow. Her eyes became exceptionally bewitching, as though a divine light shot out from them.

“Seal,” Hua Jieyu said. In an instant, the giant phoenix shadow stopped in its tracks, becoming silent and floating in the air.

Zhou Ziyi’s shadow appeared in the phoenix’s shadow. It was the manifestation of her Spiritual Will. It had now appeared under the force of some mysterious power. Moreover, it was imprisoned in mid-air like it was being controlled by an invisible force, causing the rampaging Golden Phoenix to stop its attacks. Terrifying lightning flooded the area, landing on the Spiritual Will shadow. It disintegrated into nothingness and the phoenix shadow exploded at the same time.

Zhou Ziyi humphed, her expression grim. Behind her, wind and fire raged as phoenix wings appeared. She glared daggers at Hua Jieyu. However, the glow on Hua Jieyu’s body became even more brilliant as it surrounded her body. At that moment, Zhou Ziyi felt strong telekinetic energy invading her body, corrupting her Spiritual Will.

Her Spiritual Will transformed into a Golden Phoenix to attempt to ward off the invasion, but Hua Jieyu looked coldly at her and stretched her palm out. In an instant, an invisible force turned into a telekinetic palm strike and crushed downwards.

At that moment, Zhou Ziyi’s body shuddered vigorously and her expression became pale. To her horror, she found that she could not move her body freely and was being lifted by a telekinetic palm. Her Spiritual Will had been imprisoned and captured, and the person had obtained control of her body that way.

“So you were this weak.” A soft voice sounded as Hua Jieyu’s palm struck across the air, her telekinesis striking on the other party’s Spiritual Will. Zhou Ziyi groaned and spat out a mouthful of blood, her aura becoming weaker as she fell to the ground. She panted rapidly. The feeling that she had just felt was like her spirit had been imprisoned. The feeling of not being able to control her body was too scary.

Her expression was steely as she raised her head to look at Hua Jieyu. However, the latter did not even look at her as though she was not worthy of attention.

So you were this weak. This was Hua Jieyu’s judgment of her. She had been prideful in front of the people from the Barren State. After all, she was the Sacred Dynasty’s princess, noble and holy. However, be it in terms of appearance or strength, she had been crushed and publicly humiliated. The people that she had looked down upon was now speaking to her in a condescending tone. She had participated in the Nine State Forum, but she was unable to even get past the first round.

This made Zhou Ziyi feel as though her heart was being torn to shreds.

The Great Zhou Sacred King looked at Zhou Ziyi calmly. Although he also knew that Zhou Ziyi would be eliminated sooner or later, he was still surprised to see her defeated in the first round. This young lady from the Barren State actually specialized in telekinesis rule power.

“Attacking the Spiritual Will directly, huh.” On the viewing gallery, many influential figures had naturally perceived Hua Jieyu’s ability and were commenting. Using telekinesis as her means of attacking and changing it into telekinesis rule power to attack other’s Spiritual Will. There was no way to defend against it.

In the Barren State’s direction, Ye Futian looked at everything that had unfolded calmly. He naturally knew Jieyu’s abilities. When they were cultivating in the Sage Hall, they often discussed their cultivation together and shared their experiences. Moreover, Jieyu had told him that there was a Saint within her body guiding her.

Divine Spiritual Sorcerers could do anything with their telekinesis. To unleash a Divine Spiritual Sorcerer’s abilities, one needed to find out what that Sorcerer truly specialized in.

The rule power that Jieyu had comprehended was the rare telekinesis rule power. It could launch an attack using telekinesis on another person’s Spiritual Will. Moreover, Jieyu could even integrate her spells into her telekinetic attacks and attack the other party’s Spiritual Energy, just like the Saint instrument God-beating Whip. Jieyu had not even given her all to defeat Zhou Ziyi.

Sometimes, Ye Futian felt conflicted. He was resentful that back then. His godfather had found a Saint to possess Jieyu, causing her to nearly die in battle. However, he now knew that his godfather had found a Saint-level Divine Spiritual Sorcerer for Jieyu in the hopes that Jieyu could grow rapidly. This was undoubtedly the most suitable for Jieyu. If it was Sage Daozang who was teaching her, Jieyu would definitely not be able to improve so quickly and her potential would not be able to be unleashed.

The title of the Ultimate Sorcerer meant that they could use rule powers and spells, bypassing the physical body and attacking others’ Spiritual Will directly. To any cultivator, this would definitely be a catastrophe.

At that moment, the other states’ experts also felt the pressure from Hua Jieyu after watching the battle. Would this battle be a repeat of one person dominating the other eight?

At that moment, a figure suddenly disappeared from the ground and turned into an afterimage, heading towards Hua Jieyu like a phantom. Hua Jieyu continued standing there quietly, the light of her Life Spirit illuminating the entire area. She did not look to see where the person had gone. Nothing could hide from her telekinesis, even though the other party was indeed very speedy.

Suddenly, an invisible force reverberated in a certain direction and the phantom’s movements stopped. That person was from the Feng State’s holy land Si clan. He was the Feng State’s Si Saint descendant. His body struggled, trying to move. However, Hua Jieyu’s body floated in the air, releasing a brilliant light and her telekinesis constantly descended on him, rendering him immobile.

“Everyone’s cultivation level is the same on the forum battle arena, but none of us have comprehended the telekinesis rule power. We are naturally at a disadvantage when facing the telekinesis rule power that none of us have any defense against. Unless we can take her down before she strikes, we are all going to be suppressed,” one of the other contestants shouted out.

At that moment, the others also moved, firing their attacks at Hua Jieyu. When facing someone with such an oppressive ability, their only way out was to take the person down fast.

A glint appeared in Hua Jieyu’s eyes. In an instant, devastating lightning strikes shone and struck towards all directions of the battle arena. The lightning had no form or shape, as though it had assimilated into the air. Following a few grunts, the violent attacks in the area quietened down as they had all been quelled. The experts’ expressions all changed, they had faced the same fate as Zhou Ziyi and their Spiritual Wills controlling their attacks had been eliminated.

Just as they were thinking about how to continue battling, they felt something and their expressions changed. They saw countless thunder whips lashing down from the air, however, they were not aimed at their physical bodies.

Lashing sounds could be heard as they grunted. A few of them had blood trickling down the side of their mouths. Soon, the seven other battlers fled from Hua Jieyu. Looking at the stunning lady, they sighed in their hearts and turned around, leaving the battle.

Hua Jieyu saw them leaving the battle arena and retracted her telekinesis. She lowered her head and glanced at Zhou Ziyi, then turned towards the elder at the edge of the battle arena, awaiting his declaration of the victor.

It seems that the Barren State has its fair share of talents, many people looked at Hua Jieyu’s figure and thought to themselves. Of course, Hua Jieyu’s opponents in this round were relatively weaker and she did not meet anyone with a strong Spiritual Will. If she met those prodigies specializing in Spirit Elementals, the battle would not be that one-sided.

Returning to her area, Hua Jieyu raised her head and looked at Ye Futian with a faint, proud smile on her face.

This Fox. Ye Futian also had a smile on his face. However, although Hua Jieyu had crushed her opponents in this round, it would not be that simple in the later rounds of the Nine State Forum. Just like he had expected, as the Nine State Forum continued, round after round of intense battles broke out and many experts started to rise up. After all, the people from the Barren State had gone through one round of battling, there were only ten or so left from the lineup of over 30. Apart from those who had come from the Sage Hall with him, the others were almost all eliminated. What a tragic outcome. Moreover, they had only gone through about 30 battles. With each battle eliminating eight people, only about 200-300 had been eliminated.

If they wanted to enter the top 100, this meant that the remaining 10 people from the Barren State had to repeatedly battle and could not lose even one battle.

The further into the forum they got, the Barren State’s disadvantage would become even more evident!