The Legend Of Futian Chapter 781

Chapter 781 Fist As It Had Always Been

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While the participants from the Barren State were done with their rounds of battles, the clash between other mighty ones continued. One mighty one after another continued to bring frightening powers to bear. Evidently, many had hidden what they were truly capable of in earlier rounds and were actually pulling punches. As the battles went on, those people began to reveal what they were truly capable of.

Top-class students of sacred grounds from other eight states continued to shine with their prowess in their rounds of battles, making it to the top 50. Some sacred grounds had only one participant left on the battlefield.

Other than those from sacred grounds, those three from the Eastern State who were not members of sacred grounds only had one remaining. It was none other than the mystical girl, Yaya. Like Yu Sheng, she caught a tremendous amount of attention.

A girl of around 15 years of age standing on the stage of the Nine State Forum, never once defeated. Furthermore, there was no one who was able to tell how powerful she actually was. All of her opponents suffered a crushing defeat. She never needed to use more than three moves to end her fights. She and Yu Sheng were deemed the most surprising dark horses in that year’s event. Everyone looked on with anticipation, wondering how they were able to do so and who would be able to stop them.

Ye Futian, at the grandstands, scanned the five remaining from his side. All who were left were the strongest all sacred grounds had to offer at the moment, which meant it was inevitable that most who remained on the forum stage would have to fight the strongest people from other sacred grounds. There was simply no running away at that point.

The Nine State Forum had entered a very dire stage. Even the number ones of sacred grounds had to be wary, as there were definitely some among them would be kicked out in those rounds.

“Carry on with the battles. The rules remain the same as before,” the elder hosting the event announced.

A stout monk walked out as soon as the elder finished. He was clad in a golden kasaya, emanating a layer of golden brilliance all over him. It was apparent that it was a change, resulting from training some sort of methods for prolonged periods, so much so that the result was apparent in both his appearance and his air. He was one of the students of Vajra Region of War State, of a generation who bore the word ‘Wu’ in his name, which was ‘Wuliang.’

“Even Wuliang of Vajra Region has gone out to fight now. I wonder who he will challenge.” Many looked at him. There were only two mighty ones from Vajra Region left on the battlefield. Master Wuliang was somewhat inferior to his junior, Wubei, but he was still an extremely terrifying figure. He trained in the sacred methods of Vajra Region: the Dharma Body of the Vajra. He had trained his dharma body to the level of being unbreakable, so much so that no weapon was deemed capable of piercing his body. As such, no one wanted to face off against him.

The two remaining figures from Vajra Region were incredibly fearsome.

Wuliang cast his gaze at a direction and said, “Benefactor Yu Sheng, I see that you’ve attained a powerful physical body and that you excel in the body refining techniques, which I find to resemble the training methods of the Vajra Region somewhat. As such, I wish to ask for a session with you and see how far both of us have progressed in our respective training.”

Many wore peculiar looks on their faces. The very first person whom Wuliang of Vajra Region challenged was none other than Yu Sheng.

Many sitting in the grandstands talked as soon as Wuliang finished. “Wuliang is known to have acquired an unbreakable body, and his physical body holds frightening power. Yu Sheng is just the same, and now, Wuliang is going to challenge Yu Sheng.”

“I wonder who among them has a stronger body.”

Many were talking. Even those great figures who were sitting on the grandstands looked on, feeling amused. It seemed that the ones from Vajra Region liked true challenges, evident from how one went to challenge Yu Sheng right off the bat.

Hua Yunshu, Zhou You, Ji Hua, and many others looked on, feeling intrigued. The battle should be able to show how powerful Yu Sheng’s physical body actually was. Wuliang would definitely give his all when facing such an opponent.

Yu Sheng stepped forward. He seemed to have grown used to being challenged right off the bat in the first battle fought in any stage.

Two stout figures stood facing each other. Wuliang looked calm and composed as he put his palms together and said, “After you.” Golden brilliance shone as soon as he finished and he looked incredible. Boundless golden light spread throughout his entire body, and the air rang with crisp clear sound of bells. Wuliang’s body turned into an incredibly pure golden body in an instant. Dazzling golden lights shone on top of that golden body.

“Dharma Body of the Vajra of the Vajra Region.” Many saints on the grandstands looked at the battle with immense interest. The physical body that resulted from training in the Dharma Body of the Vajra was also known as the unbreakable body. It was said that when the training reached its pinnacle, one’s body would achieve the state of the unbreakable sacred body, a state where one’s body would not rot, age, die, or be rendered broken in any way, even if the one who trained passed away.

At that moment, golden lights shone around Wuliang’s body, seemingly turning into a ring of golden light screens, making him seem like an unbreakable ancient Buddha, melding with his own physical body.

Dong. A loud rumble was heard as Wuliang stepped forward, heading in Yu Sheng’s direction.

Yu Sheng’s eyes remained on his opponent. Raging aura coursed throughout his body. Dark golden lights shone all over him. Two acupoints of the Seven Star acupoints were opened at the same time, making the overflowing power of his body course through both of his arms. At that moment, Yu Sheng’s right arm was filled with raging power as he continued to look at his opponent, waiting for the monk to come.

The Dharma Body of the Vajra was blindingly bright. Wuliang descended from the air, lifting his hand and striking out a streak of golden handprint that engulfed the air before him.

“The Invincible Vajra Mark.” Many set their eyes on that incredibly huge mudra. The golden handprint engulfed Yu Sheng’s body right there and then. The golden mudra made of pure gold lashed out. The air shook, speaking volumes of the move’s terrifying power.

At the very same time, Yu Sheng stepped forward aggressively, arching his back and lifting up his arms with great force, hitting the Invincible Vajra Mark that came for him. His fist looked like golden flowing lights in that instant, tearing through the space. At the point where the mudra and the fist met, blinding golden light burst and clashed with each other.

Boom! Many felt their eardrums shaking violently, their hearts about to jump out of their chests, yet their eyes remained on the point where the clash happened. What will the outcome of the clash of formidable power between the Dharma Body of the Vajra that Master Wuliang from Vajra Region trained in and Yu Sheng be?

Many trembled. They saw the point where the clash happened, and they saw a fist punch right through the mudra, shattering it right there and then. Yu Sheng continued and landed his fist on Master Wuliang’s unbreakable body.

Boom! Another rumble was heard, and a crisp cracking noise was heard. Cracks were seen on the golden dharma body.

At the very next moment, Wuliang’s body was sent flying out while the dharma body crumbled shortly after. Wuliang spit up blood after crashing to the ground.

The Nine State Forum’s stage became incredibly silent as everyone set their eyes on that very scene. The hearts of many continued to tremble.

Was that really what they called the unbreakable body?

Was Wuliang truly a young genius from Vajra Region?

Their eyes were not fooling them. The fight ended with one punch. Even against someone with incredible power like Wuliang, it still took only one punch.

“Why did you want to put yourself through this?” Ye Futian shook his head in silence. Engaging in a power match with Yu Sheng? Regardless of what body refining methods he was training in, how could he compare to Yu Sheng?

Yu Sheng had been put through hell since young by Ye Futian’s godfather to train in the demonic methods to build up his body, shouldering pain and suffering that few were able to withstand. He had gained an incredibly powerful body as a result. Furthermore, Yu Sheng differed from Ye Futian in that he had been taking the path of pure body refinement and training in only physical arts. That, coupled with Yu Sheng’s naturally inhuman strength, brought him to his frightening state today.

The methods that the students of Vajra Region might be very powerful and might even exceed those of our teacher, Sage Douzhan, but are they able to compare with the demonic methods of godfather?

If a match of pure power was concerned, none would be qualified enough to clash head-on with Yu Sheng.

Even Wubei, the number one in Vajra Region wouldn’t be qualified enough to do so, let alone Wuliang.

“So even Wuliang of the Vajra Region proved inadequate. It seems that Wubei, the number one of Vajra Region will be needed before they even have any chance of doing anything,” the Sky Saint said calmly.

Many great figures from Vajra Region paid close attention to the battlefield, deeming Yu Sheng a suitable person for training in the arts of the Vajra Region. They were able to tell that he was an uncanny genius with an immense affinity for physical arts.

As for Wubei… They looked at the last remaining student from Vajra Region. If Wubei is to act, there wouldn’t be many on the Nine State Forum stage capable of standing off against him, no? They were still wondering if Yu Sheng would have been able to stop Wubei dead in his tracks.

A figure was seen walking up the stage after Yu Sheng retreated. It was Ji Hua. Due to repeated challenges made by students of the Barren State in the last stage of battles, Ji Hua had become the only remaining participant from the Hall of Holy Light on the stage of the event. Everyone else from his palace was eliminated. In contrast, there were still five from the Barren State remaining. As such, Ji Hua challenged yet another from Barren State. The target that he picked that time was Yi Xiaoshi.

The fat guy’s expression turned grim. Yuan Zhan lost to Ji Hua before, and Ji Hua’s attacks were such that not even Yuan Zhan’s defenses had proven adequate. The golden ancient god body was summoned again, but Ji Hua did nothing to stop him. He simply let the ancient god continue to grow in size. Ji Hua, who was then clad in boundless holy light, charged forward like a beam of true light.

The ancient god’s arm was turned into countless vines again, lashing out at Ji Hua, but he simply kept his arms behind him and stood, not even bothering to evade. Streaks of holy swords around him cut through the air, and the vines continued to be shredded in an instant, blowing the arm of the ancient god in repeated explosions.

New arms lashed out at Ji Hua, but he seemed to have not even seen the attack, unwilling to evade the coming attacks. He then turned into an intense beam and charged straight into the ancient god’s fist, punching through it.

In the next moment, a blinding light shot out from within the giant ancient god’s arm, which crumbled in a frenzy afterward. The beam shot right through the head of the ancient god. Ji Hua was seen emerging once again, keeping his arms behind his back as he looked down on Yi Xiaoshi. His body was clad in holy light, making him look like a god.

The fat guy shrugged exasperatingly. With attacks of light being utilized to such an extent, things turned out as he had guessed. If Yuan Zhan, whose defense was greater than his, was incapable of withstanding such attacks, there simply was no way Yi Xiaoshi would have been able to win.

“I quit,” Yi Xiaoshi said before he left the battlefield glumly, ending his advances at the top 50.

There were four students from the Barren State remaining by then. Even so, they still had higher numbers than other sacred grounds, who only had one or two participants left on the stage by then.

Another figure was seen walking out. Many mumbled, seeing who the one who emerged this time.

The number one of the Si clan, the successor of the Saint of Killers—Si Ming. He walked out and cast his gaze at Xu Que. Both of them trained in rather similar arts.

“Seems like Xu Que will get eliminated soon.” Many thought to themselves, Worse still, the remaining participants of the Barren State will probably be kicked out one after another later!