The Legend Of Futian Chapter 792

Chapter 792 The Final Battle

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Zhuge Yi gazed at Yu Sheng. The vastness of the atmosphere roared between heaven and earth, echoing with the pattern of the five elements and eight trigrams hanging behind him. Endless airflow coursed around Yu Sheng and rumbled. The pattern behind him was getting brighter and brighter, and there were even patterns of light projecting down and falling on Yu Sheng.

“Earth, earth hexagram, Prison of Earth,” Zhuge Yi spat out the command in a cold voice. His spells used the formation of the five elements and the eight trigrams as bases. Its power was great and oppressive. Instantly, prison appeared around Yu Sheng, with his body as the center, intending on burying him, enclosing him within the Prison of Earth.

Yu Sheng stood without moving, but dark golden light flowing within his eyes, containing terrifying and tyrannical force. At this moment, his hands stretched out, and dark golden air currents swept through the space, with incredibly horrifying rule will shrouding the vast void. All the endless power between heaven and earth now turned into dark golden rays and flowed toward him.

In an instant, Yu Sheng’s body seemed to become gradually more imposing. Soon, he had grown to over a hundred feet in height, the pure body now merged with his own physical body, just like a true demon god.

The terrible dark golden airflow crystallized into a halberd of the demon god, appearing in the hands of the demon god that was Yu Sheng. It was equally incomparably enormous, just under a hundred feet long, and the terrifying light of darkness billowed out from it.

The scene shocked many deeply who witnessed it. Was this the ultimate manifestation of his pure body?

The body of a demon god, devouring the power of the universe.

Clomp. The forum stage trembled with the footsteps. The halberd of the demon god smashed out toward the Prison of Earth, hitting the dazzling barrier made by the earth-earth hexagram. Suddenly an unimaginable violent power exploded, and endless cracks spread like spider webs to every corner of the prison. With a loud boom, the prison blasted and shattered.

“Power, invincible.” Many people stare at Yu Sheng on the battle platform, hearts pounding. Could this really be the battle of the nobles?

Even the cultivators from Jixia Holy Palace were not so confident anymore at the moment. Yu Sheng was simply too terrifying. Before, he did not exert all his power. Perhaps it was because Yu Sheng felt his opponents were too weak and did not require the use of his full strength.

Was this then, his ultimate form?

Immensely strong.

Zhuge Yi’s countenance changed, his face solemn and with a slight turning of his mind, he suddenly the engraved diagram behind him flew right out and over above Yu Sheng. A radiance of light shining down from the pattern, covering Yu Sheng’s entire body.

Metal, wood, water, fire, earth, heaven hexagram, earth hexagram… The five elements and the eight trigrams were all clear and bedazzling, too bright to behold. Every ancient hieroglyph flowed with a domineering power.

“Sword of Innocence,” Zhuge Yi said coldly, and an even stronger Sword of Innocence bloomed forth. Golden blade of light rained down, sheltering the sun and the sky, enveloping the demonic body of Yu Sheng.

Yu Sheng looked up at the pattern in the sky, made a gripping gesture with his hand, and dark golden brilliance erupted above the halberd of the demon god. With his body as the center, halberds of darkness appeared, and flared up towards the sky, aiming for the Sword of Innocence. Beautiful and radiant gold and dark rays collided, causing unimaginable devastating power within the space.

“Water hexagram.” Zhuge Yi once again spat out the command, and heaven and earth were frozen, the vast forum stage turned into the shade of frost with an iciness that reached the limit. Anyone at the grandstand that was below the rank of Sage plane was shaking with such severe coldness as if every cell in their bodies were going to be frozen.

“Fire hexagram.” Zhuge Yi did not stop his attack. The fiery fire of the magma flowed and melded with the power of the ice, eroding Yu Sheng’s body. The demon-like figure seemed to be frozen between heaven and earth and then horribly burned by the flames. Hot and cold were the ultimate strengths of the five elements.

Countless eyes focused on Yu Sheng. A bang was heard, and his body moved. The next moment, cracks continued to appear within the frozen heaven and earth, incessant sounds of crisp squeaking were heard. Yu Sheng stepped forward, and the universe trembled. As the power of ice was crushed by him, the demon-like body of Yu Sheng seemed to be bathed in the flaming fire. The power that attacked him seemed to have been engulfed by him. At this moment, he looked even more terrible, like a demon god from hell.

Zhuge Yi’s eyes twitched. This guy, can I really shake him? Even with these attacks, there is no chance of moving him?

Xia Yi was already extremely ruthless, but when he released the spell with the five elements and the eight trigrams, he was still able to quickly suppress Xia Yi and defeat him. But Yu Sheng, like an undefeatable demon god, could not be destroyed, as if no power could ever stir him out of his existence.

Clomp! The step that Yu Sheng took trembled in Zhuge Yi’s heart. His handsome face slightly twitched. He lifted his head to look at the pattern suspended above Yu Sheng, then he closed his eyes.

At this moment, Zhuge Yi’s body seemed to be burning. The ancient hieroglyphs of the five elements and the eight trigrams emerged from his body, resonated with the pattern, and the infinite power of the universe flowed into the pattern.

Suddenly, the pattern grew ever larger, covering the sky, and sheltering the entire forum stage. The power of the five elements in the universe, even the power of wind and thunder were surfacing from this pattern. The forum stage seemed to be facing the apocalypse.

Glittering lights sprinkling, the rays shined upon Yu Sheng. The next moment, the pattern appeared its infinitely changes, with the mountains and rivers of earth hexagram crashing down, like mountains of destruction, attacking Yu Sheng presently.

Yu Sheng, like a demon god, looked up at the sky. The hundred-foot halberd of the demon god in his hand, piercing the void. Suddenly, the mountains and rivers were punctured and collapsed. But then, chains of thunder surged his way. Destructive patterns continuously falling down on him, their infinite power seemed to destroy all existence, and keeping the demon-like figure in place.

The cultivators from Jixia Holy Place looked grave. They knew that Zhuge Yi meant business. Endowed with perfect five elements, this naturally gifted genius in the saint plane had exercised his talents to the extreme. This rare, talented genius possessed extremely high comprehension in cultivation. While he was studying at Jixia Holy Palace, he was taught personally by the saints, so that Zhuge Yi practiced a lot of brutal and domineering abilities, and they were thoroughly integrated. Now it erupted with tremendously terrible power.

In this battle, those from the Jixia Holy Palace were not so concerned with winning anymore; Zhuge Yi had done his best.

Ye Futian stared at the battlefield and looked at Zhuge Yi thoughtfully. For him to be able to get to this point, Zhuge Yi was indeed a genius, and his natural sage talent was legitimate. If it was not for Yu Sheng and Yaya, these two oddities participating in Nine States Forum, Zhuge Yi would have taken the first place in Nine States Forum without a doubt. But unfortunately, Zhuge Yi met Yu Sheng and Yaya, these two anomalies at this year’s Nine States Forum. It was untimely.

Yu Sheng looked up at the devastating attack that fell down. Every part of the body of the demon god turned into dreadful whirlpools, madly engulfing the power of the universe, even the power of the attack was engulfed and demonized. His body became greater and mightier, and horrifying demonic halberds now surround him.

Boom! As his foot touched the ground, the halberd of the demon god in Yu Sheng’s hand smashed toward the sky. In that instant, the sky changed its color, and countless demonic halberds gathered together, moving as one with the halberd of the demon god, and attacking the same direction. A destructive black hole appeared, swallowing up all the forces in the world; mountains and rivers collapsed, the prison shattered, and the pattern pulverized.

Yu Sheng was like a colossal demon god standing from heaven to earth. In his hand, the halberd of demon god blasted the diagram of five elements and eight trigrams out of the void.

Whoosh! A storm of incomparable horror swept out, and the airflow over the sky was madly changing. Horrible streams of breathes bloomed toward the grandstand, and many powerful cultivators acted quickly to block the oncoming force.

In the void, the light from pattern of the five elements and eight trigrams became dimmer and dimmer, and the light continued to shrink until it finally turned into a single beam and returned inside of Zhuge Yi.

Puh! A mouthful of blood spat out, and the aura of the ancient hieroglyphs on Zhuge Yi’s body became tarnished. He looked at Yu Sheng somewhat desperately. Is such an attack still of no avail?

“Still lost.” The people from Jixia Holy Palace sighed under their breaths. Even with the perfection of the five elements and natural divine talent, he was still unable to overcome Yu Sheng.

The grandstand platform was very quiet. Although Zhuge Yi was defeated, no one had thought of him as weak. On the contrary, he was strong; it was just that he encountered someone even stronger.

Zhuge Yi smiled bitterly. He looked at the Yu Sheng and Yaya, then said, “I thought that at the Nine States Forum, I would take the first place. I never expected to be in the third place. However, it is worthwhile to experience the strengths of both of you. This trip was not in vain.”

Yu Sheng looked at Zhuge Yi and remarked coldly, “You are already exceptional.”

Zhuge Yi was slightly shocked; he did not expect praises from this guy. He smiled, “It’s all yours now.” As he finished, he turned and left, leaving the highest stage of the Nine States Forum to Yu Sheng and Yaya.

At this moment, all eyes were on the last two standing. So far no one had really been able to threaten these two genius characters. Even someone as strong as Zhuge Yi still could not touch them.

Finally, it was time to watch their final showdown.

The most tenacious battle of the Nine States Forum.

Winner would take first place.

“Finally, we are getting started.” At the viewing platform behind Ye Futian, the old Village Chief looked at the battlefield. He brought Yaya to the Nine States Forum, but in reality, he did not have much hope that there would be people who could defeat her. But the Nine States Form had gave him a hint of surprise. This guy, Yu Sheng, was indeed strong, extremely strong. Maybe he could fight with Yaya. He was looking forward to it.

Ye Futian was also very expectant. He had already detected that Yaya was of a demonic genius and not at all ordinary. She could even detect it when he tried to use the Freedom Meditation to peer into her thoughts. Jieyu’s comments to him later further convinced him of her rarity.

But Yu Sheng also belonged to monster level, and within the same realm, it was almost impossible to discern winning or losing, even he would be reluctant to battle Yu Sheng. What would happen if Yaya battled Yu Sheng? Even if he was looking forward to the battle very much, he still could not say that Yu Sheng would definitely win.

Many were looking at Ye Futian, surprised that his prediction had now come true. The final decisive battle really would be between Yaya and Yu Sheng, and the winner would take first place.

On the immense forum stage, the two stood in mid-air, quietly, and no one spoke.

A breeze passed through and ruffled Yaya’s hair. Her eyes were extremely demonic, while Yu Sheng still remained in battle form as he was before, like a demon god. The two of them, one great and one small, creating visual impact.

Just then, an invisible wind blew, but with extreme sharpness, started on the forum stage. Yaya’s clothes fluttered. Her body slowly rose to gain the same altitude as Yu Sheng, who was like a demon-god.

She directed her eyes toward Yu Sheng, piercing through to him. In the blink of an eye, Yu Sheng also saw the terrible scene: the demon sword mound, the graveyard, and the bloody sword!