The Legend Of Futian Chapter 812

Chapter 812 I Choose Saint Killing

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A gleam appeared in the Chess Saint’s eyes alongside killing intent.

He was a Saint. A younger generation cultivator actually dared to ask him to scram?

“You’re asking for trouble.” The Chess Saint’s voice was emotionless. Even though he was trapped, he would not take Ye Futian’s insult lying down. In the sky, the Great Path Chessboard shook and a terrifying rule power descended. Next, the chess pieces descended from the sky and assaulted Ye Futian, even breaking through the restraint of the Sword Wills.

Yuan Hong, who was standing beside Ye Futian, let out a deafening roar and emitted a golden light. He held the Polearm of Divine Destruction in his hand and swung it towards the air. The polearm clashed with the chess pieces and a roaring sound could be heard. Each chess piece had rule power within it and was extremely powerful.

Yuan Hong’s body continued to grow as he roared. The Nine Heavenly Attacks struck out towards the continually falling black chess pieces. The terrifying residual force swept across the air but was drowned out by the sword matrix.

Pshhhh. Soon, Yuan Hong vomited blood as he was injured by the chess pieces.

At the same time, the Chess Saint did not have it good either. When he was distracted when dealing with Ye Futian, the force that he had used to combat the giant sword figure was weakened, causing Sword Qi to penetrate the body that he had created using his will and making it illusory. However, the Chess Saint treated it as though nothing had happened and had not felt anything. It was as though he really wanted to kill Ye Futian.

Before this, he would not do that. However, his killing intent towards Ye Futian had now escalated, not just because Ye Futian had humiliated him, but also because Ye Futian’s mastery over matrices had threatened his existence.

He had dared to make him scram. If Ye Futian really took control of the matrix, what would happen?

The setup that he had planned would be for naught.

That was why the Chess Saint wanted to kill Ye Futian by any means possible and let Liu Zong take over the matrix.

Suddenly, a thought appeared in his head. If he had not picked Liu Zong because of his identity back then and had selected Ye Futian, what kind of situation would he be in now?

However, the Chess Saint soon dismissed the thought. As a Saint, he had a firm mindset and a resolute belief. He believed that he had not made the wrong decision back then, Liu Zong was definitely the most suitable candidate. Even if Ye Futian had proven today that he was stronger than Liu Zong in terms of matrices, the past was the past.

Leaving the past aside, what he needed to do now was to find a way to destroy the matrix and kill Ye Futian.

“Grandfather Ape.” Ye Futian saw Yuan Hong injured and had a grim expression. He did not think that the Chess Saint still had the excess energy to deal with him. It seemed to him, deciphering the matrix meant that he would be mortal with the Chess Saint. Today, the Chess Saint would only be able to break free if he was dead.

Otherwise, he would have a tragic end.

Sword Wills continued to circulate wildly in the sword matrix as chess pieces infused with a horrifying might descended from the sky. However, a sword veil appeared around Ye Futian’s body.

Bang. With a loud sound, cracks appeared in the sword veil. Ye Futian’s expression was grim as he said, “Third Brother, the next step.” It was at these kinds of moments that he could not afford to be frazzled. Time was of the essence.

Chess pieces circled above the sword matrix, breaking through the Sword Wills’ shroud. The Chess Saint ignored the attacks towards him and made the chess pieces descend, crushing down on everything.

“You dare to humiliate a Saint. Die,” the Chess Saint declared coldly, as though his words were deciding Ye Futian’s sentence.

As his voice landed, the black chess pieces all descended in a flurry and with a thunderous sound, the sword veil was shattered. Hua Jieyu, Zhuge Mingyue, Yu Sheng, and the rest all looked towards Ye Futian’s direction. When they saw the destructive chess pieces, their faces all went pale.

At that moment, a blood-colored light appeared above Ye Futian’s head. It was a weaker figure, but it was like a blade. When the chess pieces crashed on her body, they shattered into dust, but her face also went pale and spat out mouths of blood.

In the sky, the blood-colored sword eye sent countless Sword Wills onto her body, strengthening her.

“Brother.” Yaya stretched out her hand towards Ye Futian and said, “Channel your Sword Will towards me.”

“Yaya.” Ye Futian stretched out his hand and grabbed her tiny hand. The two of them flew into the air and in an instant, a terrifying whirlpool surrounded them. The entire matrix was gathering with them at the center.

Clang! At that moment, the Chess Saint’s Spiritual Will was finally unable to withstand the damage and he was sent flying back into the sword matrix where he was trapped in.

His expression was grim as his huge body stepped forward, attempting to break free. The giant sword and Yaya were the foundations of the sword matrix, but Yaya seemed to be the absolute crux of the matrix.

Ye Futian’s gaze moved towards the Chess Saint, then towards Liu Zong and the rest who were battling. He then closed his eyes again and the giant sword matrix seemed to be completely activated. The regions that were destroyed by Liu Zong also started to repair themselves, causing Liu Zong and his men to stop battling and retreat.

Liu Zong frowned as he could feel that the sword matrix had completely been restored and was no longer a dead matrix.

In an instant, in the void beyond the sky, countless Sword Wills flowed. One begets two, two begets three; three begets all things. The giant sword matrix rose to life and everyone could feel a destructive force.

The people from the various holy lands did not dare to move. There was a reverent force that was awakening.

“This could be the real Sword Matrix of the Void,” someone said. Many people felt astonished, but also acknowledged that the possibility was very high.

At that moment, in the area of the matrix where they were, the real Sword Matrix of the Void was being activated from a dead matrix.

Bang, bang, bang! The Chess Saint struggled fervently, attempting to break free from within. He had also felt the awakening force, it was enough to destroy him, not just trap him within. Once Ye Futian had taken control of the matrix, with their current relationship, he would definitely use the matrix to kill him.

The Chess Saint would not allow that to happen.

On the blood-colored sword eye, its eye appeared to be tearing apart and a terrifying gap appeared. An ancient sword was being summoned from the blood-colored sword eye, which integrated with the sword matrix, encircling around Ye Futian and Yaya. Strands of Sword Will even entered Yaya’s body.

“Li Kaishan, destroy her!” the Chess Saint hollered.

When Li Kaishan heard his master’s order, he was hesitant. At that moment, the scene in front of him was exceedingly scary. Cracks had appeared in the earth, the blood-colored sword eye had opened and an ancient sword had been summoned while the sword matrix was becoming stronger. In the sky, countless swords appeared. They were sufficient to destroy the entire Nether Sword Mound.

The Sword Matrix of the Void. Li Kaishan was dumbfounded. How could this happen?

Why was the person who rejuvenated the Sword Matrix of the Void and took control of it Ye Futian?

Would everything that he had planned be for naught?

Back then, he had chosen Liu Zong and allowed him to decipher the matrix because he was going with the flow. Ye Futian deciphering the matrix was merely an accident, but why had today’s situation become like this?

Why was the Barren State’s Ye Futian able to deal with his master’s setup as well as Xihua Sacred Mountain’s Liu Zong?

However, Li Kaishan already had no other choice. He raised the battle-ax in his hand and released his Life Spirit. Countless rule power erupted and assimilated into his battle ax. He cleaved down at Yaya through the air, penetrating the sword matrix.

Ye Futian stretched out both his arms and in an instant, the sword in the matrix materialized in front of him and Yaya, turning into a sword diagram. The battle ax’s cleaving strike was unable to cleave it apart.

At the same time, the giant sword in the distance hummed and turned into a ray of light and floated in front of Ye Futian. It was as though the sword was able to sense everything that happened.

Ye Futian stretched out his hand and grabbed the sword with both hands. In an instant, waves of Sword Will emanated from his body.

“Harming your own kin, die,” Ye Futian said coldly as a brilliant light erupted from the sword matrix and countless Sword Will flew towards Li Kaishan, impaling him.

“No…” Li Kaishan’s expression was pale as a sheet and his eyes were filled with horror.

The sword light drowned out everything and Li Kaishan’s body faded to nothingness. Nothing was left of his corpse.

Many people watched the scene with pounding hearts. Li Kaishan had died.

Ye Futian had activated the sword matrix and with Yaya’s cooperation, he had taken control of the sword matrix.

Rumble. A terrifying sound was heard as the Chess Saint’s huge body broke free bit by bit from the sword matrix. As it looked like he was about to break free, a shocking force erupted and he looked coldly at Ye Futian. At the same time, a giant chessboard appeared behind him; it was the Great Path Chessboard.

Ye Futian and Yaya flew into the air, the sword diagram following alongside them. Soon, a sword diagram capable of blotting out the sun appeared in the air and grew bigger, engulfing the entire area.

“The Sword Matrix of the Void has appeared,” someone commented.

Rays of blinding light scattered down, but the sword lights instilled the feeling of death in them.

“Go!” someone shouted and immediately retreated. Now, the entire sword matrix had been moved into the air, allowing them temporary relief from danger. Not just that, all the Sword Qi in the Nether Sword Mound had assimilated into the matrix in the air, its light shining down on the earth.

“How could this be?” Zhou Ziyi and the others had extremely grim expressions. The Sword Matrix of the Void being controlled by Ye Futian was definitely not a situation they wanted to see.

Although many people from the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty had died, they still hoped that Liu Zong would be able to take control of the Sword Matrix of the Void and assist the Chess Saint in escaping.

“Go,” Zhou Du also said. If they did not leave, there would not be another chance.

This sword matrix was strong enough to destroy the entire Nether Sword Mound.

Liu Zong also turned around and left. He was incapable of turning the current situation around.

“Ye Futian, you can sacrifice Tombkeeper Village. Use the Sword Matrix of the Void to assist the Chess Saint and establish good relations with Xihua Sacred Mountain and Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty. Alternatively, you could continue what you are doing. What is your choice?” Liu Zong said.

At this moment, the Chess Saint was completely free. The sword matrix beside him had also been devoured by the Sword Matrix of the Void so he no longer needed to destroy the matrix to break free.

The Great Path Chessboard appeared behind his body and he stared at Ye Futian. A blade of light shone on him and locked onto him.

“I choose, saint killing,” Ye Futian said coldly. As his voice landed, a blade of light appeared from the Sword Matrix of the Void in the air. It shot through the air and lit up all the blades of light in the area. Billions of swords seemed to follow along the blade of light’s descend, destroying everything in its path!