The Legend Of Futian Chapter 816

Chapter 816 Execution For The Murderers

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As the Village Chief finished speaking, it suddenly grew quiet.

Tombkeeper Village had joined the Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State.

Ye Futian, who had become an apostle of the Sword Saint of the Void, inherited the first sword matrix of the Nine States—the Nether Sword Matrix.

Just as everyone had guessed, the old Village Chief had departed from the Barren State to select an heir. Now all the cultivators of the saint plane who belonged to the Sword Saint of the Void followed Ye Futian. From this point onwards, the Barren State had saints.

The Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State was a holy land, and therefore eligible to attract cultivators from across the lands. The Barren State would become the first holy land in history whose Palace Lord was not of the saint plane yet ruled over saints in his dominion.

In all of the Nine States, those in charge of the holy lands were cultivators of the saint plane. After all, this was the world of cultivators.

The Village Chief’s words affirmed Ye Futian’s inheritance and also sanctified the Barren State. Other holy places would no longer have any reason to mess with Ye Futian.

As the palace lord, he and other parties of the holy land had come together to breach the matrix. He had been successful and inherited the Nether Sword Matrix. What more could the others say?

Ye Futian did not feel anything out of the ordinary and was not surprised that the Village Chief was a saint. The day before the decision was made, the Village Chief had talked to him. He wanted to know everything before he decided whether or not to enter the restricted area, and while the Village Chief had not told him everything, he told him about the saint plane.

He had promised that as long Ye Futian participated in the rescue and breach the matrix within the Nether Sword Mound, the Barren State would have saints and benefit from his protection. So Ye Futian made the executive decision to participate in the rescue.

Just like Sage Wanxiang’s Divinatory Symbols had foretold, the odds were unfavorable. But there was a chance of misfortune.

The odds were unfavorable not only because of the dangers inside the restricted area but also because of the pressure from other holy lands after they came out of the matrix.

Ye Futian had already considered this. He dared not decide the fate of those around him with such ease. If not for the words of Village Chief, it would still be difficult for Ye Futian to make a decision.

There was nothing wrong with what Zhou Ziyi had said before. Without saints, the Baren State would never have the right to speak and therefore would never gain any respect.

Ye Futian had not just participated in the rescue to influence it, but also to fight for the future of Barren State.

And he had done so.

Although Ye Futian was almost killed by the Chess Saint, he had survived by using one of his nine lives and dispatched his opponent. But he had not expected the Great Zhou Sacred King to be so despotic and cold-blooded, murdering Yaya’s parents, who were no more than ordinary citizens.

“I, Ye Futian, Palace Lord of the Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State, announce that Tombkeeper Village is henceforth under the jurisdiction of the Holy Zhi Palace. The Village Chief of Tombkeeper Village is now an Elder of the Holy Zhi Palace,” Ye Futian coldly announced, while staring at the Great Zhou Sacred King with indifference.

From now on, the Holy Zhi Palace of Barren State would no longer be the only holy land without saints.

The Barren State and the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty were now of equal status.

“This is the border of the Eastern State. Tombkeeper Village is on the land of the Eastern State,” Great Zhou Sacred King said, his eyes fixed on Ye Futian.

“All of the Nine States are the Orthodoxy of Emperor Xia, even the Eastern State and the Barren State.” Ye Futian continued to watch Great Zhou Sacred King. “Tombkeeper Village will be relocated to the Barren State.”

“You expect this matter to be so easily settled just because you say Tombkeeper Village will join the Barren State?” Zhou Ya remarked icily.

Ye Futian cast an indifferent look ar Zhou Ya and said: “When I, the Palace Lord, speak with the Great Zhou Sacred King, there is no place for you to comment.”

Zhou Ya’s expression stiffened and he regarded Ye Futian with a steely glare. When he had challenged Ye Futian, he’d simply been dismissed due to his inferior rank. Now, Ye Futian once again arrogantly referred to himself as a palace lord. Did he really believe that just because the Barren State now had saints, his position would be equal to theirs? Or that he could further compare himself to the Great Zhou Sacred King?

At that moment another figure walked to Ye Futian’s side, and all eyes turned to the new arrival. It was Yang Xiao, the strong sage cultivator of Sage and Saint Ranking.

“A disciple does not speak of his master’s faults. However, my master, the Chess Saint, lost his humanity and sacrificed the lives of my wife and brothers to save himself. My wife and younger brothers, as well as other cultivators from Xihua Sacred Mountain and the Great Zhou Dynasty, died because of him. He was not fit to be a saint, and his death meant nothing. What Palace Lord Ye did was righteous. I believe that even if Palace Lord Ye had not taken action, Xihua Sacred Mountain and the Great Zhou Sacred King would have put an end to the Chess Saint. If the Great Zhou Sacred King would like to pursue the person responsible, it should be the Chess Saint.”

Yang Xiao continued, “From today on, I, Yang Xiao, wish to cultivate at the Holy Zhi Palace at the Barren State. If Emperor Xia does not understand, I will follow Palace Lord Ye to testify about what happened. Everyone who entered the Nether Sword Mound from the Nine States also witnessed what happened with their own eyes.”

Yang Xiao’s voice was stern and emotionless, and as he spoke he cast a cold glance at Liu Zong, who stood amongst the crowd.

Yang Xiao did not blame anyone except the Chess Saint, and it was clear to all who watched that if Great Zhou Sacred King wished to use the Chess Saint’s death as an excuse to detain Ye Futian, it was unlikely to work.

Yang Xiao would also join the Holy Zhi Palace.

Many watched in awe. After this, the power of the Barren State would increase greatly with the addition of saints, the powerful disciples of Tombkeeper Village, and cultivators such as Yang Xiao from the Sage and Saint Ranking.

“No one from the Barren State nor Tombkeeper Village wished harm upon anyone from the Great Zhou Dynasty. The deaths of those from the Great Zhou Dynasty were caused by Chess Saint. If Great Zhou Sacred King wants to trace culpability in the matter, perhaps speaking to Liu Zong of the Xihua Sacred Mountain would be a good start. He was the one who advised we help rescue the Chess Saint,” Ye Futian remarked without care. He then looked at those from the other holy lands. “All of you are from the holy lands of the Nine States, and many of you are highly regarded elders. Have I made any false statements?”

The onlookers’ eyes flickered. When Ye Futian activated the Nether Sword Matrix, he hadn’t just possessed the power to kill the Chess Saint; Ye Futian could have killed everyone around him in the process. People of Xihua Sacred Mountain and people of the Great Zhou Dynasty had all been possible targets, but Ye Futian had not attacked them. He must have known that if he did that it would have been an excuse for all the holy lands to oppose him.

“Palace Lord Ye spoke the truth. I can testify,” someone from Jixia Holy Palace in Qi State said. Ye Futian looked at the speaker and saw that it was Zhuge Yi, the cultivator who participated in Nine States Forum last year as the Second Runner Up.

“It is true.” Seeing that Zhuge Yi had spoken, other strong cultivators of the Jixia Holy Palace also agreed.

“The deaths of the people of the Great Zhou Dynasty really weren’t on account of Palace Lord Ye’s action. Emperor Xia should send someone to investigate the matter.” At this point, those from the Xia Clan also spoke up.

The people of Xia Clan have spoken, many secretly thought. In the Nine States, the Xia Clan held a special place. Since they had spoken on the topic now, it was likely that the Great Zhou Sacred King would have no more excuses to deal with Ye Futian.

“That sword and that girl caused most of the deaths during the battle!” Great Zhou Sacred King still refused to relent.

Ye Futian looked indifferently toward the others, closed his eyes, and moved his mind. In an instant, a magnificent Sword Will was transmitted through the void of the faraway distance. Many people looked towards the Sword Will and their hearts trembled fiercely. This is the spirit of the Divine Sword.

Soon an enormous sword had traversed the void, hurtling towards the Earth with unbelievable speed. It fell straight down, causing many to quickly move out of its way before the sword landed directly in front of Ye Futian.

“Saint Elder.” Ye Futian looked at the old Village Chief next to him. The old Village Chief levitated with both hands on the giant sword, and in an instant, there was a terrible holy authority that circled around his body. Invisible Sword Will instantly swept across heaven and the earth, and a sword diagram appeared to abruptly cover this vast space.

“If you want to know all of it, I will tell you. This sword was formed by my brother, and he was in charge of the sword matrix in the Nether Sword Mound. Yaya is the sword spirit nurtured out of the Nether Sword Matrix. They appeared together, and along with Ye Futian, were able to activate the Nether Sword. The people of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty trespassed into the restricted area, and now blame the sword? What a joke.” The voice of the Village Chief could be heard clearly by everyone, and suddenly everything seemed to be clear. So this was how it was.

The Sword Saint of the Void placed the Nether Sword Matrix here, seeking an heir, with Tombkeeper Village tasked to guard it. Ye Futian was the successor.

“So, is the Sacred King satisfied now?” Ye Futian said while looking at the Great Zhou Sacred King.

The eyes of Great Zhou Sacred King glanced coldly at him. He then turned his eyes to the Village Chief again. When the Village Chief held the sword, it felt stronger. The sword was morphed by another sword slave, and both of them had been followers of the Sword Saint of the Void. Now that they were one again, the atmosphere became increasingly intense.

With a frigid snort, Great Zhou Sacred King abruptly turned and said: “Let’s go.”

As soon as he finished and turned to leave, the people of the Great Zhou Dynasty all looked icily to Ye Futian, ready to vacate. Unexpectedly, all of this had been just to make Ye Futian look better.

“Did I say that you could leave?” Ye Futian suddenly spoke, causing everyone to freeze.

The eyes of everyone from the Nine States widened in shock. Today, Great Zhou Sacred King had been domineering and unrelenting in his pursuit of a reason to do away with Ye Futian and his party, attempting to forcibly seize everything that Ye Futian had gained. But everything that had happened afterward made it impossible for him to find an excuse to do so. Furthermore, he undoubtedly felt the authority and pressure that were released when the Village Chief held the Divine Sword, yielding in the face of an unwinnable fight.

But now Ye Futian dared to try to detain them?

Great Zhou Sacred King slowly turned his eyes, and they suddenly burst with incomparably sharp lights. A dreadful pressure of the Divine Path descended upon Ye Futian, heavy enough to suffocate.

“Who do you think you are talking to?” Great Zhou Sacred King spoke with a cold voice, and the people of the Great Zhou Dynasty stared at Ye Futian as well. Was he asking for trouble?

“Although the world of cultivation believes that the fist rules everything, in the end, we still have to be reasonable.” Ye Futian looked at Zhou Sacred King, and then his gaze returned to Yaya and the two corpses on the ground. “Did the Sacred King forget to give an account for the deaths of these two?”

Everyone looked at Ye Futian. Could this man want Great Zhou Sacred King to give him an answer?

The look of many present reflected surprise. He was right that in the world of cultivators, the fist was greater than anything else, including reason. What kind of figure was Great Zhou Sacred King that he needed to give an account for ordering the execution of two civilians?

“What kind of account do you want?” Great Zhou Sacred King stared tightly and emotionlessly at Ye Futian.

“It’s a pity that I can’t kill the Great Zhou Sacred King, and am not qualified to ask the Sacred King to repay this with blood,” Ye Futian calmly stated, and the hearts of many trembled. Ye Futian dared to say that he wanted to kill the Great Zhou Sacred King. This was madness like none other. On the other hand, everyone also knew that Great Zhou Sacred King would like to have Ye Futian’s life if he could.

“But the killers will have to leave their lives here,” Ye Futian slowly said, and a flash crossed the eyes of the two cultivators of the Great Zhou Dynasty, their eyes sharp with concern. They had carried out the execution, and now Ye Futian wanted their lives in return?

“How dare you?” Great Zhou Sacred King questioned, eyes fixed on Ye Futian.

To execute the people of the Great Zhou Dynasty in front of him?

“Saint Elder, if I died at the hands of the Sacred King, would you end the lives of all who are present from the Great Zhou Dynasty?” Ye Futian asked.

“Yes,” the Village Chief responded indifferently.

“Very well.” Ye Futian nodded calmly. “People of all the holy lands of the Nine States shall bear witness today. Those who kill, shall, in turn, be killed.

“Execute!” As his voice fell, incomparably radiant streams of light rained down from within the sword diagram, too fast to react to. Two loud crunches were heard, and in the direction of the Great Zhou Dynasty, the bodies of the two strong cultivators were torn to pieces!