The Legend Of Futian Chapter 817

Chapter 817 Sacred War

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Too fast. With the help of the sword diagram, cultivators of saint plane could kill with just one strike.

The sword diagram breathing blew out a terrible radiance that enveloped everyone within. Tombkeeper Village was extremely quiet at the moment.


Ye Futian directly ordered the execution of the people of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty. Murderers must pay with their lives.

And in front of Great Zhou Sacred King.

If he had died on this day, he had authorized the Village Chief to smite everyone except the Great Zhou Sacred King.

No one had known that he would be so reckless. Based on his strength and his status as the sacred king of a sacred dynasty, the Great Zhou Sacred King had ordered the killing of two civilians as easily as stepping on ants. Who dared to disagree?

But on this day, the ruthless Great Zhou Sacred King met his match with this youngest lord of a holy land within the Nine States; a young man who dared to challenge the authority of saints.

Countless people looked at the young man who stood tall and proud. This Palace Lord, who was once polite and courteous at the Nine States Forum, was the youngest ever Palace Lord in the history of Holy Zhi Palace. Some could even say that he was the youngest leader of all the holy lands of Nine States. At the Nine States Forum, everyone saw his unparalleled talent, but today everyone saw his mettle.

“The demeanor of the saintly way,” some from the holy lands of the Nine States secretly admired. The scene in front of them allowed many to see that the quality belonging to the saints was exhibited by the young Ye Futian. In the future, he would be a great commanding figure.

They all understood that Ye Futian was betting with his own life. If the Great Zhou Sacred King wanted to kill him, even the Village Chief could not stop it.

Everyone’s gaze fell on Great Zhou Sacred King, whose eyes seemed to want to swallow Ye Futian whole. His abysmal gaze concentrated on Ye Futian with the mighty authority of the saints to exercise pressure, to render Ye Futian’s body stiff to the point of impossibility to move. Yet, he still stared at the other’s eyes without relenting.

Now that Barren State also possessed saints, they shared the same status as lords of holy lands. So if the Great Zhou Sacred King had the audacity to kill him, why couldn’t he?

Murderers would have to pay with their lives.

Now that Barren State had saints, it could no longer be belittled by other holy lands of the Nine States. The execution of these two today was not only to get justice for Yaya but also to let everyone from the Nine States to see his determination.

The Barren State could not be provoked.

The two stared at each other for a long time, and the expanse was silent. The Great Zhou Sacred King was keen and imperious from a young age, and it had served him well. But today he met his match in a young man who was not only similar to his younger self but perhaps even more ruthless.

With an era between them, the two faced off against one another.

“Very Well.” Great Zhou Sacred King finally spat out the words. Staring at Ye Futian, he said, “I didn’t expect that Barren State had finally produced a decent palace lord, but unfortunately, this one will be short-lived.

“Get the hell back to Barren State, and prepare for the Sacred War.” The Great Zhou Sacred King looked at Ye Futian. He said this lightly, as if he was commenting on a trivial matter, but everyone’s heart was beating wildly.

Sacred War.

The land of Nine States had not participated in a Sacred War for many years.

Today, The Great Zhou Sacred King told Ye Futian to prepare for Sacred War.

“This will be your decision today, what you brought to Barren State. Pray that you don’t regret it.” As the Great Zhou Sacred King finished, he turned and walked toward the expanse.

Above the firmament, there bloomed an incredibly radiant and dazzling glory, the phoenix sang, and the carriage of phoenix appeared from the void. Great Zhou Sacred King stepped into it and was departed.

The people of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty gave Ye Futian an icy look, especially Zhou Ya and Zhou Ziyi. It was frosty. For the first time, someone dared to cross the Sacred King in this fashion.

The Barren State, Ye Futian must prepare to repent.

The people of the Golden Phoenix Army could not be easily killed by Ye Futian.


The people of Nine States holy lands took a deep breath. After all these years, would a “Sacred War” break out in the land of the Nine States? Moreover, it was between the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty and the Barren State, which had no saints for many years.

Today, many seemed to have witnessed the rise of the Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State holy land. Or, would today be the beginning of the end for the Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State, leading to its eventual demise?

Sacred War, as the name implied, was the battle of saints. In the Nine States, whichever land that possessed saints could be called a holy land. Therefore, the battle of saints was equivalent to the battle of holy lands. For the Nine States, a Sacred War meant war between holy lands.

Great Zhou Scared King was about to launch a Sacred War.

A Sacred War would definitely catch the attention of Emperor Xia.

However, given the situation today, people of all holy lands in the Nine States felt that this was only natural.

Ye Futian used his position at Holy Zhi Palace in the Barren State to challenge the Great Zhou Sacred King, and issued a command to execute those of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty. It was not possible for the Great Zhou Sacred King to retaliate by killing Ye Futian right then and there, because after all, Ye Futian was a Palace Lord, and also there were his people to be taken into consideration.

But would the Great Zhou Sacred King just let the matter slide?

To allow Ye Futian to order the execution of his own people from the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, and he just turned around and leave?

Was it possible?

If so, what would the world think of the Great Zhou Sacred King?

The Sacred King’s own heart could not even allow it; he had ended up on the losing end in the confrontation with a young one.

Therefore, the Sacred War was inevitable.

The Holy Zhi Palace in the Barren State had just started showing signs of promise, and now with the Sacred War looming, it had a great possibility to be eradicated.

Quickly, the people of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty dispersed, and Ye Futian surveyed the people of Xihua Sacred Mountain. Liu Zong observed all this with tranquility. That day in the Nether Sword Mound, despite his exhortations, Ye Futian insisted on killing Chess Saint, thus creating the situation today. What would become of this exceptional and unrivaled young man?

No one knew and only time would tell. Perhaps, he would not see Ye Futian grow into his own and become his opponent.

If so, it would be a pity indeed.

“Let’s go.” The people of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty had already left and the Great Zhou Sacred King would launch the Sacred War. There was no need for the people of Xihua Sacred Mountain to linger here. Moreover, there was still the Sword Saint of the Void.