The Legend Of Futian Chapter 826

Chapter 826 A Fierce Battle

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Ye Futian looked at the battleground in front of him. The Palace’s disciples had went all out to disrupt the enemy’s formation.

They were all very clear of the Holy Zhi Palace’s strengths and weaknesses. If they fought separately, they would be defeated without a doubt. The enemy had the absolute advantage in terms of numbers and experts while they had the home ground advantage. This was their territory and the Palace’s disciples had no way out. All the experts who had gathered here had cultivated in the battle matrix with a firm will.

However, it was different for the enemy. Although the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty had absolute control over the factions in their territory, the factions under them were unwilling to fight to the death for them. They were only following orders; the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s strongest forces was still the Golden Phoenix Army.

The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s army was more scattered and was not as united as them. As such, he believed that the moment they posed a threat to the enemy, the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s morale would fall and be unwilling to continue the battle. That was why, from the start of the war, the Sword Demon and Sage Wanxiang had commanded the four battle matrices to launch their strongest assault.

In this battle, they had no way out. They needed to crush the enemy’s morale in one fell swoop.

When the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty arrived, they had felt that they would definitely crush the Holy Zhi Palace and level it to the ground. The first thing they needed to do was to crush that confidence and stir fear in the hearts of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s factions.

Nobody could be fearless in the face of a war and in the face of death. He was the same as well.

Yuan Zhan’s roar sounded out and he gathered the power of the battle matrix in his body and he seemed to have went into a rampage. His body had grown to its limit, when he struck out with the Nine Heavenly Strikes, the experts behind him all fired their spells to increase his speed, offense and defense alongside gathering the speed of power accumulation.

Bang… A deafening sound could be heard as the Golden Phoenix created by the Golden Phoenix battle matrix was shattered under the Demon Ape’s polearm shadow. The rampaging Yuan Zhan was like a God, trampling down from the heavens. All of them followed him and rushed into the heart of the Golden Phoenix army.

“Adjust the matrix and kill him.” Zhou You’s tone was cold as he said. He had lost all face on the Nine State Forum and now, Yuan Zhan dared to show off in front of him.

The Golden Phoenix Army spread out and surrounded Yuan Zhan and the rest. Golden Phoenixes slashed towards them with their deadly claws and in an instant, many people were cut and blood started spurting.

At the same time, Yuan Zhan swung his polearm and following multiple explosions, many Noble Plane cultivators form the Golden Phoenix Army exploded and died in a horrific fashion.

Yi Xiaoshi’s battle matrix also rushed forward into the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s army without hesitation, even at the expense of being trapped.

It was do or die.

At the back, many nine-man matrices started to move. They started to scatter at a rapid pace with wind spells surrounding their bodies, increasing their speed. In an instant, they moved to different directions like after-images.

With a flash of their blade, blood was drawn. The objective of the matrix at the back was to kill.

In the air, Zhou Mian looked at the battlefield with a cold gaze and said, “You dare to surround my Great Zhou’s army with a numbers disadvantage. How reckless. Ye Futian, you are looking down on the Palace’s disciples lives.”

His voice was thunderous as it traveled across the air. The people around Ye Futian stared daggers at Zhou Mian.

In reality, this type of strategy was extremely strong. Zhou Mian could naturally see that as well, but he was attempting to affect their morale and cause their wills to waver. Once the disciples in the battle matrices wavered and doubted Ye Futian, there would be no doubt about the outcome of the battle.

Ye Futian’s gaze swept across Zhou Mian, then he stepped forward and sat cross-legged in the air.

A beam of light shone as the Guqin Spirit appeared in front of him. Ye Futian looked at the battlefield, many of the Palace’s disciples had died in battle. Moreover, this was just the start, there would be more casualties in this war.

Retracting his gaze, he looked at the Guqin Spirit and started to strum the Guqin’s strings.

The Guqin melody was loud and clear and had an extremely strong penetrating force. As the notes bounced in the area, the Guqin melody permeated the battlefield and sounded in everybody’s ears.

In this period of time, he had also broken through his cultivation level. During the expedition to the Nether Sword Mound, he had already stepped into the second level of the Sage Plane and his mastery in the Guqin had increased.

The Guqin tune instantly sent the listeners into an illusion. On a bleak battlefield, a general led his troops into a battle where they barely survived.

In the illusion, the setting sun was like blood. The soldiers fought for their lives, valiantly killing the enemies. All of them had the same conviction.

The tune, Decree of the General had been taught to Ye Futian by Elder Qin. Now, Ye Futian had improved on it and strengthened the illusion. The Guqin melody had the power to enter one’s heart. Ye Futian did not use any Guqin spells and was only using the Guqin melody, so it could not be considered participating in the battle. Even so, his Guqin melody could make others resonate with him.

At that moment, the Palace’s disciples could feel Ye Futian’s conviction. It was the same as theirs, unafraid of death.

Just like he had previously said, if the Palace existed, he would. If the Palace collapsed, he would die.

At that moment, in the Holy Zhi Palace, Hua Fengliu stood in one of the Palaces. The Guqin melody sounded from afar into his ears. He knew it was his disciple playing the Guqin. The Decree of the General seemed to paint an imposing scene before his eyes.

He believed that they would definitely win this battle.

Affected by the Guqin melody, the Holy Zhi Palace’s disciples fought even more valiantly, especially Yuan Zhan. He took the lead and annihilated everyone in his way, there were already over 100 Nobles from the Golden Phoenix Army who had died under his polearm. His rampaging golden body seemed to be dripping with golden blood under the light.

Yuan Zhan’s frenzy also infected the others. There was much to fear in the face of death, but there was also courage and determination.

With another deafening sound, many experts from the Golden Phoenix Army were eliminated by another swing of his polearm and the battle matrix nearly fell apart.

In the air, Zhou Mian and the others had grim expressions. As compared to the Barren State disciples’ bravery, the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s factions had way worse performance. There were even people who intentionally hid behind the crowd and did not dare to battle. Evidently, they were afraid.

Zhou Mian and many other experts looked towards Ye Futian. They had not expected Ye Futian’s mastery in the Guqin to be this strong. Even a normal Guqin tune could penetrate the hearts of others and influence them.

“Uncle, if this continues, the battle matrices will be destroyed.” At that moment, a person beside Zhou Mian said in a small voice. His name was Zhou Huang and he was also an expert on the Sage and Saint Ranking. He was the Great Zhou Sacred King’s eldest son and was very strong. In this battle, the Great Zhou Sacred King’s younger brother Zhou Mian was the commander while he was the vice-commander.

“We need to interrupt his Guqin tune.” Zhou Huang looked at Ye Futian as he thought of methods to assassinate Ye Futian.

If they killed Ye Futian, the war would come to an end as the Barren State would have no leader.

However, there were tons of experts near Ye Futian. It was not an easy task to assassinate him.

“Yes.” Zhou Mian nodded and said, “Feint an attack on him.”

“Understood.” Zhou Huang nodded, then turned around. He motioned with his hand and immediately, a group of Sage Plane cultivators from the Golden Phoenix Army stepped forward and stared at Ye Futian coldly. At the same time, wind rule power flowed around a few of the experts.

A Golden Phoenix was created and flew towards Ye Futian at an incredible speed. Behind Ye Futian, Yuan Hong stepped forward, his golden body was gargantuan as he punched the oncoming Golden Phoenix, shattering it.

However, the Golden Phoenix Army moved towards Ye Futian. Yuan Hong looked at Ye Futian, it seemed the other party wanted to launch an assault.

Ye Futian did not stop. He did not even bother looking at them and continued playing the Guqin, his gaze looking at the battlefield below.

In the battle of the two armies, the majority of the Barren State’s disciples had rushed into the other army and were surrounded. The group of people from the fourth battle matrix were on the outside killing people. Among this group, there were experts from the Tingxue House and Fire Emperor Palace. The strongest person among them was Li Futu.

Seeing many people die, Ye Futian felt pain in his heart too. These people were not fighting for themselves, but for him, for the Palace, for the Barren State.

The Guqin melody changed abruptly. The solemn illusion suddenly vanished as the Guqin melody became resounding, magnificent and ambitious, as though attempting to tower over the skies. Another image appeared in many people’s heads. The general who had fought hard led his soldiers who had fought alongside him and stormed the castle, pointing his blade at the emperor.

Ye Futian had used his Guqin to paint an image.

The Great Zhou Sacred King, who was playing chess suddenly looked down at Ye Futian. A chilly killing intent flashed across his eyes, was the blade meant to be pointed at him?

“In this sacred war, if the Palace is not destroyed. I promise all of you that in the future, I will lead everyone who has participated in the war to the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty and level all their imperial palaces to the ground.” Ye Futian’s voice sounded throughout the area and echoed in the battlefield. The Guqin melody finally stopped, but the notes seemed to still resound in everybody’s heads.

“What impudence.” The Great Zhou Sacred King humphed and his voice also traveled across the and sounded throughout the area.

“The Chess Saint also said that as well.” Ye Futian raised his head and looked at the Great Zhou Sacred King, who was in the air, then continued, “After that, he died.”

The Great Zhou Sacred King lowered his head and looked at Ye Futian. His pair of golden eyes stared at Ye Futian with a terrifying killing intent.

If not for Emperor Xia’s rules, he would immediately crush Ye Futian under his palm.

How dare a person who just entered the Sage Plane speak to him like this.

Roar… The roar of a demon ape dragged Ye Futian’s gaze back to the battlefield. Yuan Zhan’s body had been impaled by an extremely sharp Golden Phoenix spear, but he had also swept out with his polearm, smashing the Golden Phoenix battle matrix. Zhou You’s body was struck back and he vomited blood.

Yuan Zhan’s left hand grabbed the golden flaming spear and pulled it out of his body. Blood flowed from his body, but he paid it no heed and roared, “Kill!”

“Kill, kill, kill!” The shouts echoed throughout the heavens. What courage, what unyielding tenacity!