The Legend Of Futian Chapter 827

Chapter 827 The Sage Planes Battle

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The battle continued to erupt, and people were dying at every moment.

There were people who were torn apart by spells or Sword Qi, left without a complete body. There were people whose body fell to the ground. Looking down from the air, one could see many corpses lying there, painting the entire floor red.

“The battle matrix has been breached!” the experts in the air looked down and exclaimed. The Golden Phoenix battle matrix had been destroyed and the Golden Phoenix Army was scattered. However, the other factions’ experts continued to rush towards Yuan Zhan, Yi Xiaoshi, and Zui Qianchou. Everyone could tell that the three of them were in charge of the matrices, gathering the power of the matrix and using rule power to fire their strongest attacks.

Lian Yuqing was also a priority target of the Great Zhou’s army. His Guqin melody allowed Yi Xiaoshi to expend his Spiritual Energy without regard, creating the ancient God which rampaged in the crowd, causing numerous deaths.

Ye Futian looked down from the air. From his location, he could see that the experts from the Barren State’s three battle matrices were surrounded by a sea of people. They were surrounded by people from all directions who were attempting to surround and kill them. At the same time, they had sent out many people to deal with those on the outside.

At that moment, the Great Zhou Sacred King, who was playing chess in the air, looked down emotionlessly at the ground. He appeared to be unfazed by such a tragic battle.

As the Great Zhou’s King, he had weathered many storms to reach where he was today. He had countless lives under his belt. The war on the Divine Path alone had caused many elite Sage Plane cultivators to die.

How could he be wavered by the death of Noble Plane cultivators?

“Acting on impulse, how heroic of you to kill someone in front of me.” The Great Zhou Sacred King looked callously at Ye Futian and said, “They all died because of you. As the Palace’s leader, now, the Palace is going to be ruined because of you.”

Ye Futian raised his head and looked at the Great Zhou Sacred King, then at the corpses. Did they die because of him?

At that moment, he recalled the scene in Tombkeeper Village. Yaya’s parents died in front of him because of the Great Zhou Sacred King’s orders. They were only ordinary people, even the scene in front of them right now would not move the Great Zhou Sacred King, not to mention the lives of ordinary people.

In his eyes, they were only ants.

The Great Zhou Sacred King did not even care about the few people that he killed. The only thing that the King cared about was that someone dared to kill his men in front of him.

A younger generation Sage Plane cultivator had no right to oppose him, even if he was the Barren State’s Palace Lord.

At that moment, he thought of many things. He remembered when he took over as the Palace Lord and the Barren State all came to congratulate him. He remembered stepping foot into the Nether Sword Mound at the risk of his life. The ominous premonition in the prophecy did not only refer to what happened in the Nether Sword Mound, but also the danger lurking outside.

At that moment, Gu Dongliu walked to Ye Futian’s side and raised his head to look at the Great Zhou Sacred King.

The Great Zhou Sacred King was attempting to shake Ye Futian’s mental state with just words? He naturally understood that the death of the Palace’s disciples had a huge impact on Ye Futian. After all, all this started because of him.

“As we live, there are some beliefs that we have to stand by. If we can stand by indifferently while the people around us are killed with cowardice and forbearance, one day, when the Palace’s disciples are bullied or killed by the outside world, we will have the same cowardice. If our blood no longer boils, what is the purpose of being the Palace Lord, what is the purpose of cultivation, what is the purpose of living?” Gu Dongliu retorted.

He had witnessed all of the choices that Ye Futian had made. He felt that they were not wrong.

“If the Palace wants to rise up, even if there is no sacred war today, it will definitely happen in the future,” Sage Wanxiang added.

The Barren State was a region marginalized by the Nine States and was nearly removed from the Nine States. Moreover, it had offended the Zhisheng Cliffs.

If the Barren State wanted to rise up and become strong, there were some things that were unavoidable.

Ye Futian had only caused all this to happen earlier. Moreover, Ye Futian had brought a Saint to the Barren State and ended the Barren State’s Saint-less era.

Ye Futian continued looking at the Great Zhou Sacred King and replied, “That day, in the Nether Sword Mound, the Chess Saint asked me to decide between the Sword Matrix of the Void and Tombkeeper Village or him.

“I chose the belief that I have always stood by.” Ye Futian’s expression was determined as he stared into the air and continued, “In your eyes, the lives of the masses are like mere ants. However, in my eyes, Yaya’s parents are no different from the Great Zhou Sacred King. The Palace’s disciples are the same. Since I have taken on the role of the Palace Lord, I will do my best to defend the Palace. As for the deaths of the Palace’s disciples, the blood that they have spilled will be honored by the blood of the people from the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty.”

As he said that, he looked towards the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s army and said in a loud voice, “All those from the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty who have participated in the war, I will remember you all.”

Even if these people could not kill him today, in the future, the god of death would descend upon them one day.

“Palace’s disciples, hear my order.” Ye Futian’s voice resounded throughout the heavens. Immediately, many experts from the Barren State looked solemnly at Ye Futian.

“Form the Heavenly Battle Matrix,” Ye Futian said.

“Acknowledged.” The replies resounded throughout the heavens as well. As their voices landed, the experts stepped forward. The person at the forefront was Ye Futian’s teacher, Sage Douzhan. He had personally stepped on the battlefield.

Apart from Sage Douzhan, Yuan Zhan, and Sage Jingang from the Barren Sky Ranking were also there.

36 extremely strong cultivators gathered together and the martial arts aura on their bodies flowed in the area, creating a resonance. In an instant, a brilliant light was emitted.

Sage Douzhan stood at the front of all of them, his Douzhan Body in full force. A 100 Zhang high figure appeared in the area, standing tall like a war god. Rays of light shot through the war god’s body and instantly, eye-catching rays of light shot out from the 100 Zhang figure and it erupted with unparalleled force.

Behind them, there were many other martial arts cultivators who had formed the Heavenly Battle Matrix with 36 people.

“The four commanders, hear my order. Set up the matrix,” Zhou Mian commanded with a clear voice. Immediately, four experts stepped out from the crowd. Among the four of them, one was an elderly person while the other three were middle-aged, but all four of them had dignified auras.

Apart from the Golden Phoenix Army, the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty also had four extremely strong armies. They were stationed in the four directions of the Sacred Dynasty to deter the clans and sects. After all, these matters were too trivial for the Sacred King to bother doing. The four commanders were elite figures in the Sage Plane. The elderly commander’s name was Nie Gai, and he had been conferred the title of King Nie. He was also an expert on the Sage Ranking.

The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s four experts on the Sage Ranking were the Golden Phoenix Army’s commander Zhou Mian, the vice-commander Zhou Huang, and King Nie. These three people were from the sovereignty and served the Sacred Dynasty. The last expert was the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s number one clan, the Infinite Palace’s Palace Lord.

The four commanders led their army into formation. Zhou Mian looked at the Infinite Palace Lord and asked, “This person excels in his physique. The Infinite Palace Lord’s Infinite Body is unparalleled in the Eastern State. Are you willing to battle him?”

“Sure.” The Infinite Palace Lord nodded and accepted the request. In an instant, he led the Infinite Palace’s experts forward into formation.

Zhou Mian then looked at the other factions from the Eastern State and said, “The rest of you are in charge of surrounding the people from the Barren State. Don’t let a single person escape.”

The Sacred King had personally given the order to eliminate the Holy Zhi Palace and raze it to the ground.

The different factions all acknowledged the command. No matter how strong Ye Futian’s conviction and determination were, he could not overcome the difference in strength.

At least for now, there was still a huge disparity between the Barren State and the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty. The royal army that had come today was not the entirety of their strength. There were still experts staying back to keep guard. Even so, it was not something the Holy Zhi Palace could contend against.

“Sword matrix, gather,” Ye Futian continued. As his voice landed, the Sword Demon stopped commanding the Noble Plane battle and personally stepped into the battlefield alongside Xu Shang, forming the matrix with the nine strongest swordsmen.

At the same time, the Sword Saint stood on the right flank of the army. He held his demonic blade in his hand and a terrifying aura emanated from the blade. Soon, his entire body had almost been demonized and devoured by Demonic Will. His entire body looked like it was covered by a demonic armor.

In an instant, the Barren State’s army had been surrounded.

The Heavenly Battle Matrix was in the front, the sword matrix on the left, the Sword Saint on the right, Zhuge Qingfeng and You Chi were at the back.

The Ice Temple and Ye Futian were in the same location. The formation had Ye Futian at the center.

At that moment, in front of Ye Futian, the Heavenly Battle Matrix had already been formed. The 100 Zhang figure stood tall in the area. With a furious roar from Sage Douzhan, the figure punched out with tens of millions of auroras from its fists, firing across the air towards the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s army.

However, in front of him, another gargantuan figure appeared. The Infinite Palace’s experts had gathered together to form the Infinite Matrix.

The Infinite Palace Lord stood at the front of the matrix, revolving his hands. Instantly, countless arms appeared on the giant figure. The countless hands revolved at the same time, like a Thousand Hand Buddha. A giant Infinite Diagram appeared behind him and floated in the air. When the aurora from the fists landed on the diagram, they were all blocked.

“Infinite Body.” Ye Futian looked at the other party and guessed his identity. He had some understanding of the Nine States Sage and Saint Ranking. He knew the names of the experts on the Ranking. The person before them should be the 64th ranked on the Nine States Sage Ranking, Sage Wuliang.

Bang. The 100 Zhang body stepped through the air and the ground underneath it trembled. The Nobles battling on the ground felt their bodies shaking unstably.

Zhou Mian immediately gave the order, “Noble Plane army, retreat.”

The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s army had its formation scattered. Although they had surrounded the enemy, they did not obtain a huge advantage and the casualties on both sides were high. Now that the Sage Plane battle had begun, the army on the ground would be implicated as well. If they could not obtain a decisive victory, it was better to end the Noble Plane’s battle. Since Ye Futian was rushing to start the war, they would wait until after the Sage Plane battle to kill off the Nobles.

The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s army retreated while fighting. The Barren State’s disciples continued to chase them down frantically, but they heard Ye Futian say, “On my order, the Barren State’s Noble Plane disciples, retreat.”

It was not easy to force the enemy to retreat. He did not want any more of the Barren State’s disciples to die.

After Ye Futian’s order, even the rampaging Yuan Zhan broke out of his frenzy and retreated while battling.

Soon, the two armies had separated and created some distance. They continually retreated and gave up the space on the battlefield!