The Legend Of Futian Chapter 828

Chapter 828 Infinite Rulergolden Phoenix Sword

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The Heavenly Battle Matrix and the Infinite Battle Matrix appeared at the forefront of the warzone, facing each other. The two immensely gigantic bodies stood between heaven and earth, and their sense of power and authority was suffocating.

“Someone of the Barren Sky Ranking?” Sage Wuliang glanced at the other. He also knew something of the Barren State and knew of Sage Douzhan. But just how could the Barren Sky Ranking compare to the Sage ranking of the Sage and Saint Ranking of the Nine States?

Even if his ranking was only 64 on the Sage ranking, his strength was still not something that could be overcome by people of the Barren Sky Ranking.

The battle form before him, was it the Douzhan Body?

Then let it be known by all exactly what his battle form was.

Sage Wuliang’s body was full of glory, and his body became more massive. The Infinite Palace was the premier force of principality within the jurisdiction of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty in the Eastern State. Even the royal family of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty had to afford them respect. If it was not because the Great Zhou Sacred King had launched this Sacred War, it was impossible to get him involved.

“Infinite, by definition, means endless, limitless,” Sage Wuliang stared at his opponent and said. Within the Infinite Matrix, all the Qi of the Infinite Palace’s cultivators flowed into his battle form and suddenly, the Infinite Body expanded madly, soon greatly surpassing the height of the Douzhan Body, as if it were a god overlooking a mortal.

The rule power that Sage Wuliang cultivated and comprehended was the Infinite Rule. Zhou Mian surveyed the battlefield coldly. Their Army of Sages from the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, compared to the Army of Nobles, were much stronger because they were the true elite of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty.

“Infinite Sword.” Sage Wuliang surveyed the cultivators of the Barren State below from within the battle form. His battle form was comparable to thousands of people; it was truly a horror. One blow from him could cover the entire army of the Barren State. This was the horror of these figures who were at the pinnacle of their plane. Therefore, the higher the plane, the greater the difference in power. Once entering the saint plane, one stood above all the Nine States.

And the Sovereign Renhuang, who had established the orthodoxy of the Nine States, was even more legendary. One word from him was equivalent to the will of heaven and its destiny. Even saints dared not disobey.

As the voice of Sage Wuliang faded, the Infinite Sword appeared in front of the Infinite Body. It rotated in front of the body as if to spin out a sword diagram, with swords constantly manifesting, covering both the sky and the entire army of the Barren State.

“All nobles return to the palace,” Ye Futian immediately ordered, and at once, everyone from the noble plane evacuated. The scope of this kind of attack was terrifying. When they looked up at the sky, they couldn’t help but tremble.

“The Great Heavenly Battle Matrix,” Ye Futian commanded, and suddenly with Sage Douzhan at the center, all 36 Great Heavenly Battle Matrixes combined into one. A superior battle matrix of 1296 people manifested, still with Sage Douzhan at the center. An even more terrible atmosphere arose. The Douzhan Body was also expanding, growing larger and turning into the God of War.

The 36 Heavenly Battle Matrixes had gathered the strongest cultivators, those who made up the strongest martial forces of the Barren State Army.

“Smite.” Sage Wuliang’s finger pressed down, and suddenly, the Infinite Sword above the sky was falling down. Each sword now turned gigantic and pierced downwards, as if to destroy everything in the world below.

Sage Douzhan let out a scream, and his huge boundless battle form stepped into the void, with its enormous body and two fists bursting into the air. In an instant, the battle form turned into some endless shadow with fists of unimaginable speed, punching so quickly that there were only faded shadows of a golden afterimage.

For just a brief moment, a huge boundless golden fist above the sky ran through the void, rushing toward the giant swords that were falling down. The swords above the sky suddenly burst and were destroyed, and by its own power, the fist was able to block the endless, gigantic swords.

Just then, a brilliant, dazzling ray appeared, and upon the fist of the Douzhan Body appeared a dazzling golden glove. When the glove covered its fist an invisible radiance began to flow, covering the arm and the body of the battle form with all the endless power between heaven and earth; all of it flowed into the glove. An unparalleled battle will appeared, as if it could break open the sky.

This was a sacred implement that was passed down from the Holy Zhi Palace in the Barren State. It was used by the palace lord Battle Sage of the Battle Sage Palace and had been incorporated into the fist will of Battle Sage, the predecessor of Holy Zhi Palace.

Boom. Sage Douzhan stepped into the void, and rays of light pierced his chest, abdomen, and arms. He drew back his right arm, the enormous, incomparable battle form resembling a tightly wound string that could be set off at the slightest touch.

The gloves seemed to be alight with the endless, limitless power and battle will integrated into it, with rays of golden brilliance that penetrated the void. At this moment, even Sage Wuliang expressed a grave look, as if he had also felt the terrible power that it held within.

He took out the Infinite Ruler, which suddenly began to increase and augment at a maddening rate. This Infinite Ruler had exhausted the energy of generations of the Infinite Palace’s ancestors and was a divine implement. The impact of the ruler was capable of crushing anything in the world.

Bang! A strained noise came from the earth, and the hearts of many trembled fiercely. The right arm of the Douzhan Body stretched forward, with its fist aimed straight out. This time, there was only one punch, but as this punch blasted outward, there was a golden beam of light running through the void between heaven and earth. At the forefront of the beam was the fist, which contained the power of the Great Path and destroyed everything before it.

The Infinite Ruler was becoming greater and greater, and Sage Wuliang struck downwards with it, aiming directly at the fist.

The Infinite Ruler and the fist collided midair, and a dazzling ray of light exploded. The fist continued to push against the ruler, moving forward and emitting light that painfully stung the eyes of those who beheld it.

Boom! With a shockingly loud bang, the fist fragmented, becoming smaller but failing to collapse completely. It changed direction, blasting towards other places in the direction of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty Legion, the seat of a great sector.

“Watch out!” A loud cry came forth, but many did not have time to respond at all before they saw the fist smashing into the crowd and pulverizing anything in its path. The fist’s momentum carried it forward, not stopping until it had gone through the bodies of about a hundred people.

The hundred or so people who were hit were either pulverized into dust or had their bodies pierced through; all were annihilated on the spot.

Only a few sages at the very front responded in time to avoid this blow, but their hearts skipped a beat. Such an attack was too powerful, and those from the sage plane would have died just by its touch.

Sage Wuliang looked displeased, as his Infinite Ruler ruler had not smashed the other’s attack, causing many people to be killed.

The incredibly immense Infinite Body suddenly moved at this moment. With the Infinite Ruler in hand, it began walking toward the Douzhan body. He raised the Infinite Ruler, which grew ever larger, and a tremendous destructive rule power burst from within it. Then, the Infinite Ruler crashed from the sky and slammed into the Barren State Army, as if to smash the entire Barren State Army under the Infinite Ruler.

The Douzhan Body rocketed toward the sky, the boundless body raising both fists and intercepting the crushing Infinite Ruler without any hesitation. The Battle Sage gloves collided with the Infinite Ruler. An indescribable horrific power erupted from the collision of the ruler and the gloves, rushing to impact both the Infinite Body and the Douzhan Body as the power of the Great Path Rule Power swept over everyone who was in the battle matrix.

Suddenly, many people spat out blood. Many of the strongest cultivators in the Heavenly War felt their innards shatter. They died with screams still on their lips. Similarly, many cultivators from the Infinite Palace were crushed by the power and died.

The battle matrix was one, with everyone’s power linked to become a greater whole. If the attack was too strong, it would flow into everyone in the battle matrix.

“Sword matrix, smite,” Ye Futian saw what was in from of him and commanded indifferently. Suddenly, above the firmament, the Sword Demon, Xu Shang and the others turned into streams of light before disappearing from where they had stood. With impossible speed, they rushed directly toward the Infinite Body.

The nine people had integrated into one, turning into a circular sword matrix with one at each of the eight directions and one operating the matrix in the middle.

The person who manned the matrix at the center caused a sword diagram to appear between heaven and the earth, with each position in the sword diagram containing a sword. In the center was the Divine Sword.

At this moment, the person holding the Divine Sword in the middle and controlling the battle matrix was Xu Shang.

“Intercept him,” Zhou Mian commanded emotionlessly. Suddenly, all four commanders attacked simultaneously. Some commanders reached into the void, and a horrible force immediately descended from the air to envelop the space.

But at this moment, the Divine Sword within the sword matrix exploded with a great brilliance that penetrated all the rule powers and traveled through the void at a tremendous speed. It did not collide with the Infinite Body but instead snaked behind it.

Xu Shang was expert of the Slaughter Sword Way, and his speed was naturally unparalleled. At the moment, he manned the sword matrix, and the sword matrix exuded his expertise.

The cultivators of the Infinite Palace were still gathering the battle matrix, and suddenly, the massive Sword Will exploded from the sword diagram in the void, plunging downwards.

The countenance of Sage Wuliang changed slightly, and he retracted his arms, wanting to direct the Infinite Ruler backward, but Sage Douzhan did not give him the chance. Both of his legs burst with incomparable brilliance before stepping into the void. The Douzhan Body charged towards its opponent, both fists brimming with great force that shook the heaven and earth. Sage Wuliang did not have the time to react and was forced to blast out the Infinite Ruler once more.

At almost the same time, many strong cultivators of the Infinite Palace were stabbed and killed by the sword, and the power of the Infinite Body seemed to diminish. When the fists blasted out once again, the Infinite Body rocked a little, and many cultivators from the Infinite Palace spat up blood and died.

“Zhou Huang.” Zhou Mian looked cold and indifferent. He spat his words in a cold voice. Zhou Huang, a cultivator of the Sage and Saint Ranking and the eldest son of Great Zhou Sacred King, charged forward, and a Golden Phoenix Army slashed through the void while an immense golden phoenix appeared between heaven and earth. The Golden Phoenix Sword pierced through the expanse to attack, hiding an incomparably savage attack power.

The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty had a real Golden Phoenix Sword, cast by the ancestors of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, and formed by infusing the blood of the sacred beasts. When the Golden Phoenix Sword stabbed out, it seemed that there was a real sacred beast of golden phoenixes attacking them.

Xu Shang attacked with the Divine Sword in hand, and as the two swords collided, a storm swept out. Xu Shang and others retreated instantly then separated. By their numbers, the Barren State Army was at a disadvantage, so their purpose was not a frontal attack, but rather a surprise attack aimed to weaken the force of the opponent.

“It’s death you are seeking.” Zhou Mian glanced in the direction of Ye Futian, the sword matrix taking the initiative to attack. There appeared to be an unguarded position on the left of Ye Futian. He immediately ordered, “Take down Ye Futian.”

Without him pointing it out, the army of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty had also discovered the spot, and strong cultivators were already advancing towards Ye Futian.