The Legend Of Futian Chapter 829

Chapter 829 The Duo

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Pang Mu, commander of the Xuanwu Army from the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty and the peak figure of the sage plane, was held in high regard within the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty.

Currently, the force attacking Ye Futian and his party was the Xuanwu Army led by Pang Mu. Although Pang Mu was extremely powerful, he was not impulsive, so he did not attack alone. Ye Futian was the leader of the Holy Zhi Palace, so naturally, there were many powerful cultivators protecting him from an ambush.

The Xuanwu Matrix gathered and condensed, and a great Xuanwu beast came down towards Ye Futian from the sky. An incredibly heavy force came toward them and, at the same time, an endless iciness seemed to cover the skies with heavy frost.

Behind Ye Futian stood many cultivators of the Ice Temple, including the lord of the temple, Yun Shang.

In her hand, Yun Shang held an Ice Scepter, which emitted a surprising chill. She lifted the scepter, and suddenly, all the spirit will of the cultivators of the Ice Temple poured into it. At that instant, a frosty storm enveloped the endless battlefield. Even Sage Douzhan and Sage Wuliang, who were deep in battle, felt the chill that swept over them; it was an incoming snow storm.

“Ice, eternity!” Yun Shang spat. The rate at which space-time flowed in that space seemed to slow down until reaching a near standstill so that everything was encased in freezing ice. Those of the low planes only felt that they had fallen into endless frigidity, but the great Xuanwu beast had also started to move more slowly.

In this world of ice, terrible icy thorns sprouted forth and pierced towards the crowd of people within the Xuanwu Matrix.

Pang Mu felt the extreme chill, but his countenance was indifferent. Even if the flow of time and space had slowed down, it could not affect him at all.

Was that instrument a divine implement?

Even though he was one of the four commanders of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, he did not have a divine implement. The Infinite Palace was the inheritance of the ancestors; the Golden Phoenix Sword of Zhou Huang was a thing of the sacred dynasty. Although he was strong, Zhou Mian and Zhou Huang were two sovereigns before him, and Nie Gai was a superior cultivator of the sage ranking. As such, it would never be his turn to receive a divine implement.

But in this war, the Barren State seemed to possess many divine implements. If he could take them, they would be his. Moreover, he cultivated in water abilities, so this scepter would be greatly suited for him.

“Break.” The power of a horrible Great Path rule was released, and a terrible rule power circulating within the Xuanwu Battle Matrix. Four limbs and a long tail began to move, and the frozen void constantly showed cracks, slowly collapsing little by little.

The mighty ice storm still affected this space, and the power of the sorcery that erupted from the divine implement was not so easy to eliminate. Rumbling sounds could be heard, and the immense body of the great Xuanwu beast moved downward, pressing against Ye Futian.

At this moment, the space in which Ye Futian was located seemed to be independent of the world so that the ice storm would not attack him. He sat cross-legged while the Guqin Spirit appeared in front of him, playing in the void.

At the same time, from Hua Jieyu’s body behind him, there exploded an incredibly strong force. Her long hair danced wildly and frantically, her eyes were beautiful and bewitching, and within them, there was a tremendous telekinetic storm, barely contained. Her spirit melded into one with Ye Futian and further integrated into the sound of Guqin, transforming into thousands of silky threads that began to shroud everyone in the space.

Near Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu were sorcerers. Even Sage Daozang from the palace was standing next to them, ready to contribute his spiritual energy.

Thousands of radiant threads shone and bloomed, releasing from all of the cultivators and finally gathering upon Hua Jieyu as if they were each integrated into that terrible storm of telekinesis. Hua Jieyu’s eyes became ever more bewitching, and the storm inside her body ever stronger.

This storm of Spiritual Energy was shared by Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu.

The battle matrix in which they resided was manned by Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu, both of whom belonged to the lower plane. Of course, the Hua Jieyu of the moment was not of her own power but one that relied upon the strength within her body and thus, from a certain angle, her plane was not low at all; only Ye Futian’s plane was low.

The sound of the music spread to heaven and the earth, and time and space seemed to have blended into one with the sound of Guqin. All the Spiritual Qi below the firmament aggregated towards the battle matrix where they were, crossing the power of the rules.

With the help of that incomparable spiritual will, Ye Futian’s melody radiated an incomparably vast landscape. He manifested a thought as if at this moment he was everywhere, omnipotent.

This was the feeling brought on by such immense power.

“Jieyu,” Ye Futian transmitted his voice.

“Mmm,” Hua Jieyu whispered softly in reply, and the two synced their thoughts, understanding each other’s wishes.

“Space, freeze.” All things were still at this moment, and above Ye Futian’s head the Spiritual Qi stopped flowing. The great Xuanwu beast temporarily stopped its oppressive steps. Not only them, but even those in the distance felt the power of space freezing, as if everything was coming to a stop.

At the same time, a long whip appeared in the hand of Hua Jieyu, and from it exuded a terrible authority of the Great Path, as if it could make the soul tremble. It was one of the divine implements that had been passed down in the Holy Zhi Palace—the God-beating Whip.

In this Sacred War, its use belonged to Hua Jieyu. She was a Divine Spiritual Sorcerer, and with a Divine Spiritual Sorcerer of the saint plane assisting her, the God-beating Whip was undoubtedly the most suitable ritual implement for her.

As Hua Jieyu raised her head, a terrible rule power erupted, and in that instant, she seemed to feel the spiritual will of the great Xuanwu beast, which was formed by the spiritual will of all the people in that army. It was extremely powerful and indestructible.

Hua Jieyu’s expression was indifferent, and she simply lashed out the God-beating Whip. This lash seemed to have cracked open the void and swept towards the great Xuanwu beast.

Although Pang Mu was limited by the power of Two-layered rules at the moment, he was still able to clearly perceive everything outside. When Hua Jieyu cracked the whip at the Xuanwu battle matrix, he could feel the tremor of his own soul.

Retreat. Pang Mu manifested a thought. As he had guessed, because Ye Futian was the palace lord of the Holy Zhi Palace, it would be impossible for there to be no defensive power, but he hadn’t expected the power here to be this strong.

He wanted to retreat, but his speed was suppressed, and it was impossible to withdraw in time. The Xuanwu battle matrix changed. Suddenly a boundless, giant Xuanwu turtle shell covered everyone; the most powerful aspect of the Xuanwu battle matrix was not its attack, but its defense.

However, Hua Jieyu was cracking the God-beating Whip.

Whoosh! A crisp sound trembled between the heaven and earth, slapping onto the spiritual will that was gathered upon the great Xuanwu beast. The shadow of the great Xuanwu beast trembled, and many spiritual wills collapsed and were destroyed. In the battle matrix, many cultivators collapsed and separated from the matrix, falling below.

“Retreat,” Zhou Mian also detected something was very wrong and immediately ordered Pang Mu to evacuate. However, the sound of the music was still as before, and the space where Pang Mu was located was shrouded by invisible rule power, as if it was frozen not only because of the rules released by Ye Futian but also by the rule sorcery released by Yun Shang; the two powers worked together to constrain the Xuanwu Battle Matrix.

And the God-beating Whip once again swayed with incredible speed.

Whoosh! It was only for a short time, but the whip in Hua Jieyu’s hand continued lashing out, and every lash of the whip made the great Xuanwu beast tremble. Cultivators continued to collapse and die because their spiritual will was being destroyed. They could not withstand such direct attacks against their spiritual energy.

“Nie Gai!” Zhou Mian shouted and immediately commanded the other legions to support him. He instinctually realized that the Xuanwu Matrix of Pang Mu was trapped by the power of the other party and being abused. Given time, Pang Mu would not be able to last.

“What kind of music is this?” Many people in the army of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty felt its power. All things were restricted, the space frozen, and the sorcery was integrated into the music.

And Ye Futian’s wife, Hua Jieyu, a delicate beauty who was not of this world, why was she so frightening at this moment?

The army of sorcerers from the Barren State was not there to protect them, but, with them as the center and the core of the matrix to explode with terrible power.

“The Ukiyo Song.” Far away from the battlefield, countless people stood in the void to watch the battling legions in the distance. Kong Yao naturally recognized what song this was.

In that battle long ago, Ye Futian had also performed the song, but its power was not as strong as it was today. This time, he borrowed the spirit will of the cultivators of the Barren State, merging into one, to play the Ukiyo Song, fully allowing his rule power to bloom.

Although the power of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty was strong, it would not be an easy feat to take the Barren State without shedding blood.

The Great Zhou Sacred King must have been very angry at the moment.

Nie Gai and the other two commanders also led armies to come to the rescue. Seeing their movements, Zhuge Qingfeng and You Chi who were behind Ye Futian also started to move, stepping into the void, prepared to stop the reinforcements from the other side.

If they could destroy and pull apart the army within a short time, it would, no doubt, be the most ideal situation!