The Legend Of Futian Chapter 831

Chapter 831 Questioning The Heavens

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In the part of the battlefield where Ye Futian was, both the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty and the Holy Zhi Palace’s armies came rushing out.

The Xuanwu army was still being surrounded and hiding in the Xuanwu Shell. Each time the God-beating Whip landed, it would kill many people in the Xuanwu Battle Matrix, but the matrix was not destroyed and continued awaiting assistance from outside.

Ye Futian continued to sit cross-legged, strumming the Guqin with both hands. The Guqin melody engulfed the area and his Spiritual Energy also engulfed the vast area. Every scene on the battlefield was engraved into his brain.

Everyone from the Holy Zhi Palace was in a tough battle for their beliefs.

His master was fulfilling his promise. He had led the Heavenly Battle Matrix and fended off the Great Zhou’s strongest army.

The sword matrix that the Sword Demon and Xu Shang had formed, as well as his Big Brother, had rushed into the interior of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s army and were battling without regard for their lives.

This was a fight to the death.

An even more frenzied Spiritual Energy rushed into his head, as though merging with his Spiritual Will. However, he was only a mid-level Sage, so such a terrifying Spiritual Energy was close to the limit he could withstand. His Spiritual Will seemed as though it would crumble. This was like the time when Hua Jieyu borrowed a Saint’s Spiritual Will to battle and fainted right after the battle.

Now, he was facing a similar situation.

However, he did not have the luxury of considering the consequences at that moment. The unparalleled Spiritual Energy nearly broke free of his control. He put in all his effort to steady himself and ensure that he was still steadily playing the Guqin melody. Wisps of Guqin notes gathered together and transformed into a terrifying spiritual storm. Gradually, an omniscient being resembling an ancient God started to form.

It was the Sage Hall’s teachings, the Godly Creation of All Things.

At that moment, it was being summoned from Ye Futian’s Guqin melody.

The ancient God that had appeared continued to take form and became large enough to block out the sun. It appeared in the middle of the two armies, and many people who were in battle all raised their heads and looked at it, astonished. A horrifying Spiritual Will emanated from the ancient God.

The giant ancient God had unparalleled rule power flowing around its body. Wisps of purple lightning flashed across the heavens and destructive thunderbolts circulated around the ancient God’s ten fingers. Every strand of lightning was like a God-beating Whip.

The ancient God stretched out its arm and descended with boundless purple lightning. Thunder whips entangled the Xuanwu Matrix and pounded down like the apocalypse, striking the strong Spiritual Will that had been formed by the battle matrix, causing the giant Xuanwu to tremble.

“Jieyu!” Ye Futian, who was in the middle of playing the Guqin called out to her. Hua Jieyu’s mind was interlinked with his at that moment and she flew into the air, the God-beating Whip in her hand unleashing its strongest force towards the Xuanwu Battle Matrix. It struck the center of the boundless lightning and it was as though it had activated a terrifying matrix.

In an instant, figures were shot out from the Xuanwu Battle Matrix with screams of agony. The entire battle matrix, with its countless experts, was all sent flying back, and the giant Xuanwu shattered into multiple pieces. The battle matrix had been completely nullified.

Pang Mu stood in the area, watching the surrounding people being sent flying. He felt a terrifying force assaulting his Spiritual Will and his face became pale. He had not expected that he would be in such danger after he had launched the attack on Ye Futian.

Crash. Pang Mu stepped back, attempting to escape. The Xuanwu Life Spirit appeared, surrounding him within. At that moment, the only thought in his head was to escape.

“Where are you going?” An icy voice sounded out, like the voice of judgment. As the voice landed, Pang Mu raised his head and looked at the ancient God. He saw a pair of intimidating eyes; they were like Ye Futian’s, deep and bottomless, causing others to lose themselves within. In an instant, a terrifying spiritual storm rushed into his head and he was overwhelmed by purple lightning. The next thing he felt was a stinging pain in his Spiritual Energy.

Crash… With a blaring sound, the ancient God in the air punched out and it landed on the Xuanwu like a giant meteorite. With a deafening sound, cracks appeared on the Xuanwu’s body. Pang Mu spat out a mouthful of blood and his expression was death itself.

“I withdraw from this battle,” Pang Mu declared, terrified He felt that he would definitely die if he continued battling.

A gust of wind blew past, and Hua Jieyu’s God-beating Whip continued lashing down. With another deafening sound, Pang Mu fell into numbness, like he had struck by lightning. His Spiritual Will was nearly destroyed and he was on his last leg.

“Die.” Ye Futian raised his head and looked towards Pang Mu with wintry killing intent in his eyes.

He would kill everyone who had come to destroy the Palace.

Bang! With another heavy strike, Pang Mu’s Life Spirit was shattered along with his body. As the God-beating Whip descended yet again, a wretched scream could be heard as Pang Mu’s Spiritual Will was destroyed and his body fell lifelessly to the ground.

As they saw this scene, the people who had been severely injured in the Xuanwu Battle Matrix were all filled with terror.

One of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s four commanders, the Xuanwu army’s commander Pang Mu, had died in battle in the Barren State’s Holy Zhi Palace.

Bang. In the air, the Great Zhou Sacred King slammed one of his chess pieces down heavily on the chessboard. There was an imposing aura around his body. Although Pang Mu was not royalty, he was one of the four commanders outside of the Golden Phoenix Army. His position in the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty was by no means low, but today, he had died in battle in the Holy Zhi Palace. Moreover, the sacred war had not turned out like he had imagined. The Barren State’s strength and determination had far exceeded his expectations.

“What do you think?” The Village Chief moved his piece and raised his head, looking at the Great Zhou Sacred King. He was surprised as well; the performance of Ye Futian and the experts from the Holy Zhi Palace had moved him.

“Although one of my armies has been killed, that battle matrix will accompany it.” the Great Zhou Sacred King said coldly and played another piece, devouring a portion of the Village Chief’s pieces.

What the Great Zhou Sacred King was referring to was naturally the Heavenly Battle Matrix with Sage Douzhan at the forefront.

The Village Chief looked down at the Heavenly Battle Matrix.

At the same time, Sage Douzhan had gathered the force of the Battle Matrix onto himself and he shone brilliantly. However, Zhou Mian, Zhou Huang, and Sage Wuliang fired attacks from him from three different directions again.

With a furious roar, Sage Douzhan’s Douzhan Body started to form again. The giant figure erupted with tens of thousands of Zhang of light and raised its arms, which were filled with boundless energy, and fired fist auroras with the force of the Battle Saint Gauntlets, attempting to shatter the heavens.

However, in front of the three experts, who all had Saint instruments, they all used the force of their Saint instruments to break through the fist will, and their attacks landed on the Douzhan Body. The Golden Phoenix Sword pierced through everything. The Infinite Ruler crushed the air and the Douzhan Body crumbled yet again. The terrifying attacks landed heavily on Sage Douzhan’s burly body, shattering his bones and tearing his meridians apart. The Golden Phoenix Sword’s Sword Will tore through the Saint instrument armor and assaulted his body, causing his body to feel like it was being torn to shreds.

The Saint instrument was stained with blood and Sage Douzhan’s aura fluctuated shakily. Even his sturdy body seemed to be unable to continue withstanding the attacks.

“Brother, let me.” Sage Jingang was in turmoil. That sturdy body was giving everything it had to fight for time on that piece of the battlefield.

“Pang Mu is dead.” At that moment, Zhou Mian turned and looked in another direction. His expression was frigid. The Xuanwu army’s commander had died in battle.

Ye Futian had actually created a giant figure that rushed into the other armies. The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s armies were at a disadvantage at the other area of the battlefield.

Sage Douzhan had evidently seen it too. He turned around and looked at that part of the battlefield, and a smile appeared on his face. They had already eliminated a part of the enemies. If that was so, the Palace’s chances of winning were even higher. Of course, he still had to defend the Heavenly Battle Matrix from destruction.

“You two, kill him.” Zhou Mian looked towards Zhou Huang and Sage Wuliang. He then turned and attempted to lead his army to the other part of the battlefield.

“Where do you think you’re going.” Sage Douzhan stepped forward, and the battle matrix moved with him. He walked towards Zhou Mian, and his overbearing fist punched forward yet again.

“You’re courting death,” Zhou Mian said angrily. A wing slashed down and nearly tore through space-time, slicing the fist apart. However, Sage Douzhan did not even think of giving up. His fists broke through space-time as well and countless fists rained down on the other party. The giant wings behind Zhou Mian slashed down rapidly and their attacks clashed vigorously.

“Brother, watch out!” Sage Jingang shouted as a blinding ray of light shot towards him. Sage Douzhan was warding off Zhou Mian’s attacks and had no excess energy to dodge. The Golden Phoenix Sword pierced Sage Douzhan’s body with terrifying force. Although it was blocked by the Saint instrument, the Golden Phoenix Sword was unable to pierce his body, but the sharp Sword Will still rushed into his body.

Sage Douzhan vomited blood continuously and felt as though his organs were about to rip apart.

At that moment, he remembered the teachings that he had given Ye Futian and Yu Sheng when he first met them. He had said that the reason why body cultivators were strong was that when others attacked, they could withstand their attacks. However, others cannot withstand a body cultivator’s attacks.

However, this time was different; even he was unable to withstand any more attacks.

“Brother.” Sage Jingang’s face was pale. Even if they wanted to exchange control of the matrix now, it was hard to do so.

The other party would not give up a chance to kill his brother.

“If I die, all of you continue!” Sage Douzhan said loudly. As his voice landed, it was like his entire body ignited as seven rays of light shot through his body. Instantly, light passed through his entire body, from his fists, legs, stomach, and even his head, giving off a brilliant glow.

The Incomplete Heavenly Manual was the technique that he cultivated in.

What did incomplete mean?

Actually, there was one technique that he did not teach Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. It was the final technique of the Incomplete Heavenly Manual—the Broken Heaven Technique.

It allowed one to exceed the limit of the physical body by exhausting one’s potential.

In that instant, boundless energy rushed into his body from the Heavenly Battle Matrix with no reservation. The energy rushed ferociously around his body, and the seven rays of light shone up to the skies.

At that moment, Sage Douzhan’s frame of mind was clear and flawless. An exceedingly terrifying Will enveloped the area.

In the vast area, there seemed to be a force that was resonating with it. Formidable storms suddenly started to blow in the skies. The storms ravaged the area like rule power, then headed straight for Sage Douzhan, passing through his body, causing Sage Douzhan’s expression to change as he raised his head and looked towards the sky.

Were the heavens playing tricks on him too?

At that moment, in the sky, the Great Zhou Sacred King and the Village Chief’s chess pieces fell to the ground. Their gazes were intently focused on Sage Douzhan on the ground. His frame of mind had no flaws, so the Saint disaster had arrived for him to enter the Saint Plane?

“Hahaha…” Laughter roared throughout the area. Sage Douzhan stared at the sky and said solemnly, “I would like to ask the heavens, how many times can I truly follow my heart in this life? Since I have managed to do it, there is nothing to fear about death.”

Since the heavens had allowed him to experience the Divine Path before he died, he had no regrets in this life!