The Legend Of Futian Chapter 832

Chapter 832 Tragic Battle

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The sound that came from Sage Douzhan could be heard from the heaven to the earth, full of grief.

At this moment, in the Heavenly Battle Matrix, Sage Jingang, Yuan Hong and the others all pushed their own strength to the limit and poured it into the body of Sage Douzhan.

If it was what the heart desired, there was no regret in death.

Above the sky an ever more horrifying storm of rule powers had started, almost drowning the space. Zhou Mian, Zhou Huang and the others changed their expressions as they looked up at the changes occurring between heaven and earth; their hearts shook violently.

This was the baptism of the Great Path, and the catastrophe of the Divine Path.

But how was this possible?

In the void, Great Zhou Sacred King and the old Village Chief stopped playing chess, standing up and staring at the changes between heaven and earth.

How could there be a Divine Catastrophe?

Although Sage Douzhan was at the peak of the sage plane, there were many in the Nine States who were more outstanding than him. But even they could not rely on themselves to break the constraint of the Great Path from the outside world, hence there was grounds to prove sainthood.

But, Sage Douzhan, by what means was he deserving of this?

“Great Zhou Sacred King, did you see?” The old Village Chief said. “You launched the Sacred War and forced out the Divine Catastrophe. After this war there will be a cleansing within the Barren State. All those who participated in the war will elevate their state of mind, especially those who were in the battle matrix.”

Great Zhou Sacred King regarded the Heavenly Battle Matrix with disdain, but vaguely understood how Sage Douzhan could instigate the Divine Catastrophe.

The battle matrix was of one mind and body, rendering the will of Sage Douzhan extremely strong and resilient. Coupled with him surpassing the limits of the flesh and willing to burn his own life to ignite his potential, he broke the constraint of the Great Path.

Of course, the premise of all this was that Sage Douzhan himself had sublimated his own state of mind with no lack in the ways of the Great Path, which made evoking the truth of the world possible.

The will, the state of mind, and the power were all integrated into one, which broke the limit and led the Divine Path.

So, he did it.

Almost no one had been able to achieve it in the land of the Nine States.

How ironic it was that a Sacred War had forced out the Divine Path.

The universe had a sense of humor.

“So what? The Divine Catastrophe is here. Death is the only outcome.” Great Zhou Sacred King said with a cold voice. Even in his prime, Sage Douzhan would not have been able to withstand the power of the Divine Catastrophe, much less in his current state of serious injury. Besides, he had forcibly surpassed the limits of his flesh and burned his own potential. Under the Divine Catastrophe, he would surely die.

At this moment, Great Zhou Sacred King actually felt some pity. Even if this was an enemy, he had to admit that he was quite a character.

The Barren State was truly a magical land, but since it was the enemy it could only be destroyed.

In that battle was Ye Futian. He had observed the situation of Sage Douzhan, and his heart trembled fiercely.

He had once asked what the Divine Path was after the Divine Catastrophe and the purge of the Great Path rules. With perfection of mind the Divine Path could be proved.

The Divine Path was extremely difficult.

It was just that the Divine Catastrophe had the power to annihilate everything.

For the Master, his catastrophe was a physical one. Using the physical body to testify the Divine Path he cast the sacred body of rules, and thus became sainted.

However, the Sacred War was at this moment. The Master did not hesitate to burn all the power, breaking the limit and instigating the Divine Catastrophe. Under such circumstances, it was impossible for him to survive this catastrophe.

Seeing the endless cultivators around him, Ye Futian’s eyes turned the color of blood. At this moment, he was fighting in the midst of​​ major legions.

Whether it was the Holy Zhi Palace or the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, many from both sides had perished, but the number of combatants remaining to the opponent was still greater.

He knew that the Mater was fighting to give an opportunity to them by stalling the strongest force of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty. He waged his own life to fulfill his promise and mission. He had considered the matter already.

At this time, traces of the Great Path rules storm flooded into the body of Sage Douzhan, rocking his body until its flesh seemed ready to tear apart.

But at this moment he was not afraid. He never thought about continuing to live, so what was there to fear about dying?

Both fists clenched within Heavenly Battle Matrix, an incomparably immense force poured into his body and Sage Douzhan revealed a smile on his face. He was not alone in this fight. Everyone was fighting with him side by side, and he was proud of such a united Palace.

His spirit touched all the cultivators, and equally, the will of these cultivators were also touching him.

Sounds of terror were heard and the body of Sage Douzhan continued to increase, expanding toward heaven and earth as if he himself was the battle form.

An even more powerful storm came over them, and even the divine implement of an armor could not resist it. In this moment, Sage Douzhan took off the divine implement and threw it to Yu Hong, “Take it.”

His bronzed skin was exposed between heaven and earth, baptized by the rules of the Great Path. His body seemed to be cracking open, and yet filled with sacred luster.

These were two extremes: either it would be cast into the body of a saint or it would be broken into pieces.

At the moment, Sage Douzhan was enduring the impact of the Great Path that no one could have imagined, but he still stood there, like a mountain, incomparable.

“When the Way has been known in the morning, there is no need to see the end of the day.”

Sage Douzhan declared with a clear voice, and as soon as he was done, he took a step with his immense body across the space, headed in the direction of Zhou Mian.

Although death was certain, he would experience the power of the Dharma body endowed with the Great Path before that.

Zhou Mian and the others did not alter their look much, but their hearts were extremely shocked.

Saint plane was their strongest pursuit when they reached this level of cultivation.

However, at this moment, right in front of them, Sage Douzhan was leading the Divine Path.

But under the circumstance, Sage Douzhan was not fighting against the purge of the Divine Catastrophe, but launching attack toward them?

This was a complete abandonment of hope, just to oppose them.

That was an opportunity for sanctification. Although everyone understood that there was almost no chance of survival in this situation for Sage Douzhan, the opportunity of the Divine Path was still within reach. Even if the chance was small, who would not fight for it?

Even if that meant giving it all, the goal was to live and to prove sainthood.

But Sage Douzhan had no plan to do so.

Seeing that massive figure coming down, Zhou Mian gathered in the power of the battle matrix, and a terrifiying golden phoenix appeared in the sky. Like a demon god, its giant golden phoenix wings slashed out toward Sage Douzhan.

The catastrophe of the Divine Path fell down, but Sage Douzhan did not pay attention to it. He extended his hands and caught the huge golden phoenix wings that came in for the kill.

A loud scream echoed as his arms opened wide to the sides, the immense body of the golden phoenix’s body tearing apart with a force that could pass through the sky.


Sage Douzhan stepped into the void, his colossal body landing directly in front of Zhou Mian. His arms retracted, and then punched out, like an ancient god who could penetrate heaven and earth.

Zhou Mian looked incredibly irritated. The huge boundless golden phoenix wings closed, and from them emitted the authority of a divine implement. But the fist of Sage Douzhan was also clad in a divine implement. Moreover, his body had already undergone the baptism of the Divine Path at the moment; within the attack there was already a trace of saintly authority integrated into the divine implement which rendered it indomitable.


The heaven and the earth seemed to burst open, and the great army behind Zhou Mian was shocked into disintegration. He himself turned into a stream of light and flew in retreat, spitting out a mouthful of blood. If there was no protection from the divine implement and the battle matrix, this one punch alone would be enough to shatter his internal organs.

He had not become saint, yet was already so powerful?

Then when proved in the Divine Path, what kind of unearthly power would that be.

There was a strong desire in Zhou Mian’s heart.

Sage Douzhan took a step once again, and this time he stepped into the middle of the disintegrating army.

Above the firmament, there was a terrible storm of the Divine Catastrophe, which was without end and limit.

“Puh!” with a muted sound Sage Douzhan spat out a mouthful of blood, the endless Divine Path rules coursing over the surface of his body, the cracks on the bronze body vaguely showing as if to pulverize his body.

“Come on.”

Sage Douzhan looked up at the storm of the Divine Catastrophe that gathered in the sky. He clenched his fists and screamed, and the endless fist will burst from his body, carrying the ruinous catastrophe across the land.

“Run!” Zhou Mian screamed, as the army collapsed. If they wanted to use their own strength now to counter an already transformed Sage Douzhen, death would be the only outcome.

Everyone escaped at all locations, but the endless fist will had descended upon them.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Terrible sounds were heard, and in an instant, many cultivators were hit by the fist will, their bodies were pierced through, dead on the spot.

Above the void, Great Zhou Sacred King saw this scene with indifference, “Does this count as a saint?”

“Without Divine Catastrophe there is no real means to cast the sacred body, so how can it be considered sacred?” The old Village Chief responded indifferently, but detecting the released atmosphere from the Great Zhou Sacred King, he reminded him, “The Sacred King must not forget the rules set by the Nine States supervising inspector and that they will be monitoring the Sacred War. Perhaps at this moment they are among the crowds. If the Sacred King violates the will of Emperor Xia, what would be the consequences?”

When Great Zhou Sacred King heard these words, the look in his eyes were extremely sharp. Who could have imagined that Sage Douzhan would experience Divine Catastrophe in the Sacred War, and that he would attack the cultivators of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty regardless of his own life or death.

Just then, Zhou Mian came to the army where Zhou Huang was located, and once again integrated into the battle matrix, Golden Phoenix Sword and Golden Phoenix Wings seemed to want to unify together, melding offense and defense in one. Zhou Mian said coldly, “Under the Divine Catastrophe it’s already the end for him. Sage Wuliang, join the attack.”

Sage Wuliang’s face changed slightly; he really did not want to continue fighting under these circumstances. Sage Douzhan in this state of madness was entirely too dangerous, attacking with catastrophe of the Divine Path and completely ignoring his own life or death.

If he left Sage Douzhan would succumb to the catastrophe so there was no need to fight it out, but for the nobles like Zhou Mian it was quite different. If they were miserable, Zhou Mian wanted Sage Douzhan to lose his fighting power so as not to directly endanger the victory of the Sacred War.

In this Sacred War, Zhou Mian was the Commander-in-Chief. If defeated, he would naturally shoulder the responsibility.

However, with Great Zhou Sacred King himself supervising the battle and watch over it all, he dared not refuse.

“Very well.” Sage Wuliang nodded, controlling the Infinite Body forward, and all three strong cultivators stood side by side, watching Sage Douzhan coming toward them.

The colossal body of Sage Douzhan stepped forward, above the sky as even stronger storms of rules fell, impacting his body. Blood trailed down from the corner of his mouth, but it seemed like he did not feel it and continued onward toward Zhou Mian.

Sage Douzhan at this moment was like a true saint!