The Legend Of Futian Chapter 833

Chapter 833 Living

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His sturdy body was like that of a god of war.

Sage Douzhan stretched out his arms and clenched his fist. With his body as the center between heaven and earth, the power of the law of the Great Path rushed into him. His form was incomparably majestic. His bronze skin and his arms and legs were covered by the calamitous light of the Great Path, and his body was tempered.

Was this calamitous light destruction or rebirth?

But no matter what it was, it was definitely the most deadly force for Zhou Mian.

Zhou Mian entered the battle matrix where Zhou huang was. The Golden Phoenix’s wings covered the sky. In a flash countless afterimages appeared. Each golden afterimage was made of golden wings. They were like the most terrible blades in the world, capable of cutting through the void.

The endless afterimages overlapped over everything, and they attacked Sage Douzhan.

Sage Douzhan seemed to not see them. He screamed, and his huge majestic figure and he stepped towards the void. He raised his arms towards the void and the light of the Great Path flowed over them, blocking the attacking wings and a harsh, sharp sound.

Thump. Sage Douzhan stepped out, rubbing his arms against the wings. He was eager for close combat.

At this time he only had one conviction: to completely destroy this army so they could not affect the sacred war.

Zhou Huang lashed out with his Golden Phoenix Sword, and a bolt of golden electricity pierced through the void. In addition to the sword shadow, a huge golden phoenix appeared. It carried incomparable majesty, and it attacked Sage Douzhan.

On the other side, countless sages brandished the Infinite Ruler, and its shadow covered the sky. As they slammed down the void was shaken.

The Golden Phoenix Sword stabbed into Sage Douzhan’s chest, and the Infinite Ruler slammed into his back. This kind of power was enough to destroy any cultivator under the Saint Plane. No one would dare endure such a terrible attack, but Sage Douzhan managed to bear it with his own strength.

The space seemed quiet, and Sage Douzhan seemed to be quieted down as well. A terrible power rushed into his body, and blood spurted out of his mouth. There also seemed to be blood permeating through his bronze muscles.

Zhou Mian stared at Sage Douzhan. Would this power be enough to kill him?

Also, the power of the Divine Catastrophe itself caused him great injury. He knew that a body tempered by the Divine Catastrophe would be absolutely disastrous to him now.

“Brother.” Sage Jinggan looked over at Sage Douzhan and his heart was filled with grief and indignation.

The chaotic slaughter still continued on the other battlefield. Ye Futian played his music with bloodshot eyes. He certainly saw everything that happened to Sage Douzhan.

“Teacher!” shouted Ye Futian. His heart hurt, and infinite power burst out from within him. The World Tree spirit made a rustling sound, and a glimmer of light spread out from him. It was the branches and leaves of the World Tree. They shrouded the whole area.

The endless power rushed into his body, and a hint of madness flashed in his eyes. The spiritual will power of the cultivators around him turned into thousands of links and rushed madly into his mind. The Worldly Spiritual Qi was completely out of control, and he was breathing rapidly.

“Futian.” Hua Jieyu and Ye Futian shared the same mind at the moment, and she faintly realized what Ye Futian wanted to do. She could not help but gently shake her head. “You won’t be able to bear it.”

He wanted to turn everyone’s spiritual will power into his own power, seal it in his spiritual will, and use this to induce the power of the heavens and the earth to achieve a certain balance between his physical strength and his spiritual will.

But Hua Jieyu fully understood the terrible consequences of this. At first she almost didn’t snap out of it. If Ye Futian just used his music and her power to accumulate matrix power he could withstand it, but if he borrowed it completely he would likely be killed by the spiritual will.

After all, the power did not belong to him.

“Godly Creation of All Things,” Ye Futian spat. Suddenly the body of an ancient god gathered around him. He and everyone in the matrix were enveloped in this towering body.

This ancient god that was born of cohesion seemed to be formed out of all of their wills.

Golden blood burned in Ye Futian’s body. He used the borrowed power to motivate the will of the emperor within him. In an instant, all the power within him seemed to be sucked out. Even the power within his Life Palace was burning up crazily.

The will of the emperor transformed into a formless light screen. The ancient god’s body was boundless and vast. At that moment everyone seemed to truly have been integrated into one.

“Are you all willing to fight with me?” Ye Futian’s voice appeared in everyone’s mind.

“We are.”

“Then let’s fight.”

Their will came back to Ye Futian. They were all as determined to fight as Lingtian.

A burst of warmth flowed through Ye Futian’s heart. He secretly swore that after that battle he would not disappoint them.

The shape of the ancient god’s body changed. Wings sprung out of it and unfolded fiercely, turning into an incomparably destructive figure of a golden roc.

It flapped its wings and the gold-winged roc suddenly moved forward. It spread its wings like a monarch in the sky.

Everyone was subjected to an unparalleled pressure, friends and foes sharing a common fate.

“Guard your will, do not waver.” Sage Daozang’s will was transmitted to everyone. They all closed their eyes and gave all their power to Ye Futian.

Everyone gave their life to Ye Futian.

An extremely sharp wind blew between heaven and earth. The gold-winged roc crossed through the void, and many people attacked it. However, everywhere the golden feathers passed by an endless stream of blood flew between heaven and earth, and no one could stop it.

The crashing sound continued. Along the way people continuously perished. Many people trembled fiercely as they saw the divine bird that shuttled back in forth in all the blood.

Were they crazy?

If Douzhan was, than Ye Futian was too.

They did not believe that Ye Futian’s outburst of power would come without a cost.

Even the Great Zhou Sacred King, who was in the void, was distracted by this. His eyes were drawn away from Douzhan as they were attracted by Ye Futian. He looked at the huge roc, that incomparable monarch of the sky, as if he could see through it with a glance.

What kind of battle matrix was this?

The power that erupted in the Holy Zhi Palace was beyond his imagination, especially since Douzhan had summoned the catastrophe. No one could have imagined this.

Ye Futian smashed through the crowd towards where Sage Douzhan was.

At that moment Sage Douzhan was under heavy attack. The Golden Phoenix Sword cut into his mighty body bit by bit. Blood flowed out from the cuts, and Zhou Huang’s eyes were full of cold killing intent. Even though he had summoned the Divine Catastrophe he would still die.

“Bring it on!” Douzhan lifted his head and shouted. Suddenly, the calamity of the laws of the Great Path attacked. Zhou Mian and Zhou Huang’s expressions changed slightly as a destructive force flowed from the sky and entered Sage Douzhan’s body.

Crack! Sage Douzhan seemed about to burst. He clenched both fists together and the calamitous light of the Great Path flowed through his arms. He rushed directly for Zhou Huang in front of him.

Zhou Huang seemed to have turned into a sacred golden phoenix. He was huge beyond compare, and all the power of a battle matrix was integrated within him. As the double fists fell, the calamitous light pierced through the phoenix body, completely destroying it. The calamity of the Great Path cut through everything, and a devestating destructive force exploded where Zhou Huang was.

One of the powerful cultivators of the Sage Plane was hit, and he fell down. Many people were completely crushed.

The battle matrix instantly collapsed. Zhou Huang was also thrown far away, and he vomited blood. A destructive force was ravaging his internal organs.

Smash! Zhou Mian made a quick decision, and a huge golden phoenix flapped its wings and smashed into Douzhan’s head.

Sage Douzhan raise one arm to stop the flapping wings. Suddenly blood flew out of his arm as the wings cut through his flesh. He tried as best he could to block the wings with his arm as he drove himself forward with his legs. His left arm slammed out in front of him, as fist will smashed into the void. Zhou Mian closed his wings suddenly to block the blow, but the fist will fell wildly. If the wings were not divine implements, they would probably destroyed immediately.

Even so, Zhou Mian was sent flying just like Zhou Huang. Or even worse. After all, his battle matrix had been broken and so he suffered the blow with only his own personal strength. The fist will slammed into him, destroying his body.

When Sage Wuliang saw this his face took on a ghastly expression, but with his incomparable perseverance his Infinite Ruler grew until its shadow covered the sky and struck forth.

Crack! A terrible crack rang out, and Douzhan’s mighty body trembled and faltered as if he could barely hold it up.

The calamitous light of the rules of the Divine Path descended once again. Sage Douzhan felt that he had reached his limit, and he had no more time.

A line of light pierced through him, and Sage Douzhan turned around and stepped forward, his fists rushing towards Sage Wuliang.

“Die.” The Infinite Body was mighty and huge. Sage Wuliang struck out with the Infinite Ruler and thousands of shadows overlapped.

But he only saw Douzhan cry out and his fists continued rushing forward. In but a moment it seemed like there were thousands of fists.

Smash! Smash! Smash!

A line of fists smashed into the Infinite Ruler, and Douzhan seemed like he would never stop attacking. His power ran along the Infinite Ruler towards the Infinite Body and the Infinite Battle Matrix.

One punch, then another.

The Infinite Ruler smashed down, but it seemed to have no power, and countless punches hit the massive Infinite Body and pierced through it. The body collapsed and burst.

The power of each of these punches eventually fell upon Sage Wuliang and his battle array.

Bang! A cultivator’s body burst.

And then another. The cultivators’ bodies collapsed wildly in the battle matrix. Sage Wuliang’s body shook without stopping and blood poured continuously from his mouth. The fist will that rumbled towards him seemed to be immersed in the power of the Divine Catastrophe.

Sage Douzhan’s movements gradually became slower. Sage Wuliang’s body bent and was on the verge of collapse.

Finally the fist will disappeared. Sage Douzhan’s arms dropped powerlessly to his side. Another beam of calamitous light descended and his body trembled fiercely. He fell backward like a fallen god of war.

But Sage Jingang’s form flashed and he caught Douzhan’s huge body and carried it on his shoulder.

“Hold on, brother,” Sage Jingang shouted.

There was no strength left in Sage Douzhan’s eyes. He had exhausted his power. He saw that the rules of the Great Path were still gathering in the void. “Go!” he shouted weakly.

“No…” Sage Jingang shook his head.

“That’s an order,” said Sage Douzhan somewhat weakly. Sage Jingang still carried him, as he looked up at the rules of the Great Path in the void.

The Divine Catastrophe came together and descended once again. Sage Douzhan closed his eyes.

He had done all he could in this battle. He hoped that the Barren State could beat back the other side.


A loud sound rang out. The Divine Catastrophe had not fallen. Sage Douzhan opened his eyes and saw a huge golden-winged roc in the air above his body, blocking the Divine Path Calamity.

The huge-gold feathered roc looked down at him and said, “Teacher.”

He looked through the roc’s eyes and seemed to see a more familiar pair of eyes. A faint look of gratitude crossed his face.

His accidental disciple would perhaps become the most dazzling character in the Nine States in the future.

He anxiously awaited the coming of that day, but he did not know if he’d have the chance to see it.

“Stay alive.” Sage Douzhan closed his eyes after that last utterance.

The gold-winged roc still looked at him and whispered, “You too, teacher.”