The Legend Of Futian Chapter 835

Chapter 835 Planning

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Figures flashed and caught Ye Futian and the others’ bodies before landing on the ground.

Sage Jingang also carried Sage Douzhan’s body and landed on the ground. Everyone looked at Ye Futian and Sage Douzhan, although they had repelled the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s experts and the Great Zhou Sacred King had given the order to retreat, they could not bring themselves to be happy.

The entire floor of corpses were the backbone of the Barren State. Sage Douzhan had fought with every ounce of his strength to exchange this victory. All the experts in the Barren State had been summoned to repel the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s army.

This victory, although short, was way too difficult to achieve. It had left mountains of corpses and was a tragic victory.

The influential figures like the Alchemy City Lord You Chi, the Ice Temple Lord Yun Shang and the Zhuge Family’s Zhuge Qingfeng had all put in their largest efforts to battle with the experts in the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s army.

There were no winners in this war.

If they continued battling, the results would be even more tragic and more people would die. The same would happen for the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, previously, even the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s eldest prince had nearly died under Ye Futian’s hand.

Figures flashed as they moved towards Ye Futian and Douzhan. Ye Futian opened his eyes, but he had used up all his strength and drained his Spiritual Energy completely, so he was extremely fatigued.

“Uncle, how is Master?” Ye Futian asked with difficulty. The person who had caught him was Zhuge Qingfeng.

“You all have risked everything to shield the remaining Divine Catastrophe for him. Although he suffered heavy injuries, his life should not be at risk.” Zhuge Qingfeng replied.

“Okay.” Ye Futian nodded lightly and saw the Undying Old Man walking towards him. He said weakly, “Senior, please treat Master first.”

After saying that, he closed his eyes. It was this final obsession that finally expended the last of his Spiritual Energy.

Now, he was really running empty.

Many other people were also like Ye Futian. Hua Jieyu and the people in the battle matrices had lent their Spiritual Energy to Ye Futian. Moreover, there was a divine Spiritual Will that had appeared and drained their Spiritual Energy completely.

Now, they had all collapsed and fallen into a deep sleep.

The Village Chief also landed on the ground, the battle had stirred up his emotions.

The Barren State’s Holy Zhi Palace had repelled the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s army.

This battle was enough to rile up the Nine States.

In the distance, the Zhisheng Cliffs’ Kong Yao had a grim expression. The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s army was actually unable to trample the Holy Zhi Palace and was repelled. This conclusion was definitely not what he had wanted to see. Now, the Holy Zhi Palace’s cohesiveness was becoming stronger and towards the end of the battle, even those watching the war had participated. If that was so, the Holy Zhi Palace’s growth in the future would be extraordinary.

In the long run, it would be detrimental for the Zhisheng Cliffs.

Liu Zong was also shocked, but he then laughed it off. Back then, in the Chess Saint Villa, he had already felt that Ye Futian was extraordinary. Afterwards, in the Nether Sword Mound, Ye Futian had activated the Sword Matrix of the Void to kill the Chess Saint and revealed his unprecedented potential.

It seemed like he had the potential to become one of his strongest adversaries.

The Barren State’s experts all heaved a sigh of relief. They had finally won.

The Holy Zhi Palace had repelled the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty.

The Barren State not only had a Saint, they had also won the sacred war.

This battle would likely go down in history. If the Barren State rose up among the Nine States, this battle would be recorded in history as the awakening battle. This battle had given them courage and character.

Thinking back to when they were bullied by the Zhisheng Cliffs, who would have thought that the Barren State would have dared to go to war with the Sacred Dynasty.

The people in the distance started to leave and return to the Palace. Long after, the crowd had finally dissipated.

News of the sacred war spread at a horrifying speed throughout Zhongzhou City, then all across the Barren State and towards the Nine States.

The Barren State was in an uproar and many of the holy lands in the Nine States were also surprised.


In the blink of an eye, several months had passed.

The aftermath of the sacred war still remained. Moreover, the sacred war that had erupted in the Palace was only the first confrontation between the two holy lands. Evidently, it was still far from over.

In this period of time, the Holy Zhi Palace had been keeping guard, not daring to be lax. Many covert guards had been arranged around the periphery of the Palace and there were even demonic beasts patrolling the skies to prevent sneak attacks.

If the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s army suddenly attacked and they were unprepared, it would be a disaster.

At that moment, in the Palace, before an ancient mountain, there was a graveyard. There were many tombstones in there, each with a person’s name.

These were the names of all the people who had died in the sacred war. Even those whose corpses had not been found would still be remembered.

At that moment, before the tombstones, Ye Futian was there. He had a wine glass in his hand and he overturned the wine glass, pouring the wine in it onto the earth in front of the tombstones.

He did not say anything, turned around and left. His footsteps appeared to be exceptionally heavy.

“I’ll go and visit Master.” Ye Futian said. Beside him, Zhuge Qingfeng and Yuan Hong nodded.

Ye Futian had just recovered and could barely move freely. The injuries that he had suffered this time were very severe. Even with the help of the Undying Old Man, he had been in a coma for many days.

In the Battle Sage Palace, Ye Futian came to Sage Douzhan’s abode. The Undying Old Man and Sage Jingang were also there, as they saw Ye Futian walk over, the Undying Old Man asked, “How are you feeling?”

“Much better, thank you Senior.” Ye Futian replied and asked, “How is Master?”

“He’s in the medicated bath, I’ll bring you in to have a look.” The Undying Old Man replied and brought Ye Futian into a medicated pool. The water in the pool was steaming hot and a medicinal scent radiated from it. Sage Douzhan was sitting in it naked, leaning against the edge of the medicated bath with his eyes closed.

“Has Master been unconscious all this while?” Ye Futian asked.

The Undying Old Man shook his head and replied, “He withstood forces beyond what he could withstand during that battle and went past his body’s limit. Not just on his physical body, but also his Spiritual Will. Adding on the Divine Catastrophe, if it had not been for his frame of mind’s transformation, he probably could not have made it out alive. After that battle, the damage to his physical body was too serious and he has not completed the baptism of the Divine Path. Now, what we need to do is to help him recover as best as we can.”

“The Divine Catastrophe has already descended, can’t he become a Saint?” Ye Futian asked.

The Undying Old Man shook his head and replied, “You should be very clear. If you all had not helped him to withstand the remainder of the Divine Catastrophe that day, he would definitely not have made it through with in his state. Although the Divine Catastrophe is a trial, it is also a blessing. If he wants to become a Saint through his physical body, his body needs to experience the blessing of the Divine Path, allowing his body to become a Saint’s body. Only then will he be considered a complete Saint. Your Master’s situation is rather complicated, with regards to these, the Palace’s Holy Elder should know more than me, you can ask him about it.”

Ye Futian understood what the Undying Old Man meant. The catastrophe was also the Great Path’s rule power tempering one’s body.

Since his Master had not experienced the entire process of tempering, his body had not completed its metamorphosis and he could not be considered to have entered the Saint Plane through his physical body. Only his frame of mind had reached the Saint Plane.

“Are there any methods to make up for it?” Ye Futian asked. He understood that his Master’s condition was rather unique.

However, if he could not become a Saint after withstanding the Divine Catastrophe, it would be a pity.

“There is, he needs to redo it again.” The Undying Old Man replied, then continued, “Of course, the most urgent task at hand is to help him recover from his injuries. With his current body, there is no way he can withstand the Divine Catastrophe.”

Ye Futian nodded. He also understood that his Master’s breakthrough was by coincidence. However, it was also because of his frame of mind’s sublimation.

As long as there was hope, it was enough. His Master would definitely be able to do it. He knew that entering the Saint Plane through his physical body was his Master’s entire life pursuit.

“I’ll have to trouble Senior for this period of time.” Ye Futian said, then left.

After he returned to the Sage Palace, Ye Futian summoned the Palace Lords and the leaders of the Barren State’s factions for a meeting.

The Sword Demon, Sage Daozang and Sage Wanxiang were there.

Along with them were Huang Xi, You Chi, Yun Shang. Yang Xiao and the elite experts from the Tombkeeper Village were also there.

“Futian, how do you feel now?” You Chi asked. There were all concerned about Ye Futian’s injuries.

“I am quite tough, so I’ll be fine.” Ye Futian replied. “What are everyone’s thoughts about the previous battle?”

“There is still a large disparity between the Palace and the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty. If not for Douzhan’s outburst, it would still be too dangerous for us to stop the Golden Phoenix Army and the three experts on the Sage Ranking.” The Sword Demon said. “In the area of the battlefield where we were, our sword matrix, as well as Yang Xiao, You Chi and the rest were stalled by them. The army led by Nie Gai was extremely strong, the other elite clans from the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty can also hold their own against the Sovereign Family and the Ice Temple.”

Ye Futian nodded. Back then, he had mixed feelings about that area of the battlefield back then. The Sovereign Family, Ice Temple and Alchemy City were all the elite factions of the Barren State, but the enemies were similarly the elite factions in the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s territory. However, the only difference was that the other party had been ordered to come and their conviction to battle was not strong. As such, when the Great Zhou Sacred King had given the order to retreat, they had been quick to do so.”

“The previous battle is only the start of the sacred war. As long as the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty is not destroyed, the sacred war will continue. Now, our strength is still too weak.” Ye Futian said. “As such, I have decided to open up the Sage Hall. Everyone who has participated in the war will be allowed into the Sage Hall to cultivate, including the cultivators from the Barren State who participate in future battles. What do Seniors think?”

Everyone had glints in their eyes. The Sage Hall had always been the most sacred place in the Holy Zhi Palace, containing the most important teachings of the Palace. Only the most outstanding people in the era could receive the recognition of the six Palaces to enter the Sage Hall to cultivate.

Now, Ye Futian wanted to completely open up the Sage Hall.

“I agree.” The Sword Demon replied. In the previous battle, everyone had gone through thick and thin together. The cultivators from the Barren State who had participated in the war afterwards were also courageous individuals or they would not have participated in the sacred war.”

“I agree as well.” Sage Wanxiang also nodded. At this moment, they should let go of some of the obstinate thoughts they had in their heads.

Many people nodded in agreement to Ye Futian’s decision.

“Okay.” Ye Futian saw everyone agreeing and nodded, saying, “Apart from that, send out recruitment orders to the Barren State to invite more experts to join the Holy Zhi Palace.”

His decision to allow those who participated in the sacred war later on into the Sage Hall to cultivate was also a form of motivation.

The current Holy Zhi Palace’s strength was still insufficient. They needed to expand and unite the entire Barren State as one to confront the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty.

“We will do it right after this.” The Sword Demon replied. He would naturally not object to Ye Futian’s opinions.

“Apart from that, we need to weaken the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty. We cannot afford to wait for them to strike again.” Ye Futian continued to say, “The Barren State will not be pushed around.”

“How does the Palace Lord plan to do that?” Someone asked.

“Progressive elimination.” Ye Futian’s gaze was sharp. The clans that took part in the war could not permanently stay in the capital of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, could they?