The Legend Of Futian Chapter 841

Chapter 841 Welcome

Chapter 841: Welcome
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Zhou Huang saluted Sage Liuyun and said, “I did not have such intentions. Zhou Ya and Zhou You sincerely wish to enter the Nine State College to cultivate and pursue the Great Path with the geniuses in the College. If the Nine State College has any examination, the two of them will gladly take it.”

“Like brother has said, it would be my honor to enter the Nine State College through an examination.” Zhou Ya also bowed to Sage Liuyun and said courteously. He then turned to Ye Futian and rebutted, “However, what is your motive behind your words, Ye Futian.”

“Watch your manners to your elders.” Ye Futian looked coldly at Zhou Ya and said, “We’re at the Nine State College, I do not wish to give you pointers here.”

Zhou Ya clenched his fists. Back then, on the Nine State Forum, Ye Futian’s pointers to him were a huge humiliation to him.

Not turning around to look at Zhou Ya, Ye Futian bowed to Sage Liuyun and continued saying, “In last year’s Nine State Forum, senior had invited Yu Sheng to the Nine State College to cultivate. However, this ungrateful fellow did not agree. After he got back, I have scolded him and now, Yu Sheng has already stepped into the Sage Plane. This time, we have come to visit the Nine State College and I would like to have Yu Sheng interact with the College’s geniuses for a period of time. He can also learn from seniors to broaden his horizons.”

Beside him, Yu Sheng was stunned. He was being sold off?

This… He was dispirited after he finally knew the reason why Ye Futian brought him along.

Sage Liuyun smiled and replied, “Yu Sheng has obtained first on the Nine State Forum and many of the College’s disciples would like to meet him. Since Palace Lord Ye is willing to let Yu Sheng interact with the Nine State College’s disciples, we welcome you with open arms.”

The Nine State College had an open learning atmosphere, so they were naturally willing to accept Yu Sheng into the College to exchange knowledge. As the number one person on the Nine State Forum, Yu Sheng’s strength would naturally be able to inspire many of the College’s geniuses.

Beside them, the people from the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty saw Sage Liuyun’s immediate acceptance and were unhappy. Of course, Zhou Ya and Zhou You could not be compared with the first on the Nine State Forum, Yu Sheng. They could see that from the difference in attitude that Sage Liuyun treated them with.

“Thank you senior.” Ye Futian smiled. They were seeking help from Saint Jiang, so they naturally needed to stay in the Nine State College for a period of time. Letting Yu Sheng join the Nine State College was indeed to bridge some of the distance.

They knew that as the number one college in the Nine States, the Nine State College would definitely have the magnanimity to accept him.

“Apart from that, I have also come to the College for my master. I would like to visit senior Saint Jiang.” Ye Futian continued saying. He was honest and did not hide anything.

Even if he did not say it, everyone would be able to guess his motive for coming.

Sage Liuyun looked at Sage Douzhan, who was standing behind Ye Futian and replied, “I have heard that Sage Douzhan was able to summon the Divine Path’s rule power during battle. He is indeed worthy of respect and I am willing to refer him to Saint Jiang. However, senior Saint Jiang’s identity is rather unique. I believe that Palace Lord Ye has some understanding about that as well. He is cultivating in seclusion within the College and even I am not able to meet him freely.”

Ye Futian nodded lightly. He had done his due diligence before coming. Saint Jiang was referred to both as the Medicine Saint and Poison Lord and was both benevolent and cruel. He operated alone and later went into seclusion in the Nine State College, but did not take on any position in the Nine State College. His position in the College was beyond handling worldly affairs.

Moreover, as the 12th on the Saint Ranking, there were only barely more than 10 people in the entire Nine States that could be ranked above him. How esteemed was his position?

Naturally, Saint Jiang did not have to give anyone face.

Even the Nine State College’s College Chief might not even be able to make Saint Jiang do anything.

As such, Ye Futian had to come personally to show his respect in order to obtain the slightest chance of meeting him.

“Understood.” Ye Futian nodded in understanding and continued saying, “Could I stay in the Nine State College for a short period of time?”

Sage Liuyun looked at Ye Futian. It seemed like Ye Futian wanted to visit Saint Jiang personally.

As he smiled, Sage Liuyun nodded and replied, “If Palace Lord Ye would like to stay in the College as a guest, I would be more than happy to oblige.”

If Saint Jiang was willing to help Ye Futian, he would naturally have no objections. It was Saint Jiang’s decision to make and he could not interfere. He also wanted to see if Ye Futian could request that lone wolf to help him.

“I’ll be intruding on your hospitality then.” Ye Futian smiled and replied.

He would only take yes for an answer.

“Please.” Sage Liuyun beckoned to him.

At that moment, a group of people stepped forward. They were the people from the Xihua Sacred Mountain who had escorted Ye Futian here.

Liu Zong stepped forward and saluted Sage Liuyun, saying, “I am Liu Zong and have been ordered by my Master to escort Palace Lord Ye to the Nine State College. However, I have long heard of the reputation of the Nine State College. I would like to take this chance to enter the College to cultivate for a period of time as well. I hope senior will allow it.”

Liu Zong was suave with an extraordinary aura. Sage Liuyun smiled and replied, “The Xihua Sacred Mountain’s disciple taught personally by all three Saints is definitely most welcome by the Nine State College.”


“Thank you senior.” Liu Zong smiled and replied. He then turned to Ye Futian and said, “Palace Lord Ye, since we have already escorted you here, I have completed my Master’s orders. In the future, the Xihua Sacred Mountain will not participate in the Holy Zhi Palace and the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s affairs.”

“Okay.” Ye Futian looked nonchalantly at Liu Zong and replied. It had been a smooth and uneventful journey thus far. However, just as they had arrived in the Nine State City, the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty was one step ahead of them in coming to the Nine State College. What transpired behind closed doors was worth pondering.

Now, they had not even entered the Nine State College and Liu Zong was absolving the Xihua Sacred Mountain of any responsibility.

However, since they had already arrived, they would not have to worry about the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty for now.

No matter how overbearing the Great Zhou Sacred King was, he would not dare to deal with them while they were in the Nine State College. What position would the Nine State College be placed in if he did that?

“Please follow me, I’ll arrange for a welcome for all of you.” Sage Liuyun invited them in. They all nodded and stepped into the Nine State College.

The Nine State College had boundless land and it was extremely spacious in the College. At that moment, many people looked at Ye Futian and the rest, scrutinizing them.

“That person is Ye Futian, the man of the moment in the Nine States. Beside him is Yu Sheng, the number one person in the Nine State Forum organized by the Xihua Sacred Mountain.”

“It was rumored that during the Nine State Forum, Yu Sheng and Yaya were both unrivaled. No one could even stand up to them, and after it was confirmed that Yaya was a spiritual body, it further showed Yu Sheng’s strength.”

Countless people discussed among themselves. They were all young people and many of them were in the Noble Plane. Occasionally, some Sage Plane teenagers would walk by and look towards Ye Futian and Yu Sheng.

“Not just Ye Futian and Yu Sheng, there are too many outstanding figures in that group. The Tombkeeper Village Chief, who is a Saint. Zhou Huang, an expert on the Sage Ranking. The Xihua Sacred Mountain also has two people on the Sage Ranking as well as Liu Zong, the disciple of the three Saints. Zhou Ya, the reputed successor to the Great Zhou Sacred King appeared less impactful because of his defeat on the Nine State Forum.”

Many of the College’s disciples followed along as they mumbled to themselves. Someone asked, “Where is Sage Liuyun bringing them to?”

Within the College, a figure walked towards them. The person looked like a scholar and had a suave demeanor. He bowed to Sage Liuyun and addressed him, “Uncle-Master.”

“Mu Chen, today the Holy Zhi Palace Lord Ye, a few of the princes from the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty as well as the Xihua Sacred Mountain’s Liu Zong and a few others are entering the College. They will be staying in the College to cultivate for a period of time. I am preparing to bring them to the Qingyun Building to give them a welcome. Since you’re here, go inform a few of your brothers to come and pay respects to them.” Sage Liuyun smiled and told him.

“Yes.” Mu Chen nodded his head lightly, then turned to Ye Futian and the rest, bowing slightly before turning around and leaving.

The surrounding people all had shocked expressions. The place that Sage Liuyun had chosen to give them a welcome was the Qingyun Building.

The Qingyun Building got its name from a phrase meaning to rise up rapidly and was one of the four major buildings in the Nine State College. It had always been the place for the most outstanding talents from the Nine State College to pursue the Great Path or to receive influential figures.

Today, Sage Liuyun had decided to give Ye Futian a welcome in the Qingyun Building. His purpose for doing it was obvious, he wanted the elites of the Nine State College to see the prodigies of the three holy lands for themselves.

Especially Ye Futian, Yu Sheng and Liu Zong. The three of them were the most outstanding young generation among the Nine States’ holy lands.

The Qingyun Building was located in a central location within the Nine State College. There was a loft there and it looked more like a decoration. There were many seats in front of the building in the formation of a ring. At that moment, Sage Liuyun, Ye Futian and the rest were taking their seats.


The Nine State College took the main seat while Ye Futian and the rest were in the secondary seat. The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty and Xihua Sacred Mountain took the left and right respectively.

From the seating arrangement, it seemed that the Holy Zhi Palace was the most important of the three holy lands this time.

Of course, this was because the Barren State’s Holy Zhi Palace Lord had personally come and also had a Saint, so it was only natural for them to take the most esteemed position. However, even so, it was a huge surprise when compared to the Nine State Forum.

If this was before the Nine State Forum, the Holy Zhi Palace would not receive such respect.

In the area in front of them, there was an empty space for sparring. On the other end, there were experts from the Nine State College arriving in succession. They all had remarkable auras.

After they arrived, they all paid their respects to Ye Futian and the rest before taking their seats.

Behind them, many disciples from the Nine State College started to gather. However, they only stood where they were and did not step forward. Evidently, the Qingyun Building was not a place where all the disciples could have a seat. They only had the right to watch from a distance.

“Zhu Yan is here too.” At that moment, a soft outburst sounded from the crowd. A disciple from the College stepped into the Qingyun Building, bowed to Sage Liuyun, Ye Futian and the others before taking a seat.

“Jiang Chuan.” Someone’s gaze froze as they saw another person. Although the person had no aura around his body and looked like an ordinary scholar, he had a glow around his body and many of the College’s disciples looked at him with admiration.