The Legend Of Futian Chapter 844

Chapter 844 The Defeat Of The Hallowed Disciple Of The Divine Path

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Ye Futian bowed his head and looked out into the crowd. He saw that the person who had come had an invisible airflow on his body, which turned into a powerful aura. His supernatural influence on earth seemed to flow with miraculous properties, using his body as the center. Moreover, this young man did not actively draw upon this power. It was as if it were completely natural.

When a cultivator reached the Sage Plane, their will encompassed all creation. They were integrated into the heavens and the earth and gave rise to laws. Thus, even if they did not release their own power, they still had an aura that was different from normal people, changing their human qualities. So if it were not for them intentionally hiding, then generally speaking the people who were higher up on the Cultivator Plane would have more outstanding qualities and more powerful auras.

The brilliant figure that came now did not hide his aura.

Duan Qinghe, the hallowed disciple of the divine path of Nine States College, was incredibly strong. Before he stepped into Qingyun Building, the crowd surrounding them was put into an uproar. Duan Qinghe had actually gotten involved.

Previously, cultivators had said that Ye Futian’s talent was among the best. His name shook the Nine States, and he was the Lord of the holy land, and thus all cultivators could come to him for advice. It was also a fact that those as strong as Zhu Yan, Jiang Chuan and that sort of people were no match for him.

But Duan Qinghe was so strong. The hallowed disciple of the divine path of Nine States College was finely tempered. Any of the hallowed disciples of the divine path were some of the strongest geniuses.

In Nine States College, many people had been taught by hallowed disciples of the divine path, but they were not true hallowed disciple of the divine paths themselves.

The hallowed disciples of the divine path were the top geniuses selected for the best college in the Nine States, and there were very few of them in total. Any one of them could be regarded as having been trained by a Saint.

It was even said that hallowed disciples of the divine path were preparing to be Saints. As long as they were given the title of hallowed disciple of the divine path of Nine States College, it meant they had the qualifications to become a Saint.

This showed the status of the hallowed disciples of the divine path of Nine States College.

Now Duan Qinghe had come, desiring to ask Ye Futian for advice. This was a clash between the top geniuses in the truest sense.

“I am Duan Qinghe of Nine States College. I have cultivated myself into a top level Sage. If you think my level is a little too high, you may decline,” said Duan Qinghe. Ye Futian was a mid level Sage, he wanted to go up a level.

However, in the previous battle he had already defeated a top level Sage from Nine States College.

“Please,” Ye Futian said calmly.

Duan Qinghe’s body slowly rose into the air. He went higher and higher and actually went into the void, and his terrible aura appeared around him. In a flash, the airflows between heaven and earth rushed wildly towards him and over Qingyun Building.

In Ye Futian’s previous battles, where he had been training, power outbursts had been suppressed, and there were certain limits. After all, the side effects of a battle between Sages would be too widespread.

Duan Qinghe obviously wanted a real confrontation. Thus, he was no longer on the wide ground of a sparring session, but had soared into the air into the void.

The terrible airflow suddenly turned into a crimson flame, and the sky seemed to be dyed red. The horrible flaming airflow covered the sky, suspended above Duan Qinghe like a magnificent pattern. An incomparably hot airflow flowed down. Everyone felt they were very hot, as if their bodies were burning.

Countless people are Nine States College looked up into the sky, and they all saw that the air came from the direction of Qingyun Building.

“It’s Duan Qinghe!” Many people saw the figure in the void and cried out in alarm.

“Who is he fighting?” Someone saw Ye Futian slowly rising into the air. Did Duan Qinghe really place so much importance on this brilliant young figure?

“It’s Ye Futian of the Barren State. He’s already defeated many powerful figures from our college,” someone said. Suddenly, more people rushed over from the direction of Qingyun Building, and their hearts trembled.

The Lord of the holy land of the Barren State, that proud son of heaven who did as he saw fit, was fighting their college’s hallowed disciple of the divine path?

Which one of them was stronger, and which was weaker?

For a time, countless people in Nine States College watched them. Even some seniors looked up at the battle.

The flame pattern in the void continued to twist and flow. A ring appeared in the middle of the pattern. Divine birds appeared within it. A phoenix and the Golden Raven hovered in the sky.

There was a long cry and the phoenix and the Golden Raven swooped down like rays of light directly towards Ye Futian. In a flash the sky seemed to be burning.

Ye Futian stood calmly in the void as he watched that fearsome power descending. A starry light screen appeared around him. The stars were resplendent, making it impossible to reach him.

The extremely violent phoenix and Golden Raven rushed down, but they could not burn through the stars.

“Cultivating the Dao, cultivating the Dao. What is the Dao?” Duan Qinghe spat. He stood proudly in the sky as he stared at Ye Futian.

“My cultivation is very narrow. I do not understand what the Dao is,” answered Ye Futian.

“The Dao begets one, one begets two, two begets three, and three begets all things. Everything moves in cycles. The Dao is the operation of all the laws of the world. Cultivating the Dao is to understand and utilize the laws of the world.” Duan Qinghe seemed to be answering himself. The airflow in the sky changed, and the blazing flames dissipated and turned into a starry radiance. It now looked like the sky was full of stars.

“Hm?” Ye Futian was currently using the power of the starry laws. Duan Qinghe’s flame rule power was still bursting forth, but in the blink of an eye his law power changed and the flames turned into stars.

What laws was Duan Qinghe good at?

“I control the laws of the operation of the world. The Great Path is interconnected. I can use all powers,” continued Duan Qinghe. The stars flowed between heaven and earth, and then fell like meteors from the sky, smashing wildly into the place where Ye Futian was.

The earth roared. Even though the two of them were high up those on the ground still felt the shock, showing how terrible was the power that descended.

Ye Futian stood still. The aura around him grew stronger, and the stars flowed with radiance. It was like there were huge stars flowing around his body, forming an astonishing defensive force.

Bang! There was a loud noise as stars collided with each other, violently shaking the void.

Loud noises rang out one after another, making everyone’s hearts jump.

Duan Qinghe’s attack was already amazing enough, but Ye Futian’s defense was so formidable that he could not be moved.

Duan Qinghe stepped out below his pattern. A brilliant radiance descended from the sky with his body as its center. It seemed to contain the power of the Great Path, and all the forces of all the heavens were integrated in it.

He stood under the pattern of stars and his fists fell towards Ye Futian. A line of star radiance suddenly pierced through the void, ran between heaven and earth and rushed towards Ye Futian.

Crash! The incomparably wild energy pierced through the surrounding defenses. The starry light curtain was broken, and the fists continued to fall as they tried to smash Ye Futian’s head.

“So strong.” Many people’s hearts were beating wildly. He was so strong, truly worthy of being a hallowed disciple of the divine path of Nine States College.

None of the previous disciples of Nine States College could shake Ye Futian. Even those who were top rank Sages who were higher ranked than Ye Futian had never been able to move him. It was like he was not on any level.

Now Duan Qinghe had gotten involved and sparred with him in the void.

What was the Dao?

The operation of all the laws in the world was the Dao, and he wanted to control the operation of all the laws in the world.

He punched through the Great Path, wanting to crush this figure who was famous throughout the Nine States.

Ye Futian looked up at the terrible punches, but his face was still calm. A golden stream of air flowed around him.

In an instant, his battle form appeared, transforming him into a roc. The incomparably golden brilliance burst open, beautiful to the extreme. In that terrible airflow a huge gold winged roc appeared, slamming directly into the void. Its wings collided with the fists, breaking them apart.

Duan Qinghe’s expression did not change when he saw this. The pattern in the void twisted slowly. A golden radiance bloomed between the endless stars. It turned into a dragon that spiraled around his body and looked down upon the golden winged roc.

Duan Qinghe swept his eyes downward, and in an instant, a dazzling radiance pierced the void and rushed towards Ye Futian.

At the same time, a huge golden stick appeared in the stormy sky, which was picked up by the golden winged roc. A vortex rose up against the air currents. The golden winged roc’s feathers flashed as it rose into the sky.

The golden stick split everything apart, even the dazzling radiance. Ye Futian gazed disdainfully at the void and said, “The Great Path is multitudinous, and yet we can only understand it at the surface level. How can we dare to evaluate what it is? Even if the Dao is the operation of the laws of heaven and earth, we only understand a part of these laws. Therefore I do not understand the Dao.”

His voice ran through the heavens and the earth and resounded in everyone’s ears. In the next moment, everyone saw the golden winged roc had already rushed in front of Duan Qinghe and towards the stick.

A bolt of radiance ran through the void and fell into Duan Qinghe, making it seem like he was bearing the power of all the heavens. There was an earth shattering dragon’s roar as the dragon’s figure collided with Ye Futian’s attack.

A loud noise burst forth. Everyone could see only the wild collision between the two people in the sky. The void shook, and the pattern of all heavens seemed to collapse.

The two figures separated once again. Air drifted over Duan Qinghe’s as the power of heaven and earth was integrated into his body, and the wind and clouds danced wildly.

“You are worthy of being called the hallowed disciple of the divine path of Nine States College since you were able to stimulate my power to this level,” Ye Futian said with a smile. “Let’s end this now.”

As he spoke, time and space seemed to freeze. The stick rose up and smashed into the pattern. The starry radiance flowed over the stick. Ye Futian reached forward with both arms and suddenly, the stick split the pattern apart. Supreme power descended, and the Great Path was broken, and the heavens and the earth collapsed.

Duan Qinghe’s expression changed slightly. He wanted to retreat, but space rules covered his body. And the stick seemed to be slow at times, and at others quick as a flash.

A loud rumbling sound rang out and everything was shattered. The stick slammed down and Duan Qinghe screamed. The dragon’s figure shook the sky, but it was shattered under the stick.

Crash! A figure fell down directly, crashing into the crowd of people on the ground. The heavens became clear once again, and sunlight fell once again. The people looked up at Ye Futian in the sky and felt like they were in a dream.

The hallowed disciple of the divine path, Duan Qinghe, had been defeated at his hands.

This proud son of heaven who had come from the Barren State truly had the potential to stand at the peak of this generation of the Nine States. Previously, they had only heard rumors of Ye Futian. After today’s battle, his reputation would not be limited to the Barren State and the Eastern State.

There was a place for him amongst the most brilliant figures of the Nine States in this generation.

“The hallowed disciple of the divine path has been defeated.” Countless people in Nine States College looked up at the figure in the sky. They trembled internally. The hallowed disciple of the divine path had extraordinary significance for the college.