The Legend Of Futian Chapter 845

Chapter 845 Go Easy

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Ye Futian’s body dropped lightly on the steps. Duan Qinghe stood up at that moment as well while coughing blood.

“Powers of a disciple of the divine path is indeed exceptional. I was unable to keep my powers in check in the heat of battle, for that, I sincerely apologize. Ye Futian nodded to Duan Qinghe.

Duan Qinghe took a good look at Ye Futian, who, as a mid level sage had bested him, a upper level sage. There was simply no need to talk about his powers being exceptional and all.

“That is something inevitable in battle and there is no need to feel sorry about it. Few in all of the nine states could hardly match your powers indeed, Palace Lord Ye.” Duan Qinghe cupped his hand and said, “I shall take my leave.”

He turned around and left as soon as he was finished. As a disciple of the divine path in the Nine State College, he represented the pinnacle of the college, and so there was no need for him to listen to Ye Futian and the others talk.

Ye Futian would have only been considered qualified enough to lecture a disciple of the divine path, if he was a true saint.

The people of the Nine State College shuddered somewhat. While Duan Qinghe looked rather bad having lost to Ye Futian, but he nonetheless held Ye Futian in extremely high regard.

However, they knew well that as someone who was capable of besting Duan Qinghe using wild, unchecked means, Ye Futian was indeed qualified to stand toe to toe with pinnacle figures throughout the nine states.

Ye Futian turned his eyes to Sage Liuyun and said with a smile, “I’ve fought enough for a day and I’m not fighting anymore today.”

In the world of cultivators, one earned respect solely through one’s own powers. The Nine State College was the top college in all of nine states, and top notch geniuses were aplenty. Ye Futian might have been a leader of the Barren State and enjoyed great renown in the Eastern State, but he was in Summer State at the moment, and he was in the Nine State College. It was inadequate for him to carve his place there with only his past glories, and the Nine State College would not have afforded him with ample respect.

As such, he needed to show his mettle at times, but he knew enough to keep himself in check. He was not there to seek revenge after al. If he were to actually end up besting every single genius to be found in the Nine State College, that would have reflected badly on both parties.

Sage Liuyun smiled and nodded, saying, “Seeing how you fought at the Qingyun Building today, I’m sure those people would now know that there is always someone better out there. That should keep their ego in check from here on out.”

Ye Futian returned to his spot and Sage Liuyun added, “Other than Ye Futian, there is also Yu Sheng, Liu Zong and others here today with us. Should any of you intend to seek guidance, now is your chance.”

Yu Sheng and Liu Zong were of different plane from Ye Futian, and it was only natural that there were someone who were of similar plane to them among the students of the Nine State College. At that moment, someone walked out and said, “I’d like to seek guidance from the champion of the Nine State Forum, Yu Sheng.”

“Go easy on him.” Ye Futian did not avert his gaze and smiled while he was looking below, yet he said that to Yu Sheng telepathically nonetheless.

“I’ll go easy then.” It was unknown if Yu Sheng was unable to react in time. He blurted it out of his mouth instead of answering the call telepathically, and then he walked out.

Everyone present sported peculiar looks after he finished his line.

Go easy?

Everyone turned their eyes at Ye Futian, who was seen looking at Yu Sheng with peculiar expressions. They knew exactly what had transpired, and that was Ye Futian telling Yu Sheng to go easy on his opponent.

“Wha…” Everyone rolled their eyes and gone speechless.

These two has gone too far indeed.

The student who had just walked looked glum as well. He was, after all, a genius and a candidate to become a disciple of the divine path. If he had not broken into Sage Plane before the Nine State Forum had been held, he would have participated in the Nine State Forum as well.

As such, Yu Sheng saying out loud that he would go easy before the fight even began made things look very awkward.

“There is no need for you to go easy, Brother Yu Sheng.” The student said with a severe expression.

Yu Sheng looked at him and found his eyes to be determined ones, as such, Yu Sheng nodded and said, “Noted.”

He stepped out as soon as he finished and the ground shook violently. That student then saw Yu Sheng pounced at him like a demonic beast with a human form. The air around them was filled with terrifying aura, as if Yu Sheng’s power had shrouded the air around them.

The student brought all he had gotten to defend against the attack, Life Spirit, power of rules, and the likes. It looked incredibly stunning, but Yu Sheng brought an end to everything with little more than a straight jab.

That student’s body was sent flying outside the area with a loud boom, hitting the spectators watching from outside. Blood poured from his mouth.


Everyone went speechless. All eyes were on Yu Sheng. Do you have to bully people like that?

You said you would go easy and then you ended the fight with one punch?

Ye Futian looked very awkward and explained in a rather speechless manner, “This guy is born with great strength and he can’t keep his power in check.”

“It’s fine.” Sage Liuyun was speechless as well. Yu Sheng was still the person he was back in the Nine State Forum. The temper he was renowned hadn’t changed one bit.

That punch would have left quite a trauma on that poor kid.

Yu Sheng scratched his head for a little bit and looked at everyone around him, saying, “I’d still be spending quite some time training during the Nine State Forum. If anyone feels like sparring, I’d definitely give it my all and experience what the students of the college has to offer.”


Ye Futian glared at Yu Sheng. Revenge. That as**ole was taking his revenge on me, for selling him out like that.

The students of the Nine State College were all speechless. There were some who felt very indignant and walked out to challenge Yu Sheng again. The fight was ended yet again with just one punch, and it looked awful.

Everyone of the same plane felt a chill running through their spine. Is that fellow a human or a demonic beast?

It’s better that we just stay out of this.

A non-disciple of the divine path simply stands no chance against the insane attack of that fellow.

No one challenged Yu Sheng any furhter, but there were others who challenged Liu Zong. However, Liu Zong brought his own powers to bear and his was practically invincible. No one was able to best him.

He was, after all, the only student who received tutelage from all three saints and one who was lauded to be a future saint. It was only natural that he lived up to the hype around him.

The sparring sessions at Qingyun Building ended after a while. Ye Futian, Yu Sheng and Liu Zong never lost a single fight. Zhou Ya won against several challengers while Zhou You lost once. However, there was no other disciple of the divine path fighting other than Duan Qinghe.

Sage Liuyun threw a banquet for his guests and then had his people saw to the needs of the ones who came from three distinct holy lands.

Mighty ones from all three holy lands were staying in the palaces of the Nine State College.

What happened in Qingyun Building spread like wildfire throughout the entire Nine State College after everyone dispersed.

Everyone in the college was talking, and the person who was most talked about was none other than Ye Futian.

The palace lord of a holy land from the Barren State, who took the nine states by storm, was staying right inside the college at the moment. Other than that, Yu Sheng, champion of the Nine State Forum, Liu Zong of Xihua Sacred Mountain and the others were also scheduled to be staying and training in the college for the time being.

It seemed that the peaceful days of the college was over.

The few taking on the students of Qingyun Building were almost undefeated, and Ye Futian had even defeated a disciple of the divine path. It was anyone’s guess what the other disciples of the divine path would have thought about that.

At that moment, a young man was seen carving something in a building within the college. He was very focused when someone came up and said, “Something interesting happened in the college today. Now everyone here is talking about it. Do you want to know something about it?”

The young man looked as if he had not heard anything. He continued to focus on his work quietly, as if he was finishing a masterpiece of some sort.

The ones around felt rather speechless and the scene and continued, “Ye Futian, the Palace Lord of the Holy Zhi Palace from the Barren State who seemed to have shot to fame recently, came to the college, along with the champion of the Nine State Forum, Yu Sheng, and Liu Zong of the Xihua Sacred Mountain.”

The young man continued to ignore them and focus on his work.

“Many students sparred with them before the Qingyun Building and almost all of them lost. Not even Duan Qinghe was able to beat Ye Futian. Many claimed that the talents of Ye Futian, Yu Sheng and the others would have made them peers among the best of all holy lands from the nine states had to offer. Are you telling me that you have no interest about it at all?” The one who came up earlier elaborated rather exasperatedly.

The young man before his eyes was the top notch genius in the Nine State College. There were only two or three who were deemed possessing powers comparable to his.

“I’ve heard of Ye Futian activating the Sword Matrix of the Void and killed a saint. He was lauded to be the savior of the Barren State and the one who would have brought about the ailing state’s renaissance. Many seniors of his were more than happy to serve as his aid. The will of the Barren State was unified during the sacred war. Duan Qinghe mignt have been powerful, but he had not been truly tested in any manner and he was immensely arrogant. Wasn’t it quite normal for him to have ended up losing?”

The young man put down his chisel and looked at the one who came, asking, “So what’s there to be worth getting excited over?”

The man who came was dumbfounded and added exasperatedly, “So you have a keen sense on what is going on after all, and here I thought you are not interested in anything going on out there. But then again, if you’ve such high opinion of Ye Futian, doesn’t someone like that pique your interest even a little bit?”

“Time shall be the judge of everything. It would naturally kick some so-called geniuses generations after generations. The true cream-of-the-crop figures would naturally be at the pinnacle of the nine states. They would all be leading symbols of their time, and if Ye Futian proves to be one such figure, is there any need to rush into anything at all?” The young man elaborated.

The man he was speaking to was dumbfounded yet again and said in a speechless manner, “I really have no idea what your types are thinking.”

He shook his head and left.

Many other places within the vicinity of the college were talking about everything related to Ye Futian, and it was all because he had defeated a disciple of the divine path of the college.

At that moment, Ye Futian was heard playing the guqin in one of the compounds of the college’s palaces. He was tranquil yet focused, refining his spiritual energy with music. It was a habit that had never changed throughout the years.

Qin Zhuang came in and stood quietly aside, listening to the music. When the playing stopped moments later, Ye Futian looked up and said to Qin Zhuang, “How was it?”

“We know that Saint Jiang is now living as a hermit and training in the Nine State College’s Herb Garden, and usually only a handful get to see him. The only ones who truly know of his whereabouts would probably be his two students.” Qin Zhuang then answered.

“Right.” Ye Futian nodded lightly and said, “The hour is late. We shall visit Saint Jiang tomorrow.”

“Will do.” Qin Zhuang nodded.

Footsteps were heard and Ye Futian looked. He smiled and called when he saw the person coming, “Teacher.”

“Futian, everything has its time and place. There is no need for you to be overly concerned about this. If Saint Jiang is reluctant to help, there is no need for us to force anything,” Sage Douzhan said to Ye Futian. He knew that his student put a lot of hopes in this trip, intending to have Saint Jiang help him.

However, Saint Jiang was ranked 12th on the Sage and Saint Rankings and was not an acquaintance of theirs. The saint was not someone that would have easily helped them just becasue they wished for him to do so.

“Yeah.” Ye Futian smiled and added, “Relax, teacher. I won’t be too obsessed with this. But I owe it to myself to at least try my best. One needed to go through a lot to gain the opportunity to become a saint. We’re now simply one step away. This might be difficult, but there is no way it is more difficult than our own training in the first place.”