The Legend Of Futian Chapter 855

Chapter 855 Army Mobilization

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After Xu Chehan left, Qin Zhuang, Sword Demon and the others returned to Ye Futian.

Some rumors about Ye Futian and Little Butterfly in the college had reached their ears. It seemed like although this Mr. Xu was naturally very cold, he cared a lot about his fellow apprentice Little Butterfly.

“Saint Jiang’s disciple seems a little bit unfeeling,” said Xu Shang. Last time Ye Futian had paid a call on the Herb Garden for a month. With Ye Futian being who he was, whether there was a promise or not it was still right for them to meet. It could only be said that this person was a little unsociable and did not care at all about outsiders.

“It probably has to do with his cultivation,” said Sword Demon. Xu Chehan had inherited the poisonous path of Saint Jiang.

When practicing poison sorcery it was quite normal to be unfeeling.

“Don’t talk about him. I have been watching the activities in the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s capital through the demonic beasts. In the past few days many of the beasts have been hunted down. However, the remaining ones could still observe their movements. This time the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s army has undergone unusual changes. We need to think of countermeasures,” said Ye Futian.

“If you were the Great Zhou Sacred King, where would you send your army? Nine State City where we are, or to the Holy Zhi Palace?” Xu Shang asked Ye Futian.

“The Great Zhou Sacred King’s talents have come to light. He has the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning, and he is very arrogant and conceited. Now that he has the opportunity he will have only one thought, destroy both the Master and me,” said Ye Futian. “So, if the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty dispatches their army, they will definitely come to Nine State City.”

If it was only the Great Zhou Sacred King taking action, it would be directed at the Master. If there were other strong men from the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, then it would be directed at them.

If they were killed in Nine State City, the power of the Barren State would disintegrate, and the outcome of the holy war would be in no doubt, unlike if they attacked the Holy Zhi Palace.

Therefore, he speculated that with the Great Zhou Sacred King’s strong character he would not go to the Holy Zhi Palace but would instead go to Nine State City.

“I think so too. Last time he went to the Holy Zhi Palace the Great Zhou Sacred King had to withdraw. This time I’m afraid he will concentrate his power on destroying us here,” said Xu Shang. In this holy war, the Holy Elder and Sage Douzhan were at the peak of their power, and they were among the most powerful sages, whereas Ye Futian and Yu Sheng were the future.

If they were destroyed, it would be equivalent to the holy war ending early.

“Holy Elder.” Ye Futian looked at the Village Chief and said, “How sure are you that you can face Zhou Yanwang of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty?”

Zhou Yanwang was another cultivator of the Sage Plane in the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty. He was ranked behind the Great Zhou Sacred King even though he was his senior. He had been shut off from the world, cultivating himself for a long time.

“I’m not sure how powerful Zhou Yanwang is now. However, no matter if I win or lose, I will certainly be able to get through it in one piece,” said the Village Chief. He would certainly not boast when he was unsure of his opponent’s strength.

“Good.” Ye Futian nodded. “Then might I trouble you to make a journey? Take Qin Zhuang, Xu Shang and the others of the nine seniors to the capital. Act when the opportunity arises. Your goal is not to kill your enemy, but to watch them. If there are any changes I will have the demonic beasts let you know.”

“In that case there will only be a few of you here,” Sword Demon frowned. If they left, all that would remain here would be Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, Yuan Hong, Sage Douzhan and the Undying Old Man.

They had not brought anyone else to Nine State City this time.

“No problem, I will be in the Herb Garden,” said Ye Futian.

“When should we set out?” asked the Village Chief.

“Now,” answered Ye Futian.

“The Great Zhou Sacred King is at the college. If we leave directly I’m afraid we won’t be able to conceal it from him,” said the Village Chief.

“No matter when you leave you won’t be able to conceal it from him. You are good at the spatial arts. If the Great Zhou Sacred King wants to pursue you, let him,” said Ye Futian.

“I understand.” The Village Chief nodded, then looked at Qin Zhuang and the others. He wielded the Divine Sword, placed it in the air and then stepped onto it. “Get on,” he said.

The nine of them stepped on the Divine Sword together, and suddenly a brilliant blade of light crossed through the void, traversing the space in an instant and heading for the sky.

At that moment, everyone in Nine States College felt that extremely powerful sword will. They looked up into the void and saw the sword that pierced through the air.

The Great Zhou Sacred King suddenly opened his eyes and looked out into the void. His expression was cold, but he closed his eyes again as if he had seen nothing.

The old Village Chief was not the purpose for his journey. It would not be easy to kill a cultivator of the Saint Plane who was skilled at the spatial arts.

As for where they went, he did not care. He had Zhou Yanwang stationed in the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, as well as the Golden Phoenix matrix. It was impregnable. Would only a few people be able to attack it?

Even if the Holy Zhi Palace’s whole army attacked his palace it would be all in vain. It would be nothing more than them seeking out their own destruction.

The group of elites of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty had already set out, and that plan would not change.

Several days later the year was near its end. Nine States College welcomed in its Year-End Sparring Session. This was a test of the disciples’ cultivation over the year. It was very grand, and most of the disciples would attend. Every year at this time it was possible that new Saints would emerge.

The beginning and end of each year were the most lively times for the college.

This time, the Great Zhou Sacred King went to observe the ceremony. The cultivators from Xihua Sacred Mountain also went, and Ye Futian in Herb Garden naturally also received an invitation.

People of the three holy lands exchanged their cultivation at Nine States College. As a guest, the college would naturally treat him with excellent courtesy, but Ye Futian did not participate. The last few days of the medicine test had finished, and there would probably soon be violence. He had no interest in this ceremony.

Because of his refusal, many at the college said that Ye Futian was somewhat rude. Had he had directly refused an invitation to such a grand event because he looked down on Nine States College’s cultivators’ strength?

Nine States College’s grand events were extremely lively, but Ye Futian continued to peacefully cultivate in Herb Garden. At the same time, a true holy battle broke out in the capital of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty.

The Sacred Elder of the Holy Zhi Palace descended upon the palace of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty and fought an astonishing battle with Zhou Yanwang. Zhou Yanwang was suppressed and retreated into the palace to set off the Golden Phoenix battle matrix, just barely blocking the Village Chief’s attack and repelling him.

This battle shocked the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty. The former sword servant of the Sword Saint of the Void was so powerful that he could suppress Zhou Yanwang.

Qin Zhuang and the others also appeared in the capital. When the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s army attacked them they withdrew, but they never left the Holy Capital. Just as Ye Futian ordered, their goal was to watch the people of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty and pin them down.

With Qin Zhuang controlling the spatial sword matrix, as long as they were a bit careful they wouldn’t be trapped by their opponents. The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s cultivators had no way to kill them.

In the Holy Zhi Palace, during the time that Ye Futian was gone everyone was cultivating diligently and increasing their power.

The palace had gathered the strongmen from around the Barren State, and was increasing the matrices set up by Yang Xiao. There was no need to worry about being attacked.

A demonic beast circled in the sky above the palace and then landed on the highest tower in Holy Sage Pavillion. It said, “The Palace Lord orders all the cultivators to gather at Holy Sage Pavilion for a discussion.”

Everyone looked up at the demonic beast. It was the Black Wind Condor. They all knew this was Ye Futian’s demonic beast, and that it was of one mind with him and so could directly transmit his orders.

Soon all the cultivators in the Holy Zhi Palace gathered together at Holy Sage Pavilion.

Hua Jieyu also came. She looked up at the Black Wind Condor. Was there finally news of that guy?

“Other than those garrisoned at Matrix Palace, you are free to send Sages as crack troops towards Nine State City. However, you need to leave half your force here to assist and guard the palace,” said the Black Wind Condor. Although Ye Futian had asked the Village Chief and Qin Zhuang to watch the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, he still asked half his forces to stay behind and guard and cooperate with the Matrix Palace. That way if there were unforeseen circumstances they could support them. In any case, the palace’s foundations could not be moved.

“Fine.” Everyone nodded in succession. Suddenly the Holy Zhi Palace burst into activity. They began to dispatch their army and discuss who was going to Nine State City.

Obviously there was going to be a battle there.

After a while the army set out for Nine State City. Many demonic beasts also proceeded from different directions.

In the Herb Garden at Nine States College Ye Futian walked out of the medicinal pool. His muscles rippled after undergoing repeated transformations. His skin was like jade, just like a baby’s except not as soft, and its lines seemed to be full of power.

This was the last day of year 10,012 of the Divine Prefecture Calendar, and he had finally completed the tests.

For eighty-one full days he had transformed his physical body. After cleansing it, it was stronger than before and he had broken through the plane. He now understood the law of particles.

This medicine test had not only not cost him his life, it had even made him stronger.

Saint Jiang, Little Butterfly, Sage Douzhan, Yu Sheng and the rest were all there and personally witnessed Ye Futian complete the test.

Ye Futian walked up to Saint Jiang and bowed slightly. “Thank you, senior.”

“It is your own creation. There’s no need to thank me. If you couldn’t bear it your body would have already rotted,” Saint Jiang said indifferently. What he said was the truth. Ye Futian did not need to thank him.

Ye Futian smiled and said, “Senior, today is the last day of the year. Why don’t we have a banquet together?”

“You can celebrate by yourself,” answered Saint Jiang, who then turned and left.

“Well at least I gave you a reason to refuse, so you can save a little face.” Ye Futian snorted and shrugged. In truth he had not saved any face.

But Little Butterfly said with a chuckle, “The Master always celebrates the end of the year by himself. We’ve never celebrated with him, so don’t mind him.”

“Really?” whispered Ye Futian.

Saint Jiang’s voice came from afar, “If you live, after you enter the Sage Plane you can start the second round of tests.”

Ye Futian shuddered at his words. This round of tests had been torture. If he had to do it again he did not know what kind of pain he would have to endure.