The Legend Of Futian Chapter 857

Chapter 857 Witnessing The Event

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The Nine State College was the symbol of the Nine State City and renowned throughout the world.

As such, when the Nine State College was recruiting students, it was not only a major thing for the college itself; it was also a grand event for the Nine State City.

The entire city would be at its rowdiest at that time every year.

The event was of such importance that examinations for intake was not held within the college’s grounds, but at the platform stage at the central area of the city.

Countless mighty ones from the Summer State gathered at the start of the year. As such, rounds and rounds of elimination processes needed to be carried out by mighty ones from both the city and the college itself at the stage. It was not until the very last stages of such processes that great figures from the college appeared, being there for selecting candidates with the most potential.

The Nine State City was incredibly lively as the event was held. The Nine State Platform area was practically filled with people and countless were looking forward to see if any noteworthy candidates would have made it into the college and become a hallowed disciple of the divine path of the college.

While the Nine State City was having its time of the year, mighty ones from the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty of the Eastern State and the Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State were still on their way. As both sides were having great army expeditions, it was inevitable that they moved slower than usual. Crossing a vast state was not something that could have been done in a day or two, as both sides consisted of mighty ones from all level of Sage Plane. Those who were of lower training would have definitely slowed everyone else down.

Things inside the college itself were just as rowdy. However, Ye Futian did not feel anything different from his other days. He was still training diligently in the new year and he was busy planning for the war.

The sacred king’s ill intentions were definitely a crisis for his teacher. However, unless they have decided to shut themselves inside the college for good, it was something that they would have had to face sooner or later. The sacred king was watching them at the college after all.

There were students from the college coming to visit the palace where Ye Futian took up residence.

Ye Futian left the Herb Garden after he was done with the medicine tests and returned to his arranged residence in the college.

Ye Futian received his visitors from the college there.

“Pleased to meet you, Palace Lord Ye.” Those students were of exceptional bearing as they bowed to Ye Futian. They were all unfamiliar faces, which apparently meant that they were not people that he knew from the college before.

“The pleasure is mine. May I ask what brought all of you here today?” Ye Futian asked.

“The Nine State College is holding its recruitment this year and people from all over the Summer State is here to witness the event. The elders of the college would be there personally to select the new students tomorrow. We have extended invitations to all from other holy lands who’re here at the college as guests. Uncle Liuyun has asked me to extend the invitation to you, Palace Lord Ye. Would you be able to make time to witness the event at the Nine State Platform?” The one who was extending the invitation was very well-mannered and polite.

Ye Futian pondered as he continued to look at them. The recruitment was not carried out within the grounds of the Nine State College. It was held at the Nine State Platform area of the Nine State City, which was considered outside the college. It was a given that the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty would not have tried anything that would have affected the college’s grand event.

However, once the event has ended, what would have happened was entirely predictable.

Ye Futian’s deep eyes continued to gaze on the visitors, which surprisingly made them feel somewhat pressure. They averted Ye Futian’s gaze as a result.

A moment later, Ye Futian smiled and the formless pressure disappeared without a trace.

“I see. I would be there tomorrow.” Ye Futian smiled and agreed to attend the event.

Is the Nine State College trying to make the event more rowdy than it already is?

The students bowed slightly and said, “Thank you, Palace Lord Ye. We shall head back and report immediately.”

“Please do.” Ye Futian waved as he said. The visitors left soon after.

After they left, Sage Douzhan, Yuan Hong, the Undying Old Man and others came to Ye Futian’s side and said, “It seems like we’ve overstayed our welcome, and now the college wants to send us and the ones from the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty off as soon as possible.”

“It was entirely within reason for them to do so,” Ye Futian smiled and said. It was not a sustainable idea for people from three holy lands to keep holing up in the Nine State College. Furthermore, the Nine State College knew well why mighty ones from all corners of the Summer State had gathered in the city.

It was obviously more than just to attend the college’s recruitment event. As such, the college naturally needed to give face to those mighty ones and invite them to witness the event.

“They should be here soon, eh?” Sage Douzhan asked.

“We should be able to see them tomorrow. They’re already within Summer State territory as we speak,” Ye Futian answered. The Summer State was incredibly vast. It was located west of the Eastern State and southwest of the Barren State. As such, even though mighty ones from the Barren State intended to intercept the ones from the Eastern State on their way, but the route taken hardly changed and they would have needed to enter the Summer State still.

“Well then, that’s quite a coincidence indeed,” Sage Douzhan siad.

“The village chief should be returning soon enough,” Ye Futian added. As speculated by Zhou Yanwang, the village chief had been loitering around the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s Holy Capital with Qin Zhuang and others, precisely because he wanted to check them out, while diverting reinforcements away at the same time.

It was due precisely to having been able to speculate the village chief’s intentions, that Zhou Yanwang had decided to order the army to head for the Nine State City. However, he himself remained trapped within the palace. Every time he ventured outside, there would definitely have been interception attempts waiting for him. He no longer dared to venture too far after several attempts of breaking the interceptions. He nonetheless came out to see what the old man had been up to time and again.

The Nine State City was incredibly lively at the next day. Countless mighty ones gathered at the same spot: the Nine State Platform.

Great figures from the Nine State College were present that day to select their students. They have even extended invitations to people from other holy lands to come witness the event.

Many mighty ones ranked on the Sage and Saint Rankings were seen that day, as well as some of the younger generations who had grown quite famous throughout the nine states. For example, Ye Futian who had been the talk of people from everywhere as of late, as well as Yu Sheng, the champion of the Nine State Forum.

Of course, there were also those hallowed disciples of the divine path from the Nine State College. In the eyes of countless people, those names all belonged to figures of legends.

The college itself was equally as lively. Many mighty ones ventured outside the college in droves, heading for the Nine State Platform.

Ye Futian and his people were preparing to depart as well. While their numbers were thin, they nonetheless represented a holy land from the Barren State.

However, they were someone else from the Herb Garden coming out to see them before they departed. It was none other than Xu Chehan and Little Butterfly. They were instructed by their teacher, Saint Jiang, to witness the event, as well as to bring a gift to Sage Douzhan.

“This is something that I was told by my teacher to present to senior Douzhan. It is something capable of invoking one’s inner potential for a short period of time. Should you meet any trouble with passing the divine catastrophe, it would come in handy by amplifying your chances.” Little Butterfly passed a pill to Ye Futian and said.

Ye Futian took it and said, “Please send my regards and gratitude to Saint Jiang.”

He then turned around and handed it over to Sage Douzhan.

It seemed that Saint Jiang knew that the time for Sage Douzhan to face his ordeal would soon come.

“Right. Teacher has asked us to witness the event in his stead. Let’s head out together then,” Little Butterfly said gently.

“Will do.” Ye Futian nodded and took a look at Xu Chehan, who was right behind her, saying with a smile, “I take it that you won’t have anything against the arrangement, Great Teacher Xu?”

Xu Chehan glanced at him coldly, then turned around and said, “Let’s go.”

Ye Futian took a look at his back. It seemed that he did not mention anything about him looking for Ye Futian before to Little Butterfly.

“Let’s head out,” Ye Futian said. The group went outside the palace and joined the massive horde in the journey. There were eyes looking at them occasionally.

There were quite a lot of talk regarding Ye Futian in the Nine State College as of late.

The Nine State Platform was a place of great importance of meaning to the Nine State City. The recruitment event of the Nine State College was held there every year.

It was rumored that in ancient times, immensely powerful figures throughout the nine states had gathered there for meetings.

The Nine State Platform was divided into nine major areas. Every single area had a huge stone tablet carving on it, which was huge symbols of the names of the nine states: Summer, Qi, Cloud…Barren.

Every single ancient symbol had a distinct style.

The symbol of Summer State felt grim, solemn, and imposing.

The symbol of Qi State felt sharp in a sky-scrapping manner.

The symbol of Barren State felt thick and powerful

There was a throne of sorts under every single tablet with the image of an ancient word symbol. It was said that leaders of the nine states used to sit on them. There were many seats below the thrones, and there were even steps leading downward.

A vast platform which served as a stage was right before the nine word tablets. The scene looked incredibly magnificent.

People filled the areas surrounding the stage and whichever direction one looked in, one would have found only people.

“The mighty ones from the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty is here the earliest.”

Many turned their eyes at a direction. The sacred king was there and he walked to the throne beneath the Eastern State symbol, not hesitating to sit on it.

The throne had once been that of a leader of the Eastern State. The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty had once reigned all over the Eastern State, so it was only natural that the sacred king would have been the leader. Even though the Eastern State was now fractured into multiple forces, but he was nonetheless the only lord of a holy land that came to the event that time. As such, he was of course more than qualified to sit on that throne.

That nine thrones had a historical meaning and one did not need to actually be a leader reigning all over a state to sit there after all.

“Mighty ones from the Xihua Sacred Mountain are here.”

Many saw that there were quite a number of people heading there, and many gestured respectfully to the sacred king.

“That’s Liu Zong, the student of three saints.” One of those in the crowd looked at one of the young people.

“Mighty ones from the Yue clan.” Someone else looked at the other corner. The Yue clan was a holy land in the Summer State who was versed in the art of sealing. Those who studied in Yue clan were incredibly terrifying.

“Mighty ones from the Yi clan are here too.” Yet another person looked somewhere else.

“The mighty ones from the college are here.”

It came as to no surprise that the people from the college were the most numerous. Many came in droves one after another.

“Lin Shubai”

“Tong He.”

Many continued to gasp as the most renowned of the two hallowed disciples in the college, the two who were lauded to be the successor to the chief of the Nine State College, were there as well.

Both of them exhibited extraordinary bearing. Lin Shubai was receiving guests who came while Tong He remained unfettered as he sat down quietly, making his carvings.

Many from the Yue clan and the Yi clan turned their eyes to look at both of them. Many extraordinary students from those two forces had come to witness the event as well.

At that moment, several figures were seen walking towards the tablet of the Barren State and many turned their heads immediately. Even mighty ones from other holy lands turned to look at them as well.

Many pairs of eyes were looking at the handsome young man. He walked the steps in a composed manner and came before the throne. He turned around and sat while scanning the crowd, looking regal and imposing.

It was none other than the Palace Lord of the Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State, Ye Futian.

He was currently the most legendary figure of the younger generation at the moment throughout the nine states!