The Legend Of Futian Chapter 858

Chapter 858 Ambush

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In the Nine States, geniuses would emerge in every generation. The pride of every holy land, hallowed disciples and Sons, these were all people who were born from time to time.

However, they were still the younger generation and suppressed by the aura of the previous generation. There was nobody who was like Ye Futian, becoming the leader of a holy land as a Noble Plane. Of course, this was also due to the unique position the Barren State was in. If it was merely the Barren State’s Holy Zhi Palace having a new Palace Lord, the people from the Nine States would not care as much. However, since the Holy Zhi Palace had been under Ye Futian’s leadership, the Barren State had been transforming and creating one miracle after another.

The first time they stepped out of the Barren State, they had cracked the Celestial Dragon Chess Game in the Chess Saint Villa.

On the Nine State Forum, the Barren State came in first among all the holy lands.

In the Nether Sword Mound, he had activated the Sword Matrix of the Void and killed a Saint.

He had made a Saint appear in the long weakened Barren State and united the wills of the Barren State’s army in the sacred war to fend off the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty.

Now, Douzhan was about to become a Saint. The Barren State would have its second Saint, even the Great Zhou Sacred King would not be able to take that lying down.

That was why Ye Futian was deemed the most dazzling figure within his generation. It was no exaggeration, nobody had ever created such miracles.

Looking at the teenage figure sitting on by the stone tablet with Barren written on it, he was indeed qualified to sit there.

Moreover, Ye Futian already had the aura of a holy land’s leader. Even though his cultivation level was not high, it was by no means inferior to that of the influential figures from the other holy lands in the Nine States.

It was as though he was born to take that position.

Many people also noticed that not far away from Ye Futian, Little Butterfly smiled and nodded towards Ye Futian before walking over to the Nine State College’s position. After all, she was from the College, so she could not be seated in the Barren State’s position.

Xu Chehan was also with Little Butterfly. When they saw this scene, many people thought to themselves, it seems like the rumors spreading around the Nine State College recently might be true.

“The Xia Clan’s experts have arrived.” Someone announced.

At that moment, another group of people had arrived. Many people stood up and saluted the incoming Xia Clan members. In the Summer State, although the Nine State College had a reputation as the number one College in the Nine States, the Xia Clan was the strongest faction in the Summer State.

After the Xia Clan’s experts had arrived, another group of people walked forward from a distance. In an instant, the people from the College all stood up. Countless experts around the Nine States’ platforms all had serious expressions on their faces as they stared at the oncoming white-bearded elder.

The Nine State College Chief, Saint Li had personally come.

Saint Li would usually not appear on these kinds of occasions, but today, many holy lands had come for the ceremony and there were also leaders from holy lands like the Great Zhou Sacred King as well as the Xia Clan’s experts. If he did not come out, the others would not be able to handle the situation.

“Greetings to the College Chief.” The College’s disciples all stood up to greet him. The experts from the holy lands all stood up to greet him as well.

Even the Great Zhou Sacred King stood up to show his respect. Ye Futian naturally stood up as well.

Saint Li was the 10th on the Nine States’ Saint Ranking and was highly respected. His position in the Nine States was also extremely reverent, even the Great Zhou Sacred King would have to call him senior when visiting him.

Saint Li walked to the throne before the Summer tablet and took a seat. Although his age was high, his eyes were still full of life. With just a single gaze, everyone could feel the aura emanating from Saint Li.

The vast area fell silent all of a sudden.

Just by sitting there, it felt as though Saint Li had blended in with the Great Path. The force in the heavens could be used by him and he could awe countless people with his aura.

“Today, it is once again time for the Nine State College to select their disciples. There are people from different holy lands that have come to watch, it is my Nine State College’s honor to have you. Let us all witness it together then.” Saint Li said slowly. His voice was not loud, but the people within tens of miles could all hear him clearly.

“Let us begin, please don’t hold back.” Saint Li announced. In an instant, the invisible aura disappeared and the host stepped forward. The selected geniuses stepped forward in succession and started the paper examination.

The Great Zhou Sacred King looked forward. Since Ye Futian had arrived, he had not taken a single glance at him, as though he did not know about his existence.

At that moment, the Great Zhou Sacred King only looked at the battle platform, admiring the battles among the geniuses.

Ye Futian was also the same as he sat quietly.

One after another, experts stepped forward and revealed their extraordinary strength and potential. After all, they had gone through many rounds of selection to reach this step and they were all elites.


While the Nine State City was having its celebration, in a location within the countless territories of the Summer State, there was a group of experts traversing across the air with a terrifying aura.

This group of people was the army that had come from the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty. They moved in formation and the people who passed by them all avoided them, afraid of being caught up in something they were uninvolved in.

Far behind them, Qin Zhuang and the others continued to follow them, not breaking away from the team.

At that moment, the accompanying demonic beast had a glint flash across its eyes. The army was about to converge.

“Prepare yourselves.” A voice sounded from the demonic beast. Qin Zhuang and the others all had the glint of swords in their expressions and it looked brilliant.

“After so many days, we can finally loosen up.” Xu Shang smiled and said. The atmosphere was completely unlike the graveness before a war.

There seemed to be a fog in the air. The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s army frowned as they felt their Spiritual Will being affected. The fog started to become denser and their Spiritual Wills were unable to penetrate it.

“Watch out, it seems to be illusion sorcery.” An expert from the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty waved his hand and in an instant, the army slowed down. However, they had already stepped into the ethereal fog. Experts stepped forward and a blinding light shot out from their eyes. Their Spiritual Will and rule power shot through the air and forcefully penetrated the fog.

The fog seemed endless, but the Spiritual Will penetrated through it rapidly and opened a path. Finally, when the outside world appeared to them, their expressions changed.

“There’s an ambush, prepare for battle!” A roar sounded out. Instantly, all of them burst forth with strong auras and it engulfed the area in a split second. Their might was so strong that it scattered the fog.

The fog continually scattered as the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s army felt two contrasting sensations simultaneously, heat and frost.

Raising their heads, they saw a group of experts appear before them. They were refining the Divine Sun Furnace and there was a terrifying flame in the Divine Sun Furnace, engulfing the skies and turning even the air bright red.

The person at the front was You Chi. He was topless and sweat trickled down his bronze-colored skin. He held a giant Divine Sun Hammer in his hands and the hammer let out a faint Saint aura. Countless Spiritual Qi in the area rushed towards him and became a terrifying flame hurricane.

This was his Alchemy City’s most important Saint instrument and had unparalleled offensive ability.

On the other side, the experts from the Ice Temple appeared. Their ice matrix caused frost to constantly appear in the air. The contrasting rule powers of ice and fire engulfed the battlefield from both sides.

As for the front, there were Sovereign Family experts led by Huang Xi and the Heavenly Battle Matrix led by Sage Jingang.

Behind them, a terrifying sword aura emanated and the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s army knew that it was Qin Zhuang and the other swordsmen activating their sword matrix.

“Defense matrix.” A voice sounded out within the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s army. In an instant, the experts within the army all started to form a defensive matrix. When being ambushed, the best course of action was to defend and assess the enemy’s strength before counterattacking.

The army from the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty was equally terrifying. Otherwise, they would not have dared to provide assistance in the presence of Qin Zhuang. They were made up of extremely strong forces.

As the battle erupted, giant demonic beast shadows appeared. A giant Golden Phoenix appeared and covered the skies, spreading out above them. A green dragon roared and also stood above their heads.

The flames from the Divine Sun Furnace sank down with a destructive force and ignited the air, creating a destructive fire that gradually melted the giant battle matrix.

In the air, the topless You Chi used the Divine Sun Hammer in his hand to siphon the strength of the experts behind him. The boundless fire in the area gathered and the Divine Sun Hammer grew bigger. You Chi lifted it and smashed it downwards.

With a thunderous sound, a destructive pattern appeared where the Divine Sun Furnace crashed down on and the battle matrix below shook.

In the moment that You Chi attacked, the experts all burst forth with their attacks. Sage Jingang let out a roar and gathered the force of the Heavenly Battle Matrix on his body. At that moment, he appeared to have a golden body and his fists tore through the air and the shadow fists traveled across the air towards the enemy.

Huang Xi also moved. In front of him, a giant bow appeared and he nocked it. 81 arrows shot through the air with a terrifying force.

There were also many other experts who fired their attacks. In a split second, the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s army was barraged by countless attacks in the air.

Crash, crash, crash! Wave after wave of explosions sounded as the defensive matrix was repeatedly impacted.

As the matrix collapsed, an icy wind blew past and a cold current engulfed them. Many people turned into ice statues under the current, one could see how terrifying its force was.

The Ice Temple Lord Yun Shang had cast a spell using her staff.

“Break.” Yun Shang said in an icy voice. The ice statues on the outer ring cracked and the people inside died.

“All formations spread out and find your individual enemy to battle.” Another voice sounded out. They had been ambushed and trapped in the middle, the Barren State’s army attacked with them at the center and that had left them in a reactive position.

At that moment, You Chi let out another furious roar and smashed down yet again with his Divine Sun Hammer. The sun flare that could melt everything was brought down along with it as well.

The battle on this side had completely broken out.

Far away on the Nine State City’s Nine State Platform, it was still bustling and Ye Futian and the Great Zhou Sacred King were still admiring the battles on the platform.

However, at that moment, Ye Futian raised his head and looked into the distance.

The battle had begun.

It was up to You Chi, Huang Xi, Qin Zhuang, Xu Shang and the rest!