The Legend Of Futian Chapter 859

Chapter 859 You Chis Decision

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On the Nine State Platform, there were many geniuses appearing successively and selected by the influential figures from the Nine State College and taking them under their wing.

There were people from all cultivation levels. Among them, there were a few extremely strong figures with the potential to become a hallowed disciple.

“The Summer State has countless prodigies appearing every generation. Today, the Nine State College is accepting disciples and countless extraordinary people have appeared. It seems like many people did not participate in this year’s Eastern State Xihua Sacred Mountain’s Nine State Forum.” An elder from the Xia Clan smiled and said.

“That’s right, the splendor of the Nine State College accepting disciples is not inferior to the Nine State Forum.” Another person laughed as he echoed. Evidently, he was just saying it because of the occasion.

“Previously, the Nine State Forum was held on the Xihua Sacred Mountain. The cultivators from the other states needed to follow their holy lands there, so some non-holy land cultivators were naturally unwilling to go there. Of course, majority of the people from the holy lands had participated in it, so it can definitely show the strength of the younger generation from the various holy lands.” The Nine State College Chief Saint Li smiled and replied.

“Now that you mention it, I’ve heard that the Barren State’s performance was the most eye-catching during the Nine State Forum. Today, the Nine State Forum’s number one person Yu Sheng seems to be here.” Someone commented.

As he said that, many people turned to look at Yu Sheng, who was beside Ye Futian.

If it was not for Ye Futian’s existence, perhaps Yu Sheng would be the mascot of the younger generation. The number one person on the Nine State Forum meant a huge deal to the Nine States.

Moreover, it was rumored that Yu Sheng obtaining first on the Nine State Forum was truly well deserved.

There were people who claimed that even when compared to other generations, Yu Sheng would still be able to obtain first. Of course, the other geniuses from the previous Nine State Forums were unwilling to accept that.

“Senior has praised him too highly. Although Yu Sheng is indeed not bad, he has some flaws that need polishing. As such, I have intentionally brought him to the Nine State College to learn.” Ye Futian said to Saint Li. Since Saint Li had such high praise, it was only respectful of him to reply.

Learn. Many of the Nine State College’s disciples cursed in their hearts when they heard that. While this b*stard was ‘learning’ in the College, he had beat up many people and caused them to not dare to provoke him.

“It is commendable that Palace Lord Ye can humbly ask for advice. Each generation has its own geniuses and today, in the younger generation, there are the previous firsts of the Nine State Forum.” An expert from the Xia Clan smiled as he said. On the previous Nine State Forum, the number one had been a disciple from the Nine State College. He was now within the crowd and his name was Tong He.

Moreover, it was rumored that Tong He’s cultivation speed was terrifyingly fast and his cultivation level increased extremely rapidly. In only five years, he was already a mid-level Magi. His cultivation speed was shocking and there were few people who could compete with him in the Nine States.

As such, his reputation within the Nine State College was widespread and he was known as the Nine State College’s successor alongside Lin Shubai.

“Every generation has its own geniuses, there are also many other people who missed this time’s Nine State Forum because of their cultivation level, but that does not mean that they are weak.” An expert from the Yi Clan said. “Perhaps if the Nine State Forum was held at a different time, the ending might have been different. Even someone as strong as Yu Sheng might not be able to come in first.”

Many people looked towards the Yi Clan’s expert. The influential figures from the Summer State naturally knew why he said that. The Yi Clan had an elite figure who had missed out on the Nine State Forum as he had broken through to the Sage Plane before the Nine State Forum.

“That is only natural. If Yu Sheng had missed it, he would definitely not be first. However, if Yu Sheng happened to be in that cultivation level, he would easily obtain first even in another generation.” Ye Futian smiled and replied, causing many people to be shocked and look towards the young figure sitting on the Barren State’s tablet throne.

Although he said it with his usual joking tone, the arrogance in his tone was unmistakable.

The Yi Clan’s expert had claimed that in another generation, Yu Sheng might not be able to come in first, but he had replied that in another generation, obtaining first might be even simpler.

In any generation, Yu Sheng would be able to obtain first, as long as he was within the cultivation level limitation.

Some people scoffed at Ye Futian’s words, but there were also people who had personally watched the Nine State Forum who agreed. They had seen how strong Yaya was, in their eyes, in another generation, perhaps Yu Sheng’s strongest opponent would be someone on Zhuge Yi’s level.

“Hypothetical situations are pointless, let us continue watching the battles.” Saint Li said coolly and the crowd ceased their discussion and looked towards the battle platform.

However, Ye Futian’s heart was not on the battles. There was another battlefield being projected in his head.

His frame of mind was not as relaxed as it looked.

The ambush’s lineup included more than half of the Palace’s strength and had Qin Zhuang and the others join in as well. Their objective was to eliminate the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s army to the best of their ability.

However, the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty evidently knew that the Palace had sent out reinforcements and had sent an equally strong lineup.

This battle would not be easy.


At that moment, in the battlefield far away from the Nine State City, the battle continued.

In the life-and-death battle, both sides used overbearing methods to destroy the opponent’s battle matrix. The Holy Zhi Palace’s people used an ambush to surround them, but following that, the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s experts launched a strong counterattack by splitting their army and attacking their battle matrix.

Experts died unceasingly from both sides and the battle was extremely fierce.

Moreover, as the battle continued, the battlefield repeatedly expanded and the scope of battle expanded rapidly.

At that moment, in one location, there were two extremely strong experts facing off.

On the Holy Zhi Palace’s side, it was the Alchemy City Lord You Chi. He was one of the leading figures for the Holy Zhi Palace’s army. He had led the Barren State’s south-west region factions to battle. The Fire Emperor Palace, Goddess Pavilion and other elite factions had all followed him into battle. The illusionary magic that had been cast just now was the work of the Goddess Pavilion’s Chu Ji and her disciples.

Standing opposite You Chi was one of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s elite factions, the Flaming Prison Clan’s Leader. The Flaming Prison Clan was the strongest faction after the Infinite Palace. Back then, when the Infinite Palace had been eradicated, the Flaming Prison Clan’s disciples were all in a panic and moved into the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s capital and had now been taken in by the Great Zhou Sacred King.

Towards this, the Flaming Prison Clan Leader Sage Yanyu was extremely displeased. As the leader of his own faction, he had freedom, but now, he needed to act based on others’ opinions in the Great Zhou’s Palace and even had to take orders from them. For example, Zhou Mian, Zhou Huang and Nie Gai all had authority over him.

There were also many other royalty within the Sacred Dynasty that had weaker cultivation levels than him that had higher positions than him, so he felt repressed.

The origin of all this was because the Great Zhou Sacred King had initiated the sacred war. However, he did not dare to begrudge the Great Zhou Sacred King, so he could only direct his hatred towards the people of the Barren State.

“You Chi, I’ve heard that you are in the top 10 of the Barren Sky Ranking and the Alchemy City has a few Saint instruments. Let me witness today the strength of the Barren Sky Ranking’s top 10.” Sage Yanyu said coldly. There was a flame dimension around the two of them and the boundless flames had shrouded the entire area.

However, their flames were different. You Chi’s flames was the Divine Fire of the Sun that could melt everything. After he released his Life Spirit, he looked like a fire war god.

Sage Yanyu’s flames had a terrifying dark glow and contained an alarming destructive force, as though it had come from the pits of hell.

The two flames clashed and created a zone that nobody dared to come near.

Sage Yanyu also had a Saint instrument that he had inherited like some of the elite factions in the Barren State. It was the Flaming Prison Spear that caused the dark flames in the air to gather rapidly. Many giant dark fireballs appeared in the vast area and rushed towards You Chi. Behind You Chi, the sun’s glow was extremely brilliant and surrounded his body, melting the hellfire.

Behind Sage Yanyu, a huge dark flame shadow appeared. It looked like a demon from hell and it was the manifestation of his Life Spirit. It donned a hell armor and looked menacing.

The demonic figure stretched out its arm and grabbed the Flaming Prison Spear. The spear grew swiftly as the demonic figure stepped forward and walked towards You Chi.

You Chi felt the destructiveness of the force, but he did not step back. His grip on the Divine Sun Hammer tightened and he stared coldly at the oncoming demon.

The sacred war directly affected the Barren State’s future. As someone with a Saint instrument, he was one of the elites within the Barren State’s battle force and he could not afford to fall here.

Although Ye Futian’s Big Brother was strong, but once he borrowed the strength of the demonic blade, he would suffer an intense backlash. Their elite battle force did not differ too much from the opponent’s. Among the people who had come, the Sword Saint, Yun Shang, Huang Xi, Qin Zhuang and him were the most elite. He would only accept victory as the result.

The demon-like figure stretched out its left arm and instantly, a terrifying force engulfed his body, like a part of hell was crushing down on him. At the same time, it pierced towards him with the Flaming Prison Spear and dark flames tore through the air, burning everything in its path.

You Chi moved, entering a state of Enlightenment, as though he was making a ritual implement. He swung the Divine Sun Hammer in his hand and it smashed down with boundless force. The heavens roared and the space seemed as though it was going to rip. The rule power that was crushing down upon him was neutralized in an instant.

At the same time, the demon-like figure had descended upon him and pierced forward with the Flaming Prison Spear. The dark flames penetrated through and the area seemed to have been frozen and turned into a part of hell. The spear attempted to pierce through the area, which included You Chi’s body.

You Chi waved his Divine Sun Hammer frantically and it turned into a terrifying flame hurricane with shocking power.

The Flaming Prison Spear pierced through the air and a cold killing intent flashed across You Chi’s eyes. When the Flaming Prison Spear rushed across the air towards him, Sage Yanyu’s expression was frigid. He wanted to see whose offensive ability was stronger.

However, he saw the brilliant light that the Divine Sun Hammer emitted becoming larger, bypassing the spear without colliding. It destroyed the hell dimension and smashed towards the demon with boundless force.

“You’re courting death.” Sage Yanyu saw the scene and said coldly. The spear pierced onto You Chi’s burning body, but the Divine Sun Hammer also smashed on his head.

Two huge sounds were heard at the same time. You Chi’s bronze-colored skin was torn apart but there was an explosion of extremely brilliant light. It was a Saint instrument armor that had assimilated into his skin. His body was sent flying and he coughed up mouthfuls of blood while his organs felt like they were being torn apart.

However, at the same time, the demon’s brain split apart and Sage Yanyu also coughed up a mouthful of blood. The Life Spirit was destroyed and his spirit had suffered heavy injuries that was near fatal.

What was even more terrifying was that You Chi had released the Divine Sun Hammer when he attacked. The Divine Sun Hammer flew in an arc and smashed down on him.

“No…” Letting out a loud roar, Sage Yanyu’s face was filled with despair. The Divine Sun Hammer crushed him with the force of You Chi’s strike, causing his brain to immediately be shattered.

With just one strike, Sage Yanyu had been killed. He would never have imagined this in his wildest dreams, only because he did not expect that You Chi would be this ruthless.

Pff. You Chi spat out a mouthful of blood and looked at Sage Yanyu’s shattered body and said coldly, “I have staked the entire Alchemy City, there is no way you can match my determination.”

You Chi naturally knew that his opponent was not weaker than him. If it was a normal duel, the outcome would be unknown.

He knew clearly what his advantage was, the Saint instrument. Within his bronze-colored skin lied a Saint instrument.

That was why when his opponent charged up his attack, he had made up his mind to gamble for his opponent’s life.

Sage Yanyu had been ordered by the Great Zhou Sacred King to participate in the sacred war. He was different, he had staked the Alchemy City’s future on the sacred war. Their resolutions were on completely different levels!