The Legend Of Futian Chapter 860

Chapter 860 Cause For The Battle

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Everyone from the Flaming Prison Clan saw the death of Sage Yanyu on the battlefield, and every one of them looked pale. Although their clan leader was not listed on the sage and saint ranking, he was nevertheless a well-known figure with extraordinary strength.

In the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, except for the direct power belonging to the Sacred Dynasty and Sage Wuliang, their clan leader was the strongest amongst the realm.

But he was killed with a single blow. It was unimaginable.

There were a few people belonging to the sage-level who rushed in the direction of You Chi; they were the elders of the Flaming Prison Clan, who were extremely strong.

You Chi’s breath was weak but his cold glance surveyed those people. Horrifying flames fell and attacked all things. Even now, when his body had suffered great injury, he could still battle using rules sorcery.

There were many sun furnaces appearing, burning the void and blasting at the oncoming cultivators who rushed in for the kill. Those whose plane were inferior were burned to death, and their screams could be heard.

However, there were also two sage-level people who had broken through the attack, and presently one of them rushed towards the Spear of Flaming Prison, intending to snatch the divine implement.

You Chi’s eyes fixed in that direction, his eyes like flames burning to create a terrible flaming space that directly shone upon the cultivator who went for the divine implement.


You Chi commanded icily, and that cultivator was suddenly drowning in flames. An explosion of rules powers attempted to expel the flames released by You Chi, but the flaming rules power increased in force until the space seemed to be entirely refined. The body of the cultivator turned into a liquid fire, and then dispersed in ashes; it was not just burning but melting.

Another person who was close to You Chi blasted him with a terrible hit using his palm, covering the sky. You Chi looked up and focused the flames of his eyes at the palm. Suddenly the palm melted immediately, followed by the body. The man expressed infinite fear as he was melted bit by bit, his shrill screams echoing between the heaven and earth.


You Chi continued slaughtering several more opponents and spat out a mouthful of blood. Not only had he suffered terrible internal damage, but the consumption of his spiritual energy was also extremely exhausting. Although he also cultivated in martial arts, as an armorer it required an extreme strength; a simple reliance on the flame was not enough.

The rules sorcery that was exercised was at a great cost to his already wounded body.

Dragging his tired body, You Chi got the Spear of Flaming Prison, his memento of war. To rob him of the divine implement that he fought for, and try to vanquish him?

“City Lord.” At this time Yan Jun, the Palace Lord of Fire Emperor Palace, had arrived.

“Don’t mind me, continue to fight.” You Chi commanded. He glanced the battlefield, then dragged his heavily injured body toward another part of the battle. To gain the final victory of the Sacred War, all efforts had to be exerted in every battle to destroy the opponent as much as possible so that the power of the Holy Zhi Palace might last.

As You Chi moved forward, every cultivator in his path was destroyed under the flame. He came to the center of the battlefield and stood next to a few people. This battlefield was attacked by many cultivators; the people that were standing next to him were members of the Sovereign Family. The head of the Sovereign Family, Huang Xi, was also trapped here, his breath shallow. He was already injured.

Across from them, the leading cultivator was surrounded by a demonic dragon, looking menacing.

The opponent of the Sovereign Family was the Black Dragon Legion, one of the four major legions of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty. The opposite figure was the leader of the Black Dragon, and his strength would only be superior to Sage Yanyu’s.

“What are you doing here with your injured self?” Huang Xi gave You Chi a sideways glance.

“This is nothing. If I’m not dead, I can still fight.” You Chi said.

Huang Xi smiled and said, “Old man, why?”

Of course he could see that You Chi was badly injured.

“Why?” You Chi muttered, “Who knows? It seems insincere if I said it was completely for the Barren State, but my daughter was snatched away by that punk who helped his brother so what else could be done? As for the other reasons, maybe it’s just to witness a different era. Everything we did is perhaps a legend in the making.”

“And you, is it because of my letter?” asked You Chi.

“Dog shit,” Huang Xi said, his eyes becoming extremely sharp, “The ancestor said that the Sovereign Family was the descendant of Renhuang. I almost do not believe it myself anymore, but still I wanted to see the scenery above. How can I be willing to be ruled by the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty and live like a refugee in the Barren State? So, let us witness an era together.”

As soon as he finished, he stepped out and above the sky, an infinitely brilliant heavy sword swooped down and smashed into the Black Dragon, pulverizing it to powder.

At this time, Huang Xi was filled with indescribable majesty, the long robe on his body fluttering wildly. Infinite power seemed to be pouring from his body, resonating with the heaven and earth. Renhuang Swords continued to fall, so that numerous Renhuang great swords had appeared all around. Not only that, but a large army emerged from nothing, and thousands of troops rushed out to fight with Huang Xi.

At this moment, he was like the real Renhuang descending on earth.

In other battlefields, Sword Saint, Yun Shang, Zhuge Qingfeng, and Qin Zhuang were all engaged in intense fights for their beliefs.

The last time at the Holy Zhi Palace, their army was at a disadvantage and relied on Sage Douzhan to turn the tide. This time, they were not in a weakened position.

Nine States City, Nine States Platform, Ye Futian did not go to witness the battle at the platform but closed his eyes instead.

In his mind, scenes in the battlefield were revealed before his eyes.

He saw that despite being seriously wounded You Chi still managed to get rid of a person wielding supreme strength, and heard the conversation between Huang Xi and You Chi.

This era was not only written by him, but by everyone who could write it with him.

He believed that this would certainly be a magnificent era, belonging to the Barren State. He would work hard for this and would not disappoint those who fought for their beliefs.


Right then, his heart tightened, and he saw that Uncle-Master Sage Jingang was hit with a heavy blow. In his mind, Sage Jingang’s chest and abdomen were pierced, and countless bones were broken, but he still remained standing. Back then, Sage Douzhan was chased and hunted by the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty until he almost lost his life. Now, Sage Douzhan nearly crossed over the Divine Catastrophe, but Great Zhou Sacred King would not allow it, and wanted him dead. He remembered it all.

“Elder Uncle.”

Zhuge Qingfeng was also wounded, suffering in order to protect Yun Shang and the others in the legion of sorcerers.

Scenes of battle continued and gradually the great army of the Holy Zhi Palace finally gained an advantage, oppressing the other side and breaching all the battle matrixes. The sword matrix of nine, led by Qin Zhuang, continually slaughtered people from the opposite side with unstoppable momentum. And the sword of senior brother landed each time, spilling the blood of cultivators from the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty.

Many people around had noticed that Ye Futian had been keeping his eyes closed. Many in the Nine States College felt displeased. They were now recruiting disciples for the Nine States College, and Ye Futian sat at a very distinguished position to observe the ceremony. What kind of attitude was this that he kept his eyes closed?

Could it be that he was looking down on these geniuses who participated in the assessment?

At this time, a man from the crowd squeezed toward the east side of the stone tablet, until he was at the side of Great Zhou Sacred King. After bowing, he then secretly transmitted his voice to Great Zhou Sacred King.

When Great Zhou Sacred King heard what he said, his eyes suddenly became sharp and swept toward Ye Futian.

As he had predicted, the Village Chief led Qin Zhuang and the others to the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty to contain the cultivators from the Palace of the Sacred Dynasty. At the same time, people from the Holy Zhi Palace at the Barren State had already set off, and according to the reports he had received they had probably reached the borders of the Summer State.

Obviously Great Zhou Sacred King did not know that the armies on both sides had already started fighting. Instead, Zhou Yanwang, who guarded the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, learned of the onset of war because the Spirit Jade Scroll that had melted the spiritual energy of many cultivators was now broken.

As if no one was around, Ye Futian still had his eyes closed. Finally, he saw the victory of this battle. The cultivators of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty began to withdraw and flee while Qin Zhuang and the other gave chase, slaying many on the field. But many strong cultivators were still able to retreat and escape.

In frontal confrontation, the army of the Holy Zhi Palace defeated the army of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty.

However, Ye Futian did not feel joy. He saw the fall of many, and his heart was heavy.

At this time, another battle had ended on the platform. An extraordinary candidate was selected by the Nine States College, and many people toasted and congratulated the candidate.

“Palace Lord Ye.” At this moment, a voice was heard and interrupted Ye Futian’s thoughts.

Even though Ye Futian heard it, he did not immediately open his eyes. He watched the army begin to regroup and his heart was heavy. He then slowly opened his eyes and looked at the direction of the voice.

Not far from the Nine State College, cultivators of Yi Clan were seated. A young man amongst them looked toward the direction of Ye Futian. The voice that was heard came from him.

A spark flashed through many people’s eyes; this young man was a known character among the Yi Clan, enjoying a great reputation among the young generation of Summer State.

Yi Clan, Yi Sheng.

“What is it?” asked Ye Futian.

“Nine States College is recruiting disciples, and geniuses have emerged one after the other, but Palace Lord Ye seems not to be interested and continues to keep his eyes closed to rest. Is it because he thought that none of these geniuses were worth his scrutiny?” Yi Sheng said with a smile. Many looked at Ye Futian, though with a faint smile, the atmosphere was subtly curious.

Ye Futian stared at the other and said, “In the Nine States College geniuses are many and I have already experienced it. I even made some friends among them; the disciples recruited by the Nine States College would naturally be equally exceptional.”

“Everyone knows that Palace Lord Ye is extremely talented, and today’s examiners are all outstanding geniuses themselves. But it seems it is still difficult to be viewed worthy by Palace Lord Ye.” Yi Sheng lowered his head with a laugh.

Ye Futian still stared at him. He understood it was the tallest trees in the woods that got their tops blown off. During this period of time the Barren State and he had shocked the Nine States with strong performances, and they had been catching too much attention.

Coupled with the reputation of him and Yu Sheng together, many geniuses from other holy lands naturally had thoughts of their own. When they arrived today, they were the focus of countless stares.

Yi Sheng was not stupid. The provocative words spoken now were probably intended to provoke him.

Not only did Ye Futian see through it, everyone present could see that Yi Sheng from the Yi Clan seemed not to be content leaving things alone and was deliberately provoking Ye Futian.

“Cultivation is about the heart and mind. When the heart and mind are clear, there is nothing to hide. Although I don’t know who you are nor do I have any interest in knowing who you are, those who don’t obey the rules and think that they are smarter than all others would not escape my scrutiny.” Ye Futian said coldly, “If you want to ask for wisdom, first let your elders teach you how to behave before you return.”