The Legend Of Futian Chapter 861

Chapter 861 Platform Convergence

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Ye Futian’s forceful comment rendered silence amongst the crowd, and they understood his meaning. He was the Palace Lord of the Holy Zhi Palace. Even if his behavior was deemed improper, it ought to have been addressed by the elders of Nine States College.

Viewed from any angle, it would never be up to a descendant of the Yi Clan to point that out. Even more, Yi Sheng’s comment claiming that the disciples of the Nine States College could not have withstood Ye Futian’s scrutiny was obviously provocative in nature. Therefore, Ye Futian told him that his elders ought to have taught him some manners.

Yi Sheng also fixed his gaze on Ye Futian from across the space. From where he was, although Ye Futian was the Palace Lord of the Holy Zhi Palace, he was ultimately considered one of his peers.

With a faint smile, Yi Sheng said, “Indeed I might be meddlesome, but Palace Lord Ye showed a lack of respect first and expects others to be silent? I heard that to make the acquaintance of Saint Jiang at the Nine States College, Palace Lord Ye deliberately approached Goddess Die for the sake of his own purpose. Now that he has enjoyed favors within the college but acted so disrespectfully in such an occasion, it seems that his manner should be the one called into question.

“As for seeking instruction, the assessment of the Nine States College has not yet concluded. I would not be so insolent. Moreover, although Palace Lord Ye is well-known I am afraid that you do not yet have the pleasure of seeking instruction from you.” Yi Sheng’s words were extremely sharp, and could be said to be contentious. When he finished, he moved his eyes away and no longer focused on Ye Futian.

Clearly, as a valued son of the Yi Clan Yi Sheng was also very proud, and naturally would not suffer such insult by Ye Futian in silence.

In the direction of the Nine States College, Little Butterfly frowned at the words of Yi Sheng and said, “There have been rumors circulating in the college, but Palace Lord Ye, in order to aid his Master, lowered himself outside the Herb Garden for an entire month to beg for a meeting before I invited him inside. In order to help Sage Douzhan, Palace Lord Ye even tested the medicine himself, and why such a noble character would cause these unspeakable words is beyond me. A known figure of the holy lands believing such base rumors and using it for attack is indeed not befitting of the stature.”

Many looked at Little Butterfly with some surprise. It was rumored that Goddess Die was quite close to Ye Futian in the Herb Garden and had a good relationship with him. It seemed that it was true. Goddess Die had personally spoken for Ye Futian.

“Because Palace Lord Ye showed little respect for the assessment, I had to speak up. Goddess Die is a hallowed disciple of the College. I have nothing to say against your words,” Yi Sheng gave a casual response.

Ye Futian cast a cold glance at Yi Sheng, then focused on Saint Li, slightly bowing. “I just received word that the disciples of our palace have started the battle with the army of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, so I was a little distracted. I beg your forgiveness.”

Many people showed surprise in their eyes, and the eyes of the Great Zhou Sacred King were even more brilliant.

The people of the Holy Zhi Palace and the army of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty had started a fight?

If there was indeed a battle, the news would soon spread, and it was impossible to lie about such things so they did not doubt the truthfulness of what Ye Futian had disclosed. In this circumstance, it was unlikely that Ye Futian would lower himself so as to use lies to cover himself. It could only be surmised that what he said about the battle was true.

If this was the case, Ye Futian previously closing his eyes with a frown was understandable, and no one could have said anything.

Was the battle that involved his Palace more important than the college choosing disciples?

However, Great Zhou Sacred King had not yet received the news. How did Ye Futian know?

“Palace Lord Ye does not need to explain so deliberately,” Saint Li responded with a smile. This was not a big deal. If it was not for Yi Sheng’s provocation, they would not have said anything.

“I should.” Ye Futian nodded slightly. “Please, continue the assessment. Many apologies for disrupting everything because of my own personal business.”

Saint Li said nothing more, letting the assessment continue. Many people casually glanced in the direction of Yi Sheng. After Yi Sheng’s strong response Ye Futian paid no more attention to him but chose to explain to Saint Li instead and took the blame on himself. In comparison with Yi Sheng, the difference in magnanimity was obvious.

If Ye Futian was engaging with Yi Sheng in petty arguments, he would have done himself a disservice. After all, he was the Palace Lord of Holy Zhi Palace. However, those around the platform were slightly disappointed. They wanted to see the battle between these top geniuses, and it was best that they battle it out in person.

Although the strength of those being assessed in the Nine States College was very strong, compared to the top geniuses such as the hallowed disciples of holy lands there was still a large gap in capability.

The assessment went on for several days with a very small number of people who emerged as truly excellent. Many of the prominent figures within the Nine States College had chosen their favorites to be accepted as disciples.

At this point, a person came to the side of Great Zhou Sacred King and secretly transmitted something to him. Suddenly the face of Great Zhou Sacred King changed slightly, and from him exuded an invisible pressure of authority, which made many look towards him. On the throne, his eyes now turned their icy gaze to Ye Futian.

Later there were people arriving intermittently to deliver the news to all holy lands. Upon hearing the news, they all showed surprises and focused their attention on Ye Futian.

What Ye Futian said on that day was true. At the boundary of the Summer State, a major battle had exploded several days ago. The army of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty was waylaid by the army of the Barren State and suffered heavy losses. The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty was defeated.

Many peoples’ hearts beat fast, feeling disquieted. In the last battle at their home base, the Holy Zhi Palace was able to repel the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty with the tragic sacrificial action of Sage Douzhan risking the Divine Catastrophe. The victory gained by the Holy Palace this time, on the turf outside of their own, held extraordinary meaning.

Had the Barren State actually suppressed the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty in return?

The prior destruction of the three major forces within the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, including the Infinite Palace, had caused the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty to lose considerable strength. The defeat again this time cost them dearly, but the news had it that in the Barren State the Holy Zhi Palace was expanding with many cultivators of the Barren State willing to enter the palace and join the fight. With such imbalance, it seemed that the scales of the Sacred War were gradually tilting.

This was absolutely unthinkable to people of all holy lands that the Barren State could actually suppress the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty in the Sacred War.

“What’s happening?” Countless people around the platform felt the subtle change in the air. It seemed that many prominent figures were looking a little off.

Ye Futian was still sitting there with indifference, his eyes directed at the battle on the stage. After all, he had witnessed the ending of the battle and its entire process.

Great Zhou Sacred King’s eyes were extremely sharp. Ye Futian had asked the Village Chief to bring Qin Zhuang and the others to the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty. Although he knew their purpose, he had paid it no mind. Zhou Yanwang was in command and he could make his own decisions. However, the people of the Holy Zhi Palace had converged with Qin Zhuang to intercept the army of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, and they had defeated it.

According to the news, among the army of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, the three top leaders were killed in battle, and there were even more sages who were killed or wounded with the rest dispersed in retreat, fleeing for fear that they would be caught.

That battle was a total defeat.

His eyes glanced at Sage Douzhan, and there was murderous intent brewing within. The matters of war had already concluded, and it was meaningless to mull over it further. After the assessment at the Nine States College, it would be time for Sage Douzhan and his cohorts to die.

The air at the Nine States Platform was slightly curious. People from all the holy lands were very clear that they had not come only to see the Nine States College recruiting disciples, but more importantly what would happen thereafter.

There were many prominent sage figures present on this day. They all wanted to see for themselves the baptism of the Divine Path.

Time passed. In the void, there was a blade of light shining through, catching the attention of many people. They saw this blade of light crossing the void and it landed directly on the platform of the Barren State, appearing next to Ye Futian. That blade of light gradually gathered into the shape of a person.

“Saint.” Many eyes gazed at the incoming figure. It was the Holy Elder of the Holy Zhi Palace in the Barren State, the Village Chief of Tombkeeper Village, who had arrived. Before, he probably had gone to the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty.

“Holy Elder, how did it go?” Ye Futian asked softly.

“Zhou Yangwang couldn’t make it,” the Village Chief responded. He had repeatedly ambushed Zhou Yanwang until he lost his nerve to come out without serious cause. Zhou Yanwang was also aware of his intentions, so he continued to test the limit. However, receiving several injuries only reinforced his sense of caution. After another provocation the Village Chief rushed back here, counting that Zhou Yanwang would not dare to act rashly. Not to mention that Zhou Yanwang was not as speedy as him.

Ye Futian nodded. The purpose of the Village Chief going to the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty was not only to keep an eye on them, but also to inhibit the other saint in the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty. Since Great Zhou Sacred King was staying here to guard Sage Douzhan, he could only stop the coming of the other saint.

Upon hearing the conversation between the two, Great Zhou Sacred King flashed a cold look in his eyes. Did they intend to fight two against one?

Everyone from all the holy lands had a fascinated look. Today, they would witness the true battle between saints.

After a while, the Nine States College’s recruiting process was nearing the end. Outside around the platform, there were cultivators arriving, marching mightily into the crowd and headed toward the stone monuments of the Nine States Platform.

As if the crowd had guessed the identities of these people, many parted way to let them through.

Sword Saint, Yun Shang, Qin Zhuang, Xu Shang, You Chi, and Huang Xi all appeared, coming to the stone tablet that bore the name “Barren.” The procession of these mighty cultivators and their arrival energized the previously empty space.

Ye Futian stood up from the throne and walked toward You Chi and the others. You Chi, Sage Jingang, and Zhuge Qingfeng were all injured and rode in on demon beasts.

“Uncle and Uncle-Master.” Ye Futian stepped up to greet them, and the Undying Old Man behind him also came over to check everyone’s injuries. His expression was grave. “All were heavily wounded, especially Sage Jingang.”

Sage Jingang came lying down.

“Junior brother.” Sage Douzhan greeted him with clenched fists. His junior brother’s chest and abdomen seemed to have been punched through, looking extremely wretched.

Little Butterfly also came over and saw their injuries. She said to Ye Futian, “They need immediate treatment, the longer the delay, the more trouble they will be in.”

“Little Butterfly, can you take them to the Herb Garden?” Ye Futian asked.

“Very well, I will go ask the Master,” replied Little Butterfly.

“Holy Elder, Qin Zhuang, please escort them,” Ye Futian said. Nine States College was a short distance away and could be reached in a few moments.

“Very well.” The Village Chief nodded, and then took out the Divine Sword. Little Butterfly, the Undying Old Man and the others helped the wounded to the Divine Sword. The Divine Sword then broke through and crossed the void, headed for the Nine States College.

The Great Zhou Sacred King was looking greatly displeased. Ye Futian seemed to enjoy a good relationship with Little Butterfly and Saint Jiang in the Herb Garden. Even though Saint Jiang did not participate in the Sacred War, whatever assistance he was willing to lend would be a great help!