The Legend Of Futian Chapter 862

Chapter 862 Get Out Here

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Many students of the Nine State College held grudges against Ye Futian and they even took a look at Xu Chehan.

Ye Futian came to the college, defeated a hallowed disciple of the divine path and went to do medicine tests in the Herb Garden. Not only was he able to survive the ordeal, he was able to even develop an unusual bond with Goddess Die, and it was said that Saint Jiang liked him very much.

It was worth noting many in the Nine State College wanted to become a personal student of Saint Jiang and yet failed to do so. Countless asked to see the saint himself and none of them was able to get their wishes fulfilled.

Regardless of how extraordinary Ye Futian was, he was still, to many of the college’s students, an outsider.

A legendary figure from the Barren State whose prowess was able to outshine all of his peers throughout the nine states and reign supreme.

However, Ye Futian himself cared little of what others thought about him. In his perspective, Little Butterfly was pure and kind, and furthermore, extremely compatible with his ways of cultivation, making her someone worth taking the trouble to befriend. He deemed what outsiders thought of their relationship to be inconsequential.

His gaze turned towards Huang Xi and the others and said, “good work.”

The interception attempt had to end in success, for they were unable to afford to fail. If they were to fail the attempt, it would have created ripples having direct effects of what they were to face from then on out.  ( B oxnovel.c om )

He witness that battle personally. Chi You, Huang Xi and the others gave it all that they have gotten, in order to secure the key battle that was influential enough to effect the entire sacred war.

“I’m just glad that we were able to fulfill our missions,” Huang Xi smiled and said. While he was somewhat injured, it was not anything serious and he could still fight, which meant that he did not need to pay a visit to the Herb Garden.

Cultivators at their level were anything but frail and weak, unless they sustained considerable injuries.

Ye Futian looked at Huang Xi and recalled the conversation he had with Chi You, making him burn with a sense of mission. He vowed to strive harder and enable Chi You to see the birth of a truly new era. He would also strive to let Huang Xi witness the far, unknown future that he had envisioned.

Ye Futian turned to look at the beautiful woman right beside him and his eyes turned tender, but then quickly turned his expression stern and glared at her, saying, “Who allowed you to come here?”

Hua Jieyu gazed at him and Ye Futian felt rather exasperated as he took her hand. He then turned around to see familiar faces at his side. His seniors were there and so were Wuchen, Huang Jiuge, Xu Que, Yuan Zhan and others. It became apparent that they participated in the battle at their own will. Even though they might have ended up being able to do little, they joined the fight nonetheless.

“Take a seat.”

The Nine State College’s examination has yet to end and it was not the time for catching up on things.

Everyone took their seats right before the throne while Ye Futian took Hua Jieyu to the throne. She looked rather reluctant and tugged at his arm. It seemed inappropriate for her to sit on the throne in such an occasion.

However, Ye Futian insisted on taking her to the throne iwth him. The Palace Lord and the First Lady of the Holy Zhi Palace should have sat together after all.

Countless eyes were fixed on Hua Jieyu, who was right beside Ye Futian and they were all in awe of her beauty. Those from the college who did not have a good opinion on him to begin with grew to resent him even more.

Hua Jieyu shuddered a little bit at the attention that she had attracted, and she was unable to help but getting somewhat nervous. She knew well that everyone who sat around the platform all hailed from holy lands and there were even saints sitting on the thrones.

( B oxnovel.c om )     For some unknown reasons, the scene reminded her of a prophecy told to her by Minister Zuo of the Nandou Nation many years ago.

While she still believed Minister Zuo’s words to be little more than nonsense even after going through so much, but she believed firmly that her man was born for great, extraordinary things. However, the path leading to the fulfillment of that fate would have been filled with obstacles, and one would have died a horrible death if one was not careful enough.

Regardless, if her man were to become an emperor, then she shall reign by his side. On the other hand, if he were to perish in his journey, then she shall go into eternal slumber by his side.

A smile was seen in her eyes by then as she scanned everyone around her. She had a somewhat mystical gleam about her.

“Let’s continue,” Saint Li said, seeing how everyone’s attention was taken away by what was happening at Ye Futian’s side. The remaining handful of participants got up the stage and brought the prowess to ebar.

Eventually, all who had participated in the recruitment event of the Nine State College went on the stage, and showed what they were capable of to the audience around them.

Every selected participated walked onto the platform by then and there were hundreds of geniuses from all planes. The college held the recruitment event only once a year, but they did not set any plane restrictions or requirements.

Many mighty ones from holy lands were intrigued. While all of those who were on the stage then had all been deemed qualified, but there was yet another round that would have proven the most important. There were to be a select few among the hundreds would have earned the chance to become personal students of saints.

As such, even the ones on the stage could not have helped but felt rather nervous.

It would have been a great honor to be able to study directly under a saint after all. Furthermore, they would have had the chance to become a hallowed disciple in the future.

“Who do you think would have a chance at the next round?” There were people from holy lands who began discussing among themselves.

“Lin Xuan.”

“There’s no need to say much in Lin Xuan’s case. He stands out as a hard-to-come-by exceptional one, even among the most exceptional of cultivators in the holy lands.” Many nodded. Lin Xuan was the most exceptional student that the college had recruited that year without a doubt. His display of talents was nothing short of extremely extraordinary.

“Lin Xuan would probably be made a hallowed disciple of the divine path some time in the future.”

“Other than Lin Xuan, I guess that rascal stands a chance as well.” Someone added and many nodded in agreement as well.

“The announcement is about to be made.” Many turned to look at the college’s direction. An elder scanned the crowd surrounding the stage and then said, “Lin Xuan, from this year’s new recruits, shall be made a hallowed disciple and permitted to study directly under the college chief.”

Many looked surprised and baffled as the announcement was made, which were then replaced by feelings of awe. What Lin Xuan showed that day definitely qualified him for such treatment, but no one expected it to be taking place so quickly. Saint Li took him in personally and made him a hallowed disciple right there and then. It was an honor that few from the college’s history had experienced.

It seemed that Saint Li had his own thoughts about the rise of the Barren State. While his privileged status prevented him from being too affected or concerned, he had probably wanted to nurture someone capable of becoming absolute top geniuses throughout the nine states nonetheless; someone capable of standing side by side with the likes of Lin Shubai and Tong He, rivaling Ye Futian, Yu Sheng and the others from the Barren State.

Lin Xuan was the only one who had the honor of being named directly and taken in as a saint’s student right there and then.

Countless eyes fell onto him and they knew that it was only a matter of time, before he became someone with immense influence in the future.

Lin Xuan stood tall and proud as he took a deep breath on the stage. While he long had confidence of being named as a saint’s personal student, but being appointed as a hallowed disciple right there and then nonetheless caught him by surprise. He was seen bowing to Saint Li and said, “Greetings, my teacher.”

Saint Li nodded slightly and said, “While I made an exception this time in making you a hallowed disciple right away, but it’d still be necessary for you to learn from your seniors, once you enter the college.”

“Your words shall remain with me always, teacher.” Lin Xuan bowed solemnly.

“Congratulations, Saint Li.” Many cupped their hands and congratulated the saint at that moment. How many were even able to make it to become Saint Li’s students? It is indeed an auspicious event for him being able to take a personal student indeed.

Saint Li smiled and nodded. “The recruitment event of the Nine State College this year has come to an end. To all who came all the way here to witness the way, you have my gratitute.”

“You’re too kind, Saint Li. The honor is ours for being able to witness such a grand event personally.” Many from other holy lands said politely. While the recruitment event had ended, but they all knew that the show had just begun, and that show was why they showed up there in the first place.

“You’re dismissed.” The college chief said to the students on the stage. They dispersed but Lin Xuan remained standing where he was; an act that puzzled many in the crowd.

“Anything bothering you, Lin Xuan?” The college chief asked him. As Lin Xuan had been made a hallowed disciple, the college chief’s attitude towards him softened somewhat.

Lin Xuan bowed slightly and said to Saint Li, “When the Nine State Forum was held, I was spending my time training in isolation in order to make a breakthrough. As such, it is my regret of having missed the event. However, I’m nonetheless fortunate to be able to see so many peers of my generation who had participated in the Nine State Forum here today. Furthermore, the champion of the event, Yu Sheng, is here. As such, I’d like to ask, if I may spar with him for a little bit.”

Many were baffled by Lin Xuan’s words. He had just been made a hallowed disciple and he went straight to challenging Yu Sheng; an act that barely concealed his arrogance beneath.

“You shall ask Palace Lord Ye about that yourself,” Saint Li smiled and said, not denying his request outright.

Lin Xuan nodded and turned to face the side of the Barren State, asking, “Would I be given the honor to do so, Palace Lord Ye?”

“It’s a rare opportunity today and there are many geniuses from holy lands around. It’d be quite a tale to tell if both of you are able to fight on this stage.” An elder from the Yi clan smiled and said.

Many turned their eyes at Ye Futian at that moment, even Yu Sheng turned around and looked as if he was asking for his opinion. Lin Xuan had only been made a hallowed disciple after all. If Yu Sheng were to simply act and beat him to a pulp, the consequences might have been dire.

Ye Futian sensed the eyes around him and knew well that Lin Xuan was not the only one who wanted to see Yu Sheng, maybe even he himself, fight; many in the crowd probably shared Yu Sheng’s thoughts.

Ye Futian smiled and said, “If one were to be able to meet someone capable of verifying one’s way in cultivation, it would prove to be a helpful opportunity for growth after all. Yu Sheng, you may go.”

If everyone wants to see the show so badly, they shall have their wishes granted then.

If Saint Li is able to give silent permission to such a request, then it’s only natural that he cares little of the outcome of the fight.

Yu Sheng nodded and stepped forward, walking up to the stage and eyeing Lin Xuan. He then said, “Make your move then.”

Lin Xuan nodded and summoned a gust of terrifying current of rules about him. The sky above the stage changed. True dragons roamed, phoenixes danced, qilins howled, and the white tigers roared. It seemed as if Lin Xuan was able to take forms of a myriad of beasts.

An extremely terrifying gleam was seen bursting from Lin Xuan’s eyes all of a sudden. He leapt into the air and came above Yu Sheng like a golden-winged roc. His arms seemed as if they were possessed by true dragons and in an instant, enormous demon dragon howls were heard as he shot below with claws clad in terrifying power of rules at Yu Sheng.

Yu Sheng looked up and took a look at Lin Xuan. An imposing aura burst from his body and stood his ground like a mountain. Terrifying demonic currents shot above and made him look incredibly regal, like a peerless devil.

“Boom.” The demon dragon shot down with lethal intent, seemingly aiming to tear Yu Sheng apart. However, a loud boom was heard as Yu Sheng’s body became clad with terrifying aura. He simply let the dragon come at him and penetrate his body.

Many were startled to find that the demon dragon was slowly being devoured by Yu Sheng’s body, growing increasingly weak.

Lin Xuan’s expression hardly changed. He shot beneath along the dragon’s body, with frightening killing light coursing about him. The white tiger coiled around his body as he brought his all-wrecking palm attack to bear.

The huge white tiger’s body shot down with lethal intent, banging hard on Yu Sheng’s body, but still it failed to break Yu Sheng’s physical defense.

Lin Xuan’s expression wavered somewhat, but at that moment, an imposing gleam was seen in Yu Sheng’s eyes as he held his arm high and launched a punch at the air. Lin Xuan dodged and shot up like a roc at blinding speeds.

However, with that punch from Yu Sheng, came an incredibly powerful might, which seemed to have swallowed the space before him. Nothing was able to escape the punch’s power. The resulting aura was incredibly frightening.

The demonic punch traveled through the air and landed hard on Lin Xuan’s body. An explosion was heard in the air and many saw Lin Xuan’s body flying even faster, heading for the edge of the stage before crashing down hard. He stood and looked pale.

Blood was seen from Lin Xuan’s mouth as he grunted. He was thoroughly shuddered. He had always taken himself to be peerlessly talented, yet that punch he just took seemed to have shrouded the entire space around him. Its power was so immense that it seemed like it was able to break space itself.

So that’s the prowess of the champion of the Nine State Forum then?

Saint Li looked completely calm and hardly found that to be surprising. While he had indeed made Lin Xuan a hallowed disciple, but he were to be able to best the champion of the Nine State Forum just like that, the title of champion would have been worthless.

Yu Sheng took a look at Lin Xuan with calm expression and then turned around to look at the crowd of the Yi clan. His eyes fell onto Yi Sheng and then said, “What level of training are you at?”

Yi Sheng’s pupils dilated somewhat as he locked gazes with Yu Sheng. Is he trying to challenge me here?

“Mid-level sage.” Yi SHeng said coldly and added, “You want to challenge me?”

“Challenge? You’re far from worthy of that.” Yu Sheng then said plainly, “get out there in this instance.”

Yu Sheng’s words made many froze. It was apparent that Yi Sheng’s show of utter disrespect to Ye Futian early remained a thorn at Yu Sheng’s side.

He intended to make that so-called genius from the Yi clan get out of there in shame!