The Legend Of Futian Chapter 864

Chapter 864 Suppress The Proud Son Of Heaven Of The Yi Clan

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His skill was slightly considerable?

The foot stepped down, crushing Yi Sheng into the ground. The sound of bones breaking was clearly audible. It was definitely a serious injury. And his skill was only slightly considerable? His natural talents were merely average?

The Yi clan was in the Summer State, the strongest of the Nine States. Their profound lore had been passed down for many years. There were many influential figures within the Yi clan, and Yi Sheng stood out among them. He was even famous among the youths of the Nine States. And his natural talents were merely average?

Puff! Yi Sheng spat out a mouthful of blood as he lay on the ground, feeling only pain. This battle was too embarrassing for him.

Ye Futian’s carefree words had left him no place to stand. From now on, when the common people thought of Yu Sheng, who ranked number one on the Nine States Forum, they would think of this battle.

Yu Sheng stepped on him, bringing his reputation from the Eastern State’s Nine States Forum to the Summer State.

“This is how Lord Ye disciplines his disciples?” One of the Yi clan sneered. Ye Futian and Yu Sheng wanted to destroy the Proud Son of Heaven of the Yi clan, Yi Sheng.

Ye Futian glanced at the person who had just spoken. Before, Yi Sheng had challenged him and the people of the Yi clan had not opened their mouths, indulging his impudence. Naturally, he knew what the Yi clan were thinking: victory would prove the name of the Proud Son of Heaven of the Yi clan. Trampling him would make a name for him. Defeat would mean they would learn from each other, which would temper their Proud Son of Heaven.

If it was like the Nine States College, Sage Liuyun would declare a sparring session. He did not mind, but Yi Sheng had deliberately provoked him, sowing discord between him and the Nine States College and ruining Little Butterfly’s reputation.

Could defeat really just be taken as a lesson?

Before they had said nothing, but now they stood up to criticize him?

Ye Futian stared at the man who had spoken. Before he could say anything, beside him Sage Douzhan spoke coldly and arrogantly, “Since when have you had the right to comment on how my Palace Lord disciplines his disciples? You Yi clan and Yi Sheng were insolent to the Palace Lord, and now you’ve all shut up and pretend to be deaf and dumb. Since you won’t do it, we’ll have to be the ones to teach him how to be a man.”

The man who had spoken’s face went cold. Now Douzhan was about to pass through the catastrophe. He could become a Saint, or he could lose his life. But in either case as both an elder of the holy land and someone preparing to be a Saint, he was, of course, qualified to question him.

At the moment the crowd was silent. No one had thought that the Barren State, which had already faced a crisis, would fight the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty. But facing the Yi clan showed their strong side.

This subverted many people’s intrinsic ideas. They believed that the Holy Zhi Palace in the Barren State was too shallow. How could they dare to compete with the Yi clan in the holy land of the Summer State, especially since they already had a great enemy?

Even though many people in Nine States College were slightly uneasy, Ye Futian and his people were not like they had been that time at the college.

Before, Ye Futian had been a guest at the college and had asked for help. Now he sat upon a throne, was a Palace Lord, and represented the entire Barren State.

Heroes of the Barren State like Huang Xi, You Chi, and others fought and shed blood, and did not hesitate to sacrifice their lives. Why?

In order to witness a different era, in order to see the rise of the Barren State, instead of letting other holy lands bully them.

The proud son of heaven of a holy land dared humiliate and provoke the Lord of a holy land.

“Yi Sheng has been defeated. His skill was not good enough. But my disciples of the Yi clan will not bother those from the Holy Zhi Palace to teach them.” A heroic figure stood up and walked out. Suddenly the wind and clouds surged, and his body was covered in radiance. The will of the laws of heaven and earth flowed, wrapping around his body as he moved towards the platform.

“I, Yi Kong of the Yi clan, thank you for this demonstration of power.” He stepped across the void in a single step and descended upon the platform. The mighty airflow covered the sky, and the laws turned into law power. A golden dragon roared into the sky, and thousands of arrows came into being at once.

A golden bow appeared before him.

“Yi Kong.” Many eyes gazed at the brilliant figure who stood proudly upon the platform. In the last period, he had been the third-ranked person in the Nine State Forum. The only people ranked above him had been Tong He of Nine State College and one of the supernatural talents of the Xia clan.

Now Yi Kong was a lower-level Sage and had already reached the second level of the Sage Plane. Although he was not as good as Tong He, his speed of advancing through the planes was unparalleled.

Yu Sheng looked up at Yi Kong and saw him pulling the bowstring. In a flash, all the bowstrings that appeared in the sky trembled at once, and a terrible shocking force swept out and pressed down on Yu Sheng.

Twang! A sound rang out as the bowstrings trembled. A great deal of power gathered together into a ray of light. It arced across the sun and pierced through the void. As he felt its power, Yu Sheng’s power became monstrous. His Buddha pure body was like a demon and was indestructible.

A burst of sound rang out. The magnificent brilliance shot towards Yu Sheng without the slightest deviation, and all the power fell upon him. None of it was lost on the way and it thereby spread down to Yi Sheng.

Yu Sheng only felt a horrible shock on his body, driving him back. In a flash, his body seemed to have born thousands of shock attacks, and cracks appeared on it, and then it collapsed.

Boom! Yu Sheng’s foot fell once again. He had retreated 100 meters, and the power of the arrows dissipated.

Yi Kong floated down and gave Yi Sheng to the cultivators of the Yi clan. Then he looked at Yu Sheng once again.

Yu Sheng held his fists together, and then an even wilder force swept out. Even though his opponent was on the Sage plane, he was still not afraid of him at all. He wanted to challenge him face to face.

“The gap between you and me is quite large.” Yi Sheng dusted off his sleeves and looked at the stone tablet upon the platform. “Lord Ye, how is your cultivation coming along?”

Ye Futian looked at Yi Kong and then saw that Yu Sheng wanted to fight again. “Yu Sheng,” he said.

Yu Sheng looked at Ye Futian and only saw him nod slightly. Ye Futian then looked at the person in front of him and said, “Ying.”

Ying looked back at Ye Futian with eyes shining with stubbornness. Although he had followed the rest of Tombkeeper Village into the palace, that didn’t mean that he would surrender to Ye Futian and obey his orders. He had come just because his teacher was there. Qin Zhuang was his master, and the Village Chief had also taught him.

“Go,” Ye Futian said indifferently. He looked into his eyes. At that moment, as Ye Futian sat on the throne, his talent was revealed. Ying only felt a powerful aura emanating. He was like a mountain and like an emperor. There was no refusing him.

“Let me see your pride,” said Ye Futian, and he continued to look forward.

Ying looked deeply at Ye Futian, but he still got up and turned around. When he saw Yi Kong, his stubborn eyes flashed.

Since he wanted to see it, let him see his pride. Ying was the most talented cultivator from Tombkeeper Village beside Yaya. This was recognized by the Village Chief.

Ying stepped onto the platform and the gold feathered roc appeared. It wrapped around him and golden light pierced everyone’s eyes. A terrible spatial storm swept out, and it was extremely sharp. In a flash, Yi Kong felt bursts of pressure. He looked into Ying’s eyes which had suddenly become imposing.

He felt the power of space laws. This person was very strong.

The power of the laws of heaven and earth roared, resonated, and transformed into bows and arrows. The bowstrings trembled. Countless bows clanked around Yi Kong’s body. They were ready for action after having accumulated power.

Ying’s figure disappeared from where it had been. Yi Kong frowned. He slapped at the void without hesitation, and the bows around him trembled. A burst of shocking rule power swept out, trying to shatter everything in that space.

Ying suddenly appeared close to him, as if he had been suppressed by that terrible shocking rule power. His hand shot forward and seemed to turn into a real golden roc which tore through the air. An incomparably brilliant radiance bloomed, and Ying’s body spiraled upwards. He spread his wings and soared.

Yi Kong’s expression was unchanged and he continued to wave his hands. His mighty rule power covered the sky and countless arrows crossed through the void, shooting towards Ying. Each arrow contained terrible penetrating power and shocking power.

The golden-winged roc crossed the void like a golden afterimage. Suddenly it disappeared. The next time it appeared, it was directly above Yi Kong’s head, and it swooped down, trying to split the space apart.

Yi Kong’s life spirit turned into a bow and arrow, and the bowstring was drawn back in an instant. A dazzling brilliance shot through everything, and all the arrows followed it. His archery annihilated everything. Everything in the void was destroyed.

But then a giant golden sword appeared in front of the roc. It was shaped like a golden roc and was divided into nine parts. The sword sliced down, colliding with Yi Kong’s attack.

The dazzling brilliance made it difficult for people to see the battle, but they all had one thought in their mind: these two were very strong, both Yi Kong, and Ying of the Holy Zhi Palace.

Had the Holy Zhi Palace really grown this powerful? Any one of their cultivators chosen at random were at the top of their generation and could be at the top of the rankings of the Nine States.

Both of them attacked with everything they had. They collided countless times in an instant. Another dazzling radiance spiraled into the air as the golden roc shot across the void once again. It pierced through the destructive rule power of the arrows and shot towards Yi Kong. The sword and the bow collided. They both shook as the roc’s claws continued forward without any hesitation, hitting Yi Kong’s body.

There was a cutting sound and blood burst forth. Yi Kong’s body flew backward, and his clothing was torn. Blood spurted out, it was truly a terrible sight. The golden light spiraled up into the air and the roc turned back into Ying. He cast a cold glance at Yi Kong, then spread his wings and flew back to the crowd of people from the Holy Zhi Palace, landing back in his seat.

Yi Kong of the Yi clan had come out and repelled Yu Sheng.

And then Ying had appeared and defeated him once again.

Two great proud sons of heaven of the Yi clan had been defeated that day. They had been suppressed by the powers of the Holy Zhi Palace.

Even though their foundations were deep, because Yi Sheng had looked down on the Barren State and provoked the Palace Lord, they had suffered a terrible defeat.

Ye Futian still sat on his throne, looking quite normal. The Holy Zhi Palace still lacked some depth, but some of the people that they did have were top talents.

In time, the disciples of the Barren State would rebuke the Nine States. By then a single wave of his sleeve would be enough to move the wind and clouds of the Nine States!