The Legend Of Futian Chapter 868

Chapter 868 Breaching The Matrix

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“Matrix formation!” Ye Futian commanded, and the cultivators of the Holy Zhi Palace marched forwards in formation.

Sage Douzhan was in the midst of passing over the catastrophe, but naturally, it was Yuan Hong leading the Heavenly Battle Matrix. With the mighty and powerful cultivators marching forwards, a horrible air of war swept through the space.

At the same time, the cultivators from the Sovereign Family and the Ice Temple were all taking part in the battle matrix. They had long been practicing it in the Holy Zhi Palace.

Great Zhou Sacred King still sat on the throne, his demeanor authoritative. His eyes surveyed the powerful cultivators of the Holy Zhi Palace who surrounded him. His gaze went to Ye Futian, and the eyes of Great Zhou Sacred King reflected strong murderous intent.

“Get back,” the Great Zhou Sacred King commanded indifferently, and the cultivators of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty withdrew accordingly.

All who were observing the battle were surprised. It seemed that the Great Zhou Sacred King was uneasy with the assemblage from the Barren State, and chose not to have a head-on confrontation.

Within the Golden Phoenix Battle Matrix, all the cultivators of the Golden Phoenix Army levitated with their golden wings opened, shielding the sky. The battle matrix formed by the Golden Phoenix Army turned into a gigantic golden phoenix crossing the boundless void, manned by Zhou Mian and Zhou Huang who were cultivators on the Sage and Saint Ranking.

The giant wings of the Golden Phoenix Battle Matrix flapped, setting off a strong gust of wind, and then smashed down as to split open the void.

In the Heavenly Battle Matrix, Yuan Hong held a divine implement—the Battleaxe of Judgment—and smashed towards the wings that swooped down. The sound of a violent collision was heard. Immediately afterward, the wings of the Golden Phoenix Army fluttered and drew an arc in the sky as it retreated. The army led by Nie Gai also retreated simultaneously.

Still, Great Zhou Sacred King sat on the throne, alone. The purpose of the army to enter Nine State City was Ye Futian and his party. But what he was truly afraid of was not Ye Futian and his cohort.

It was Sage Douzhan, who was in the midst of passing through the Catastrophe of the Divine Path.

Before Sage Douzhan was even sanctified, he already had the ability to counter the Golden Phoenix Army. Sage Douzhan’s strength combined with the army of the Holy Zhi Palace would be a great threat, so he ordered a temporary withdrawal. After Sage Douzhan had passed through the Catastrophe of the Divine Path, he could then be the one to deal with him.

If it was Sage Douzhan alone, the Golden Phoenix Army and the army led by Nie Gai was sufficient to counter him. But the situation had changed with the cultivators of the Holy Zhi Palace arriving as reinforcement and intercepting their people. The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty had experienced a total loss at the border of the Summer State, which made the support of the other side even more obviously at an advantage, so he could only choose evasion for now.

In the center of the Nine State Platform, Sage Douzhan’s spirit transformed into battle form and blended into one with it. The massive body, boundlessly stalwart, was amazing.

Above the firmament, the rules of the Great Path fell, turning into countless catastrophes of the Divine path that landed on his body, madly impacting it which made his body tremble. If this was before he had the medicinal baths, before he arrived at the Nine State College, or even in his prime, such terrifying attack of the Great Path was enough to cause a considerable threat to his body.

With a swipe of his sight, Sage Douzhan looked toward the Golden Phoenix Army, and a chilling intent to kill flashed through his eyes. He was not yet a saint, not until the Catastrophe of the Great Path was behind him.

Boom! His footstep landed on the ground and instantly shook the entire Nine State Platform. A violent torso straddled the void and headed toward the retreating Golden Phoenix Army.

“Sage Douzhan is making his move.” The hearts of many trembled. Before, outside of the Holy Zhi Palace, Sage Douzhan had lent a hand in saving the palace despite the fact he was facing the catastrophe of the Great Path himself. This time, he had the chance to successfully pass the catastrophe, but would he really choose not to concentrate on that task, but rather to attack again?

If he made a move to counter the Golden Phoenix Army, he would inevitably lose the power to resist the Divine Catastrophe.

Above the sky, the authoritative pressure of the Great Path slammed down and Sage Douzhan stepped into the void. With every step, he crossed the space and came to the place above the Golden Phoenix Army so that all the cultivators of the Golden Phoenix Army looked up, their looks frosty. They too felt the authority of the Great Path.

“Come on.” Sage Douzhan abruptly tightened both fists, and then his majestic body descended from the sky, as a god of war. The heaven and the earth roared, the rule power of the Great Path pursuing him as if intending to destroy and kill him.

Zhou Mian looked up, and swept a cold glance at that godlike figure descending from the void. His look was extremely frosty.

This time, the Golden Phoenix Army had deployed its most elite members and coalesced into the strongest Golden Phoenix Battle Matrix yet. If Sage Douzhan thought that he could destroy them like the last time, it would be pure nonsense. As long as he had not yet finished the catastrophe of the Great Path, he was not a saint.

“Hacking.” Seeing Sage Douzhan’s mighty body descending, Zhou Mian commanded the divine implement. Suddenly within the battle matrix, countless flaming golden wings slashing toward the sky. The boundless brilliance seemed to split the void into countless segments, but Sage Douzhan continued the momentum downwards as if he had not seen it, descending as a god.

With a loud bang, the light of the wings broke apart in a frenzy, and the body of Sage Douzhan rushed into the wings that had hacked apart the void. Both legs erupted with horrifying power, trampling it underfoot.

A pair of even more dazzling wings came forwards, like two flaming golden swords, slashing toward his body. There was a terrible power exploding from the body of Sage Douzhan. All his Seven Star acupoints were opened, and a brilliant light emitted between his chest and abdomen. With a roar, both hands that were clad in Battle Saint Gauntlets directly grabbed toward the incoming wings, smashing them under.

As both of Sage Douzhan’s hands buckled the wings down the catastrophe of the Great Path that was above the sky descended, causing his body to tremble. The horror of the catastrophe of the Great Path even attacked the wings, and then moved toward the Golden Phoenix Army, causing many to tremble violently. Just as if the catastrophe of the Great Path also descended on them, many people vomited blood.

The humongous golden phoenix danced above the firmament, and an infinitely beautiful Golden Phoenix Sword flew out aimed toward Sage Douzhan. The void seemed to be split open.

Sage Douzhan slapped both wings and his body shot to the sky.

Boom! Along with several loud booms, the endless light of catastrophe continued to descend, penetrating his body, which bathed under the light of the catastrophe of the Great Path. There seemed to be a force of infinite horror generating within his body. He trembled in the void. Endless brilliance exploded from both his legs and fists, then the body suddenly tilted, the arms shook, and the fists pierced through the sky.

In an instant, above the sky, the endless fists of the golden war god smashed down. Each shadow of a fist seemed to contain the might of Great Path, piercing through heaven and earth, rushing toward the Golden Phoenix Battle Matrix.

The Golden Phoenix Sword madly slashed out and split open the aura of the fist. But the aura of the fist was endless and covered the sky and buried the space.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Consecutive loud bangs were heard, and bystanders, who watched the battle from afar, saw the endless golden war god’s fists piercing through the void, blasting on the body of the phoenix that was swaying above the void. The body of the phoenix shook violently, and several figures separated from the battle matrix and fell to certain death.

Using his own strength to fight against the most elite Golden Phoenix Battle Matrix of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty while he was still in the midst of the catastrophe of Divine Path. It was indeed too frightening.

After the catastrophe was over, the Golden Phoenix Battle Matrix most likely would not be able to withstand his attack. No one could have imagined that a mere cultivator from the Barren Sky Ranking of the Barren State could perform with such skill. The Sacred War had given Sage Douzhan his opportunity, but at the same time, it was also a great catastrophe.

Boom. A loud noise, the clouds above the sky changed, the rules of the Great Path in this void madly impacted the body of Sage Douzhan so that he was heard making a sound in the midst of battle, likewise spitting out a mouthful of blood.

“Douzhan, enough,” Sword Demon said to Sage Douzhan, who was in the void. If this continued, it would affect his ability to pass the catastrophe.

Sage Douzhan’s body was bathed in holy light. After the baptism of the Divine Catastrophe, the light of the Great Path coursed around his entire body. Clearly, this time, he fared much better than the last.

He took out a medicinal pill and swallowed it. Many who saw this revealed a look of surprise. Great Zhou Sacred King looked extremely cold. The medicine must have been prepared for him by Saint Jiang.

Very soon, the body of Sage Douzhan became more crystalline, as if every part of the body was burning, inspiring all his potential.

Above the sky, more terrible lights of the Great Path catastrophe fell down. As long as the body had not been completely forged into the body of a saint, the catastrophe would not dissipate; it was either become a saint or die.

An incomparably sharp ray exploded in his eyes, and Sage Douzhan said to Sword Demon, “I will breach the battle matrix, you can handle the rest.” His voice faded as both of his arms stretched out to welcome the catastrophe of the Great Path. There was a terrible storm of catastrophe over the sky, piercing throughout heaven and earth, descending on Sage Douzhan. An unparalleled force exploded from his body and at this moment, he stepped into the void and went for the Golden Phoenix Battle Matrix.

What was even more frightening was that behind Sage Douzhan, the catastrophe of the Great Path was still falling, chasing after him, and descending with him.

In the midst of the Golden Phoenix Battle Matrix, countless people trembled in their hearts and were extremely unsettled.

“Ready!” Sage Douzhan shouted. Sword Demon, Qin Zhuang and the others waited solemnly, knew that those words were for them.

Sage Douzhan would breach the matrix and then rely on them to prevent the matrix to form again.

Countless people looking above the firmament at Sage Douzhan, who was bathed in the destructive light of the Great Path Catastrophe, surrounded by shadows of illusion and countless auras of the fist of a war god, sheltering the sky and blasting toward the battle matrix below, covering it all.

Who would dare to resist such an attack head-on?

Even cultivators of the sage and saint ranking would be annihilated.

The Golden Phoenix Battle Matrix entered a defensive mode. In an instant, it was like a boundlessly radiant armor had covered the sky and shielded the battle matrix.

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom… The infinite aurora of the fist covered the entire matrix, blasting it. The battle matrix rocked violently, and many spat out blood.

Bang! Another loud crash came from the middle of the battle matrix. Sage Douzhan descended from above the battle matrix, along with the catastrophe of the Great Path rushing through his body and pouring into his fist will.

At this moment, a horrific light of the rules of the Great Path swept through the Golden Phoenix Battle Matrix, accompanied by a loud bang, and the battle matrix collapsed from the middle. Countless people spat out blood, and many others were killed instantly by the shock.

“Attack.” Qin Zhuang and the others were already prepared. The sword slashed across the void and chopped forwards, and the cultivators led by Yuhong, Huang Xi, and the others also launched the attack.

At this time Sage Douzhan, who was in the void, also spat out a mouthful of blood, his face slightly pale but his body, like a god of war. He was still standing straight in the sky welcoming the catastrophe of the Great Path!